Create This Book 2 | Episode #6

Moriah Elizabeth
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Hey guys! Today is episode #6 of Create This Book 2! I’m breaking out a lot of watercolor in this episode with a water brush (duh), and als some standard crayola washable markers (which may or may not have been a mistake). Stay tuned till the end to give your feedback....i need it lol.
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Intro Music by: SHIFTYPOP
"Music: Love Light and Twinkles by JivingGerbil ruvid.net/video/video-fwaUOb6avYE.html

key words: create this book, create this book 2, drawing tutorial, painting tutorial, watercolor for beginners, water brush, how tot draw flowers, spider art, gross art, gross foods, ice cream cone art, koala art, art journaling, bullet journal, prompt book, creativity book


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Jun 21, 2019




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Comments 10 396
Elle Thomson
Elle Thomson 2 hours ago
Ur such a artis if u sell ur work u be rich
Haven Silver Animation and gacha
Spiders are cute
Genette Morcho
Genette Morcho 6 hours ago
5:53 Billie Eilish is angry
Peketi Ramamani
Peketi Ramamani 10 hours ago
When u said poop I guessed poop right before that for the cone.
Evelynn Simon
Evelynn Simon 2 days ago
How come all good artists are left handed?
McKenna Dean
McKenna Dean 3 days ago
Spiders aren’t a bug there an arachnid
fuzzmuffin1234 3 days ago
OMG I have that water brush!!
fuzzmuffin1234 3 days ago
Every time this comment gets a like I’ll add a 🍭 🍭
Rotten One
Rotten One 3 days ago
I can see the ice cream being a grunge tattoo.
Nadia Arshad
Nadia Arshad 3 days ago
Important Note: Um,Moriah you forget the mod podge get on the spider. But,I’m not 100% sure that mod podge was necessary.
Nadia Arshad
Nadia Arshad 3 days ago
Moriah:Art supplies better than these are for real artists. Me:Don’t say that your a great artist.*sniff*your making me cry. Note:this was a real reaction of me.
Hailey Carrasco
Hailey Carrasco 4 days ago
What if.. Spiders only had TWO legs??
Meg The Pegasus
Meg The Pegasus 4 days ago
I would call that ice cream flavor 'sewage'
McKenna Redfield
McKenna Redfield 4 days ago
I agree with you I don't like spiders.
Crafty Cat
Crafty Cat 4 days ago
Moriah: *imitates people* -spiders are beatiful creatures I just love how it feels when they crawl on me. Me: Billie Eilish is that you?
Pilar Bricke
Pilar Bricke 4 days ago
me: trys to set up new art things art thing:fall on hooman
Nala Arca
Nala Arca 4 days ago
The spider is scarier now
ClaireBear TV
ClaireBear TV 4 days ago
I always use normal paper like paper paper not drying paper not any special paper OK just paper paper got me
ClaireBear TV
ClaireBear TV 4 days ago
With only two legs a spider couldn't spinach web it needs eight legs to spinet web so if you take off of spiders leg it will have trouble spinning its web
ClaireBear TV
ClaireBear TV 4 days ago
My name he taught me not to be afraid of spiders and guess what now I can touch daddy long legs
Hien Nguyen
Hien Nguyen 5 days ago
You have the same markers as me
Whiskermitt Gaming
Don’t worry I hate spiders to
Berkley Boxes
Berkley Boxes 5 days ago
Hi you are amazing you can go far if you creep your head up you can do everything if it’s art I believe you you make me laugh every day you are amazing you are just a angle in planet earth you are out standing and wow I believe in you just wow plz give me a shout out
sumeet pendharkar
do the kwala again
Pixie Dust
Pixie Dust 5 days ago
4:56 i love the ice creams name but I kinda came up with my own so pls don't hate me I call it prison ice cream bcuz it's gross like prisons food(I now that bcuz why would someone give amazing and delicious food to a prisoner) and the crosses(on the walls) made it look even more like a the prison was old dirty and smelly (I've never been in prison)
SweetnessXox 5 days ago
Who else saw the bug walk around in circles after she told it to leave 🤣
Abaad Zaheer
Abaad Zaheer 6 days ago
You never stop talking but I love you
Vet Ranch My fave channel
I have the same drawing pencils that u use
Bella TheSpakleGirl
The red on the ice cream cone looked like blood Sorry
Socks Unbox
Socks Unbox 6 days ago
I happen to have a pet spider his name is Esteban you are rude to say that he is creepy
Callie Gonzalez
Callie Gonzalez 6 days ago
She is a good artist and I could never do better like you agree
Zsofia Reka Jando
11:17 I am pOtAtO
gaming unicorn rainbow
Why a SPIDER!?🕷
Cinnamon Bun
Cinnamon Bun 7 days ago
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa
Angie Wilson
Angie Wilson 7 days ago
you are so good at drawing!
Jim Dotson
Jim Dotson 7 days ago
SPIDERS ARE GORSE AND UGLY LITTLE THINGS I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THEM !!!!!!!!!!! one time i was going to the bathroom and i was washing them when i was drying my hands and just before i touched it their was a HUGE brown spider on the rag !!!!!!😠😦😦💔💔💔💔👎👎👎😷😷❌❌❌❌
Toxic Weird Gurl101
I was playing with my friend at school before class she got A GIANT SPIDER and the when she walked into class she almost gave the teacher a heart attack a she said this ITS HARMLESS
L1fe5ucks br0
L1fe5ucks br0 8 days ago
Moriah joke #2 "Watercolorcolor
L1fe5ucks br0
L1fe5ucks br0 8 days ago
Moriah joke #1 "Theres a bug on my bug"
Xx_Potato_Xx Rainbow
Who else loves PUKE 🤮 Ice-cream? ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️
Milena Szewczyk
Milena Szewczyk 7 days ago
Milena Szewczyk
Milena Szewczyk 7 days ago
I dont but anyway I but a 👍
hannah-schoenle 9 days ago
no one:me eating my pizza about to enjoy a moriah video geetting hype *clicks on it* moriah:maggots and mud and brains and eye balls me: IM FINNA BARF-
Curlprincess 3000
“They have WAY too many legs!” Moriah, how would you feel if they stood up on two legs, or had a pogo stick leg! Lol 6:15 btw
Emily Wedell
Emily Wedell 9 days ago
o my gosh u de beessttt
Madison Sadler
Madison Sadler 9 days ago
Your art is 1000 times better then mine because you are awesome
Lily Falk
Lily Falk 10 days ago
One girl i my class eating spiders "uuh"
Emily Eggs
Emily Eggs 10 days ago
Let’s play a game 👇🏻 Girls keep the likes even Boys keep the likes odd 👇🏻
Lucy McCarthy
Lucy McCarthy 10 days ago
I think you are a artists
Clair Molton
Clair Molton 10 days ago
I love your videos there so good.your a grate artist I wish I was as good as you😀
Eva’s Life
Eva’s Life 10 days ago
Moriah you deserve 9000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 subscribers
Kelli Hall
Kelli Hall 10 days ago
Beautiful spider
Gamer Chloe
Gamer Chloe 10 days ago
Gamer Chloe
Gamer Chloe 10 days ago
I said poop on the first page for the cone
Maci Jaakkola
Maci Jaakkola 10 days ago
Every time I looked at them I felt things crawling on me
Friends Forever
Friends Forever 11 days ago
I'm that ppl who likes spiders
Cheesygamer42 11 days ago
Your vids are awesome. I can't stop watching all your videos. Like the swishy. And the create this book/ 2
BcGirls Life
BcGirls Life 11 days ago
The koala you could have done a chick 🐥
Prakash Koovekal
Prakash Koovekal 11 days ago
its the three marker challenge
H3y_It’s KiKiWolf
Why not try to get some tips for watercolor from Kasey Golden?
James Fangmann
James Fangmann 12 days ago
I like spiders beacase they eat annoying bugs
Carla Henstock
Carla Henstock 12 days ago
Moriah-There’s a bug on my bug Me- Spiders aren’t bugs. They are arachnids. I think..
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