CRAZY SPICY Indonesian Food - Day Trip and Waterfall Adventure in Lombok, Indonesia!

Mark Wiens
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Lombok is an amazing place for spicy Indonesian food!
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I didn’t have too much time to travel in Lombok (though I’d love to visit again), but I really wanted to visit Tetebatu, at the base of the volcano one day. So we hired a car for the day and drove there, taking some stops to eat some legendary spicy Lombok Indonesian food along the way.
Inaq Dellah - This is the original restaurant in Lombok to eat Ayam Rarang, what I found out is one of the greatest stews I think I’ve ever had in my life. It’s basically just a pure chili stew, made with chicken. It’s so unbelievably flavor and packed with Lombok chili spice.
Total price - 180,000 IDR ($13.14)
Tetebatu, Lombok
Waterfall entrance - 20,000 IDR ($1.46) - We arrived to Tetebatu, and paid the small entrance fee to enter the waterfall. The waterfall was worth a visit, nothing too big, but I always enjoy walking through water on a hike to reach a waterfall.
Nasi Puyung at Nasi Balap Puyung Inaq Esun - One of the most legendary of Lombok Indonesian food dishes is nasi puyung. Again, we went out of our way to seek out the original. It’s a combination of fried shredded chicken, mixed with a heap of curry chili paste. It doesn’t really look that spicy, but it’s pretty amazingly spicy, I loved it. It’s kind of a 3 am kind of dish.
Total price - 88,000 IDR ($6.42) for 3
All day car and guide - I paid 700,000 IDR ($51.10), and Belen was a great guy, and the owner of facebook.com/lombokpirates/ highly recommended (this is not sponsored, I paid).
This was an amazing day trip in Lombok, and along with crazy spicy delicious Indonesian Lombok food, the sightseeing was spectacular as well. Lombok is a gorgeous island!
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Nov 19, 2017




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Comments 2 697
Sreeja Ghosh
Sreeja Ghosh 6 hours ago
No offence, but Mark can eat the "healthy" Ayam Rarang at 1:47 (where he cannot see the amount of oil) and starts criticizing the food and oil and spices as soon as he lands in India! Heights of hypocrisy! Applauds!
Julia Sudihargo
Julia Sudihargo 8 hours ago
if that food is your taste, its looking in your fave mark wiens (smille)
John Raba
John Raba 5 days ago
Not everything that is "hot" is actually good. Organs are not to most peoples taste.
Aditya channel
Aditya channel 7 days ago
Thnks for visited my village😍
Muhammad Izzat
Muhammad Izzat 7 days ago
Eat and travel nice bro
Herry  Hermawan
Herry Hermawan 10 days ago
Welcome to Indonesia, Mark Wiens,
Nama Saya Toro
Nama Saya Toro 10 days ago
Cabe lombok
Mahmood Shuvo
Mahmood Shuvo 12 days ago
Mousam Chattopadhyay
Suchit Kudu
Suchit Kudu 21 day ago
Hungry for past so many years you are
P G 25 days ago
too oily
Susilo Rahardjo
Susilo Rahardjo 27 days ago
The colour like 'Pagpag' in Philipina...😜😜
Riyan Nugraha
Riyan Nugraha Month ago
Lombok is mean chili, that why called Chili Island
marianne Louise Harmony
Yeah LOMBOK means Chilli Pepper
Technical threat
Asshole say the price of it
Radenmas Ahmat arifin
Nambah trus lek 🤤🤤🤤🤤
narisetti kumar
narisetti kumar Month ago
suraj vishwakarma
Hello mark i was watching all of your videos and i like tham bcoz i also love to eat extreme foods from hole country
Iwan Santoso
Iwan Santoso Month ago
Enak miring ke kanan dikit Enak banget miring ke kanan banyak Terlalu enak, pala jedot²in meja..
Iwan Santoso
Iwan Santoso Month ago
Enak miring ke kanan dikit Enak banget miring ke kanan banyak Terlalu enak, pala jedot²in meja..
ian arcilla
ian arcilla Month ago
I want to see mark weins eating the x4 spicy noodles from korea..😍😍
Carissa Alya Qonita
Carissa Alya Qonita 2 months ago
So delicious am gonna die
3 titik
3 titik 2 months ago
Mark,Pedas gila !!!
Andi Chaerul
Andi Chaerul 2 months ago
I always like when your first expression taste the cuisine...mmmmm
nunima Chemjong
nunima Chemjong 2 months ago
Spicy 🌶 🌶 wow I love it
aria wati
aria wati 2 months ago
Mark, aku ngileerrr 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 paraaahhh...
kerisna arizona
kerisna arizona 2 months ago
Coba lontong balap dari surabaya om
Brandon Seaw
Brandon Seaw 2 months ago
👍👍👍😂everting seems so delicious. Mark the greatest food ambassador. Great!
Charles Partrick
Charles Partrick 2 months ago
I've lived in many countries and have lived in Indonesia for over 11 years. Indonesian food is very tasty and they use a lot of different spices but it's no where near as hot as Mexican food. Cabe (pronounced chabay) is their hottest pepper and it's like a hot jalapeno but nothing like a habanero. The one food/snack they have here that I don't like is dried lung. It's basically a dried blood chip. Lombok is a great place. While there visit the island of Gili Air.
Carol Grass
Carol Grass 2 months ago
I have never seen anything rude, Mark is a big boy he can handle a hater.🤣
Carol Grass
Carol Grass 2 months ago
Mark so beautiful and baby feet so sweet. That coffee and chocolate looks delish.mmmm
Jesse Dyer
Jesse Dyer 2 months ago
Man, where HAVEN'T you eaten?!
mistry mark
mistry mark 3 months ago
Mark always surprise me and always seeing next level food ❤
Ducati 3 months ago
I love Indonesians foods...!!!!!!!
mbahh commo
mbahh commo 3 months ago
mirip pak ganjar pranowo yaa
Nugroho Akbar
Nugroho Akbar 3 months ago
You should visit yogyakarta mark
mantap ilove you lombok
Shabab Khan News and Views
Watched with mouth full of saliva. Chilliest video😄
Sophie Khan
Sophie Khan 3 months ago
Mark did you call the driver bellend? 🤣🤣🤣
Jeth King
Jeth King 3 months ago
No Doubt Mark really love that chicken stew.. 2019 and still watching this Vlog..
jengiskhan 3 months ago
Bikin laper
Rosit AR
Rosit AR 3 months ago
Omg thats my village rarang😂😂
Rainer Chandra D
Rainer Chandra D 3 months ago
Wow Belen, its been long time not see you my friend
Rosalee Rich
Rosalee Rich 3 months ago
Greetings from Texas 🇺🇸! Hey Mark, do you ever find it hard to leave the little children behind ? I mean some of these places are very poor and your heart would just break seeing these little faces that maybe expecting someone to pay attention.
SAYA GYU 3 months ago
Saya ingin tahu ke Indonésia.
Fitria Listiarini
Fitria Listiarini 3 months ago
Welcome to delicious and spicy food in Lombok Island,many beach,hill,rice field,water fall,tradisional village a famous place you can enjoy and visit
Honoka Sawada
Honoka Sawada 3 months ago
OMG I just found this man on youtube...damn, this guy is great
LxidumSfx 2 months ago
You're right, the nature given by this RUvidr doesn't seem to saturate
timspare80 3 months ago
His videos are the best, doesn't matter which country he's in. I've discovered many of these places in Indonesia because of Mark's recommendations, and they've all been incredible. My favourite youtuber by far 🤙🌶
Spitfire Last
Spitfire Last 3 months ago
Yep i just blew my diet plan to failure proportions. Thanks.
rozillia 473
rozillia 473 3 months ago
Right now l, m eating extra spicy shawarma with fries and tea, can, t watch mark without food..
Raishiva Rafisqi
Raishiva Rafisqi 3 months ago
Ng indonesia neh kapan lek mark..
Widiya Utari
Widiya Utari 3 months ago
@jimmy transport lombok
Faye 3 months ago
I don't taste Ayam Rarang but it seems be my bet
Deepmala Nigam
Deepmala Nigam 3 months ago
Mark love chillies
Khizar Mumtaz
Khizar Mumtaz 3 months ago
I'm Pakistani I love Indonesia 💚🇵🇰 I'm inspired by their cultures & variety of islands
sinta sinta
sinta sinta Month ago
i'm from indonesia and i love pakistan ,,,, my dream can be to pakistan
Laurie Duncan
Laurie Duncan 3 months ago
Micah’s little face. ♥️ I love all of his hats. Btw, I have chocolate in my coffee every morning. Delish!
vie novie
vie novie 3 months ago
Klo orang asing aka bule bw ank kecil ketempat seperti itu g ada masalah lah kita org indo aplg suku2 tertentu mesti mikir takut sawan lah atw apalah hehehe..
Amri Suef
Amri Suef 4 months ago
Very interesting, but you need to add translate languages ​​so that everyone in the world knows your trip
Ade Stefen
Ade Stefen 4 months ago
am from lombok
Zaenal Mustakim
Zaenal Mustakim 4 months ago
kangen lombok😍😍😍
PraPiTo_ ID
PraPiTo_ ID 4 months ago
I'm Like Our Expresi...., Be Good
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