CRAZY SPICY Indonesian Food - Day Trip and Waterfall Adventure in Lombok, Indonesia!

Mark Wiens
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Lombok is an amazing place for spicy Indonesian food!
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I didn’t have too much time to travel in Lombok (though I’d love to visit again), but I really wanted to visit Tetebatu, at the base of the volcano one day. So we hired a car for the day and drove there, taking some stops to eat some legendary spicy Lombok Indonesian food along the way.
Inaq Dellah - This is the original restaurant in Lombok to eat Ayam Rarang, what I found out is one of the greatest stews I think I’ve ever had in my life. It’s basically just a pure chili stew, made with chicken. It’s so unbelievably flavor and packed with Lombok chili spice.
Total price - 180,000 IDR ($13.14)
Tetebatu, Lombok
Waterfall entrance - 20,000 IDR ($1.46) - We arrived to Tetebatu, and paid the small entrance fee to enter the waterfall. The waterfall was worth a visit, nothing too big, but I always enjoy walking through water on a hike to reach a waterfall.
Nasi Puyung at Nasi Balap Puyung Inaq Esun - One of the most legendary of Lombok Indonesian food dishes is nasi puyung. Again, we went out of our way to seek out the original. It’s a combination of fried shredded chicken, mixed with a heap of curry chili paste. It doesn’t really look that spicy, but it’s pretty amazingly spicy, I loved it. It’s kind of a 3 am kind of dish.
Total price - 88,000 IDR ($6.42) for 3
All day car and guide - I paid 700,000 IDR ($51.10), and Belen was a great guy, and the owner of facebook.com/lombokpirates/ highly recommended (this is not sponsored, I paid).
This was an amazing day trip in Lombok, and along with crazy spicy delicious Indonesian Lombok food, the sightseeing was spectacular as well. Lombok is a gorgeous island!
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Comments 100
Ghofur Purwanti
Amani Ibrahim
Amani Ibrahim 2 days ago
Hi Mark, I think you should try the Sudanese chili cooking and also I would like to invite you to come to Egypt and Tunisia a lot food and special kitchen
Echi Inges
Echi Inges 2 days ago
OMG... My village Rarang get in on Mark weins? Where have i been 😭😭😭
Miss Amani
Miss Amani 4 days ago
That chicken stew and rice 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😋😋😋😋 please can I get some 🥴🥴🤤🤤
I R 4 days ago
Thank You for make this video, intresting village of Lombok
Faisal Reza
Faisal Reza 5 days ago
Indonesian by born / bred, I am kind of jealous of you. I have been travelling to 37 countries worldwide, but hardly explore The indonesian archipelago myself
Faisal Reza
Faisal Reza 5 days ago
oh my goodness mate, I think he has the most universal rubbery guts inside. the daring of food spiciness level he's got would definitely surpass any indonesian bred
Faris Hamarneh
Faris Hamarneh 5 days ago
Mark, you are an amazing man. I enjoy your videos more than Bourdain or Zimmern put together Keep up the great work
Paul Deland
Paul Deland 6 days ago
Food looks great. Barefoot hike up & down slippery bamboo ladders - scary! But I guess it was worth it to find that rare cave & waterfall.
NAMGUNGSSI 7 days ago
that looks so bomb
Dita Supriadi
Dita Supriadi 7 days ago
Hi Mark
Siti Rahma
Siti Rahma 7 days ago
It is amazing how food could make us very happy.. like truly happy.. even only for a while..
Nilayia Mcgirt
Nilayia Mcgirt 14 days ago
There son is sooooo cute.
Benny Susanto
Benny Susanto 14 days ago
I love his love for spicy foods, not even Indonesians can eat bird eye chili like he does, he eats it like eating a candy. Its similar to my love for spicy foods. But just be careful with your stomach Mark. The delicious thing is always demonic.
Dont Dream
Dont Dream 18 days ago
3 titik
3 titik 19 days ago
Mantap mas Mark
Deer Friend
Deer Friend 23 days ago
wow, i'm a local but not people of lombok i'm surprised you need to pay 13$ for those dishes on a small restaurant. but whatever
Adelia Putri
Adelia Putri 26 days ago
Who is that child? His son? And his wife?
FlairbyMe 28 days ago
Mark, next time you visit Indonesia 🇮🇩 make sure you go to Makassar and Manado. They are both cities in Sulawesi island. Makassar food is more mix between sweet and salty. Manado food is super spicy but also delicious. I was born in Indonesia but now live in USA so I am just telling you from my own experience that you haven’t visit Indonesia before you go to those places. Oh make sure you bring your water proof camera when you go to Manado to see one of the most beautiful underwater life in the world. Not to mention the cost you will spend in there is half of what you spent in Bali or Lombok. Happy travels!
Bang Ceky
Bang Ceky 28 days ago
Welcome to rarang is the warung inak delah😂👍👍
Abrora Corona
Abrora Corona Month ago
Mark Wiens a question for your wife she seems to enjoy to be with you have you ever tasted her cooking does she miss being a house wife or has she ever been a house wife I meen no offense but she not be more confey at home with child an less she loves being on the road I meen it seems tirering and with a child god bless her I don't know how she does it .
Ahmad Umar
Ahmad Umar Month ago
Indonesian amazing food country 🇲🇨
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Nanna Cahya
Nanna Cahya Month ago
I went to that Nasi Balap Puyung place back in 2010 and that dish was burnin hot spicy. Got to stop eating after 3rd bite. Amazed me how you can enjoy Indonesian spicy food hands down. I'm Indonesian myself but can't hold the spiciness lol.
Anteng Witono
Anteng Witono Month ago
Lombok - Indonesia Terimakasih
kal ocals
kal ocals Month ago
I just said "I love this guy" My wife said "What?!"
Zainal Sab
Zainal Sab Month ago
food ranger? hehehe
Sang ayu Metzner
To fatty😱
Dori Marlince
Dori Marlince Month ago
Which one yummy food after you try many country
Lotat MTB
Lotat MTB Month ago
Nice n so suitable soundtrack.
Derrick Williamson
Everything is ooowoow with him ooohhhhh woow so funny to see him taste food and then says oohhh woow
Glaze Month ago
Untuk harga ayam rarang memang 180rb, seriously? Atau karena speak eng, harganya dinaikin?
daddyteddy85 Month ago
That chicken dish looks amazing
zyruemusic 2 months ago
jevon august
jevon august 2 months ago
i went there once, i am indonesian, i can't even handle that level of spiciness !! watching you eat make me sweat hahahahaha
Alif Arif
Alif Arif 2 months ago
Eko Subowo
Eko Subowo 2 months ago
Bikin ngiler
Noor Idham
Noor Idham 2 months ago
Great Mark...! I've never even eaten that chicken yet though I've been in Lombok many times
Tradition of rural areas
Indonesia is a beautiful country. Love from Bangladesh 💞😍
allen martin almeida
Something tells me he will kill for spicy food!
safol123 2 months ago
Was that Ajinomoto at around 16:00
Cedric Steven Irving
Myla D Cook
Myla D Cook 2 months ago
He be grubbing
Hammad Ibran
Hammad Ibran 2 months ago
Orang mana sih dia.. Kok kaya gak ada bule2nya sama.sekali🤔🤔
Vanessa Correa
Vanessa Correa 2 months ago
i love your videos !!
Kiky Xf
Kiky Xf 2 months ago
Judulnya pakai bahas Indonesia tapi videonya gak ada subtitle Indonesianya
Mohamad Shamzurin
Mohamad Shamzurin 2 months ago
I have been there one time....the food are very tasty and so so spicy.... you should go to sendang gila waterfall
ninja 103 gaming
ninja 103 gaming 2 months ago
He eats chilli like a pro!!
Chunk Miuse
Chunk Miuse 2 months ago
Itu masakan lombok yg pling2 saya suka Jadi pengen ke rarang
ditya wiranu
ditya wiranu 2 months ago
Chiken stew of your dream not mine.... I don't like spicy stuff.
kornholigo 2 months ago
You're the man Mark! I would be screaming for water and I grew up eating spicy dishes. Harem nggoh!
exe voldemord
exe voldemord 2 months ago
si raja sambal
Eminem Eminem
Eminem Eminem 2 months ago
thank you mark for visiting lombok where I live and introducing special food here 😍
Yudi Wahyudin
Yudi Wahyudin 2 months ago
Mangkok cap ayam jago, mangkok legendaris..
layla sary
layla sary 2 months ago
The driver looks cute though..hi3
Buck Buck GunShot
Buck Buck GunShot 2 months ago
What a funky beat at the satrt
Jojo Hokky
Jojo Hokky 2 months ago
My place lombok I love you ❤️❤️❤️🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Bim Bims
Bim Bims 2 months ago
Pemerintah indonesia ga bisa lihat potensi makanan khas lombok, coba aja lo liburan ke lombok temuin yang jualan kayak divideo ini, gampang ga? gw sendiri jawab ga! kebanyakan makanan asing, memang segmentnya orang luar negeri, tapi, hei, ini masih indonesia, harusnya makanan lokalnya dibuat banyak dan mudah ditemukan
Timi X'avier
Timi X'avier 2 months ago
I believe in you..even i haven't eat that kind of dish but from your face reactions i know..its so damn good...i wll go to Indonesia wheeeiii!!!!
Ibrahim Sealy
Ibrahim Sealy 2 months ago
Do Probolinggo and Bromo, I'll even fly over to show you around on my own dime, I'm back in Canada freezing my arse but I have family there and your welcome to come eat as well
Ibrahim Sealy
Ibrahim Sealy 2 months ago
I gotta ask how the frig are you not 500lb???? From your fellow Canuck. P.S I'm married to a woman from Probolinggo in Java, you have to try the soto ayam from that town and if you go to Bromo man they have the BEST lalapang.
mo hawk
mo hawk 2 months ago
I can't do the whole eating with your bare hands thing. Give me a spoon, fork, chopsticks, are at least some bread for Pete's sake.
Lalu 3 months ago
I am from lombok. Watching this makes me miss my hometown. Oh all the foods. So tasty.
axil up
axil up 3 months ago
itu ayamnya pasti ayam kampung ....dari postur nya keliatan 😂
Andianto Wijaya
Andianto Wijaya 3 months ago
Travelnya si mark itu keren, tiap jalan ke negara lain masuknya ke desa desa.. bener2 mengalami keunikanya. bahagia bgt sih klo aku kaya mark
1. 7K
1. 7K 3 months ago
Great video I always watch this while I’m eating dinner or lunch because the food in the video makes me so hungry. 😀 I loved the jungle part on this one very peaceful looking. Just a little tip can you carry like a world map and point to where you’re at in your videos for those of us that don’t know all these places that way I don’t have to pause the video while I’m eating to google it🙂 just a thought 💭 thanks !!! ❤️
Rosemary Archer
Rosemary Archer 3 months ago
Hey Mark please go visit Guam and see the sights and eat awesome food
Hayley Marshman
Hayley Marshman 3 months ago
Someone that loves as much spice as me!
ijg83 3 months ago
1 time.i need you to spit out the food
Pink Tape
Pink Tape 3 months ago
I’m just genuinely curious- do Indonesians not use utensils ?
gicchi14 3 months ago
we use it in daily basis and for soup. but in some special dishes(like traditional dish) we often use hands instead.
Jad El-Kayan
Jad El-Kayan 3 months ago
Your next channel should be about diarrhea
Neville Kwa
Neville Kwa 3 months ago
nice job travel and eat get paid
cristy f
cristy f 3 months ago
Ahhh lucky mommy and baby!!!😁
LYDIA 3 months ago
15:58 its micin guys wkwkwk
Pushing 30
Pushing 30 3 months ago
using your hands to eat whent there's cutlery available tho?
FreshSince71 3 months ago
So the chicken tastes like chicken 😂
david haynes
david haynes 3 months ago
Do you put your toilet paper in the freezer ready for the morning :D
Dany Fairuzy
Dany Fairuzy 3 months ago
It's so rare to have a food vlogger that goes to unknown remote places in a third world country to find good food. Most food youtubers goes to fancy restaurants, only for luxury food
array s
array s 5 days ago
Are you calling Indonesia a third world country? 😨
Fani Kurniawan
Fani Kurniawan 3 months ago
Kepala nya kuat miring nya sambil meremin mata brrti luar biasa enak rasa ayam nya😂😂
Rian Husada
Rian Husada 3 months ago
❤for lombok
shradha smriti
shradha smriti 3 months ago
i am looking for the ayam rarang recipe .....where can i find it. it really looks very spicy. i like spicy chicken
Rafiqah Nur
Rafiqah Nur 3 months ago
Sembarang kaler dipangani pak mark iki
Carolyn Harris
Carolyn Harris 3 months ago
Mark's secret is he & Ying walk miles in every Village, Train 🚆 station, Country, etc. They travel to. Have you seen some of his videos, when he was younger??
ry_eryhaqeem 3 months ago
Nice foods and Channel dear brother Mark Wiens. Meet my name is Erry Hakim aka eryhaqeem from Ciputat, South Tangerang, Indonesia. I recommend you to visit and try Warung Sate Solo bu Dewi on Pamulang, near Major's Office of South Tangerang. Thank you
mario martinez
mario martinez 4 months ago
whats the name of the music
DIANDHARU S rus 4 months ago
Wow my hometown Terimakasih sudah jalan2 di lombok Thanks sir
Nazheem Anuar
Nazheem Anuar 4 months ago
That really is the way a chicken should taste .
A man of culture
A man of culture 4 months ago
That’s one bright orange red chicken stew. Even tho I don’t eat spicy foods that much, I will definitely devour that even if it will cost me my tongue.
Em Robotics
Em Robotics 4 months ago
love from pak to indonesian people....................respect to their culture ................and thanks to mark wiens for its positivity .........you
Donquixote Momonosuke 2223
imagine masturbating with that hand after eating the spicy food
Wilman Darnasutisna
Wilman Darnasutisna 4 months ago
I love your food travel, your expression when you taste heavenly food "iconic! Haha", and you r so humble. Keep eat!
E! Eat Up
E! Eat Up 4 months ago
*brb otw to Nasi Balap Puyung stall near my dorm*
60s 70s
60s 70s 4 months ago
I'm a big lover of spicy food but when I tasted Indonesian food it burned my tongue and taste buds.... But still Indonesian food is healthy and tasty...
BowtaX Kapten
BowtaX Kapten 4 months ago
You should visit lombok again after the earthquake mark,,they miss u to visit them...😀
tria nareswari
tria nareswari 4 months ago
Duh pingin nasi puyung
Vivi Su
Vivi Su 4 months ago
I'm dying..I trying find comfort in my spicy instan noodles tonight..
winston fyah
winston fyah 4 months ago
What the title of the background song??
Smiley Smile
Smiley Smile 4 months ago
why did i smile whenever i hear you said "oo .. man..." and see your expression. nice video.. well done Mr. 😊
AduDOMBA ABLE 4 months ago
exagerate every food
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