CRAZY SPICY Indonesian Food - Day Trip and Waterfall Adventure in Lombok, Indonesia!

Mark Wiens
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Lombok is an amazing place for spicy Indonesian food!
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I didn’t have too much time to travel in Lombok (though I’d love to visit again), but I really wanted to visit Tetebatu, at the base of the volcano one day. So we hired a car for the day and drove there, taking some stops to eat some legendary spicy Lombok Indonesian food along the way.
Inaq Dellah - This is the original restaurant in Lombok to eat Ayam Rarang, what I found out is one of the greatest stews I think I’ve ever had in my life. It’s basically just a pure chili stew, made with chicken. It’s so unbelievably flavor and packed with Lombok chili spice.
Total price - 180,000 IDR ($13.14)
Tetebatu, Lombok
Waterfall entrance - 20,000 IDR ($1.46) - We arrived to Tetebatu, and paid the small entrance fee to enter the waterfall. The waterfall was worth a visit, nothing too big, but I always enjoy walking through water on a hike to reach a waterfall.
Nasi Puyung at Nasi Balap Puyung Inaq Esun - One of the most legendary of Lombok Indonesian food dishes is nasi puyung. Again, we went out of our way to seek out the original. It’s a combination of fried shredded chicken, mixed with a heap of curry chili paste. It doesn’t really look that spicy, but it’s pretty amazingly spicy, I loved it. It’s kind of a 3 am kind of dish.
Total price - 88,000 IDR ($6.42) for 3
All day car and guide - I paid 700,000 IDR ($51.10), and Belen was a great guy, and the owner of facebook.com/lombokpirates/ highly recommended (this is not sponsored, I paid).
This was an amazing day trip in Lombok, and along with crazy spicy delicious Indonesian Lombok food, the sightseeing was spectacular as well. Lombok is a gorgeous island!
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Nov 19, 2017

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Honey in Me
Honey in Me 4 hours ago
All that I can do is just drooling, drooling, and drooling.. Especially when Mark enjoys Indonesian cuisines.. I'm Indonesian but my experiences of tasting Indonesian cuisines are less than Mark's... Thanks Mark for share such an amazing Indonesian Food tour.. The way you introduce the foods and describe the taste, texture, etc are so easy for us (viewers) to imagine yet curious in the same time.. And I love the way you enjoy the foods.. Looks like VERY VERY DELICIOUS.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Rendy Montemorra
Watching again in this video😁 phuufftttt...so spicy😂😂😂
Chandra Ranvairic
my mouth is watering, why am i watching this in 3 AM wtf
MMA&Boxing Highlight
Delia Fang
Delia Fang 4 days ago
Kepala miring?? Berarti enak
Ririn sukma hanapi
Alhamdulillah i was eating and i was go to all of these place🤭 because i am from Lombok🤗
Sen De Silva
Sen De Silva 8 days ago
Djudju Djuhaeriah
I'm Indonesian , I lived in NYC, Indonesian food is the most delicious food in the world .
Susana 7
Susana 7 11 days ago
go around the world with your family and try all the culinary ... the best jobs ever 😍
Pandan 11 days ago
BeRaNi MaKaN PeDeS?🤣
Del Wioni
Del Wioni 14 days ago
Wtf tetebatu literally means Stone Tits
wasia salim
wasia salim 16 days ago
i love you man ;)
linda w
linda w 16 days ago
I love lombok island,ayam rarang emg ajib👍👍👍👍👍 kesukaan ku
Angga S. A.
Angga S. A. 16 days ago
Tetebatu = Stoneboobs
Ayu Payani
Ayu Payani 17 days ago
Mark,, you are great person who always respects all the cultures in the world and enjoy the food,, I am from central lombok
Hendro Pri
Hendro Pri 17 days ago
I like the way he make all kind of food looks so great and tasty..
Demon Junaedi
Demon Junaedi 19 days ago
So juicy...
ngeroad 19 days ago
Welcome to Indonesia
drtn 21 day ago
The way he ate the drumstick was a celebration of pride 😂🍗🎉🍆💦
Frost Flavour
Frost Flavour 23 days ago
You never spack you lips when you eat? Why are you smacking your lips in this video? WHY?!?!?!?! OH GOD
Beben S Firdaus
Beben S Firdaus 23 days ago
Thanks you 🇲🇨
Ahmad Dani
Ahmad Dani 23 days ago
Makanan indonesia memang termurah se dunia
Mike Gibson
Mike Gibson 25 days ago
Why don't these people use utensils or at least gloves when handling and serving the food to people ....filthy hands
Deepa Lall
Deepa Lall 23 days ago
Stick to your Cancerous canned and industrially processed food.Disgusting Americans!! 😷
Roni Richmond
Roni Richmond 27 days ago
👋fam & friends! Mark, u r terrific with your amazing adventures. I pray Micah cont as he gets older. The SPOT reminds me of The Hole in the Wall in Charlotte, NC 2 mingle, eat, dance, etc The waterfall was MAJESTIC & the monkeys. Food so tasty. Ying still gorgeous w/hair cut.💕🙏
MurliDhar Joshi
MurliDhar Joshi 27 days ago
I'm Your biggest fan.
Hanspeter Schlaepfer
I think Mark, you dont have a stomach down there!I think you have a ironcan down there.How can you eat all this hot food? I like you,Mika and your wife. Greeting from a Swissman in Chainat,Manorom.
yusril azizi
yusril azizi Month ago
Thanks for coming sir, please come again to my town... Love from indonesia
sopir ganteng
sopir ganteng Month ago
Sampean iku mangane akeh tapi kok ga lemu2 cak...
Firdaus Ahadi
Firdaus Ahadi Month ago
Usus e tekan dengkul cuk...
Galih leo Rakasiwi
Indonesian food themes reach 1 million views 😁😁
adib naufallah
adib naufallah Month ago
Ngiler pakk
Hawk Eye-
Hawk Eye- Month ago
Hahaha i love your face when you try the food xD
Riyadi Month ago
armand kaka
armand kaka Month ago
hmmmm woowwww
Mohammad Alief Virgiawan
Oh My God you came to my village 😱
Memet Satria
Memet Satria Month ago
Air terjunnya dekat rumahku
Phil Howard
Phil Howard Month ago
I love spicy food. I would really enjoy that
bruh bruh
bruh bruh Month ago
Mark di hotel check in pasti gak include breakfast....😅
Shirley Sandvliet
Patrick Brett
Patrick Brett Month ago
I absolutely love your video. You have inspired me to cook. Love the people you meet as well. Basically....you are superb. More please. And thanks..
Nova Z
Nova Z Month ago
He is awesome how he use his hand for eating, respect
You need to fix your face
Imron yang bijak
OMG look he use his finger to eat like how indonesian people
Real talk
Real talk Month ago
Love it looks delicious
melati meli
melati meli Month ago
Aduhhhh ngilerrrr 😰😰😰 Pinginnnnn
Indonesia mana suaranyaaa...ngilerr uuyy🤤🤤
ईटिंग लल्लनटॉप अंजुम
सुपर यू n यूअर फ़ूड एक्टिंग
Nesabor Ali
Nesabor Ali Month ago
I loved it as always
AmaZ!nG WorLd
AmaZ!nG WorLd Month ago
U know about Bangladeshi food...plz come
Blaise Potvien
Blaise Potvien Month ago
Omg, where is the baby car seat. You are crazy driving around without a car seat.
Flora Espudo
Flora Espudo Month ago
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