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The Daily Show takes a look at the shady business that rich people have been up to lately, including Robert Kraft’s prostitution charges and the college admissions bribery scandal.
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Aug 22, 2019




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Comments 60
Ranjan Biswas
Ranjan Biswas 3 days ago
Rich people gets special deals because technically US runs on these rich people basically so trying to take them normal punishment is not possible. If they get upset, Ecomony will be fucked up for US. Whole country is just a Franchise.
Razz Berry
Razz Berry 4 days ago
Well colleges are scamming teens with campus use charges even though it’s all online
super shenron
super shenron 4 days ago
At 13:59 did anyone hear lucid dreams by juice wrld
Andrew Omeruo
Andrew Omeruo 5 days ago
Niel Brennan killed that shit
Kods S.
Kods S. 6 days ago
Theres nothing wrong with people wanting to start a business and make a profit. But at what point does making a profit become greed? And it's not just one time,its year after year after year. Greed is the driver. Wanting more and more.
Ove Hall
Ove Hall 11 days ago
Only in America
Rivera Jones
Rivera Jones 11 days ago
U r a good character. All that maters equal oppotunity..if there are people hungry and this suppose to be the best country in the.
Cole Henry
Cole Henry 11 days ago
Anyone else an Eagles fan?
Jeremy Stewart
Jeremy Stewart 12 days ago
14:00 why is lucid dreams playing😂
Heather Chaplin
Heather Chaplin 13 days ago
No wonder people are so enthralled with him, he promised them they would be "making so much money". Consistent liar.
Divine-Praise Eric
Divine-Praise Eric 14 days ago
Nigeria... Here we go...
C Mare V
C Mare V 16 days ago
Trump has always been a fraud and people fell for his BS for years. I always knew he was a blow hart, but people still sucked up his crack.
Sandie Kelley
Sandie Kelley 16 days ago
May be those parents cheating to get their kids in to those schools should be sentenced to paying for the tuition and necessary expenses of underprivileged students that qualified for those schools but could not afford it
Christopher Minor
Christopher Minor 19 days ago
Rich people do live on another planet. That's a fact.
King Kris
King Kris 20 days ago
Bribing to get their children into top schools, sounds like S. Korea
GracieGirl 21 day ago
Nigeria is are always called for bad thing what about good news
Benjamin Tan
Benjamin Tan 23 days ago
You are promoting hate crimes. If you don’t like the country go back to where you belong
Benjamin Tan
Benjamin Tan 20 days ago
@goon gon if he isn't making any trouble
Benjamin Tan
Benjamin Tan 20 days ago
@goon gon which country doesn't have the same problem
Benjamin Tan
Benjamin Tan 20 days ago
@goon gon this is exactly what you said supply and demand
Benjamin Tan
Benjamin Tan 20 days ago
@goon gon health care system is one area that need to work on, to provide for the people
Benjamin Tan
Benjamin Tan 20 days ago
@goon gon that proof the point. Seeking better pay is part of equality. American dreams...you work hard you get rewarded.
music by Ali J
music by Ali J 23 days ago
Hang the rich, especially the morally bankrupt morons that accepted bribes for some rich kid to half ass their way thru college disgusting but ye still hang the rich
George Trevor Tan
George Trevor Tan 26 days ago
17:20 got that wrong quickly
Belinda Simons
Belinda Simons 26 days ago
OMG! How true is that about the socialism with the rich that is so so true oh my gosh I agree 100%!
Sandy Jamison
Sandy Jamison 27 days ago
The crooked parents should be in prison for tax evasion and tax fraud along with everything else. They should be sent to San Quentin or similar and stop cutting rich people slack. There are more criminals among the wealthy than the poor/middle class, imo.
Benedict Sowemimo
Benedict Sowemimo 27 days ago
/or 6
Robert Hays
Robert Hays 28 days ago
Jussie is a nickname, derived from Justin, from the Latin, justus, meaning 'righteous', 'fair' or 'honest'.
Victoria D
Victoria D 29 days ago
That lebron joke hurted
Rai Duuude
Rai Duuude 29 days ago
Frank always doing something bad.
Jason Born
Jason Born Month ago
Stop giving away the secrets!
franco lopresto
franco lopresto Month ago
the colored BOY
varun jayadev
varun jayadev Month ago
What is wrong with socialism... I dont understand
ankit singh
ankit singh Month ago
First time 🤠🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ravita deswal
ravita deswal Month ago
The Ultimate Gathering
He is so right. lol.
S CT Month ago
Some form of Socialism will be good thing for America.
paul williams
paul williams Month ago
Public hospitals sure nice down here.
Alan Constantine
So in essence they offered Kraft the Alford plea which confuses the hell out of me, how can you plead guilty and innocent at the same time? So he is guilty of solicitation but innocent of any criminal charges, that doesn't make sense to me.
Jude Odhiambo
Jude Odhiambo Month ago
Larger conk
Larger conk Month ago
Trump is just gonna run the country like a buinsnes he doesn't give two fucks about anyone
Ryner Lute
Ryner Lute Month ago
CallmeSO Month ago
11:59 I'm looping that time because Trevor just looked damned adorable.
Vide-yo! Month ago
Che Gweverra? Who's this guy talking about?
Syed muhammad Ahmed
Neil Brennon looks like if eminem was a nerd no hate he is so funny also im a nerd
Michael Weskamp
Michael Weskamp Month ago
Reminds me of a famous liar from Germany. Baron Münchhausen, who pulled himself - and his own horse, where he was sitting on - by his own hair out of the mud. Great man. Maybe the greatest of all time. He also were riding on a cannonball to spy on the enemy troops from above and then in the mid of the air changed to a cannonball of the enemy to go back home safe.
R C Month ago
You have got to be the funniest person since George Carlin I love you Trevor
Robert Lust
Robert Lust Month ago
Free him for sure
Robert Lust
Robert Lust Month ago
I knew I like Trevor. Luv it insert pay and that other Asian guyz
Robert Lust
Robert Lust Month ago
White people interupted
Robert Lust
Robert Lust Month ago
I thought I saw her on the show though
Robert Lust
Robert Lust Month ago
Not a doctor yet?
Robert Lust
Robert Lust Month ago
And it still didn't get to go for greenish. Still paid for books too and paid extra on my loans
Robert Lust
Robert Lust Month ago
Becky can you get me a refund check I still owe like 7 grand or less I owed likev16k at one point I had scholarship for a while 3.9
Kelly Williams
Kelly Williams Month ago
lol i died when you started laughing when Jussie photo popped up
Hans Feig
Hans Feig Month ago
the fuck.. this isn socialism it's just humanity and smart.. in the EU we have this shit for years .
Insert Clever Username
We ALL know that Tu Pac and Biggie both faked their own deaths and are now living in the Bahamas in Gay Paradise.
Wendy Merrick
Wendy Merrick Month ago
Cher Chu Hai Kieu
I think education in the US should be free for everyone to bring up our country academic/poverty status.
Randy Zaucha
Randy Zaucha Month ago
Funny how the right NEVER talks about Trump and the GOP's first major legislation, giving a socialist bailout to corps who cheated by hiding their profits overseas. Or Wall Street in 2007. Faux News NEVER mentions socialist bailouts of the wealthy. Hypocrites. Especially Piro.
Tesh C
Tesh C Month ago
Money, the root of all evil. All this sounds like some of the Korean dramas I've watched.
Bread 24 days ago
The whole college scandal reminds me of Sky Castle
Leopard Month ago
Trump even stole money from his charity for Veterans.
Antawnyoo Month ago
This 1% rules, and 99% are complicit: who's really to blame?
Victor Socoro
Victor Socoro Month ago
Trump: Peeewww, WHat Happened?
Shreya Mudgil
Shreya Mudgil Month ago
When I'm saddened by Indian politics.. I turn to American politics. The news here is at least allowed to be funny.
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