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The Daily Show takes a look at the shady business that rich people have been up to lately, including Robert Kraft’s prostitution charges and the college admissions bribery scandal.
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Aug 23, 2019




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Comments 2 606
Sudha Praveen
Sudha Praveen 12 hours ago
In india this is legal and called donation😁😁😁😁
lilmacc 19
lilmacc 19 Day ago
..."FAKE NEWS".. Because they get laughs from actual real FACTS. How does that make it fake???
ObjetD'art Day ago
Robert Kraft has something dodgy to do with Aaron Hernandez. The way Aaron looked at the doors awaiting to see this guy walk through the court room doors just seemed dodgy then and now with this makes me think that he had some secrets...
slayer. point
The weird things bout this whole issue is that, we know everything but still the best we do is laugh over it or think for a minute and forget it rather than doing something.
Nina Lee
Nina Lee Day ago
There's a widening divide between the haves and have nots. Both the French and Russian revolutions occurred when have nots could suffer no longer.
IcemanJuice 2 days ago
They probably could have gotten away with the bribes to get their children admitted if they didn’t try to fake the charity donations and cheat the IRS. They still won’t go to prison despite breaking the law.
Montrell Cohill
Montrell Cohill 4 days ago
Rich people cant accept the fact that their kids gonna be stupid
Sonicfan 123
Sonicfan 123 4 days ago
14:00 did i heae lucid dreams
Wa Wi
Wa Wi 5 days ago
true democratic socialism is not communism can go together with a reformed capitalism very well.
Wa Wi
Wa Wi 5 days ago
some of the ultra rich think they can do whatever they want. You need to set them limits as a society plus make them contribute with their wealth gained of off the hard work of others.
Somnorila 7 days ago
Americans and their anti socialism stupid ideas. It's the cold war propaganda that's rooted in people's minds. Socialism is not a side effect, a response on capitalism. It's not socialism vs capitalism, it's socialism and capitalism, like yin and yang. They are the the same, a side of the same coin. For a good balanced society you need both currents. And a healthy democracy supported by the two most important pillars, education and economy, has the purpose and ability of balancing capitalism and socialism. You can't have a healthy and true democracy without educated owners. As the ability to own your life, to have the know how, the opportunity and the means to be self sustained, goes hand in hand with politics. Like offer and demand, education and economy goes hand in hand. So if you still want a democracy, you need to make room for socialism. We already seen what an imbalance towards capitalism looks like. Too much socialism you have communism, nazism, fascism... Too much capitalism you have overwhelming rich people and organisations banding together in cartels, stifling competition and meddling in politics and law making. Literally controlling the course of life. So too much of any of these is basically the same thing with a different mask. The weird thing is that we need both of them in a state of balance to have the cake and eat it. But it's a lot easier said than done. Again, education and wealth for everyone. As much education you can have and just enough wealth to be free and involved.
Xoi 7 days ago
Yo what's with this fucking editing? I know what I'm watching. Some editor in CC really liked that gif.
Jack 7 days ago
We'll only let you go if you're guilty! Aperently we learned nothing from the Salem witch trials.
Average Awesome
Average Awesome 8 days ago
The part I find most amazing isn’t that trump lied and shit, that just par for the course. It’s that people trusted a man bordering on illiteracy on his best days to work with them on anything. Be honest if you and trump were in a group project you wouldn’t let him touch it, assuming you want a good grade
Nancy Beveridge Taylor
Trump's hair is a separate person!
Nancy Beveridge Taylor
Man... I grew up poor and I got OFFERS from Yale, Brown, and Smith because I had a great SAT score. (And I went to a top tier private Catholic highschool on scholarship as well) Those kids should have, like, maybe, read a book? (That was back in the 1970's)
Thomas Dalvad
Thomas Dalvad 10 days ago
What you are describing isn't socialism! It's called regulation and redistribution. How come Americans doesn't understand that.
Madelene Y
Madelene Y 12 days ago
Aunt Becky is making us all facepalm
Bernie Cruz
Bernie Cruz 13 days ago
Prosecution only let people off the hook from convictions for 2 reasons, their cases are super weak or they're paid off/bribed! The whole reason why the prosecution is letting this guy go, is because they know their case is weak AND because Kraft has connections to people in the judicial system, like maybe a judge who'll reside over the case, and the prosecution knows they will lose. Prosecutions don't like to lose because look at what happened to Marcia Clark when she lost the O.J. case? So in order for them to save their faces and not end up like Marcia Clark, they're asking Kraft to make this admission so that the prosecution can use it for a political purpose and appear that they didn't get defeated.
rationalguy 13 days ago
STD from a handy?
Victor Ch
Victor Ch 14 days ago
Listen to the irony - many claim US is the richest country in the world but can't afford to have an affordable medical care system for all like all developed countries have or even cannot afford reasonable prices for working class.
Howie Grossman
Howie Grossman 14 days ago
Nahmean Do you no what I mean he came up with this NAHMEAN !!!!!
Dee Johnson
Dee Johnson 15 days ago
School is free teach your own kids if you don't want to then you have to pay that's it really simple dummy
Emma Bennett
Emma Bennett 13 days ago
Tiger N_I_F_R Imeri
fox is really soo american...trash talk...gossip...getting an orgasm while shitting on people...but wait until trump is gone. they will denie to eeeever have been pro trump and they neeever talked crap....those are soo fake news spilled about them...
Morio Murase
Morio Murase 15 days ago
10:30 Who pays for criminal stuff with a check? Evidently Michael Cohen and Donald Trump.
UpRoaryus 15 days ago
I read or heard something about how (aside from the whole "camel through the eye of the needle" thing) if you want to know how God feels about money, just look at the people He gives it to... It is people like these which have me thinking I can't ever actually be really wealthy, simply because I can't be that much of an asshole of a person. Is there anyone who is disgustingly rich and also a genuinely kind and enjoyable person whose character isn't a blight on humanity as a whole?
LoveFlatfootin1 20 days ago
Nice of Trevor to share the spotlight with his no-talent friends.
mets fan
mets fan 20 days ago
If you can read this, you don't need glasses.
Arn Naul
Arn Naul 20 days ago
Ardheshwar Singh
Ardheshwar Singh 20 days ago
Screening for STD ... He didn't even made it to second base
Ismael Moctar
Ismael Moctar 24 days ago
Hahahahaha hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 IF YOU READ THE REPORT HE SHOULD BE THE PROFESSOR!!!! Hahahaha
N I Q O L E 29 days ago
20:23 I'm still waiting, Mr. President Chump
N I Q O L E 29 days ago
I totally think Aunt Becky and Mr. 'Target Clothes are Cool' should have to pay ½ a million in Scholarships every year, for as many years as it takes the little dimwit to actually graduate USC. No tutors, no one taking tests for her; just Olivia Jade going to class, taking notes and STUDYING FOR TESTS!
Olenka P
Olenka P Month ago
Trevor talks about rich people like he isn't a millionaire himself =)))
Christian Month ago
So rich he cant show his tax records! I call myself millionaire as long as i dont showy taxes- lol
Christian Month ago
Half goes to his wife- lol
Space Coyote
Space Coyote Month ago
So Smollett pulled a Trump?
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez Month ago
Shrimpled white dudes are a minority now?
Kirito Kirigaya
Kirito Kirigaya Month ago
Who lives an honest life??? No one does
Kayla Sherman
Kayla Sherman Month ago
Sounds like the Clintons foundation to me!
Basir Mastoor
Basir Mastoor Month ago
Did I love this show 😂😂😂😂
Angel Venegas
Angel Venegas Month ago
Bonnie Urso
Bonnie Urso Month ago
Trump didn't get the presidency because he is rich trump got to the presidency because he is a reality tv star! That's the only reason those who live through the Internet and tv and never leave their houses or go anywhere people are gathered are the sole reason for why Americans voted for him.Then he discovered Russian hackers through his kids and the rest is history.
My Journey to Healing
SOME Americans votes for him, if popular voted counted, he wouldn't be President. Hillary would be. Thank the electoral college for his win, not ALL Americans.
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia Month ago
3:02 I'm ready to be adopted : )
Deana Prine
Deana Prine Month ago
I knew I disliked the PATRIOT'S AND now with R.Kraft hands on experience 🐍"HES one KRUSTY KRAB! EEWW
Rafael Sirens
Rafael Sirens Month ago
those fake hate crime guy are hot I think they get paid more than just a fake hate crime
Charles Amaral
Charles Amaral Month ago
I wonder how much it cost Trumps Father to get him into College? Trump the Dumbest fake President in History. Impeach and Remove.
sxyldy7 Month ago
Funny yes but also food for thought on socialism. 🤔
Alejandro Kaplan
isn't pewm the sound you make to imitate a plane taking off and them crashing
levin wu
levin wu Month ago
simiansapient Month ago
To address the disingenuous comments of asdf;lkj123. Their main argument is the extremely reductive definition of racism, which is not current (see the definition from a UN document, link below) www.ohchr.org/EN/ProfessionalInterest/Pages/CERD.aspx [...] the term "racial discrimination" shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.[...] Based on this definition, Trump's derogatory comment on Haitians (among many others) is indubitably racist and most of the pseudo-debunking done by asdf;lkj123 is therefore invalidated. Furthermore, a racist comment does not need to specify it is racist. In short, there is no need to have "because you are black" added to make a statement racist. For the three congresswomen to whom Trump told to "Go back home", it could only motivated by their skin color, and no, saying after the facts it was a suggestion does not make it any less racist. An act of racism does not need to be confirmed by the legal system. Saying a racist joke will still be racist even if it does not go to court. For the case that was settled, the court did not recognize there was no racism involved, it just recognized that the plaint had been withdrawn following a agreement between the parties involved. Cherry-picking... for someone who pretends loving facts, asdf;lkj123 is very lax in their use. Saying that all asylum seekers are actually not asylum seekers is not based on any fact (Breibart does not count as a valid source). Saying that no immigrants from Europe could cross illegally is not a fact either (Canada and Mexico are points of entry for them as well). Disingenuous statements: drawing a parallel between murder and illegal immigration is idiotic, especially in relation to handling families. Pretending to want facts while misusing or even inventing facts, is indeed disingenuous. Trump has clearly behaved, both in paroles and acts, in a clear racist way, and has promoted, whether directly or indirectly, racism.
Beren Yildirim
Beren Yildirim Month ago
Imagine having to pay 500k to get into college 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Forsaken Month ago
AOC for President. AOC I LOVE YOU
manu manu
manu manu Month ago
Trevor noah I love your show
Josny13 Month ago
The real "best" schools should be ones that accept people who can barely find their nose and have them leave the school a genius. 12:00 Brilliant! xD This has been a good laugh.
Evan AB
Evan AB 2 months ago
I think better than jail time would be that these rich jerks are required to fund yearly scholarships for DESERVING students who don't get to benefit from any of the privileges these children of Hollywood recieve!! Then there's Aunt Becky wearing her glasses trying to look, what smarter? Faking it is just a way of life for these people. Pretending you're smart, while trying to claim ignorance about not understanding that they could face jail time?!
Gale Miller
Gale Miller 2 months ago
Trevor Noah is the Best comedian I've seen in a long time! The jussie Smollett! Story is hilarious! I did not know Subway was open 24 hours either?until I saw the interview with Jesse Smollett making this so much funnier! 😂 Lol!❤️
Leo Avila
Leo Avila 2 months ago
Thumbs down cuz of the lakers joke
ForeverMe543 2 months ago
In ref to the college scandal: I'm disabled. Ive been denied ssi and I'm still in appeal. I was illegally kicked out of community college and couldn't fight it. I can barely afford to go to school online half time because the gov granted me some help due to my disability. But I don't have a laptop. I can't afford books. I can't afford to go full time. These rich parents should be ASHAMED of themselves and frankly I wouldn't mind them paying my way after all the suffering I've been through.
ForeverMe543 2 months ago
I love that skinny white guy. He was very great at explaining socialism.
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