Crazy News Reporters | Rudy Mancuso, Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi

Rudy Mancuso
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Sep 2, 2016




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Comments 9 926
Jesse Maina
Jesse Maina 8 hours ago
I hate Donald trump at least Barack Obama
Cloud Yellow
Cloud Yellow 10 hours ago
Cloud Yellow
Cloud Yellow 10 hours ago
2:36 LOL
Pink Floof
Pink Floof 15 hours ago
Best news reporters
Little Scrappier
Little Scrappier 20 hours ago
Follow me on Twitter...🤣🤣🤣
Ibrahim Muhamed
Ibrahim Muhamed 2 days ago
I am still wander
natsuka I
natsuka I 3 days ago
Diasia Travier
Diasia Travier 4 days ago
Who here in 2020 when she talks about trump
XxElizabeth RavensxX
You guys do know that there are kids watching this right.... Yeah no I don't give a shit who cares😂😂😂
Crazyhalo 2003
Crazyhalo 2003 4 days ago
I wish there is a news like this
pugpugy123 pugs
pugpugy123 pugs 5 days ago
Lele was being better
antonette_ bello
antonette_ bello 5 days ago
You're always ruining everything
antonette_ bello
antonette_ bello 5 days ago
Crazy shitz
Victor Wilson
Victor Wilson 5 days ago
0.15 excuse me b**** I'm talking 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Wikham the boi
Wikham the boi 5 days ago
you think j-lo is hot shes fucken 50 yo man
NORA G. 6 days ago
1:42 *you literally look like a child molester*
Atupele Isaac
Atupele Isaac 6 days ago
2:49 dead💀😂😂💀💀💀💀💀
RONAN mcfly
RONAN mcfly 7 days ago
0:43 uhh okayyyyy????
Julio Garcia
Julio Garcia 7 days ago
My name is Julio to
Reece Dobens
Reece Dobens 8 days ago
Omg I just LOVE this channel they are so honest This is a great news broad cast I support this news channel
Yanelly Wright
Yanelly Wright 9 days ago
0:57 I agree with that🤣🤷🏾‍♀️
Safwan Haris411
Safwan Haris411 9 days ago
Legend says that carlos is still waiting for the stated rain
No Nonsense Pls
No Nonsense Pls 10 days ago
Matty E
Matty E 10 days ago
The Prime Minister doesn’t care about Australia and there bushfires
Hdjsh Ndjs
Hdjsh Ndjs 11 days ago
I love these older videos back in 2017 2016
Drew 11 days ago
Carlos haha
Jack 12 days ago
arianna rambow
arianna rambow 12 days ago
William Ballard
William Ballard 13 days ago
Just LOL... Thanks
K U J O 13 days ago
Who else is here before WW3?
Lalnunpari Erick
Lalnunpari Erick 13 days ago
Carlos!, Carlosss, caarrloss can you hear us
LPS hashtag twins Louis
The way he was looking when she said I had sex with your father
Aaron and victor
Aaron and victor 15 days ago
0:40 me looking at somebody right in front of me that looks like the criminal Me: Dialing 911
Rhea Danraj
Rhea Danraj 15 days ago
0:52 cool part Rudy
Fast Too
Fast Too 16 days ago
Rudy is so hilarious and lele
Taniya Nolen
Taniya Nolen 16 days ago
Lele: I had sex with ur brother and father Rudy:what Me:and that's the news lol
morz marz
morz marz 17 days ago
I have met Rudy,lele ,Hannah and Juanpa
Claudia Velazquez
Claudia Velazquez 18 days ago
rudy; the sound guy, the camera guy, me me; wwwwwwwwwhhhhhhaaaaatttt
Klowie Hoang
Klowie Hoang 18 days ago
Mr.epiclegend 18 days ago
what did i just witness at the end
Mr. Troll
Mr. Troll 19 days ago
Rudy:So some crazy shit is happening in the world right now Lele: REALLY CRAZY SHI- Rudy:excuse me b*tch im talking I died LOL
Topic Time!
Topic Time! 20 days ago
I wish all news was like this lol
leO9 kkid
leO9 kkid 20 days ago
Lanado Thompson
Lanado Thompson 20 days ago
Worse organized news channel and the boy anchor should be 🔥
Kira Gray
Kira Gray 21 day ago
Jenifer Eisenhour
Jenifer Eisenhour 22 days ago
Trump boo😭
Eliya JD
Eliya JD 22 days ago
Sks Surjo
Sks Surjo 22 days ago
Ooh yeh
Angel Robledo
Angel Robledo 25 days ago
That ending 😂😂
Raj Muschamp
Raj Muschamp 25 days ago
there wearing nothing on on shit f* under-wear
Car Freak
Car Freak 25 days ago
Nobody: Rudy: IN other news Jennifer Lopez... I think she‘s hot
Josephine Nuncio
Josephine Nuncio 26 days ago
Hey my gramma is Mexican so I also HATE Donald Trump more like Donald duck
GeneralJaenzkie Official
Damnn rudys dick is large😂😂 and leles butt is big af
LITTLE_X-MAN_08 26 days ago
Oh you wanna fight Australia’s the best I wanna hear Le Le pons she’s a beast
Trevino Lacie
Trevino Lacie 27 days ago
and now Donald a Trump was impeached
Jaedyn Matthews
Jaedyn Matthews 27 days ago
Rudy is the robber
Lucie Roy
Lucie Roy 27 days ago
I'm calling 911
Lucie Roy
Lucie Roy 27 days ago
Jn Jymnrd
Jn Jymnrd 27 days ago
2:29 wtf? Lele pons reaction made my day😁😂😂🤣🤣
Chungkham Gourav Meitei
No soccer Only football
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