Crashing Golf Carts!

Danny Duncan
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Published on


Jul 1, 2019




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Comments 7 185
Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan 5 months ago
Love you guys ❤️ thanks for always supporting me
Pedro Junior Benitez
Ey Nigga you stupid
Travis Stokes
Travis Stokes 12 days ago
Y'all make me laugh so much
*Nick *that clique
*Nick *that clique 14 days ago
When you see 69 on a dirtbike you know that rider ain’t no pussy
Logan Thaler
Logan Thaler 20 days ago
Deez nuts having sex eating ass
Emma Bostic
Emma Bostic 2 hours ago
Can u put dfd hoodies back in like res stalk them pls 😂😂😂thanks
Jared Yeager
Jared Yeager 2 hours ago
Your newest subscriber** I enjoy your fuckery
Anime Eng Sub
Anime Eng Sub 13 hours ago
This Reminds Me To Regular Show
Euriah Rumsey
Euriah Rumsey 16 hours ago
crash into the the golf cart in the water
Lucas Mann7856
Lucas Mann7856 21 hour ago
Were you just allowed to destroy the golf corse
Rocco Forlini
Rocco Forlini 22 hours ago
Did that in outer banks wheat 75 mph on a jet ski
Daniel Ochoa
Daniel Ochoa Day ago
Random Series
This niggaz own a I8 BMW
It'sreal Pb
It'sreal Pb 2 days ago
Sergio Jasso
Sergio Jasso 2 days ago
2:26 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Minor Moran
Minor Moran 2 days ago
danny can’t even get some peace and quiet out here...
nicko Vougiouklakis
Sam TheSnake
Sam TheSnake 3 days ago
this is property damage i'm reporting you
Timmy W
Timmy W 3 days ago
when Aaron threw the chair💀
swnky 3 days ago
if i did half the shit you do i’d be arrested
Kaden Hayes
Kaden Hayes 3 days ago
2:17 is hilarious
Quinn League
Quinn League 4 days ago
“Aaron what the fu** is you doing”
Jason Godinez
Jason Godinez 2 days ago
on god
Tiger Agario
Tiger Agario 4 days ago
14:33 why your shirt have save a murderer or O.J Simpson
nik bishop
nik bishop 4 days ago
Idk but I died laughing when that tire fell off
1987jeepyj 4 days ago
As someone who has worked on a golf coarse it’s a pain to repair it that shit
ya_boi_scooby '
ya_boi_scooby ' 4 days ago
Have you ever considered being a wide receiver for the NFL because if I was a coach you would be my first pick easy
11 action8jackson0
Cool and kind of funny butt stupid my dad died in a golf kart in 2010
42luke roblox
42luke roblox 5 days ago
It’s their own the golf course so it’s good, they can do what they want.
STRM Viper
STRM Viper 5 days ago
I never seen someone choke someone who is choking someone else
NoMoney4 U
NoMoney4 U 5 days ago
I aint playing with you
Alex Kleinow
Alex Kleinow 5 days ago
900,000,00 phhhhhhhh I have a half of a penny
Andrew Husted
Andrew Husted 5 days ago
Fuckin funniest shit I've ever seen "I AIN't PLAYING WITH you"
Jacob Kovalick
Jacob Kovalick 6 days ago
So funny man woke mom up laughing
Beverly Groskreutz
Hypothics 7 days ago
Myyles Kauffman
Myyles Kauffman 8 days ago
When Danny catches the football it good luck
Yaboi Fuze
Yaboi Fuze 8 days ago
Bruh they made a mini beach in the bunker
Ryder Maclean
Ryder Maclean 8 days ago
Chuck Dilley
Chuck Dilley 8 days ago
Love you
Broly01 9 days ago
“i dont wanna get aids” nice
Michael Escobar
Michael Escobar 9 days ago
why the fuck isn't anyone talking about how this man is vandalizing a golf course. Like I'm genuinely confused, someone please explain to me why no one cares about what this man is doing.
smile more Valerio808
nures: "i dont wanna get aids" me:AIDs? Aids?
Mom Cramer
Mom Cramer 9 days ago
He always gets hurt cuz he's a baby
twitchtvturtles 9 days ago
i died laughing at this video
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