Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear (Remix) (Official Music Video)

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Official Music Video for Craig Mack [feat. The Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes & Rampage] - "Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)" directed by Hype Williams from 'Bad Boy's 10th Anniversary….The Hits' (2004)
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Jun 27, 2014




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Comments 100
Brenno Calderan
There is a thing I never thought I'd see here, Busta Rhymes was thin.
Elizabeth Dieguez
Elizabeth Dieguez 2 hours ago
Este es el video mejor editado de toda pinche historia, se la rifaron en hacer un video tan real con biggie
Cool Manta
Cool Manta 18 hours ago
Craig mack was rhyming since 9 yes old. Big was like 17 when he started. So mack's got a bit more experience but just a different style
BROLUX GIGANTOS 20 hours ago
LL - "Hee-shee! Ugh, blow-ticious" WTF LL....into weird stuff.
hassan stewart
hassan stewart 20 hours ago
The remix is like a MILLION TIMES more dope than the original. Biggie should've gotten the beat originally.
T Russ
T Russ 21 hour ago
Who's here after watching jaguar Wright....heshe
Mayuk Chakrabarty
My idol Biggie forever.. Much love for busta he is literally on another level.. Hey hey heyyyy.... 💛💜💚💘2
Youtube Appropriate
Idky but busta rhymes in this video reminds me of ol dirty bastard from wu tang
Quite8Oh Knowledge
Ase ... In Club City Lights Killeen TX Erry mutha fuckin body is up in Thur standin shoulder ta shoulder spitting along ta this joint as it blazes from tha speakers...lol Never ah dead moment mane 1990 ta 1995 all tha mutha fuckin way live baebae !!! Shout out ta all my kinfolkz ...lol T.R ,L.B, T.B, I.W, D.D, T.B, A.S, M.C D.J, T.D, T.F, K.D, L.B, anybody I forgot charge it ta tha heart yo ...lol This One's fo All Y'all ...✌️ Bad Boys Come out and play You know we had to do a remix, right Biggie: Uh, uh Niggas is mad I get more butt than ash trays Fuck a fair one, I get mine the fast way Ski mask way, nigga ransom notes Far from handsome, but damn a nigga tote (What you tote) More guns than roses, foes is shaking in their boots Invisible bully like The Gooch Disappear, vamoose, you're wack to me Take them rhymes back to the factory I see the gimmicks, the wack lyrics, the shit is Depressing, pathetic, please forget it You're mad cause my style you're admiring Don't be mad, UPS is hiring You shoulda been a cop, fuck hip-hop With that freestyle you're bound to get shot Not from Houston but I rap-a-lot Pack the gat a lot The flav's bout to drop uh Here comes the brand new flava in ya ear Time for new flava in ya ear I'm kicking new flava in ya ear Mack's a brand new flava in ya ear Word up, no rap no crap you bore me Wanna grab my dick, too lazy, hold it for me I'm straight rap great Busting heads, straighten dreads I'm everlasting, like the toe on Pro Keds A Tec-9 when I rhyme Plus I climb, word is bond Your album couldn't fuck with one line It's been three years since you last hear But now I reappear your heart pumps fear To your gut, did your girl's butt I scraped it, shaped it, now she won't strut I smash teeth, fuck your beef, no relief I step on stage, girls scream like I'm Keith You won't be around next year My rap's too severe, kicking mad flava in ya ear Here comes the brand new flava in ya ear Time for new flava in ya ear I'm kicking new flava in ya ear Mack's a brand new flava in ya ear Twenty-one ninety-four Mad motherfucking hardcore It's my time to burn now explore The flava in ya ear it's the boy scout I make outs, I make other rappers have doubts You're fucking with the wrong clan And the wrong man, that's it Now you got to get your dome split I'm going into my knapsack with my gat Take off my hat, yes I'm just cool like dat The dangerous, the ruggedness, from the Flatbush abyss BLS 97 KISS bounce to this I'm gonna live long in this rap game, niggas know my name Yo Puffy Burn 'em in the flames You're jingling baby (go 'head daddy) You're jingling baby (go 'head daddy) Hee-shee, uh blowticious Skeevee, delicious Gimme couscous, love me good Um damn, Hollis to Hollywood, but is he good I guess like the jeans - uh Flavor like Praline, sick daddy nah'mean Papa love it, when he does it Niggas buzz it But tell me was it really just the flavor that be clogging your ears The most healthy behavior is to stay in the clear It's all for you, it's really all for you (Now what) Hunchback, close your eyes try to munch that Coil up your ankles let your Timbs tap Bite the flavor it reacts to your gold caps Word to Mama, I tongue kiss a piranha Electrocute a barracuda, I'm here to bring the drama Busta: Yo! Yo! Yo! Flavors in your ass crease ha Busta Rhymes about to bring the noise don't cease ha Let me loose from the belly of the beast ha Everybody, hey hey hey You better believe it's Busta Rhymes the great We 'bout to rip the Tri-State Yo yo, hey hey hey I'll split your face and give you stitches Throw niggas in ditches, slap the ass of fat bitches Wait one sec, as I get down I'm rolling with the heavyweight connect to the stomping ground Now, don't you get suspicious I grant your wishes every time Bring it vicious when I bust a rhyme I know one thing the whole world least expected is how we all connected To break fool on the same record Five new flavors on a beat, feel the fucking heat I really think you should retreat while we blow up the street Instead of copping pleas just freeze Maintain the focus while we smoke these marijuana trees When I get down I disappear, reappear and blow up Everywhere, fucking with these flavas in ya ear Here comes the brand new flava in ya ear Time for new flava in ya ear I'm kicking new flava in ya ear Mack's a brand new flava in ya ear
Elijah Ashman
Elijah Ashman 3 days ago
Busta Was Wild Guy 😆
J Red
J Red 3 days ago
See tip Harris ! This one song alone !
GNo 3 days ago
This is still one of the hardest beats of all time, and it sounds so simple musically
Michael Ross
Michael Ross 3 days ago
A timeless classic! Legends each and everyone of them.
Sirhan Reid
Sirhan Reid 3 days ago
First and last killed it
Mr Ice
Mr Ice 3 days ago
No one left so stop saying who here 2020 Also rip B.I.G.G.I.E and Craig Mack
Marie Cokley
Marie Cokley 3 days ago
When everyone was alive and well miss my teens!!!
Marie Cokley
Marie Cokley 3 days ago
LJs Lawn Care LLC
R.i.p Craig Mack
Ben Hudson
Ben Hudson 4 days ago
1:00 all I see is Lamar from GTA V
kamikaze Josh
kamikaze Josh 4 days ago
2020 still jamn dis shit fr RIP Big an Craig mac 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
BL7 4 days ago
This song still gives me goosebumps. Greatest remix of all time.
O4K05C Tube
O4K05C Tube 4 days ago
I built a time machine. Can only take 1800 ppl. Who's in?
Bay Area Buggs
Bay Area Buggs 5 days ago
rocky tajauta
rocky tajauta 5 days ago
😂😂😂😂 Damm busta rhymes!!!!
Shaquawna Hall
Shaquawna Hall 5 days ago
I miss hip hop like this R.I.P to the greatest Craig and B.I.G
Louriel S
Louriel S 6 days ago
"I get mine the fast way. Ski mask way"
Law Girl
Law Girl 6 days ago
Ahh shit one month down boy's
Terrell Gaither
Terrell Gaither 6 days ago
Who here after choke no joke
Vs Senasion
Vs Senasion 6 days ago
Biggie had rhymes for 10 lifetime
James Wert
James Wert 6 days ago
East coast is the best coast.🤪
Mahdi Moumen
Mahdi Moumen 6 days ago
Maan my man busta got a heavy rifle in tha mouth....he stole the song
Fred De Stefano
Fred De Stefano 7 days ago
Yup. Donald Trump Approved.
belize passion
belize passion 7 days ago
This my shit! Rip Craig Mack ❤️❤️❤️
B👀M 9 days ago
Exyrius GP
Exyrius GP 10 days ago
Miss those old days. This music was so beyond from the era.
Matka Boska
Matka Boska 10 days ago
Still da classic 2020 😁😎
J Moneystaxz
J Moneystaxz 10 days ago
The girl in this video is a heshe why u think lol said it
Adrian Mikołajczyk
Daaaaaaaaaamn 2k20 and still goosebumps, gf used to ask me to stop listen this song over and over again. Now she's my ex
Uzi Thedreadpoet
Uzi Thedreadpoet 11 days ago
Busta Rhymes!!👍🏾👍🏾🤘🏾
Uzi Thedreadpoet
Uzi Thedreadpoet 11 days ago
Roderick McPherson
Roderick McPherson 11 days ago
The song should have ended after Biggie’s verse
Sarah Paige
Sarah Paige 11 days ago
Anyone still listening in 2020? Forever love this song 🔥❤
Katie Bailey
Katie Bailey 11 days ago
Lmfaooo Diddy just did the most in this video shit so funny 🤣🤣🤣
Lonnie Snow
Lonnie Snow 11 days ago
Dudi Darius
Dudi Darius 11 days ago
Can't believe dough there are still 9.9k wankers that disliked this song. Those were the times when hip hop was real. not this modern shit dat I cannot listen to it...
Steve F.
Steve F. 12 days ago
Robert Workman
Robert Workman 12 days ago
Yo Puffy.... SHUT THA FUCK UP!
JOSIE DESIR 13 days ago
The baby so cute and clueless
johnny gibson
johnny gibson 13 days ago
Why'd Puffy do Craig like that? 🤣 Craig's song but Biggie went first! TF
CaribbeanQueen 72
CaribbeanQueen 72 14 days ago
Danm I miss the 90s smh that’s when musics was musics 💯
DJ Notorious
DJ Notorious 14 days ago
My remix is better
Rocco Ferricelli
Rocco Ferricelli 14 days ago
Fuck bad boy's censure
Buffalo Bangkok
Buffalo Bangkok 14 days ago
This IS HIP HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quentin Coffman
Quentin Coffman 14 days ago
Just clicking back in a reflective tune sense. When real recognizes each other at a glance, any skin can make bad shit itself with a wave of hands
Azure Phoenix
Azure Phoenix 14 days ago
We are all connected. I heard you!
The Struggle is real
RIP, Mack!
BrooklynRabbi 14 days ago
“Invisible bully like the gooch” still classic
Ivan Gavrilovic
Ivan Gavrilovic 15 days ago
Biggie,Serbian from Belgrade:)
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 15 days ago
RIP 2pac
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 15 days ago
RIP c mack
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 15 days ago
RIP kim porter
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 15 days ago
RIP andre harrell
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 15 days ago
RIP biggie
Karenett McFrazier Askew
Props up 2 LL Cool J & Busta Rhyme!!!!
Karenett McFrazier Askew
Another classic....Both RIP....
Gwenny Penny
Gwenny Penny 16 days ago
This is the gen
Kilian Wawrzyniak
Kilian Wawrzyniak 16 days ago
Ty Alston
Ty Alston 16 days ago
Artist: Craig Mack f/ Notorious B.I.G., Rampage, Busta Rhymes, and LL Cool J Song: Flava in Ya Ear (Remix) Album: Project Funk Da World Release date: September 20, 1994 Recorded Year: 1993-1994 Genre: Hip Hop/Rap Labels: Bad Boy Records Publishers: Arista Records Studios: Sony Music Entertainment Producer: P. Diddy Director: Hype Williams Writer: Craig Mack & Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes & Rampage & LL Cool J
Christopher Dollison
Craig mack and busta rhymes was like they could be best friends/brothers when I was watching the video
SHA 17 days ago
Sheba Lee
Sheba Lee 17 days ago
Honey combs 😅😅😅
Edward Gore
Edward Gore 18 days ago
The reason some ppl. turn to "religion" {or true religion} after dealing with Diddy is because PD is so involved with Satanism some ppl. probably want to go in the opposite direction. Serious! Trust....dude is involved...ie...Clive Davis....
Lle147 18 days ago
Rampage don't enough props for his verse
Kieanna cole Moore Robertson
Rick Fig
Rick Fig 19 days ago
multi150nyc 19 days ago
Awww my youthful years were better than yours !!! HIP-HOP then & -now.- I pray the future shines bright again. R.I.P: BIGGIE & Craig Mack.
Dwayne Smith
Dwayne Smith 19 days ago
Biggie verse should’ve been last or sumn
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson 19 days ago
Biggie was in his bag on this one‼️‼️one of the best opening of a song in history‼️‼️
Mack Nation
Mack Nation 18 days ago
Righteous 🔥
udhdixuhdhz WWE
udhdixuhdhz WWE 19 days ago
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THES GUYS IS AOSOME
Vincent Singh
Vincent Singh 19 days ago
Anyone here after yukmouth vladtv interview to see what LL actually said? Lmao
Keith Beamon
Keith Beamon 19 days ago
May GOD's peace be with you
joshua brewer
joshua brewer 19 days ago
busta rhymes trolled everyone in this song
Nice For What
Nice For What 20 days ago
That flava in the ear remix had some high key sus lines 1.Flavors in your ass grease 2. He she blowticious 3.Pappa loves it when he does it
J Moneystaxz
J Moneystaxz 10 days ago
That girl was a he she for real
Mack Nation
Mack Nation 18 days ago
Real niggas know n knew what was up....this ain't for you son.
lameya gadsden
lameya gadsden 20 days ago
That digable planets cameo 🔥🔥🔥
Rashon725 20 days ago
Craig Mack the goat. Simple as that. Classic busta, LL was a vibe. Rampage came in hard too. Legendary remix
Quentin Coffman
Quentin Coffman 20 days ago
Fuck lava I love the rhythm. That made a supreme white biden office jealous fellas
Tamyiah J
Tamyiah J 21 day ago
2020 keeping real music alive
m a i k i n m a l a d o
This chick that was dancing behind LL is one the biggest mysterys of Rap Music. She was, also, in the "Big Poppa" and "Warning" video (2 of the biggest Rap Videos of ALL time) but nobody fuckin' knows her lol.
RatchetCoon 18 days ago
m a i k i n m a l a d o cold game huh, remember the Big Poppa video when he/she was in the men’s restroom at the stand up urinal. Hiding in plain sight.
m a i k i n m a l a d o
@RatchetCoon oh shit, didn't know about that information lol
RatchetCoon 19 days ago
She is a he!! A confirmed transexual named Shameka.
John Mero
John Mero 22 days ago
Classic ish
John Mero
John Mero 22 days ago
Yo u know Craig and biggie were hating each other.,..on this track......REST IN PEACE..to both my niggas..
Erik Harris
Erik Harris 22 days ago
Cocoa Femme
Cocoa Femme 22 days ago
CJ Turner
CJ Turner 22 days ago
Puff Always being in Video's Always!!!! But I Get It And Yes I Sure Do Love's It RIP Craig Mac
darealdcwaggz 22 days ago
2020! Big had the best verse!
J Trunnell
J Trunnell 22 days ago
Busta Rhymes had the best lines on this one, hands down.
2Stoned 2Care
2Stoned 2Care 23 days ago
Biggie MF Smalls.. all I gotta say.
Samiullah Henderson
Now that's balls to diss someone on their own record.😆
Edward Wills
Edward Wills 23 days ago
RIP bigandcraigmack
Janaé Cheri
Janaé Cheri 23 days ago
Damn I wish BIG was still around. He had a good ear for music and talent. I could see him on a more executive level. Almost the way Hov transitioned in the music industry.
Richard Noel
Richard Noel Day ago
@cj grand he was heading in that direction with the lil kim junior mafia album
cj grand
cj grand 17 days ago
Biggie would it be hov nowadays
jesse oliver
jesse oliver 23 days ago
*starts singing j.lo's ain't it funny remix* jk but I like both songs
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