Cracking the Code of Cicada 3301| EPISODE 1

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In 2012, a secretive group calling itself 3301 began recruiting for “highly intelligent individuals” online. Candidates had to prove their skills in codebreaking, cryptography and computer programming by solving a complex puzzle dubbed Cicada. It required knowledge of steganography, contacts on the ground everywhere from Seoul to Sydney, and the ability to obtain a copy of William Gibson’s famous disappearing poem “Agrippa.” What was the purpose of the puzzle? No one knows, but many set out to solve one of the internet’s greatest mysteries. At the age of 15, Marcus Wanner became one of the few to crack the code. But the Cicada challenge didn’t end there. Suddenly, more mysterious codes appeared-including a 58-page book of runes known as the “Liber Primus.”
What was encrypted within the runes? Follow the band of online cryptologists deciphering “Liber Primus” in episode 2 of Cicada 3301: greatbig.is/2ZW6fsq
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Comments 80
Great Big Story
Great Big Story 7 months ago
So you want to be a code breaker? Here's how: greatbig.is/2NrhqWE
DekuSepaii 5 days ago
Hello, Free the First 3301-
touch of native teasers
Everything Stranger Things
LEMMINO’s cicada 3301 video is better, stop trying to get views by copying the same topic created before you with a bigger audience
BuZZsawNK Month ago
Hey! I'm from Nebraska!
Sonny G
Sonny G Month ago
Anonymous Anonymous - Agreed Indeed
VERE 5 hours ago
3:11 Look at the mixer the time is reversed 3301
RB86 14 hours ago
Him: I am a walking missile Me: I am a walking penguin
Lazy Hero
Lazy Hero 19 hours ago
This is 24 mins of jump cuts and a buncha I dont know but I wanna know
Scorch428 20 hours ago
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd it ended up being a group who just THOUGHT they were cool. Shocking.
nikaloos danel
isnt 3301 the key? its been right in front of you all along
Santosh Bhandari
Santosh Bhandari 2 days ago
Was it only me who tried to decode the QR code shown at 0:34 ?
eric siggins
eric siggins 2 days ago
I wish someone could teach me the basics of the computer anyone in nj who wouldn't mind helping out a curious human
Indigenous 2 days ago
I'm sure it was done by illuminati
ecastin 5 days ago
The answer is obvious and right infront of this entire video. The kid in 2012 is/was cicada, this is like the goofy internet stories about zelda, no real substance just bored people.
Xav E
Xav E 5 days ago
All of the uncrackable codes are pointing on the same thing
Steve Bez
Steve Bez 5 days ago
en tally aw jinx?
6 days ago
Air Bag
Air Bag 7 days ago
lots of people who figuring out Cicada are all from small towns
SempThe God
SempThe God 7 days ago
guys i think Antonio Kowatsch is in the 3301 group
BradySmudge!!! 3 days ago
Yeah, he’s related to them in some way, I just googled his name and he wrote the Liber Primus
Bhikari Pani
Bhikari Pani 7 days ago
LeMMiNo anyone?
Choco Craze
Choco Craze 7 days ago
Imagine if there had been a typo in the code this whole time.
e 8 days ago
It's getting real when the great big story goes after cicaida 3301
Max Power
Max Power 8 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-Vv1gHOn3Ixo.html 3301 is RPORBP. Foolish follow the rabbit, the truth is the whole.
FRoGricH Gaming
FRoGricH Gaming 8 days ago
What is the prize u won
Ukasa 10 days ago
3:11 the reading on that machine is 1033 which is backwards for 3301.
Aditya Rathore
Aditya Rathore 10 days ago
Maybe cracking this provides an exit from the MATRIX.
1799 10 days ago
Seth Leith
Seth Leith 10 days ago
At 3:11 , clock reads 10.33 which is 3301 backwards. lol
Edy Eydah
Edy Eydah 10 days ago
Edy Eydah
Edy Eydah 10 days ago
Aashish Singh
Aashish Singh 11 days ago
I think we need John Forbes Nash here
WinterForAWombat 11 days ago
Vox Populi is a song title from one of my favourite bands!
Ltultimate Random vid
Scp Recruitment.
Clepto 12 days ago
It’s pretty obvious that the Liber Primus is Nordic runes. As a Swede we’ve actually studied them in school.
Samba Warrior
Samba Warrior 13 days ago
Breaks cicada Cicada calls: Hey meet me at yadayada for an interview... Breaker: Oh, am i gonna get some information or learn the truth about something? Cicada:....ruvid.net/video/video-MMzd40i8TfA.html Cicada: You know what, dont even show up dumbass (hangs up)
Jesse G
Jesse G 14 days ago
Cicada is a AI. It’s doing deep neural Saipan cognitive learning. And it’s not for humanity’s benifit. FFS😬
Drake Lebouef
Drake Lebouef 14 days ago
read the guys coffee pot time and read from the back number to the first one it says 10:33 , but then backwards it says 33:01 wow what a coincidence
GrGames360 14 days ago
Why isn't this on TV
Natalie situmorang
Natalie situmorang 14 days ago
Now i'm starting to watch all of the series
Adrian Frost
Adrian Frost 15 days ago
metantei conan.
TabelSven 15 days ago
Not as good as LEMMiNO
Pgum123 Gonowplayread
One question is why English. Out of all the languages why that one? Because the internet was made by US government and at the time most things were in English? Because US was kinda stealing info all around the globe with the AG crypts or because it had a large amount of info on other countries? Why? Can somebody tell me what England, Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada, Ireland?? and some other English speaking countries also had cause I am not that knowledgeable. But seriously, why in that language. One could maybe find a connection by looking in commerce, economy, diplomacy, politics, and stratagems of the time but that would be a bit too overboard. Plus that would totally be a bit bad when o sorry you have been put in the weird person list and might perminately have the x on the entry to any big US airport on its states. That can actually happen, JFK stops people, even citizens, if they have a red x on the ticket of entry and such. Harmless except you have done no wrong yet your stuck to explaining stuff to an officer about how you enjoyed your vacation, except if you went because you were forced by your friend or family member and while you enjoyed it, you weren't impressed then it shall be how the heck to say it to the officer that expects you to be a ray of sunshine. Long paragraph but who cares? But seriously, why that language. So China was growing, so not it, South Korea has also been through some expansions but was it powerful around 2011? Maybe 2009, 2003,2002? year? Considering that the questions are that difficult, the programs obviously started after the releases of many of the techniques used, the books must be a common factor, as the art. What forums in the internet showed art during that time that might have contained the pictures, maybe.... Again person who knows nothing just analyzing ...
Pgum123 Gonowplayread
Well, as long as Cicada is not actually trying to make people look up info on the places he sent the messages. and why does the liber Primus sorta resemble nordic symbols. Some phenitian also or something like that? I don't know anything bout code or anything, just like to look up old writing styles and such. But the problem with cicada: It's looking for an all rounder? Why not make multiple answers that could be solved in deferent ways so an art enthusiast has the same chance to pass as an programmer... Why not think it's a type of experiment... Se how much smart people are only smart in one thing or maybe how well people work well with others, if people could solve something made by an AI or something, How far are people willing to go to solve something, how iq correlates to actual intelligence or something of that calibre of experiment. Over thinking, possibly. Crazy, debatable.
Blank Gaming
Blank Gaming 16 days ago
After Solving the Cicada Congratultions You Solved The Puzzle , to get your prize reward, . . . . you must complete our little survey here.
SmilerNation 16 days ago
Watch Dogs recruitment in a nutshell!
sethy tippett
sethy tippett 17 days ago
1:40 that's the same code that's used in harry potter Azkaban numbers www.google.com/search?q=sirius+black+azkaban+number&rlz=1CAQRFK_enUS795US797&oq=si&aqs=chrome.0.69i59l2j69i57j69i59j0j69i60l3.3284j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
Cooper Alonzo
Cooper Alonzo 17 days ago
Bro the funniest thing was it said for the coffe it said 10:33 look at the numbers backwatd
Cantonex 17 days ago
That liber primus thing is viking runes.
Kuya Swabe
Kuya Swabe 17 days ago
Cicada just means "yourself"
ItsMeGlazer 17 days ago
Did you notice that the coffee machine said 10:33 which is 3301 backwards? I wonder if there is more Easter eggs in these videos on these channels.
Nbdy 0128W
Nbdy 0128W 18 days ago
Mustafa 18 days ago
On the Cafe machine is writing 1033 can that mean also 3301
VICTOR PH 18 days ago
Imagine solving this code then finding out a *Uncensored Hentai*
ZVHIRULVRIF 18 days ago
Breaking Cicada 3301 code is good. But is it as good as Dota 2?
Brian Felix
Brian Felix 18 days ago
This is my first time hearing about cicada and now I’m gonna binge🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Muse Zack
Muse Zack 18 days ago
Voynich manuscript
Spqlone 18 days ago
There has to be a netflix series on this
im not important
im not important 19 days ago
Imagine spending 3 years un-solving this puzzle and an Asian dude does it in a week
raskeLone 19 days ago
At 16:35 they meant to write "gpg" key instead of "gbg" key.
Apt Albatross
Apt Albatross 19 days ago
here right before 3 million veiws
Chroma 19 days ago
At 3:11 the clock time on the coffee maker says its 10;33. And backwards it’s 3301 🤔
Michael Doyle
Michael Doyle 20 days ago
When they said the key is in front of your eyes what if they meant ur nose?
sliencer beat
sliencer beat 20 days ago
Tor browser isn't still encrypted????
Memo_ki 20 days ago
That book is satanic ask them
I_Like_cheese 20 days ago
The key is your greatest fear. Nothing but failure.
Crypt 20 days ago
im so late to this but science and math had a cover of unit 01
Laden Hogan
Laden Hogan 21 day ago
Did you notice on the cofe maker it said 3301
Flav 21 day ago
Shit if I was a code breaker I would've been obsessed
michael james hoptry
Secretly the camera man is the cicada member.
PotatoMash123 ;D
PotatoMash123 ;D 21 day ago
Notice how in 3:12 the number 1033 is 3301 backwards. *cOiNcEDENCe?* I think not
justin miller
justin miller 21 day ago
I am super drunk but I can not listen to this fuckin Kid What is it Cicada??? Did ya give up? Used to be a challenge...
Randy Keller
Randy Keller 21 day ago
Solves the puzzle just to get this... 👌 Gottem!
Gil Ron
Gil Ron 22 days ago
Could it be possible that the drawings on some of the pages of librus primus mean anything?
mafnpafn mafnpafnster
give this people a problem of stopping worlds pollution, they should crack it in a week or two!
mafnpafn mafnpafnster
the idea of a mastermind in action - big problems are usually solved by many minds not an individual. Even if you look the case of Tesla you can see that he stood on the shoulders of giants, I am not talking only about the people but also about the genius of mother nature itself
mafnpafn mafnpafnster
world is full of unsolvable puzzles which wastes your time which you can use to do something real - a puzzle sentence right here!
aiuio 777
aiuio 777 22 days ago
pause at 3:12 you can find 3301
Exilityz Ex
Exilityz Ex 22 days ago
I ain't even gonna lie I came from tik tok
dank dude
dank dude 21 day ago
Exilityz Ex same
Calvin_ZS 22 days ago
3:11 the time on the coffee maker is 3301 backwards
EscPuny 23 days ago
Who’s here because of bo2 infections by synthwave cicada 3301
faZe TSM_ninja
faZe TSM_ninja 23 days ago
Bruh give it to Lester he would crack it
Kermit The frog
Kermit The frog 23 days ago
What if the answer is 3301
Kiwi Chan
Kiwi Chan 24 days ago
That shit the Minecraft enchantment table language
U_r next2 BVirus
U_r next2 BVirus 24 days ago
Maybe there no point to this ? Maybe its ai gone rouge , it weird that how many rouge ai are out there trying to study us or collect data from us .its Just My own theory of option and understanding of it all.
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