Crab Love - Bad Unboxing Fan Mail

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This time we crack open some regu-boxes. Turns out these boxes are anything but regu. They are baddd boxes. BAD BOYXES.
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Apr 22, 2017




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Comments 100
big boi John Garfield
If it were female but its female...
Eric Bell
Eric Bell 16 hours ago
Speaking of a horror movie I look up I see a water bug please send help
Andrew Day ago
"Watch out for the tick" part got me. He got a little uncomfortable.
Jakes Just very tired
Ohh no a rock went in my window ahah
Stinky Bruh
Stinky Bruh Day ago
the crab is from carolina, which is for animal dissections and lab shit
『 ashlixx 』
i love how he casually vomits while taking this video and after that he acts like nothing happened
NUBLADO 2 days ago
Enrico Levi
Enrico Levi 2 days ago
Who’s watching this in 2020
Modern Crusader
Modern Crusader 3 days ago
my mans puked
Shruti Ruhil
Shruti Ruhil 3 days ago
"I said NO GROSS STUFF," Most unboxing videos: 👁️👄👁️
Your mum Is a fat bitch
Watching this 3 years ago was funny as fuck but now watching I want to kill myself watching this but it’s still kind of funny
No Name No Name
No Name No Name 6 days ago
What is this song at the end?
No Name No Name
No Name No Name 6 days ago
This was pretty wholesome. I love it!
Silky Level
Silky Level 6 days ago
The people who send this shit genuinely have the best imagination
Silky Level
Silky Level 6 days ago
The puffed rice stuff in chocolate is just crispy smallpox.
Team 20
Team 20 6 days ago
Did anyone else notice he spelled extraordinary wrong?
Myst3ry 8 days ago
He gags to the smell of crap but he doesn’t gag when in the stinky sewers
Anonymous _RK
Anonymous _RK 9 days ago
Idubbz is a fucking preserved animal
scrabisimo b
scrabisimo b 15 days ago
😂😂 omg i feel so bad for him.
dead life
dead life 15 days ago
Spiffestant 18 days ago
“Please shout me out my channel name is” Cuts out the name Me: savage
PhatPotato 19 days ago
wait tf was the blue bagel?
Shorties n 4Ds
Shorties n 4Ds 19 days ago
I feel like ian makes these videos when he’s feeling shitty and impulsive
Cam Flynn
Cam Flynn 21 day ago
I've always wondered why he didn't put on the mask while opening the bagel boy
nice hat
epic_memes_XD 21 day ago
"oh cool a crab oh shit its dead o-o"
Ashton Hughes
Ashton Hughes 23 days ago
Wait he has crabs
Xavier B
Xavier B 23 days ago
Jack Talia Steinberg
He’s not
Braydon Dickinson
Braydon Dickinson 23 days ago
1:37 oh no
Stupid 24 days ago
if only he knew how tragicaly irronic him wearing a wask would be
Gannon Shields
Gannon Shields 25 days ago
wE gOT aN eGg COmParTMEnT!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Ludofox 2830
Ludofox 2830 26 days ago
"I smell Corona here"-2017 Ian
Nameless Entity
Nameless Entity 26 days ago
Honestly, the Blue Crab is a cool gift, the socks as well.
dav1d the g0at
dav1d the g0at 26 days ago
They are supposed to be there when we get those same buckets for dissection class at school
LA Swamp Boys
LA Swamp Boys 27 days ago
The crab was a female😂😂😂
kt lawday
kt lawday 28 days ago
Carl Baker
Carl Baker Month ago
Out of curiosity , those cow socks he put on were super cute - are they socks or sock puppets??? I can’t find them anywhere ;-; edit: they’re at 5:30
Jenz Month ago
I swear i come back to theese every now and then and «I lOvE tHe SmElL oF bUlLeTs» always gets me.
Space Animations
He sent a female crab
Michelle Michelle
How can anyone watch how outlandish his content is and yet, his girlfriend having an onlyfans is what made everyone respond to him? 😆
Ravenn Month ago
"I haven't forgotten about my boys!" got me in the heart cuh
H ᴀ ʟ ʟ ᴏ ᴡ
E .... Why u still here.
Nolan Walllace
Nolan Walllace Month ago
What happens to maxmoe fo and his bro’s in 2020 and don’t ask why I’m watching this in 2020
The Lyricist
The Lyricist Month ago
2:50 chicken tikka masala?
RJJackass kids
RJJackass kids Month ago
Gokd to see he had a mask for covid the whole time
Northstarrr Month ago
If idubbbz actually got diagnosed with cancer one day nobody would believe him.
No Month ago
Thanks For the Shoutout iDubbbz!!!!!!!
“Please make more videos with Frank” Little did they know...
Anthony Guevara
Anthony Guevara Month ago
You ain’t nothing but a blood hound =you ain’t nothing but a hound dog
Antonio Yo
Antonio Yo Month ago
I love them African black soap
peoplebro_ 12
peoplebro_ 12 Month ago
The buck is a bagel boy
MagiC Wolf
MagiC Wolf Month ago
2.51 for vomit
Caitlyn McSwain
Caitlyn McSwain Month ago
IDubbbzTV: ''Don't eat the tick keep it a-....a tick? don't eat the tick- fuck off..'' That part killed me xD
dom Month ago
If you skip the intro and close your eyes it sounds like kids in a mental hospital opening their Christmas presents
1:13 you know that you are lonely when you are 25 and angry over spilled bubbles
LilBro Games
LilBro Games Month ago
Yaboi Cambam10
Yaboi Cambam10 Month ago
What was in the cups
Gregorio Galindo
A rotten bagel😂😂
The nugget From kindergarten 12&3
Your fucking stupid
Leonic Space
Leonic Space Month ago
@Gregorio Galindo lol 🙏
Gregorio Galindo
@Leonic Space gimme a high five for that roast 🙏
Leonic Space
Leonic Space Month ago
You wanna know how pathetic you are? That you feel the need to comment on a RUvid video something negative hoping and praying to god that you get some kind of attention since the only attention you get is the belt from your dad and getting bullied sorry man hope you get a better life
Dishonored Prophet
Shut the fuck up
2spooky2play Month ago
Man you don’t even use proper grammar and you are calling him stupid?
Little Boy
Little Boy Month ago
3:38 the journey begins
Amanda Cook
Amanda Cook Month ago
I wish people would send you nice things. Yes. Your series is called bad unboxing. But doesn’t mean to send actually shit. :(
Average- Fern
Average- Fern Month ago
memphis cribbs
memphis cribbs Month ago
lol vomiting to don't open Bagel Inside
BitterJames Month ago
GYRO JAMAL 2 months ago
0:04 hey there, hi there, ho there, you're as welcome as can be. WHO'S THE LEADER OF THE CLUB THAT'S MADE FOR YOU AND ME. Aaaaaaaaa FULL METAL JACKET 💔💔💔💔💔
DoN't KnOw
DoN't KnOw 2 months ago
Fun fact.. that crab is indeed a female...
Cr1ckets 2 months ago
Idk exactly why but him getting a crab just really fucking disturbs me.
mustard puddle
mustard puddle 2 months ago
please give me a shoutout my channel name is- *cuts*
Albin ThaGamer
Albin ThaGamer 2 months ago
For fuck Christ sake. I can watch him say that over and over again that Is such funny thing to say XD :p :d :)
Jonathan Knoll
Jonathan Knoll 2 months ago
First it is a female looking at the time the video was filmed a couple days before it was caught it gave birf and also it is alegal to keep female blue crabs in most states
Dante Raushi Vlogs
Dante Raushi Vlogs 2 months ago
You’ve got grate editing skill
Mr. Smiles
Mr. Smiles 2 months ago
When he joked about the bumps on lil crispys back I just laughed
Christian Memes
Christian Memes 2 months ago
So kids before the great quarantine of 2020 people would use n95 masks for things like things
Watermelon bug
Watermelon bug 2 months ago
State of Wyoming
State of Wyoming 2 months ago
Stop animotion I think it was a shit
Watermelon bug
Watermelon bug 2 months ago
State of Wyoming what’s bagel boy?
State of Wyoming
State of Wyoming 2 months ago
*B A G E L B O Y*
MortZon 2 months ago
Crabs in a bucket
thatoneEMO 2 months ago
that fucking timmy plush is from south park
Luis De la rosa
Luis De la rosa 2 months ago
What's the outro song
52nd Avenue
52nd Avenue 2 months ago
Aiden Wieder
Aiden Wieder 2 months ago
What was in the cups?
52nd Avenue
52nd Avenue 2 months ago
An old bagel.
VITAMEN C 2 months ago
Ian getting mad at his bubble soap getting knocked over is golden
Loop the Loop
Loop the Loop 2 months ago
That’s a female crab
SpookPlayz 2 months ago
his hat says *cum*
Pink-fun The danish boy
I didn’t realize that his hat said CUM
Domenic Cruz
Domenic Cruz 2 months ago
My family when I shit my pants during a 3 hour car drive 2:41
Solitude Guard
Solitude Guard 2 months ago
And there we got a condom with a bunch of rotting cancer inside.
Nicolas Adornetto
Nicolas Adornetto 2 months ago
You can legit just send people a crab in the mail... epic
Eben Gollan
Eben Gollan 2 months ago
2:50 deserves a like and sub rly good shit
p p
p p 2 months ago
Blake Carter
Blake Carter 2 months ago
Cute toes
Liam Britt
Liam Britt 2 months ago
3 years ago and NOBODY in the comments makes a reference to him using the “KABLAM” intro theme song... everyone is scum and it shows HAHA
Matthew Hyatt
Matthew Hyatt 2 months ago
“Don’t eat the tick” 🤣🤣
escape night
escape night 2 months ago
The Protogen
The Protogen 2 months ago
What’s in the red cups I must fkn know
STEV E 2 months ago
Lol that crab was a female
minibuddha tv
minibuddha tv 2 months ago
what was the thing in the red cups?
I post random things
Aiden Poole
Aiden Poole 2 months ago
no u
Andy margallo
Andy margallo 2 months ago
Him: dont send me disgusting things Also him: eats human cake and vomit cake and a cake made out of his own hair
Fishy 2 months ago
Rewatching idubbbz videos and I can't fucking believe he actually threw up
Hadi Al Azzawi
Hadi Al Azzawi 2 months ago
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 2 months ago
You are the fucking simp
Guacamole 69
Guacamole 69 2 months ago
He just fucking puked
It’s wild that three years later this video still has ads on it
Red Sentry
Red Sentry 2 months ago
Videos before the disaste
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