Couples ARGUMENT PRANK On Best Friend (ft. Tayler Holder)

Nate Wyatt
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Aug 7, 2019




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Hannah Caridi
Hannah Caridi 13 hours ago
Yes Taylor 🤟🏽❤️💯but Awh 🥺when he felt bad like no huni
Abrahanna Mieses Barcelo
Blu Ace
Blu Ace 15 hours ago
Tayler: what a pretty bird out the window
reina dava
reina dava 17 hours ago
nate the dad
reina dava
reina dava 17 hours ago
Tayler really went “you can just drop me off the streets i meannn”
reina dava
reina dava 17 hours ago
my cousins are Tayler when they hear one of us gets into an argument
Saquon goat
Saquon goat 18 hours ago
Alyssa Hilterbrand
Alyssa Hilterbrand 20 hours ago
It’s the look he gives him ween he hers that
Brooklyn Grace
Brooklyn Grace 21 hour ago
Omg Taylor confused..
John Lloyd Monleon
Even though im only watching this in my phone, i kinsa feel awkward too just by watching this😂
Willow Turner
You can just see her trying to hold in the laugh
Kristen Vaello
Kristen Vaello 2 days ago
Kauthar Abdullahi
I like the fact how tayler is in the middle
Aarna Manek
Aarna Manek 3 days ago
Haha this is so funny
Sumiya Ragland
Sumiya Ragland 3 days ago
Tayler is a whole mood
Darein Fin
Darein Fin 3 days ago
Poor Tayler 😆😆😆
Gaming with royalty Royaty
Tayler is dumb funny
AJ Castillo
AJ Castillo 4 days ago
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Sunset Gemma
Sunset Gemma 5 days ago
I love how tayler was being chill and then I don’t know what to do in. This situation
Lynn Ke
Lynn Ke 5 days ago
Do couples actually argue like this?
Connie Mae
Connie Mae 6 days ago
Taylor finds it funny it at the begging😹
Stix 7 days ago
Tayler - gEt Me OuT oF tHiS cAr
Maddy_and_josh 7 days ago
Nobody 👁👄👁 Tayler- why can’t we just be friends 👁👄👁
liah as
liah as 7 days ago
When they say its a prank its so awkwardd hahahah
Olivia Martinez 1999
Tayler is legit a kid in the backseat listening to his parents argue.
Olivia Martinez 1999
When he starts singing “why can’t we be friends” I died laughing.
Nicole Manun
Nicole Manun 8 days ago
Poor Tayler he was just tryna do his own thing and jam to music 😂
Pancake 8 days ago
Isabelle Hynes
Isabelle Hynes 8 days ago
This mans said “we learned this in church the other day”😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tracey Smith
Tracey Smith 8 days ago
If it was me I would be recording lol
Riad Mahamud
Riad Mahamud 10 days ago
tatyler be like this bitch talks sm omgg
ashl7570 ashl7570
ashl7570 ashl7570 11 days ago
Tayler seemed pretty into the fight ahah
ashl7570 ashl7570
ashl7570 ashl7570 11 days ago
2020 anyone
Shems Alshimary
Shems Alshimary 12 days ago
in the middle of them arguing I would of said Them arguing Me:can we get McDonald’s
David Ruggles
David Ruggles 12 days ago
Tfyhyy nyjgjyihihy jbyjbyjyjhyyjhy ihjghyyyihh yggjgtyjyyjgyyyyyyj yjhh
Allison Woodward
Allison Woodward 12 days ago
T E 12 days ago
They gonna star in a movie having an argument scene, just watch
Charlotte Geier
Charlotte Geier 12 days ago
Haha Tayler
Chris Allen
Chris Allen 12 days ago
I can relate to Tay's reaction 100% haha
Jenna Smelley
Jenna Smelley 12 days ago
subscribe to jatie vlogs
Mihya Paris
Mihya Paris 13 days ago
I just saw him act in a lifetime movie 😃 “the wrong tutor”
catty cash
catty cash 14 days ago
Mike Peet
Mike Peet 14 days ago
Taylor holders bro code is on point
Rebecca Seegobin
Rebecca Seegobin 14 days ago
Talyer is kid and Nate and his gf is the parents cause the way he is in the back
Jodeci Henriquez
Jodeci Henriquez 15 days ago
Mikaela Guimaraes
Mikaela Guimaraes 15 days ago
Tayler’s facial expressions
Anna Matthews
Anna Matthews 16 days ago
Same here it is not worth it o agree with Taylor
Anna Matthews
Anna Matthews 16 days ago
Taylor holder is in a movie called dirt
Beth York
Beth York 16 days ago
Bro 2019!!?! Wow
S K 18 days ago
nate should honestly become an actor
S K 18 days ago
i love how he started talking about church that was so sweet
S K 18 days ago
10:30 "y'all need therapy" LMAOOO
S K 18 days ago
4:15 when they started smiling haha
S K 18 days ago
when tayler started singing "why can't we be friends" ahaha I'm dead i love him
Francis Sampson
Francis Sampson 18 days ago
Taylor. Bites nails. Why cant we be friends why cant we be friends
PenguinPoker 18 days ago
am i the only one that didnt know tayler had a gf
Serita Edgar
Serita Edgar 19 days ago
"that's not for now"
Skye Paine
Skye Paine 19 days ago
I love how tayler is just vibing in the back to music
Santiago Jaramillo-Vesga
tayler kept saying “me personally”
Santiago Jaramillo-Vesga
he’s such a friends w everyone person
rhama hussien
rhama hussien 19 days ago
Taylor like this is weird /awkward but entertaining? but he mostly looked awkward:0
Shristi Kunwar
Shristi Kunwar 19 days ago
im just gonna- 😂😂😂
Embelleze Itaquera
Embelleze Itaquera 20 days ago
About Taylor...... he's Voice is Shawn Mendes
S K 17 days ago
Embelleze Itaquera yesss
Embelleze Itaquera
Embelleze Itaquera 18 days ago
i just want kayler to be real someday man!!!
S K 18 days ago
Crusty Toes
Crusty Toes 20 days ago
I hate being in situations when people get into trouble 😭😭😭😭😭
Crusty Toes
Crusty Toes 20 days ago
I’m holy 🦂
Salena DeJulio
Salena DeJulio 20 days ago
Nasty Cloakzz
Nasty Cloakzz 21 day ago
Any1 notice Taylor ain’t wearing his seat belt 😂
Jonathan Tenezaca
This was on my recommend
Scythe Sabertooth
Notification gang checkkkkk❤️🤙🏼
Alexis Miranda
Alexis Miranda 21 day ago
Tayler is just vibing in the back while they argue
kenlee wise
kenlee wise 21 day ago
"i didn't want to say anything because like im so respectful" aww 💕
siqns pluto
siqns pluto 22 days ago
Tayler: y’all need therapy. them *YOU JUST GOT PRANKED* lmao
Leïla Gour
Leïla Gour 22 days ago
Tayler i's so cutie
Shaikh Sohail
Shaikh Sohail 22 days ago
They broke up now
Kasmeria Ocean
Kasmeria Ocean 23 days ago
This video is so funny 😭😭😭😭
Weronika Majewska
Weronika Majewska 23 days ago
taylers reactions tho 😂😂
Laylani Maldonado
Laylani Maldonado 23 days ago
Laylani Maldonado
Laylani Maldonado 23 days ago
11_LilRockstar_22 24 days ago
I feel bad for tayler lol 😂
Peter Pryor
Peter Pryor 24 days ago
Maddy M
Maddy M 25 days ago
This was sooooo good 😂👌🏽
Léa Renna
Léa Renna 25 days ago
poor taylor😂
Larimar Guerrra perez
I love your intro
Simone Rees
Simone Rees 25 days ago
when nate shouted "wHoOpTy FrEaKiNg DoO" i cant stop laughing smh
Ashwin Noronha
Ashwin Noronha 26 days ago
Your boy got your back
Raveena Kaur
Raveena Kaur 26 days ago
😂😂 'we learned this in church the other day' ahhh tayler
Tom Birch
Tom Birch 26 days ago
I’ve dieddddd Taylor’s faceeeeee 🤣🤣
Gabriela Lopez
Gabriela Lopez 26 days ago
2:33 Tayler's just a big mood (9:20)
cheryl goulart
cheryl goulart 26 days ago
When tayler said in church today we learned is it really worth it. I started dieing
Lucia P
Lucia P 27 days ago
Woopdie freakin doo😂
eddie doyle
eddie doyle 27 days ago
I couldn’t stop laughing at Taylor 😂😂😂
Lin 27 days ago
Taylor how he is fucking kind and calm and lovely oh goodness I love ur mom Taylor she knew grow u well
jhoyss lorico
jhoyss lorico 27 days ago
Tayler's reactions are so cute! 😍 Nice prank Nate 😂
brianna plays
brianna plays 27 days ago
Tayler: i want to talk but I don’t want to be rude Taylers mind: why tf am I here
Rachel Gudar
Rachel Gudar 27 days ago
This is so funny 😂
Nissi Onafowokan
Nissi Onafowokan 28 days ago
To the person reading this: you’re gorgeous and don’t let anyone bring you down 💗
Nissi Onafowokan
Nissi Onafowokan 28 days ago
To the person reading this: you’re gorgeous and don’t let anyone bring you down 💗
Angelina hk
Angelina hk 28 days ago
Ugh i would hate to be in this Situation😂 i would have probably be jumping out the driving car like a Stuntman😂😂😂😂
Angelina hk
Angelina hk 28 days ago
Taylers reactions have me deeeaaaddd😂
Taya Kellas
Taya Kellas 28 days ago
Tayler reaction at the end lol
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