Could Biden Be Next To Drop Out? l FiveThirtyEight

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Elections analyst Geoffrey Skelley has a hot take about the next 2020 Democratic candidate to drop out as results start pouring in from New Hampshire.

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Comments 80
MajixPlus Day ago
LMAO This is not hot. It was stupid 🤣😆🤣😆
Devon Hesano
Devon Hesano 27 days ago
Henry Boldizsar
Henry Boldizsar 21 day ago
I'm Iron Man
I'm Iron Man Month ago
Elizabeth, Biden, Amy, Tom steyer, Pete needs to all drop out. Make it a race against Bernie and Bloomberg.
I'm Iron Man
I'm Iron Man Month ago
Amy needs to drop out
Ward Kendall
Ward Kendall Month ago
*I'm frankly surprised that Joe Biden hasn't committed suicide yet. What is he waiting for?*
usaca2016 me
usaca2016 me Month ago
Biden's South Carolina is like lil Marco's Florida. Either win there or drop out.
Bert Holden
Bert Holden Month ago
I hope Biden drops out. Every time I see him or hear him speak I want to puke.
David Bresett
David Bresett Month ago
"Joe, you got to drop out for the good of the party. We need to figure something out. Also for people who don't want Bernie Sanders for the nominee for the democratic nominee, Joe you gotta drop out, so we can try to stop Sanders." Five Thirtyeight analyst, actual said that. Spreading right wing and DNC propaganda, instead of simple analysis and reporting facts, we get this shit. WTF dude, go away.
2Words 1Finger
2Words 1Finger Month ago
Duh, impeachment sham is over so Biden is now toxic... BYE JOE 🖕
jod hod
jod hod 19 days ago
Big R
Big R Month ago
That's FUNNY you go straight to biden when that tulsi gabbard bitch and bloomberg are under 1%
dave d
dave d Month ago
When Biden drops out... and the Ukraine investigation INTENSIFIES... how will you spin the investigation as "digging up dirt on a rival" *THEN???*
Average Joe78
Average Joe78 Month ago
Joe is like the weird kid who eats his boogers at school
Gigi Devoe
Gigi Devoe Month ago
All the dem candidates are rather creepy.
Marec Huber
Marec Huber Month ago
Why shouldn't he drop out ! Be great to use the funds towards fixing pot holes on our roads in cities ! Would be money better spent !
Martin Beberman
Martin Beberman Month ago
How tragic for the Republicans. Just like with Hilary they want to pick the candidate they’ll face.
Martin Beberman
Martin Beberman Month ago
Ok. Maybe I meant Edmund Hilary. Lol.
alvallac21 Month ago
Richard Schaefer
Why are the only people that want Biden seem to be minorities? I mean, is the Obama adjacent really that strong of a pull? You guys can't really be that out of touch over there in South Carolina, can you? Like, really? You guys really aren't voting that blind in this election, are you?
BIG A Month ago
He and Warren.
Groundbreak Studios
Biden isnt dropping out until his corporate handlers tell him to.
Rich B
Rich B Month ago
I think Warren will be next. Than Biden, than Amy.
davidp719 Month ago
The Dems took a shot at Donald Trump with that Ukraine business. They missed Trump and they hit Creepy Joe and his whole corrupt family. GOOD JOB DEMS...
Dimitri Nosarev
Dimitri Nosarev Month ago
He should, he is a total loser
Ode to Aphrodite
Biden should have dropped out months ago. Everyone knows Joe would make a terrible president.. It’s a shame how much money he has wasted over the recent months.
hifiresearch74 Month ago
my favorite audio politician now - ruvid.net/video/video-G-eReql7Y_E.html
So Shiny
So Shiny Month ago
Isn't that obvious??
jod hod
jod hod 19 days ago
What was so obvious again?
Will Lopez
Will Lopez Month ago
1:02 “Number 2nd” 😂😂😂
Dr Morcoch
Dr Morcoch Month ago
creep biden's presidential electoral history: 84 = 7th, 88 = 4th, and 08 = 7th. SC will be THE END for this mentally unfit ahole
Domepeace_ltd productions
i doubt it, he's got nothing else going on.
Russ Month ago
Bidens lights have been out for years !
The Mahamushi
The Mahamushi Month ago
Oh no. Say it's not true. Uncle Joe can still get a half dozen to his rallies and he wants to smell your hair.
Alabama Mothman
Alabama Mothman Month ago
Memo to Biden. But, But, But you promised to beat Trump like drum.
Blitz World
Blitz World Month ago
Joe Biden is the only hope the Democrats have 😂😂😂
Toxic Grunt
Toxic Grunt Month ago
I hope Biden stays in. His comments are funny... Trump2020!!!!
Mike Ray
Mike Ray Month ago
Biden and the rest of the democratic leadership ought to leave the country before the Ukraine investigation
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Month ago
"Joe, you don't have to do this". -Barack Obama
leo alex
leo alex Month ago
Joe and Hillary are going to crash the convention and buy up the delegates.
Marec Huber
Marec Huber Month ago
Na, they'd rather use the funds towards their daughters 2 million a year salary as the head of their Clintonian foundation.
Jane D
Jane D Month ago
the ticket will be bloomberg/butthole or bloomberg/hillary. The rest of this is just the warm up show.
SpockMcoy Issmart
Biden will have to drop out at some point. Mainly because he is going to need to defend himself legally. Him and his sleazeball kid are goin' down.........
Frick Matic
Frick Matic Month ago
Doesn't matter what the Dems do. Trump 2020
MURR DOG Month ago
Creepshow Joe Obiden.. no thanks... Simply vote red = remove every Democrat .
Honestly Nate
Honestly Nate Month ago
He should drop. Hes way down. F Biden
Hunter Month ago
One can only dream....
Erbol Bek
Erbol Bek Month ago
Berny Sanders will bring America to Communism, let help him comrades
Leonard Washington
So long Gropin’Joe!
Mac Tonight
Mac Tonight Month ago
If he does bad in S.C. then he will drop out but if he doesn't get 1st in S.C. he needs to drop out..no way forward. If you can't capture the black vote you aren't going to capture anything....
The Hot Box
The Hot Box Month ago
Yup he's a bum 😂
IFilmAlways Month ago
The democratic golden boy is finished.. SC or not.. They have a problem this year...
GRJCLyon Month ago
He’ll drop out so he’s forgotten about and nobody will pay attention to why he’s not being investigated. Watch.
Cagiest Quasar
Cagiest Quasar Month ago
Biden will drop, but not before South Carolina. He's been talking about waiting on it. I also dont want him to. He's holding votes from the oligarch Bloomburg. Klobuchar, Pete, Warren, Gabbard, and Steyer all have no legs left in the race. I think they're holding on for popularity.
Nunsuch Month ago
Joe Biden is propped up by old PAC and corporate money. He’s going nowhere until after South Carolina. After that they will stop giving him money and it’s over.
Mantis 0012
Mantis 0012 Month ago
He should have dropped out a year ago
Ryan Owens
Ryan Owens Month ago
Well see who drops out after the next multiple state primary
Dygby Took
Dygby Took Month ago
Biden is a senile child molester who's campaign is promoting anti-marijuana stances. Neither wing, left or right, unless also a chomo, would vote for this fucking moron.
BOLT-ACTION 94 Month ago
Joe Biden should drop out, a pedophile creep like him should never be president. His crooked ways will catch up to him. I'm glad he's not doing very well.
Yuri Orloff
Yuri Orloff Month ago
Maybe Nate Silver can grace us with some more of his #JewBoyMagic, like the way he called Trump's win in 2016. Oh, wait...
John Hall
John Hall Month ago
Your boss's head will assplode when Sanders drinks his milkshake.
Happy Camper
Happy Camper Month ago
Biden who???
jod hod
jod hod 19 days ago
The Democratic nominee
FordFracture Month ago
I would say yes hes to old and creepy and every time I see him on TV talking I feel like I'm at a Used car lot taking a hard sale in the Ass !
Belle Starr
Belle Starr Month ago
All the Democrat candidates should drop out for a start over...
foresaken to none
Listen??? Do you hear that??? obuma...obuma...where for art thou you OOOOOOBUMAAAAAAA!!! Ole Cameltoe...hearing crickets...course much of the audience has fallen asleep listening to him...those shotgun toting chained wrapped lying horse hustlers!!!
Justanother Oglesby
Lol he really was never in. Keep pretending.
Chadwick Doyle
Chadwick Doyle Month ago
Pervert Joe is out the Dems might as well realize that Bernie the communist is going to face off aginst Trump. Plus, it look like Bloomberg had a chance, but all his dirt is starting to surface. He's way to racist a post 1960 KKK democratic is all he is.
mopthermopther Month ago
Biden drops out. Bloomberg takes his place. That’s the plan.
mopthermopther Month ago
J V no, he’s a Rosie Ruiz
J V Month ago
Has Bloomberg been to any of the debates?
Mantis 0012
Mantis 0012 Month ago
Hadouken Hadouken
If Bidens out, then President Trump automatically wins.
Tanner Cox
Tanner Cox Month ago
Biden and warren need to drop
Tian Lan
Tian Lan Month ago
@Casale Smith Yeah, nearly forgot about him...
Tian Lan
Tian Lan Month ago
@Tanner Cox I thought the Socialist label stamped on Bernie is enough to repel the mass from voting for him... We might be traversing onto an unexpected path maybe?
Casale Smith
Casale Smith Month ago
@Tanner Cox you and me both it's crazy.
Tanner Cox
Tanner Cox Month ago
Casale Smith oh I hope not
Casale Smith
Casale Smith Month ago
@Tanner Cox that's not going to happen it will AOC.
Tokyo Drift
Tokyo Drift Month ago
Biden always kisses little girls always touches them inappropriately. And the retarded sell out parents vote for him. Wake up straight people! Trump 2020!
John Baker
John Baker Month ago
Soon as he does I hope he’s arrested
icondonnied Month ago
Who is 538 in the recommended RUvid list? Why am I getitng more recommendations for them than conservative news sources? Because they are an internet business venture of ABC News...
Forrest 850
Forrest 850 Month ago
I got a hot take, how about y'all all kill yourselves.
Amellia Mendel
Amellia Mendel Month ago
He'll never go away, like Hillary
alvallac21 Month ago
Jim Samaras
Jim Samaras Month ago
Why waste all this money? Trump in a landslide!!!!!!
Tina Gregoire
Tina Gregoire Month ago
OMG, not this voting crap again. It’s like watching a bunch of ballerinas with their toe shoes untied. It’s painful, painfully embarrassing, and meaningless. Nothing changes. Carter, Reagan, Nixon, tell me any election that resulted in actual change. * I’ll wait ... Polls are BS. Politicians are actors. Newsreaders are constantly struggling to make polls and polling interesting because the public is sick and tired of all of this crap. * The only people whose lives are affected by the outcome of any vote are the politicians themselves. I want nothing to do with voting. And, now, we are stuck with candidates and conventions again for the rest of this blasted year.
Boss Hogg
Boss Hogg Month ago
If Biden drop out trump will beat anyone else...
keepitclean Month ago
I got all my money on Beto. Go Beto go!
B K Month ago
If your a dem running in the campaign just pack it up the decisions been made already. There's no stopping Trump in 2020.
alvallac21 Month ago
*you're (contraction of "YOU aRE") "Your" is for possession.
Lle147 Month ago
Elections are always unpredictable. Never underestimate your opponent.
B V Month ago
MegaSlowe Month ago
These Democrats all suck. They're all losers, and would all ruin the country even more than Obama. Trump 2020!
November Reign
November Reign Month ago
Nate Silver is gay and his business is wrong quite a lot .
Philip Quinn
Philip Quinn Month ago
dems in meltdown mode, lol
Mia R.
Mia R. Month ago
Philip Quinn Ah yes, in contrast to the party that.......*checks notes* believes a rotund septuagenarian on his third wife is literally the Second Coming. Right.
keepitclean Month ago
@Philip Quinn Obviously not
Philip Quinn
Philip Quinn Month ago
keepitclean , sane people left the Democratic party a long long time ago
keepitclean Month ago
In your alternate reality maybe
Beau Arroyo
Beau Arroyo Month ago
turns out it was yang!!! doesn't matter anyway, democrats cant run anything much more a country
GoodAvatar Month ago
God, I hope so!!!!! Biden doesn't belong in modern politics any more than Trump does!!
MrFantocan Month ago
Mantis 0012
Mantis 0012 Month ago
#Trump2020LandslideVictory Socialism in America dies in 2020
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