Could Batman Solve The Kira Case? - Death Note

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In this video, we go over the entirety of Death Note lore and compare Light Yagami / L to Batman. Could Batman solve the case and catch Kira or would Light figure him out first? Is he smarter than L or would he fall short?
(Includes lore and information from the Death Note Manga, Death Note: How To Read, The BB Investigation Novel, L: Change the World, and various Batman iterations in the form of Rebirth Batman)
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Jul 16, 2019




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SethTheProgrammer 4 months ago
Should I make another video on Batman or even L in the future? Let me know. Q&A (Read More) Q. What about Rem? A. This is in reference to the "Post-L" scenario I gave, and Rem fades away after dealing with L so Rem wouldn't be around to do anything, and I already explained that the first situation would have to end too quickly in either Batman or Light's favor for Rem or Misa to even appear. So in no situation would Rem ever be involved in Batman VS Kira. Q. You said Rebirth Batman, so why are you bringing up other Batman variations? A. The events of Convergence merged the Golden Age, Silver Age, Post Crisis and New 52 characters together into a single iteration that we call "Rebirth." This is why rebirth characters remember Rainbow Batman even though that happened way back in the Golden Age or how the current Superman knows about events that only Post Crisis experienced.
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Day ago
Make a video about l figuring out who's zero before dieing...
Katsujin7289 13 days ago
I would have preferred a Light Yagami vs Lelouche Vi Brittainia video.
desert ranger
desert ranger 13 days ago
Batman vs Madara
Lucian Polk
Lucian Polk 14 days ago
Sherlock Holmes?
Alex ADHS 15 days ago
Spiderman is also ultra intelligent. And also ultra Strong. I would like to see you compare Spiderman with for example Batman.
Edwin Sanchez
Comic book Batman yes
Ibrahim Iddrisu
He is too fast so let's run away Stop and think about what you just sayed
Donald Jack
Donald Jack Day ago
Honestly batman could probably do it in 24 hours.
wrath Day ago
I think batman would easily conclude that Kira would need a name and face discovering what region he is in is also possible if he follows the pattern of heart attacks back to when light first used the death note. It wouldnt take batman long to figure out that kira has connections to police information and is also a student because of the times he would kill he would start investigating who has connections to the police/follow false leads of hackers who might have it as well. It would take batman probably a week or less to go to each person's house and search each corner for something and lights little desk trap batman would probabl get by. But heres why batman would really win imo cause he's above the law theres nothing stopping him from going to lights house and breaking his arm just to see if he breaks and confesses. Light played a cat and mouse game with L with batman its something else the only way i see light winning is batman falling for lights desk trap which is possible he dose fuck up sometimes or light knows batman is a threat and starts searching for batmans identity. How would he do that? No clue but the odds imo are in bats favor. Maybe light can connect batman showing up to Gotham to bruce since they showed up at the same time in fact its possible light can discovers bruce is batman since light himself is in hiding and understands bruce needs to do things in public to appear normal. Just like light has too light might be able to conclude someone like batman needs money for the things he dose. What do u guys think?
Sirellyn Y
Sirellyn Y Day ago
Short answer: Yes. ...Unless someone faked surgery and brainwashed Dick Grayson. Then he's hopeless.
Govato #
Govato # 2 days ago
Lights IQ must be 310
mohamed almisk
mohamed almisk 2 days ago
No one noooooo one can replace L
Mr Monstah
Mr Monstah 2 days ago
Easy, because he's Batman
Steve Finesse
Steve Finesse 3 days ago
Can you do How Light could have won and what he did wrong to begin with
Warren G
Warren G 4 days ago
What anime with Batman best fit in?
Pablo Infante
Pablo Infante 4 days ago
Dude, you said that Batman would need proof, in real life Batman would die, and no he wouldn't have enough evidence to catch Kira, just like L knew he was Kira but didn't have evidence.
xero infinity
xero infinity 4 days ago
can zero stand against kira?
Kevin Production
Kevin Production 4 days ago
It’s simple for Batman to win get plastic surgery easy
Dolphin chad
Dolphin chad 4 days ago
What if light wrote Jeffrey Epstein’s name in the note
The Celtic Bros.
The Celtic Bros. 4 days ago
FC Vitosha Sofia
FC Vitosha Sofia 5 days ago
In real life if you have death note police will never catch you xd
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus
Of he can, HE'S THE GODDAMN BATMAN! Batman has gone against literal gods and has came out on top. Some teenage boy with a god complex and a fancy notebook would be child's play for Bruce. Batman would solve the Kira case within a week and that's being generous to Light if we're being honest.
Carlos Zamora
Carlos Zamora 5 days ago
I think you did great research of batman`s feats/prowesses. But i didn't see many of his failures, and who/what/why they might happened. Also, Ryuk could tell Light of a "costumed" guy who is stalking him then kill Bruce Wayne just to scratch the best guess.
Toby Toby
Toby Toby 6 days ago
who else are reading the comments in batman voice
VII III 6 days ago
dont think Batman sensing J'onns invisibility is equal to Ryuks
VII III 4 days ago
@Darth Pancake Studios He never was placed in a position where we could be placed in that position
Darth Pancake Studios
I mean, does Ryuk need to breathe?
noone 7 days ago
make more batman stuff!
Metroid Hatcher
Metroid Hatcher 7 days ago
Cannot be hypnotized against your will
7 days ago
Batman would win but I think you are underetsimating Lights intellect by far
ZonTheDon 7 days ago
Damn right, and with less sacrifices to get the job done too. Once Batman got what he needed, he would blitz the shit out of Light Yagami. And the only way he could lose is if Light makes a preemptive strike on Bruce Wayne himself. Since it's way easier to kill Bruce Wayne than L himself, with the Death Note.
Daniel Ridore
Daniel Ridore 8 days ago
If light beat L then he’d beat Batman.
Daniel Ridore
Daniel Ridore 5 days ago
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus lol I’m not going to argue about cartoons, you think what you think and I’ll think what I think
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus
@Daniel Ridore Batman is superior to L in pretty much every way.
ZonTheDon 7 days ago
Sylvia Mogie
Sylvia Mogie 9 days ago
Nice fanfic :')
Maple Tree
Maple Tree 9 days ago
Good video, my one thought on it is how cautious Light was. If he knew there was a super genius detective out there, which come on if anyone like batman existed everyone would know, I think he would aim to take him out first. Light didn't play around with anything he considered a potential threat
Kyler Hamilton
Kyler Hamilton 10 days ago
Love your videos Seth. Especially this one super unique topic🔥
Drsoe08 10 days ago
Please do a Midnighter vs Batman vid
Smellslikecatpoo 10 days ago
*sigh* This is what it's always like when western superheroes are involved in anything outside of their own world. Too busted to even be worth thinking about, of course Batman can solve the case, he can tell everything about you and what your blood pressure is and what you ate for lunch by sensing your hearbeat vibrations from 100ft away. You know, my OC that I just thought of right now can solve the case too, because he can do anything. That's what it feels like to listen to stuff like this. Good video premise though, I like mysteries.
abcd 58152
abcd 58152 10 days ago
Batman is too dumb for Death note other than screaming I'm Batman
BRIAN LOPEZ 11 days ago
All he needs is 3 min and he is done. This man never removes his mask. And if he solves ridlers puzzles then this is nothing
KANAKAM RONIT 11 days ago
Could Conan solve Kira case
ahsan raza
ahsan raza 11 days ago
So basically batman is not really human!!
ÆDaedran Æ
ÆDaedran Æ 11 days ago
honestly just call rick and morty the 50 year old guy can build a ufo out of garage things
Weednamese Uber
Weednamese Uber 12 days ago
5 ads...bye
Circa 5 days ago
ÆDaedran Æ
ÆDaedran Æ 12 days ago
all batman needs to do is go to light's house since like you said, he IS credited for no sounds escaping him and it would be pretty hard to not hear someone screaming in the room about being god and writing names while eating potato chips
Pacs 12 days ago
L did have some emotion when Misa mentioned Shinigami in the TV recording!
KirbZ 7 days ago
He faked that shit. He's an A1 sociopath.
Greater Grievobeast 55
If batman couldn’t do it detective chimp definitely could!
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