Could Batman Solve The Kira Case? - Death Note

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In this video, we go over the entirety of Death Note lore and compare Light Yagami / L to Batman. Could Batman solve the case and catch Kira or would Light figure him out first? Is he smarter than L or would he fall short?
(Includes lore and information from the Death Note Manga, Death Note: How To Read, The BB Investigation Novel, L: Change the World, and various Batman iterations in the form of Rebirth Batman)
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Jul 16, 2019

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Should I make another video on Batman or even L in the future? Let me know. Q&A (Read More) Q. What about Rem? A. This is in reference to the "Post-L" scenario I gave, and Rem fades away after dealing with L so Rem wouldn't be around to do anything, and I already explained that the first situation would have to end too quickly in either Batman or Light's favor for Rem or Misa to even appear. So in no situation would Rem ever be involved in Batman VS Kira. Q. You said Rebirth Batman, so why are you bringing up other Batman variations? A. The events of Convergence merged the Golden Age, Silver Age, Post Crisis and New 52 characters together into a single iteration that we call "Rebirth." This is why rebirth characters remember Rainbow Batman even though that happened way back in the Golden Age or how the current Superman knows about events that only Post Crisis experienced.
Omar Me
Omar Me 2 days ago
Naruto vs meliodas
Raul Perez
Raul Perez 2 days ago
Its me DIOO!!
Its me DIOO!! 3 days ago
Earth is flat. You cant be as logical as you are and not know this.
War Hut
War Hut 8 days ago
Hey seth great video a very interesting one that is Is it possible to powerscale Silent hill and the lore behind it I thought that would be okey Just my idea though I cant wait for you have next
Jeremy Conaway
Jeremy Conaway 8 days ago
Lets do this 4 another vid, whos better, light yagamy/kira or thanos (2 peeps doing good things in a bad way)
Владислав Шаклеин
...oh Batman could just smack him yelling 'WHERE IS THE DEATH NOTE?!". That works too.
FTW SLiCK 4 hours ago
Debunk Ben 10 vs green lantern
Is this a Bonfire?
Is this a Bonfire? 5 hours ago
I am not sure if you are a fantasy fan or even a Tolkien fan, but I would love to see what your views are on say Gandalf (be he Gray or White) vs Albus Dumbledore. I mean I think it would be Gandalf (since he is basically a low-ranking God in the hierarchy of Tolkien's Middle Earth), but Dumbledore is pretty powerful and extraordinarily knowledgeable for a mortal, along with the fact that Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald, who had the Elder Wand, in a 3-hour duel.
Prizmer R
Prizmer R 5 hours ago
Everybody talking bout goku vs goku can we talk about GER girono vs mui goku
Darth Knight
Darth Knight 8 hours ago
Because he is the goddamn BATMAN!!!
Jonathan Andrade
Jonathan Andrade 8 hours ago
dc characters are all so powerful that they boring tbh
Armaan Khan
Armaan Khan 8 hours ago
Batman would never make his stand again kira publiic and if batman existed then Kira would have idolized him so until up the last moment Kira wouldn't try to kill batman or find his identity
soboro76 11 hours ago
All these feats only go to show that batman is superhuman. There is nothing human about his abilities.
Stewnasty _
Stewnasty _ 12 hours ago
I’d like to see a power scale or at least a video about Yusuke urameshi .
Alvin Hatza Soesedyono
Well about that, in the event of "Darkseid War" Batman gains immense/indestructible Knowledge through The Mobius Chair (Metron's Chair) and becomes All Knowing AKA "Omniscience", giving him the title The God of Knowledge. For example, Batman in many modern interpretations is so Crazy-Prepared that he occasionally falls into this category. (The man has backup plans for the contingency plans of his backup plans!) And many enemies always never get a backup plans. Well Batman's intelligence is the match with Lex Luthor, as Luthor in order to defeat Darkseid passed through the source wall gaining immense knowledge and universal secrets including the Anti-Life Equation. For Brainiac destroys worlds collecting and gaining all of their knowledge, With this knowledge he upgrades and evolves. His ultimate goal is to gain all knowledge by collecting all of existence. Downplayed with Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen. He's not exactly omniscient, but knows everything that ever happened or will happen to himself personally. Until a tachyon swarm disrupts his ability to see the future. He's overjoyed when he realizes that he doesn't know what's going to happen next. As Trigon's Mind "What you fail to understand is that Trigon is all-seeing. His mind can be at any place, at any time". From Regular Show, Skips is the immortal yeti Mordecai and Rigby always looks for when they have troubles. Due to his longevity and experiences of life, his omniscience always gets the job done, except for a few situations such as solving Error 219 in the computer and stopping Pops' sugar rush by eating more sugar. Well all DC & Marvel characters finally got or does have Omniscience, so they solved The Death Note.
TheHunter 1330
TheHunter 1330 22 hours ago
Huh. I already knew Light Yagami was Kira when he picked up the death note at Episode I
The love the idea of Batman seeing Ryuk. Batman has faced off beings far more powerful than Ryuk, so seeing the shinigami react to this human glaring daggers at him would be priceless "I fear no man... But that... Bat, scares me"
wightboi22 Day ago
all this video proved is that batman is way too overpowered
Kono Giorno Giovanna Yume Ga Aru
I thought it was a Kira Yoshikage
Alex Fernandez
Could you make a video about naruto vs Luffy
KayOz Day ago
Light Yagami will never know Batman’s name and 2. Even if he did he also needs to know his face.
Yoshikage Kira
No, he couldn’t find me
That Kingdom Hearts Guy
This got me into Death Note thanks
Crimshit Day ago
the heck happened to your discord lmao
Crimshit Day ago
@雲隠れの支柱雷纏う神速の体術 I mean yeah his old one got nuked, everyone had admin, it wasn't good
You have to be a member to join his discord
rumi waldman
rumi waldman Day ago
at the start, you say that you'd use only the batman from rebirth and later. you used all of Batman's past stories at the end, it is not like I don't think Batman would win. but you should notice it.
John Wick
John Wick Day ago
Didn't know Batman was just as Bullshit as Superman. Love the Bat more then ever
animagi 2 days ago
moral of the story: never mess with a genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist with dead parents
elio shehaj
elio shehaj 2 days ago
hiruzen vs danzo
Omar Me
Omar Me 2 days ago
Naruto vs meliodas
Omar Me
Omar Me 2 days ago
Omar Me
Omar Me 2 days ago
@SethTheProgrammer PLEASAsEeEeEEeEEee do a Naruto vs Melliodas
Omar Me
Omar Me 2 days ago
Naruto vs Meliodas
Omar Me
Omar Me 2 days ago
Naruto bs meliodas
Omar Me
Omar Me 2 days ago
Naruto vs meliodas (plz see this)
Defiantnight 2 days ago
Who would win? A superhero or some japanese kid?
Maria Smith
Maria Smith 2 days ago
I could have solved it. First of all, why didn't L check Lights credit card history and know he purchased a mini tv? Why would they put cameras in his house instead of listening devices like normal? He should have been caught right after the stupif potato chip stunt. After all, people normally do not put their heads inside potato chip bags. They reach in without looking normally.,
1Invinc 2 days ago
Ya know what would be a freakin amazing scene? Light actually figures out Batman is Bruce Wayne. He writes Bruce Wayne's name into the Death Note... But Bruce doesn't die. Because Bruce's true name isn't Bruce Wayne. It's Batman.
Omar Me
Omar Me 2 days ago
1Invinc true
Com Mikel
Com Mikel 2 days ago
@Seththeprogrammer would you do a power scaling video on Sheild Hero? I see alot of people who clearly have never read the web novel or the light novel downplaying him anyway keep up the good work.
U-R-A-^2 2 days ago
Reupload the video of you taking on the comment section of the broly video
Dakota Bice
Dakota Bice 2 days ago
Light:How?! How could you possibly know?!? Batman:BECAUSE IM BATMAN
Иво Р.
Иво Р. 2 days ago
Hello Set a friend of mine and I ceep arguing about Giorno Govana and GER from Jjba vs Goku and I think that Goku bodies him even through the hax and its a win for Goku or infinity draw because of GER's passive ability.
setite 2 days ago
I had high holes for this but was disappointed in the exact way I expected. You mentioned all the nonsensical ways that Batman is smarter than is logical so of course he'd beat light. The problem is that comic books always overdo how powerful their heroes are which is why Batman is too smart to be possible. So it's like comparing apples to martian watermelons. It's the problemw tih each hero getting their own comic instead of actually existing in a world where the power scales have to be relative to each other. He can be smarter than a being that is beyond human comprehension because the author doesn't have to worry about the predicament this creates for other comics in the same universe.
Hey Seth I'm making my own dbs power levels.. I just want Your opinion in how strong goku and vegeta got from buu arc to Bog ark.. Thanks...
Bubb 2 days ago
damn I didn't know that Light was 7'4
Killer Dog
Killer Dog 2 days ago
Daredevil can be a good match as well
Cody Dahmes
Cody Dahmes 2 days ago
Great video man, very well done
David Belle
David Belle 2 days ago
Clamantstone 2 days ago
Seth What happened to the garou vs boros video???
Seth C
Seth C 2 days ago
the real answer - hell no. YW
Goat X Fries
Goat X Fries 3 days ago
In your opinion who is the best of the legendary three sannin
Baba Day ago
By my guess it's probably orochimaru. Although Jirya might contend thanks to how absurdly good his toad pals are.
Narumaki66 3 days ago
People forget that Batman is pure fiction whereas Light is realistic. Its like comparing Ippo to Goku.
Chris East
Chris East Day ago
Umh.. sure, at least a more grounded unrelatable young super genius multi-talent lady-killer.
hell's monster
hell's monster 3 days ago
Seth do a sasuke vs past hokage(not including Naruto)
Michael Olawoye
Michael Olawoye 3 days ago
Lelouch vs Light would be sooo good
Mk Ruiz V
Mk Ruiz V 3 days ago
You lost me at . "batman could detect Shinigami"
Bob Ross
Bob Ross Day ago
He probably could.
Aptom7747 3 days ago
batman will die if you wright his name in the deathnote doe
Spine Keeper
Spine Keeper 3 days ago
Wasn't it put on display that people thought Batman was Bruce multiple times but he was able to clear his name? I'd wager that Light would just say...........FUCK IT and give it a try and see if killing Bruce Wayne would make Batman disappear
chase trowell
chase trowell 3 days ago
We wouldn't need Batman Reddit would have this s*** solved in a week
Władca Wymiaru
Władca Wymiaru 3 days ago
Death Note cares only about a name given you by mother? Or only in documents? Can Death Note kill the orphan? P.S. Batman has no chance to find Light/Kira. Why? Because there is no evidence or material traces. "Magiciall sniper" will be impossible to find...
roger smith
roger smith 3 days ago
Could you do Kakashi vs Orochimaru video depicting if current Kakashi could beat current Orochimaru?
Rayyan El-Nafaty
Rayyan El-Nafaty 3 days ago
I thought this would be an analysis of how batman would catch Kira. Not this horseshit
MrOrmanley 3 days ago
Batman: - makes a mask of a japanese middle aged man - creates fake japanese identity - flies to japan to investigate - narrows down suspects *upon meeting Light Yagami* Batman: Hey, Ryuk been a while, hasn't it? Ryuk: *whispers to Light* You're screwed Batman: I heard that Ryuk: *dogeza* Spare this unworthy insect that is me, sensei! Light: Who are you? How can you see him? Batman: *BECAUSE IM BATMAN!* Light: What?! Batman: ...YOU NEVER PLAYED TUBER SIMULATOR?! *punches face*
Władca Wymiaru
Władca Wymiaru 3 days ago
Misa: Batman you are dead! Nyaaaaa! Bruce: What a cringy girlfriend, don't you think Light? *DEAD* Misa: 40 seconds you bastards XD
Lovable Cock
Lovable Cock 3 days ago
22:35 =hits his sub against the Screen= ,,My Sandwich!!!"
Lovable Cock
Lovable Cock 3 days ago
Batman tracks down Kira. Kira kills Batman. Robin steps up to get Kira. Kira fails killing Robin and gets his Name written down in the Death Note.
Władca Wymiaru
Władca Wymiaru 3 days ago
Then Misa kills Robin...poor bird XD
Storm Rhode
Storm Rhode 3 days ago
This is a great scenario and there's some good analysis, but one common issue with fans is that they take they peak of every iteration and form the paragon example of a character, completely ignoring any failings or shortcomings of the character. Batman has been felled by the likes of Scarecrow and The Mad Hatter and has struggled against Poison Ivy and countless others. I feel that this supposed version of Batman would have absolutely no issue with any of his canonical foes. Also, I'm pretty sure Batman can't speak Japanese. Though I'm not completely certain.
SkibJwib 3 days ago
Nothing escapes Batman!!! I love this type of vs. battle great job!!!
Izzy Rivera
Izzy Rivera 3 days ago
Always was tempted to watch Death Note and after this video I have successfully watched and finished it and was certainly not disappointed, one of my favorite anime now
Matthew Butler
Matthew Butler 3 days ago
Considering that Bruce Wayne had connections to crime syndicates through his family and family owned business, he would've been dead already.
Since batman still comes from Gotham in which case that would be obvious to Light and Light could just list off everyone from Gotham, don't need to even figure out who he is. Problem solved
DanEd Studio
DanEd Studio 3 days ago
Could Sherlock Holmes solve the Kira case?
Dalton boyer
Dalton boyer 3 days ago
Yes batman could win but the one move light has you for gotten is he can give up the deathnote at any time so even if batman did find out who Kira was light would probably say I give up the deathnote and ryke take the deathnote back and keeps it that's how light wins so no proof to hold light in jail and he's free and he forgot what he did so batman would believe since he is not ling to him in his mind
Just Be Respectful.
All I hear is "aren't you glad Death Note was a manga and not an American super hero comic?"
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus
@Baba I kind of see where you're coming from, but the thing is superheroes are supposed to be well, super. The whole point of superheroes is that they can do things that no one else can. So when DC calls Batman the world's greatest detective, they really mean it. Do American superheroes like Batman and Superman have some insane feats? Yes, but hey that's what makes them superheroes. Also it's not like Japanese anime/manga characters don't have insane feats too. I didn't see anime fans complaining when Goku almost destroyed the Universe with 3 punches, or when he shook a void of infinite nothingness.
Baba Day ago
Depends on the American superhero comic in particular. Marvel and DC(especially DC) can be a bit overzealous with things. Often their best stories are those that keep things grounded and focused like the killing joke or all-star superman. Keeping things in the realm of fantasy while also avoiding the ridiculous convolution of feats. Not to mention indie comics do the same as well.
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus
+Just Be Respectful. Why? What's wrong with American superhero comics? LOL
LodanSD 3 days ago
However if Gotham exists in that world, what about The Riddler?
Władca Wymiaru
Władca Wymiaru 3 days ago
Light would ask him "Which United Stades river missed the toilet?" XDD
Coolio Ash
Coolio Ash 4 days ago
seeing people talking about how dc characters would kick the ass of pretty much every character in other fictional canons is one of my fav past times
Adam Di'Cristofaro
now the real question is how fast would detective chimp solve this case .
Coolio Ash
Coolio Ash 4 days ago
honestly the hardest part of this one would be keeping his identity secret
CrimsonNerd 4 days ago
The world’s greatest detective, the Dark Knight and Angel of vengeance Vs. some random-ass Japanese kid.
Trunks 4 days ago
Infamous Panik
Infamous Panik 4 days ago
Remember guys, Batman has a plan for everyting, even for when he doesnt have a plan.
LK56835 4 days ago
he's BATMAN, so yes he can!
kamo greenYT13
kamo greenYT13 4 days ago
Can you do a power scale on kirby or other characters in the kirby series
Tyler Carrillo
Tyler Carrillo 4 days ago
Please do something on black clover
André Ramos
André Ramos 4 days ago
comics are a completly diferent world... normally each hero is reaaaally op in their universes, its simply not fair
Carni Coni
Carni Coni 4 days ago
S A H L 4 days ago
Seth, do a Saitama vs Arale video. Please.
Kidd Tony
Kidd Tony 4 days ago
Could Detective Conan solve the Kira case?
Degrees 4 days ago
A crossover I have never thought about but desperately wants.
Saitam a
Saitam a 4 days ago
This was made on my birthday
TheJjcczz 4 days ago
Of course he could he’s Batman also I’d just like to point out neither of them are 7ft tall
BellowD Gaming
BellowD Gaming 4 days ago
Batman knew where Clark Kent lived because he took all the sonic booms Superman left in Metropolis and a couple of areas of a local district apartment and the Daily Planet those sonic booms stop most of the time. Batman can trace Light in no time and grab him punch him and say WHERE'S THE DEATH NOTE?!
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