Cosplay Costumes That Are on a Really Insane Level

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What do you think of cosplay? Some people think it's a waste of time and believe that enthusiasts who spend a lot of money on costumes are not mature enough. Meanwhile, in recent years, cosplay has ceased to be a hobby exclusive to geeks.
Well, the costumes they create are so cool they could compete with those from any movie, cartoon or video game. You've probably seen images of these cosplayers on the Internet. Today we want to talk about these really amazing costumes whose creators did go the extra mile. These people and their unreal creations are definitely on another level. Let's see the results of the work of these cosplayers.

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Jun 2, 2019

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Comments 548
BobaFettyWop 9 hours ago
2:02 my boy that's megaman and metroid, not that hard to figure out
GuitarBill13 13 hours ago
Male cosplayers: fantastic costumes near reality resemblance Female cosplayers: big boobs seems legit
elma cubacub
elma cubacub 17 hours ago
What the flip that is cool super
Chris Cannon
Chris Cannon 17 hours ago
Proof that you don't need CGI for the Heroes in every scene when they're not having a large scale fight.
Jeff Scroggins
Jeff Scroggins 21 hour ago
Nope the stilt spirits are based on creatures in THE DARK CRYSTAL
Vitor Rosa
Vitor Rosa Day ago
Pretty sure i saw the stilts spirits in mad max
Jonathon Hendrie
That blue wires super hero at the start with a wasp thing is called the tuck
Stephen MacMaster
Hey tell that dude Wayne that did that iron Man suit he could order a couple of 64 mm EDF rocket motors and put them in his backpack and put one on the back of each leg and put a smaller 12 mm on the hand I think that would be the s***
Cryolophosaurus ellioti
3:56 Holy shit it’s the T.rex Zord!
Alpha Books
Alpha Books 2 days ago
2:48 Yoooo it's Volton!
Jinga King
Jinga King 2 days ago
Invisible man was behind the shirt
There 4 You
There 4 You 2 days ago
I wanted to be Denki Kaminari dress up as John wick.
な6IXLXRD 2 days ago
1:57 It was only for a second, but I saw my boy Kaneki.
Retro Bro
Retro Bro 2 days ago
I’m gonna ignore the fact that he called 16 bit sprites 8 bit
Artsy Omni
Artsy Omni Day ago
and the fact that he said they're from the 80s.
Melody Lonebear
Melody Lonebear 3 days ago
The joker in the beginning is my son!!!
Nurcan Agar
Nurcan Agar 2 days ago
Auditorツ 3 days ago
On the way to make Madness Hank J. Wimbleton from Cheshyre: Madness 7 song by NGPortal. Go search "Madness 7" and you'll find it (it 7 years ago
XRONO Gaming w/a
XRONO Gaming w/a 4 days ago
Five. Mid roll. Ads. Really?
Yoga Kurniawan
Yoga Kurniawan 4 days ago
A noob Beast!
RR Pandan Animation
I cant find Minecraft and roblox
Ryne Agheilim
Ryne Agheilim 4 days ago
Where's colinfurze? XD
Legend107 Gaming
Legend107 Gaming 5 days ago
5:39 = popularmmos vibes
MaskedGoat 5 days ago
Nobody: Foreal nobody: #Mind warehouse: HElLoRR eVErYBoDY
jellybean 1357
jellybean 1357 6 days ago
Can you PLEASE start saying how tall and fast things are american wise?
23bobjr 6 days ago
"Cosplay festivals" Yeah you need a new narrator
Blast Maxed
Blast Maxed 6 days ago
Cosplayers are very good are costume design. If you ever get a change to goto one of their big events in a major city, do it. It's not something Im into, but it was very cool to have goon and seen these costumes. Very impressive and talented group of people.
Ryan Ness
Ryan Ness 6 days ago
Still think terry cruise should have been doomfist.
Lost_God 4 days ago
Hannah 7 days ago
I once met an lifesized gotg 1 groot, his costume was awesome, and there were soooo much details! I asked him how he did it, and he just looked at me and said: ‘you don’t want to know.’ I really respect these people for creating such beautiful cosplays.
Fedai Rustamzade
Fedai Rustamzade 4 days ago
You also look like you just did cosplay of a beautiful girl. You know what i mean :)
Hannah 5 days ago
His mask was already off haha, he was taking a break outside of the con, but Yes, totally agree😂
Rodney Tuckerman
Rodney Tuckerman 5 days ago
See now a true cosplayer would have answered your question with "I am groot"
Matthew Stratton
Matthew Stratton 7 days ago
Fucken weebs
Sharon  Pinel
Sharon Pinel 7 days ago
OMG LUCIFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rodney Tuckerman
Rodney Tuckerman 7 days ago
Stilt spirits = same design as Landstriders from 'The Dark Crystal' by Jim Henson
graham farr
graham farr 4 days ago
was going to say that as soon as i saw them. netflix are remaking the dark crystal into a series
Mrmoose 123
Mrmoose 123 7 days ago
Spider man 😁🕷🕸
Mortem Zequax
Mortem Zequax 7 days ago
wow a Add every 2 minuets damm
phoenixfirex 8 days ago
3000 Dollars... 3000 Dollars... That's 20,000 in my country's currency...
Swag Kotaro
Swag Kotaro 8 days ago
i just found an anime cosplay from BNHA in this video 1:38 pause that
triplebackspace 8 days ago
The stilt costume looks more inspired by the Dark Crystal , than by Myuzaki.
Justin Eual
Justin Eual 2 days ago
Finally someone said what I was about to in the comment section as first thing came to my mind at 10:00 was Dark Crystal =).
Manianez 8 days ago
#Mind Warehouse if you do something do it profesional, and do research further to the past than back to youre birthday date, 9:28 costumes look like Myiazaki's work in maybe 20% the rest, same with "mechanicks" of that costumes are obviously based of Landstriders from "The Dark Crystal" movie from 1982 directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz
Chance Vasquez
Chance Vasquez 8 days ago
For the stranger things monster did he get the sound of it to cause if not he can call me to do it. I can make the sound from my mouth ive been able to since the age of 8
i make art
i make art 8 days ago
My favourite is the demogorgan
Jonas Gaming
Jonas Gaming 9 days ago
8:31 ItS tHe MoNsTeR fRoM fOrTnItE
xNc PlsNoRage
xNc PlsNoRage 9 days ago
Mentale Zuflucht wie gehts
Josh Roberts
Josh Roberts 9 days ago
7:44 Yes!
jus.drake gg
jus.drake gg 9 days ago
Movie @ 9:45 seen as a kid can anyone help
jus.drake gg
jus.drake gg 8 days ago
Jelle Kruize spirited away
Jelle Kruize
Jelle Kruize 9 days ago
I wanna know it as well
Cyclone Dystress
Cyclone Dystress 9 days ago
GLAD you included kamui 👏👏👏
Cyclone Dystress
Cyclone Dystress 9 days ago
Damn. Sad wish I was one there
IM AVISHAE 9 days ago
I cosplayed to be a bomb a real bomb
Justin Warren
Justin Warren 10 days ago
Very cool
LTOLGAMING93 lol 10 days ago
Juevsbk8sg3jv8ahtnowycyqk4fzing8 kurvg FICO 3b8 haki. du bud H7U duzuV uuebf isgevfnfjfu the end.
Mathias Dark1
Mathias Dark1 10 days ago
cosplay is cool but i enjoy life in general and dont have the time or money for this stuff
Dawson Shel
Dawson Shel 10 days ago
Sorry if this is weird but at 9:44 I think that's the demons dad from tik tok
ELS1S HUNTER 10 days ago
Wich movie is that from 9:47 ? Please some1 tell me .
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