Cosplay Costumes That Are on a Really Insane Level

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What do you think of cosplay? Some people think it's a waste of time and believe that enthusiasts who spend a lot of money on costumes are not mature enough. Meanwhile, in recent years, cosplay has ceased to be a hobby exclusive to geeks.
Well, the costumes they create are so cool they could compete with those from any movie, cartoon or video game. You've probably seen images of these cosplayers on the Internet. Today we want to talk about these really amazing costumes whose creators did go the extra mile. These people and their unreal creations are definitely on another level. Let's see the results of the work of these cosplayers.

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Jun 2, 2019




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Comments 593
Voja Zivkovic
Voja Zivkovic 29 days ago
Add every 2 minutes.. omg man...
Alexis Lincicome
Aw thanks for including me in the vid, guys!
MrOrangemind46 Month ago
the last one is hoattt 😅
Tlou Manamela
Tlou Manamela Month ago
9:40 Mad mex fury road
BagpipekilR Month ago
I'm not into cosplay, but theres no denying these people have serious talent. 1000s of hours into a costume isnt crazy if it's your passion. We are all passionate about different things and that's what makes life so enjoyable. Do what you love, regardless of what other people say or think, and life will be worth living!
Ikarus 1980 BJK
Ikarus 1980 BJK Month ago
Soon or later iron man suit will be made
AngelArk cosplay
The 501st are the kings of Cosplay fullstop. We are the only Cosplay group to have to pull and powerful friends like Disney. And we have the power to control lots of stuff at a con.
creator Space
creator Space Month ago
It's done well. blog.naver.com/7heppy7
illuminado de tiera
Boogiedi Boogiedi Boogiedi
Jordan Matute
Jordan Matute 2 months ago
I’m going task master next Halloween after this upcoming
ultra dude 098
ultra dude 098 2 months ago
just get enchanted dimond armour and a gold apple
Thanos Yeet
Thanos Yeet 2 months ago
No offense but the invisible man was a midget
Servavisti 2 months ago
Those "stilt spirits" are basically just dark replicas of the animals that the protagonist ride in the dark crystal long before spirited away.
Prettyodd Haley
Prettyodd Haley 2 months ago
8:37 holy shit its a clikkie hell yes
ColeTubeTV Second Channel
0:57 - 1:00 Oh really?
Remil Riel
Remil Riel 2 months ago
Woodpecker laugh.
The Kings2758
The Kings2758 2 months ago
9:25 You can tell the (secret) of the device in the rough design that is CLEARLY shown
The Kings2758
The Kings2758 2 months ago
*I can't believe they didn't involve the Megatron Costume*
creator Space
creator Space 2 months ago
We made it well. blog.naver.com/7heppy7
Ryan Franklin
Ryan Franklin 2 months ago
I'm sorry but did you just say that Reddit users left more than a hundred thousand LIKES? ITS CALLED UPVOTES YA FUCKIN NORMIE
Gassa Chamsou
Gassa Chamsou 2 months ago
Arthas lives for ever
Darth Vestius
Darth Vestius 2 months ago
Cosplayers are creative, intelligent, genuinely warm people that are great Americans. And I am one of them! Suck it haters
Richard Cardoza
Richard Cardoza 2 months ago
Dude what is cosplay on whoever called now it's full of dude, hon, saint Thomas Church service to Comic-Con actors Louis it's going to be a movie star characters as well how's the 9th amendment says what's a good player that's how we do it over and send it off reverse chargers do today Chevron I got a high hat at the flea market on $10 Sherman do really bro high Time flea market if not tonight
Aaron Winslow
Aaron Winslow 2 months ago
I want the 8 bit costumes but dont know if its in shops.
PainOfThought 3 months ago
The shittiest video you've ever made. Lost 9 subs over this one.
memo baba
memo baba 3 months ago
How'd you solve the icing problem?
Andrew The Legendery Wolfhog
(Concussion brain damage Alert) (Brain damage 50%)
memo baba
memo baba 3 months ago
Might wanna look into it. *Punches head to break some of the ice*
Andrew The Legendery Wolfhog
The icing problem? (Falls down from the sky)
GnaReffotsirk 3 months ago
Who's that girl holding the mic at the start of the video?
Syam Rasid
Syam Rasid 3 months ago
Plot twist, invisible man is really invisible
D. Robinson
D. Robinson 3 months ago
at 4:34, that cosplayer chick, (martina's) costume isn't really THAT impressive tbh....it's looks nice, don't get me wrong, but it's really not worth the amount of attention and adulation that she's receiving for it honestly.
D. Robinson
D. Robinson 3 months ago
I think some "cosplayers" should try their hands at some of the "devil trigger" forms of "dmc 5".... it'd be cool as HELL to see a "real-life" version of dante's and vergil's sin devil trigger forms and even nero's devil trigger form (especially the "former" 2).
D. Robinson
D. Robinson 3 months ago
"some people think that it's a waste of time and believe that "enthusiasts" who spend a lot of money on costumes are not mature enough"....well, THAT'S only because THOSE people are simply just a bunch of miserable, reality-weary, stiff-assed and probably mean-spirited assholes who lack the creativity and imagination that makes people who GENUINELY enjoy doing awesome "cosplay" due to the sheer passion that they have for the realms of "fantasy/sci-fi/horror/action-adventure" and many other genres and are therefore jealous of those "cosplayers" or people that are to get through "life" by escaping it every once in a while so all in all, THEY (the "real-world"-loving prick bastards) need to stfu and don't waste THEIR time trying to tear others down for no goddamn reason.
monochrome aivy
monochrome aivy 3 months ago
IMO cosplayers should be more like these... rather than just boobs 😢
chris smith
chris smith 3 months ago
the stilt walkers are originally from dark crystal j
I amcarbonandotherbits.
I thought it was from Michael Jackson's Wizard of Oz.
Dexter Coolkid
Dexter Coolkid 3 months ago
Could you imagine an alien gathering information on humans, and stopping at a Comic-Con? It would be terrified.
Critical Hitz
Critical Hitz 3 months ago
Now we need water sheep
Trifersal 3 months ago
Fortnite players be like 4:47
ArchJasiri The Dakotaraptor
White-Van Helsing
White-Van Helsing 3 months ago
just dress up like The Man Without Fear DD, black shirt black pants black shoes n a little black mask
BobaFettyWop 3 months ago
2:02 my boy that's megaman and metroid, not that hard to figure out
GuitarBill13 3 months ago
Male cosplayers: fantastic costumes near reality resemblance Female cosplayers: big boobs seems legit
elma cubacub
elma cubacub 3 months ago
What the flip that is cool super
Chris Cannon
Chris Cannon 3 months ago
Proof that you don't need CGI for the Heroes in every scene when they're not having a large scale fight.
Jeff Scroggins
Jeff Scroggins 3 months ago
Nope the stilt spirits are based on creatures in THE DARK CRYSTAL
Vitor Rosa
Vitor Rosa 3 months ago
Pretty sure i saw the stilts spirits in mad max
Jonathon Hendrie
Jonathon Hendrie 3 months ago
That blue wires super hero at the start with a wasp thing is called the tuck
Stephen MacMaster
Stephen MacMaster 3 months ago
Hey tell that dude Wayne that did that iron Man suit he could order a couple of 64 mm EDF rocket motors and put them in his backpack and put one on the back of each leg and put a smaller 12 mm on the hand I think that would be the s***
Cryolophosaurus ellioti
3:56 Holy shit it’s the T.rex Zord!
Alpha Books
Alpha Books 3 months ago
2:48 Yoooo it's Volton!
Jinga King
Jinga King 3 months ago
Invisible man was behind the shirt
There 4 You
There 4 You 3 months ago
I wanted to be Denki Kaminari dress up as John wick.
な6IXLXRD 3 months ago
1:57 It was only for a second, but I saw my boy Kaneki.
E N 3 months ago
I’m gonna ignore the fact that he called 16 bit sprites 8 bit
Artsy Omni
Artsy Omni 3 months ago
and the fact that he said they're from the 80s.
Melody Lonebear
Melody Lonebear 3 months ago
The joker in the beginning is my son!!!
Nurcan Agar
Nurcan Agar 3 months ago
Auditorツ 3 months ago
On the way to make Madness Hank J. Wimbleton from Cheshyre: Madness 7 song by NGPortal. Go search "Madness 7" and you'll find it (it 7 years ago
Bruh 3 months ago
Five. Mid roll. Ads. Really?
Yoga Kurniawan
Yoga Kurniawan 3 months ago
A noob Beast!
RR Pandan Animation
RR Pandan Animation 3 months ago
I cant find Minecraft and roblox
Ryne Agheilim
Ryne Agheilim 3 months ago
Where's colinfurze? XD
Legend107 Gaming
Legend107 Gaming 3 months ago
5:39 = popularmmos vibes
MaskedGoat 3 months ago
Nobody: Foreal nobody: #Mind warehouse: HElLoRR eVErYBoDY
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