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Wuhan, the city in China where the global coronavirus pandemic began, has partly eased travel restrictions. People are now allowed to return to Wuhan, but no one is allowed to leave yet. The city was put on lockdown in January as Covid-19 cases soared. According to official statistics, the number has since dropped sharply. Local health officials say they're working to prevent the outbreak flaring up again. South Korea is tightening border controls after reporting a spike in coronavirus cases. And it's now enforcing two-week quarantines on all passengers arriving from the United States. Similar quarantines had already been in place for travelers from Europe. "Walk-Through" testing stations have been set up, capable of more than 10 tests per hour. South Korea reported 146 new infections in the last day, 24 of them from airport screenings. Still, one news agency reports that the number of people who have recovered from the virus has, for the first time, exceeded the number of quarantined patients.
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Mar 28, 2020




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Comments 80
Lana Thi tran
Lana Thi tran Month ago
Bravo China.
Eric Villamor
Eric Villamor Month ago
Wrong information always shown by the media.
Erica Lovely
Erica Lovely Month ago
Fix your title of this video. SK never shutdown their border.
vincent gonzales
yea right. i bet there so contaminated its not even funny
Zoey Anne Superstar
How come they have recovered so fast?
spiritual songs712
If China recovered from corona virus without a vaccine why is America still looking for one!?
carebear09 White
Michelle Ru
Michelle Ru Month ago
Did DW News eat China money?
Koon Jay
Koon Jay Month ago
Never trust believe Chinese communist words
ヒロサシー Month ago
I don't trust American imperalist wordld!
Britney Nguyen
Britney Nguyen Month ago
Xi Jinping must responsible for Wuhan-Virus and American Must Stop Funding to W.H.O, they are worthless.
Gear5 ZYF
Gear5 ZYF Month ago
EU give china 50 tons medical supply previously? c'mon, now hundreds of empty cargo planes come to china, wait for their medical equipment, everyday! how many equipment china send back to EU? 500? 5000?
Prakriti Maheshwari
Yeh sab china ke vajha se hua hai Corona virus
Tues. 70
Tues. 70 Month ago
Check my uploaded video titled "This is how South Korea flattens its coronavirus curve" and another video titled "Is it an election measure? South Korea clearly reduces corona testing"
Jeff Myers
Jeff Myers Month ago
Boycott China!!!
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard Month ago
Wuhan has opened up, they will NOT be prepared for a second wave of covid-19 and it will hit back HARD.
Sathish Kumar
Sathish Kumar 2 months ago
china should be punished as they only invented the virus and spread over the world
DerisiveLaughter 2 months ago
Every other country has reported more infections and deaths than china... they're lying about numbers.
DerisiveLaughter 2 months ago
Lol and all the other videos with riots... and overun hospitals...
Hmei7 ?
Hmei7 ? 2 months ago
Cassandra Walker
Cassandra Walker 2 months ago
Why are they wearing masks when the virus is controlled.
Yuanjun Yao
Yuanjun Yao 2 months ago
There could still asymptomatic virus carriers. People wear masks to prevent potential breakouts. Event health people are required to wear masks for now.
Snorkle 420
Snorkle 420 2 months ago
Hopefully all the cases are K-Pop stans.
ES J 2 months ago
Shut down in South Korea? What's wrong with you?
Rodrigo Antônio
Rodrigo Antônio 2 months ago
Hello everyone. I made a small report here, crossing some real data and some that can be in this world "chess". 1 - China warned the Russians (number 1 allies in trade, defense etc., today Russia even with a population of more than 150 million people only has approximately 2,000 infected and 27 deaths), a country with low temperature prone to worsening the infestation of the virus, Moscow has a huge population and very large tourism. 2 - China installed in Iran (precisely the enemy country of the Americans, in a current tense crisis the virus, "only Iran today has more contaminated and deaths than all the Middle East combined", thus managing to play the United States against Iran and vice versa, as we saw the Iranians accusing the Americans, and thus, with this focus of friction between them, taking advantage of the situation between the two countries and thus having time to continue increasing the artificial islands in full swing, militarizing them, increasing and modernizing.) 3 - Installed the virus in the main industrialized countries of Europe, France, Germany, Italy, England (United Kingdom), etc., thus weakening the EU and automatically NATO, gaining strength over the chaos in the most industrialized countries there, and momentarily the hegemony in the world. 4 - China did not want to accept the separation from Hong Kong and the protests were very serious even with the population itself asking for intervention by American aid and its former English colonizers, and with the epidemic chaos ceasing and not needing to use the force that it would be condemned by the UN and perhaps cause something serious globally. Taiwan, for its part, stopped receiving military aid, and stops of American vessels among other things that they (mainland China) did not accept) 5 - The United States is paralyzed in a large part of the largest financial machine in the world, deteriorating every day and without a light at the end of the tunnel in the face of the real situation, having to fight an invisible war and already with 25% of all cases of the world, everything Beijing wants. 6- China with a billion 360 million people would not have practically ended an outbreak without already having the antidote before the biological attack, there is no plausible or true logic, it only concludes in a whole an attack that she committed that she unleashed, implanted. 7- Everyone knows that journalists, doctors, specialists were killed by the Chinese Communist Party and so many others who wanted to warn the world of the seriousness of the situation. 8- China is selling medicines, equipment and in a very short time, using its cheap slave labor, replenishing stocks like never before and selling like it never sold to the world, almost reaching hundreds of billions of dollars. And note: Chinese, Shanghai and other exchanges did not have the same loss as Western ones, especially North American ones.
Jolicer Cholly
Jolicer Cholly 2 months ago
My family does medical business in Wuhan! I can tell you that China handed the virus efficiently and perfectly!! I am not promoting any ideology here. I am just telling why china, especially Hubei province, can deal with it so quickly. Here's why: Strong isolation rules and support from all 34 provincial areas. No one goes out, ppl order foods and basic goods online which are delivered by approved delivery drivers thanks to the best online delivery system. Also, each one of the 34 provinces is responsible for helping one city in Hubei province by sending equipment and doctors. At last, the hospitals provided privilege for any foreigners to be checked and treated first.
5thDawg 2 months ago
If China doesn't stop their practice, then the whole world should declare war on them.
Ou Jing
Ou Jing 2 months ago
Can you specify the practice u refer to
Good Juju
Good Juju 2 months ago
False news 😂 in South Korea nightclubs are open and packed, people go to work, kids go to school 😂 I don’t know where is the shutdown
Izzy Lara
Izzy Lara Month ago
Good Juju How do you know this ?? Do you live South Korea??
Kri Jow
Kri Jow 2 months ago
Singapore, Japan, south korea with so much pride... they wont humble themselves and wont impose lockdown. Retards
Murray Allinger
Murray Allinger 2 months ago
A person would have to be a complete fool to believe anything the Chinese Communist Party has to say about the Wuhan Virus. They have lied to us from Day 1.
Divyank Gupta
Divyank Gupta 2 months ago
Don't you smell something suspicious in china...
Mel Robinson
Mel Robinson 2 months ago
Wow covid 19 is spreading in Korea and China and Japan and Taiwan just wow
Rey Mañosa
Rey Mañosa 2 months ago
China is now ready to take orders and ready to supply the world again.
Hopper L
Hopper L 2 months ago
Corrupt media, another virus to be fought
Danny leger
Danny leger 2 months ago
Perhaps they get out to a wet markets for a raccoon, dog, rooster, snake omelet now that all is good again.
Aaron Turner
Aaron Turner 2 months ago
Liar liar plants for hire
Michael V. Caldwell
Michael V. Caldwell 2 months ago
DW NEWS Search...Michael V Caldwell
Emperor Vargas
Emperor Vargas 2 months ago
Misleading title.
J Cooper
J Cooper 2 months ago
Did they close the WET markets down? If not we'll have another pandemic based out of China
Dr. Freemen
Dr. Freemen 2 months ago
I'm in shock! What to do next? I do not know. I have in my mind interesting literature, I can share it.
The Lollipop
The Lollipop 2 months ago
कुछ लोग अभी भी बाहर गाड़ियां लेकर दौड़ते रहते हैं बाहर घूमते रहते हैं उनसे हमारा निवेदन है कृपया अंदर बैठे वरना आपकी वजह से दूसरे की जान को खतरा हो सकता है आप खुद तो जाएंगे, दूसरे को भी ले जाएंगे
Junior Beauty baby gurl
Good for them.
omar jaafar
omar jaafar 2 months ago
I mean no point of opening wuhan no one will go there due to covid 19 so they might as well kept shut it down just to be safe
Jody Park
Jody Park 2 months ago
What do you mean, SK 'Shuts down' and 'back'? Sk has neither shut down before nor now. The whole verb phrase is incorrect. Damn I am in SK and I WISH my country shuts down for a goddamn month!!
oh uh
oh uh 2 months ago
i understand you but please don't be violent to asian. it just worsen this issue.
Jaylar 2 months ago
Santo Diablo
Santo Diablo 2 months ago
it is all your fault CHINA....
Charles Paul
Charles Paul 2 months ago
Erase China on the map.
athansky25 2 months ago
China's dishonesty and Ineptitude Unleashed the Coronavirus on the World 😑
Maryanne Hill
Maryanne Hill 2 months ago
They've already started eating bats and torturing dogs and cats for yummier meat. Edit: again.
Banrilang Warjri
Banrilang Warjri 2 months ago
It sounds so good that China allowed some people to travel n open thei shops, continue their business,unlike here, we have to shut down evrything,n people like us who depend on shops for survival,where we work on,now we're afraid of hunger,though there hasnt been any one suffering from the virus
Lapuste Iosif
Lapuste Iosif 2 months ago
in 2020 it is not possible for a virus to come out of nowhere! The problem is that the secret laboratories of the world are working in secret, and we do not know if they do not cause humanitarian damage. If I am good at studying many things, it is connected to them ... and it is only the beginning!
이은주alice 2 months ago
Missleading title....
Edmund Au
Edmund Au 2 months ago
2:30 dw news, wear a mask even when u film, even xi is wearing a mask in front of a camera 🎥, why arent you?
RESTART MY LIFE xXx 2 months ago
Prmaanu bomb giraado china me
RESTART MY LIFE xXx 2 months ago
Maa chodd do china ki
اصيل عبدربه
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اصيل عبدربه
It will only befall us what God has written
Dorothy 97
Dorothy 97 2 months ago
I don't think this disaster is over. Stop hiding the truth. Now no one trusts chinese like you.
اصيل عبدربه
As for you, the people of Italy, to know that God is true Fur except God Almighty and Salu on Islam +967738978543 telegram
86호랑이 2 months ago
한국 셧다운 안했는데?
steve pain
steve pain 2 months ago
So Corona got on a plane and left China and landed at JFK all I can say is people!! wake the f up. good night.
Food Bites
Food Bites 2 months ago
why on earth he is not wearing masks??? when all people in chins wearing masks!!
EMG 2 months ago
"They want to show their system is superior".... how about people just wanting to help people? ffs
Fouad Aboudaoud
Fouad Aboudaoud 2 months ago
Chinese They are millions of people and only thousands died why And please stop eating everything alive
PIAZANO 2 months ago
ban china!!!
Cheney Feng
Cheney Feng 2 months ago
inaccurate information:Green Qr Code means you did not contact infected based on the analysis of big-data.
bitchy witch
bitchy witch 2 months ago
the corona virus travelled entire Wuhan but it did not reach Beijing and Shanghai... Can anybody put light?
mahalo aloha
mahalo aloha 2 months ago
South Korea has never shut down its boarder yet only except those from Wuhan in the beginning. SK president said from the beginning that shutting down the boarder and restriction of the people are not the democratic value Korea has practiced so far. So he accepted the way of mature civic discipline and consciousness from the people as they still open their business keeping abide by social distancing.
Fire FantansyzXc Lover
Same with the U.S.A. I personally don't know why every people are lashing out at us Americans to do something yet people are still denying us real an conventional evidence. Same with WHO.
Tyler Chawmbeh
Tyler Chawmbeh 2 months ago
way to go wuhan, wonder what kinda plauge your gonna stir up next
Gretel Annelies
Gretel Annelies Month ago
drand co
drand co 2 months ago
China knows it has yet to pay the price of it's leaders ignorance. Their fear isn't just second wave, but retribution. I hope for accountability and peace for Chinese people
CoCo Daily
CoCo Daily 2 months ago
Chinese news = DW news. Misleading title.
Twelve Veils
Twelve Veils 2 months ago
What is happening in Bergamo and Brescia Italy?
Joe Berriochoa
Joe Berriochoa 2 months ago
I have recent footage of so many people still dead in the streets literally filmed last week. They have been locking up apartment buildings by welding the doors shut to keep people from going outside
Depinder Sandhu
Depinder Sandhu 2 months ago
C-Chinese O-Organised V-virus I-In D-December 19-2019
ShieldArc200 2 months ago
they put the cure in the water system.
Jennifer Perez
Jennifer Perez 2 months ago
Aww this is beautiful for him to see his mother🥺❤️
Merq 2 months ago
With China in danger due to fine dust and infectious diseases, Japan in danger of radiation, a cease-fire with North Korea, and nuclear bomb provocations taking place, Korea cannot survive unless it is prepared. I think our ancestors misplaced the site. How could Korea be the enemy of all three sides of the country? It is time for Korea to repay its allies, including the United States, for their help during the Korean War. We need to supply the diagnostic kit first. Oh, and I hope that Koreans are not mistaken and discriminated against as Chinese because of Chinese:)
monk 2 months ago
China lost its pants. Naked on the street in front of thw whole world.
gary kennett
gary kennett 2 months ago
Anything China says ....needs to be taken with a bag of salt.
How u doin ?
How u doin ? 2 months ago
Deepak kumar
Deepak kumar 2 months ago
China made virus covid-19
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