Coronavirus: UK's official death toll is highest in Europe

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The weekly release of death figures from the Office for National Statistics brings grim news today - confirming the deaths in the UK have now exceeded Italy, making ours the worst death toll in Europe. (Subscribe: bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe)
Although there is some sign of hope - deaths in hospitals are falling - those in care homes continue to rise. And testing is still lagging behind the Government's own target.
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May 5, 2020




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Comments 80
Buses InsideM25
Buses InsideM25 Month ago
That's the total deaths. Everybody who dies gets Corona written on their death certificate for some reason
Good old Blighty
If you support the governments actions during this pandemic?you a are a Tory boot licker.💀🙏
md dipu
md dipu Month ago
Praying for Uk😑
Anna Hunt
Anna Hunt Month ago
whip Month ago
All those people who went out because they lift the lockdown. Just look it would not of be as bad. Now at lest over a 1000 or more people will have this. virus. and don't know it. its spreading like while fair give two weeks and it will be in the thousands again. please stay at home. Think of the kids and the NHS Its hitting old peoples homes now. We cannot win with the government. all they after is people back at work and paying TAX they not bothered about a life Please stay at home
TalkToTheBody Month ago
If you believe this hyped nonsense then we’re a lost cause
Mike Month ago
How can it be? The UK is an island and it's the most infected country. What happened? Politicians didn't close the borders or what?
multisphere1 Month ago
Sweet talk doesn’t help!
multisphere1 Month ago
Is it so hard to buy what’s necessary from China, South Korea?! Train volunteers how to take tests, mobilize people who want to help and military. If you can’t comprehend this much , look what other countries did. Don’t look at US, trust me it’s worse here.
the vanillista
the vanillista Month ago
Anyone who thinks masking should be a choice should let their surgeon decide not to wear a mask when he operates on you. Your surgeon doesn't wear a mask to keep from getting your germs, but to keep from spitting in your incisions. He spits when he talks and so do you, all over the grocery store.
saif Malik
saif Malik Month ago
Stop sending your loved ones to care homes. Start taking responsibility and take care yourself. Care homes dont work.
saif Malik
saif Malik Month ago
Opens were and are left open. Thats why we are dying you bastards. Newzealand shut its borders!!!
Jacqui Stephens
Jacqui Stephens Month ago
Too many people on here listening to the maintenance narrative BS. Become citizen journalists and do some proper research and listen to experts who are not associated with Gates, Fauci, Ferguson, the WHO, CDC etc. Xx
Karl König-Mehrtüssen
During weeks they have been reporting the death of Spain and Italy in the news and than compared to what was happening in the UK. Now that the uk has surpassed both Mediterranean countries well, let's say it is not possible to compare anymore. You know what, Britain is the new Mediterranean. Not better than those southern countries at all
Samma Sati
Samma Sati 2 months ago
One wonders if those that survive or new inmates to care homes will stop voting Tory
Jonathan Pipe
Jonathan Pipe 2 months ago
Govt are just letting old people in care homes die ! The way the govt look at it is that the more that die the less the govt have to pay out to them ! It's how the govt are funding all the money their dishing out atm !
Jonathan Pipe
Jonathan Pipe 2 months ago
All the blame lies squarely at the govts door ! They've lagged behind since day one and continue to lag behind today !
andy fast hands
andy fast hands 2 months ago
and how many people have died of natural causes thats what we really want to know ,as i know of people who have died of natural causes. yet on there death certificate they've died of the virus. don't worry about whats the media is telling you id worry about what they aint reporting corrupt controlling fucks the lot of them
John W
John W 2 months ago
I just listened to someone giving his version of how to unlock he looked about late 60s and was suggesting some form of age rationing from young to old, he looked physically like a 90 year old - you know he could just lift his towel to wipe his face.clearly a pen pusher life style. The problem us humans have is in trying to beat nature we are destroying the narrative - the weak die and the strong survive. The number of people I know with diabetes is a sign of poor healthy lifestyles, to much sugar, booze and processed foods - this is why the viruses can take so many lives and it will get worse but we all should not have to pay the price by being locked down every year when flu and other viruses are natures way of culling. I don't ever want someone else to have to feed me or wipe my bottom I will sort that out when the time comes - I'm in my 70s and would never be a burden to anyone.
Gabriel Afonso
Gabriel Afonso 2 months ago
UK is going backwards before our eyes. Never seen such a thing.
Alan Gladman
Alan Gladman 2 months ago
Why are so many people talking about "the highest death toll in Europe" without taking population into account. You only have to look at the Covid-19 deaths per million (of population) and you see a very different picture. Belgium is at the top of that list for the entire world, followed by Spain, then Italy, and then the UK. Fourth in that table is not a great place to be by any stretch of the imagination, but let's stop using absolute Covid-19 deaths and bring the population into the equation shall we? Or have I missed something?
Wayne Emery
Wayne Emery 2 months ago
So to top it all off the imbecile Boris Johnson has come up with a new slogan. Stay alert Control the virus save lives sorry but what the f..k does this mean anybody? Also because this Government can’t be f..king bothered to test trace and isolate themselves they have put the emphasis on us.
John Atkinson
John Atkinson 2 months ago
It must be said,you are making a bit of a testicles of this Boris?
Mark Yong
Mark Yong 2 months ago
That's what happens when one Country listen to the USA
Patrick O'Keeffe
Patrick O'Keeffe 2 months ago
BJ lies, so trust is a problem.
Robin Haywood
Robin Haywood 2 months ago
Stupid s**t. You would think no ones ever had an influenza before
Scotch Whisky Hunter
Singapore relaxed the lock down too early and now the second wave is much worse...Stay at home and protect your own...Boris is a Dangerous Clown..don't trust him....
Ralph Brown
Ralph Brown 2 months ago
Eryl Evans
Eryl Evans 2 months ago
I live in Vietnam. They are shocked at the incompetence and sheer ignorance of this UK Government. I'm a teacher and i am going back to work next week with precautions. This is a typical true to form Boris catastrophe no matter how much you try and fiddle the figures. They were warned by the report from the 2016 trial run exercise. And they did what they always do. They hid the report and recommendations. We got what we voted for. Disaster.
mellowman1001 2 months ago
The reported numbers are garbage. Even Elon Musk recently spoke about the need to have non-bullshit data.
faithful02u 2 months ago
The care sector is not clinical, or medical nor are the staff required to have medical qualifications. This is a therapeutic solution therefore it is not seen as vital. The single focus on the NHS from the very beginning showed the lack of understanding of the care sectors importance. If the Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Nursing Officer had any understanding, and they should have, they would insisted that care homes and their staff receive the same level of testing etc. You can't make a blanket decision to send elderly people to care homes without being aware of cross contamination. Care workers are paid minimum wage, this is nonsense despite the knowledge that these institutions have become the main carers of the vulnerable elderly whether they have memory deficient conditions or not, not to mention people who are younger but require regular care. It has to stop because care has been consistently underfunded with the expectation of more.
John Lawrence
John Lawrence 2 months ago
Sigh: this country still has its obsession with being the best at everything
Keith Davidson
Keith Davidson 2 months ago
And if we go only by what governments admit to then China is the most law-abiding country with the most progressive human rights in the world! Experts have already told us that every country has its own interpretation of what constitutes a COVID-19 death even before discussing how figures are produced.
Kieran Daly
Kieran Daly 2 months ago
Awful to see the UK in such a mess due to incompetence. Ppl are losing their lives needlessly.
Why are the tories so useless??!! Shame on you people that voted for them again to stay in. That was the chance to change the government for a better one. Tories have been there for 10 plus years and they have absolutely messed up the country
Mayhem1609 2 months ago
Anyone looking at the real stats would see that in actual fact spain is doing the worst in Europe to contain the spread of the virus. Far worse than even the US. We need to start looking at deaths per million people and cases per million because population size has a contribution factor when it comes to the spread of a virus and how successful distancing measures will be this is all political BS just so the media can demonize US and UK because they do not like the leaders.
Thomas King Schillerlein
Labour/Corbyn would've pumped money to NHS et.al. Now, good luck with Neoliberalism, bitches.
Nafisa Nadida
Nafisa Nadida 2 months ago
We not Spain or American
jane baghori
jane baghori 2 months ago
neglecting the care homes has the tories rubbing their hands together in glee, they are saving on pensions
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy 2 months ago
General election should be called when this pandemic Is over the Tories are a national disgrace can't believe people voted them back in
English Prepper
English Prepper 2 months ago
The arrogance of the UK and US led them to not take any precautions or preparations. Even now most people in these countries scoff at the idea of wearing masks or come up with silly conspiracies to dismiss the situation rather than face reality.
Pisteman 2 months ago
Lies dam lies and statistics the only way to count death is per capita. We also have carehomes where Covid covers all deaths however sick people were for other causes.
BcA - Biciclind cu Axel
Yelling for years ''Britain First '' and ''death to Europe'' . You finally achieved both ! :))
Bianca Toivola
Bianca Toivola 2 months ago
Hope hope for live!God Bless U.K!
BcA - Biciclind cu Axel
Why would God bless the Satan's Island ?:D
Janice Alipranti
Janice Alipranti 2 months ago
How is this government getting away with this?
idpro83 2 months ago
No the UK does not have the highest death toll in Europe. The EU death toll is currently at 112k I think that's much higher than just 31k of the UK.
Asgher Ali
Asgher Ali 2 months ago
The once Great Britain is now a Shameful Britain.
Asgher Ali
Asgher Ali 2 months ago
Give us data of these deaths give us facts not numbers.why no autopsys on any death.every human has corona virus in them and 99% will test positive but thats not say its COVID 19.give us facts not bullshit cus your scare mongering is getting tiresome.wheres all the other illness related deaths gone?you have murdered innocent old people who gave all there lives to society and this is there end reward.shame on u!!!
reece piechowicz
reece piechowicz 2 months ago
It will be the highest death toll as our doctors are signing every death as covid fucking hate the media and the government all lies scamdemic plandemic
David Bradford
David Bradford 2 months ago
The term Cannon Fodder comes to mind.
Adri Khan Kant
Adri Khan Kant 2 months ago
this is what happen when people choose a clown as a prime minister
Chris Parker
Chris Parker 2 months ago
How many people clapping for the NHS voted to place these Bastards back into POWER.???
nigelrequiem 2 months ago
The “App” is about one thing................Monitoring!
Zaony Richardson
Zaony Richardson 2 months ago
Tim Brush
Tim Brush 2 months ago
Is it because we have a higher proportion of black and ethnic minorities? Is that not a reason for a higher amount of deaths?
Migration for me, I have had enough of this system.
"Gave everything to the community." 🤔 Never speak bad of the dead, I suppose. 🤷
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson 2 months ago
At last someone has pointed out the bleeding obvious - that comparisons of deaths are meaningless unless adjusted for population. If you do that, by my estimation, the UK is worse than the USA.
THE VIDEO MAKER 2 months ago
Take vitamine D, in bigger doses than usual; it’s safe and vitamine d is used in the fight agains an infection, to kill the viruses
Richard 2 months ago
as others have stated we are an island we were in an ideal situation to isolate; covid is spreading in care homes where people are close so back to school and work ,we are two weeks behind italy and spain .
amzy blues
amzy blues 2 months ago
What’s not fair Jeremy Hunt is the fact that Tories have jeopardised public services for the last ten years as a result we have the highest death rate. The nerve of this government to give themselves a 10k bonus by the end of the year meanwhile Healthcare professionals just get claps on Thursday .There is no need to deflect South Korea is know for their health care services. The UK has literally become a softer version of the US thanks to the Tory government👍
John Ellis
John Ellis 2 months ago
Johnson laughed about covid in the beginning so many people have lost their lives due to his awful leadership he should be jailed.
bneon 2 months ago
Save the NHS strangle a f/kn Tory party member that will work
bneon 2 months ago
Even the bought and paid for media cant hide the numbers the worst in the World behind the USA who is to blame ? the f/kn Tories , the most useless hunts on the planet ,Scots want the border closed tonight we dont want infected with tory dogma .
Esmirna Torres
Esmirna Torres 2 months ago
There is hope...Revelation 21:4 - “And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore”. Isaiah 33:24 - “And no resident will say “I am sick” But, what do we have to do to enjoy this blessings? John 17:3 - “This means everlasting life, their coming to know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ” 1 John 2:17 - “The one who does the will of God remains forever”
T wil
T wil 2 months ago
the CCP Virus is monitored and reported differently by different countries. China report a lot fewer deaths than other countries . Is that true?
Jack F
Jack F 2 months ago
You should all be watching the YT video where it is discussed "Boris is a known liar"
Haebris 2 months ago
That inquiry has to be independent. I can guarantee it won't be if the current government is still in power at the time.
Felenti 2 months ago
Jack F
Jack F 2 months ago
You Brits went out in your millions to vote Tory. Too bad for you. You are getting what you deserve.
Stewart Reid
Stewart Reid 2 months ago
How May have died from Old Age, Coronary Heart disease & terminal related deaths to Cancer which has been blamed o the Carona Virus?. People don't believe this Government Propoganda after Iraq lies! The bottom line is that the UK, is debt ridden and about to suffer the Worst World Depression since 1930s. This is again like the "Weapons Of Mass Destruction, the nonsense that made Tony Baloney Blair a multi Billionaire?
Robert Coll
Robert Coll 2 months ago
While, as Jeremy Hunt mentions, no-one had a crystal ball back in May, countries like Australia followed the lead of Taiwan, then Korea very early and now we have only had 97 Deaths from Covid across the country. Per head per capita, this would equate to just 258 (aprox) deaths in the UK. Why was the UK Government so resistant to looking towards East Asia for solutions to this pandemic? If I was from the UK, I would be demanding Boris Johnson and his advisors step down and be held accountable for this devastating and ongoing failure.
James Qiu
James Qiu 2 months ago
Why a criminal should bring his newly burned son to this world with happiness but UK citizens's grandparents need to leave this world without loved ones around???
Daryl Van Horne
Daryl Van Horne 2 months ago
Coronavirus will kill us all over time, start to make your arrangements now while you still can, the reason why they're taking about easing the lockdown is because they know they've no option because coronavirus is here to stay so they know they can't ask people to continue to stay in self isolation indefinitely, basically they're letting us out to enjoy whatever time we've left, a time bomb is ticking, the daily death toll in this country is unforgivable and very scary.
jane baghori
jane baghori 2 months ago
they are letting us out to die
Seble Abel
Seble Abel 2 months ago
egziabhhr mrton ylkln
Victor J
Victor J 2 months ago
US and UK today prove that a democracy usually elects incompetent leaders (or "best actors")
A. Ali
A. Ali 2 months ago
R value = not gonna spend money ol peeps .... R value complete ... its R thats killing innocent elderly ... riiiitteeeee
angry brit
angry brit 2 months ago
Sage is totally discredited now !!
angry brit
angry brit 2 months ago
No it isn't 👌 we also have a 90 percent fall in heart attack deaths and cancer deaths 🤔😁
wendyknoxleet 2 months ago
Wharehousing the elderly is NOT sustainable. If you cannot care for your elderly yourself ,we, as a society must find another solution. I personally want the option of a quick and painless end when I can no longer care for myself. I do not want to be a burden on society or my loved ones.
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