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South Korea has stepped up measures to contain the spread of the deadly new coronavirus, as confirmed infections rose sharply for a second day.
Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun said it was now an emergency situation.
The southern cities of Daegu and Cheongdo have been declared "special care zones". The streets of Daegu are now largely abandoned.
South Korea has also locked down its military after several soldiers tested positive for the coronavirus.
The authorities have also told about 9,000 members of a religious group to self quarantine, after the sect was identified as a coronavirus hotbed.
On Friday, the country reported 52 new confirmed cases after 53 on Thursday. South Korea now has a total of 156 cases making it the largest cluster outside mainland China and the cruise ship docked off Japan.
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Feb 21, 2020




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Mohammad Nadeem
Mohammad Nadeem Month ago
jeff strong
jeff strong Month ago
UK sent second largest military after the US during Korean War. Also made significant investment for modern S Korea and Hyundai shipping is good example. It was a right decision for S Korean government to prioritize sending medical supplies to help for those countries helped S Korea during Korean War.
Mark Valley
Mark Valley Month ago
* If you look at Korea, since the end of January of this year, coronavirus patients who began in China began to appear, but as many countries have information on epidemic outbreaks and potential risks, the cooperation of quarantine and investigation is standard. (Measured body temperature, suspected infectious disease). Since Korea is a country that is difficult to sustain due to the domestic economy, it has a structure that is distributed to many countries such as the United States and Iran. Tourism or travel profits or Korean companies are hesitant because they cannot avoid China's investment or profit business, and if they declare the ban on Chinese entry, political and economic retaliation cannot be neglected. In order to maintain the national image and suppress economic loss in the future, it has turned to quarantine at the cost of medical staff. * The excellent level of quarantine is commended, but the Korean government insisted that it was the cause behind this. Assuming, foreigners with "experience in staying in China" who are not "forbidden to enter China" are restricted from entering Korea and are allowed to enter diplomatic and corporate officials, journalists, etc., except for tourists, but question on body temperature and health status If you cooperate with the investigation and provide guidelines for two weeks of quarantine, you can reduce unnecessary sacrifices such as medical staff and hospitals. Assuming that Korea is a country with a strong export dependence, and that it has no reason to declare entry bans like the United States or European countries, it would be a cause of economic loss, and the possibility of economic retaliation from China would have been a concern. . Taiwan started to ban Chinese entry, and proceeded to ban entry into countries around the world, and it did not provoke the harsh sacrifices and trials of medical staff in the country regardless of the level of quarantine. The degree of quarantine, the level of quarantine is not poor, it is delicate and perfect, it isolates the infectious agents and confirmers in the country, and the evaluation is good enough to allow free movement. The important thing is that if you enter and work in a specific country for a variety of purposes, regardless of the country of origin, it is common sense that you will not be bothered with that country. If you look at the history of Korea's black history, government agencies and political systems have become more prevalent and demanded, and there have been many coercions and demands of excessive sacrifices among the people of the country, including the President. The word “Korea”, which is proud of its background, is also mentioned. It is reminiscent of China, as there is so much pressure that the Korean government can inspire and compel it, such as making something or researching something. It is self-righteous and can be seen as dictatorship itself, and corporate executives often teach the Korean government and state the words to their employees and instill them. In the case of ordinary companies, the background of the founders was started by being stimulated by imagination and curiosity. It is the cause of the company's growth by securing investors, and the main beneficiary of profit business is the government, not the government. It is common sense that multinational corporations are included in various performance roles to monitor or regulate philanthropy or whether governments and officials in the countries where they invest are operating properly. The Korean government provided the cause for the cruelty to the medical staff, not to mention the prohibition of entry into all countries even when the peak of the corona spread and the urgency of the economic image, the desperateness that China and the United States should not lose the great hand. I did. In order to maintain a face in a country where exports depend heavily on MERS, which started in the Middle East a few years ago, rather than restricting entry, the Korean government continues to see this trend going forward as it is making sacrifices to the people. It's common sense that the head of state or the government shouldn't force people to make sacrifices. As a country with high export dependence for excellent prevention, the government has an inner side for national growth and economic development for medical staff and institutions, rather than a ban on immigration. It could be considered as being sacrificed or trampled for. There is no need to rely on Korean diagnostic kits or medical products. When Japan's quarantine system is loose, several Japanese companies have prepared diagnostic kits in advance to prepare for this problem. It is said to be famous as a textile or medical related material company with headquarters. It is more appropriate to purchase Japanese diagnostic kits and equipment than diversification from Korean ones, and it is politically controversial. a lot. From the establishment, Korean companies are in the process of being excessively connected to the current situation, and in the past, it was necessary to examine the fact that such cases were widespread as they encouraged the Korean government to dedicate astronomical money to the Korean government in order to invest and dedicate to the Korean government. .
이상훈 10 days ago
wow you wrote an essay
Tee-hee Month ago
Fuck Shincheonji. Fuck China. Fuck WHO
Toàn Võ
Toàn Võ Month ago
바람산들 2 months ago
Please don't go outside without wearing a mask n wash your hands with soap for every 4hours
HY Park
HY Park 2 months ago
Most of Koreans are wearing a mask. That can reduce the spread from person to person. Simply but very essencial.
서와 2 months ago
Korea's ancient ethnic names include chosen, Guri, Han, khan and Mahan. We hope that people around the world will be liberated from Corona. cheer up!
justin lee
justin lee 2 months ago
Michael Janchura
Michael Janchura 2 months ago
you said the world is over populated so wtf are you complaing
Sharon's Vlog
Sharon's Vlog 2 months ago
China is the start of virus Japan problem is the Olympic Korea is the only doing the right thing excuse me I'm leaving in South Korea
Sharon's Vlog
Sharon's Vlog 2 months ago
The Olympic shall cancel because of the virus
Sharon's Vlog
Sharon's Vlog 2 months ago
yumi hayasaki
yumi hayasaki 2 months ago
What the china wants to kill all the people
yumi hayasaki
yumi hayasaki 2 months ago
They said this is about chemical I see other comment
yumi hayasaki
yumi hayasaki 2 months ago
What is true now I see new post there's have new virus in china hantavirus they get in rats this true
Sqeeze T
Sqeeze T 2 months ago
Just playing with titles. But yeah disappointing since at least a litttttle bit BBC.
김서윤 2 months ago
BBC 한국기자분 너무 멋있어요!!
Jonathan Grabban
Jonathan Grabban 2 months ago
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뿌요 2 months ago
China is faking their data Japan is avoiding to take a test because of olympics Korea is the only country doing thing right
unauthorized member
unauthorized member 2 months ago
no China, no virus, no diseases, only peace in the world. we Korea hate nasty china
VUVUGA 2 months ago
국뽕에 너무 취하셨네... 동의하지만 대놓고 적대적으로 가진 맙시다.
Evelyn kim
Evelyn kim 2 months ago
한국은 강한나라입니다. 시민의식이 강한나라니 나라또한 강한것입니다. 신천지 망해라!!!!!!!!!!
X X 2 months ago
느그 대통령 뭐하시노?
쪽바리박멸 2 months ago
Don't worry. We are fuck up^^
JC30FS Sky
JC30FS Sky 2 months ago
President Moon of S. Korea, is the ultimate "Manchurian Candidate". He is a Trojan Horse, planted by Peoples Republic of China.
마스크 써!
마스크 써! 2 months ago
개병신 같은 새끼가 아이디 수 십개 만들고 콩리리쉬로 존나 뿌려되네... 밥은 먹고 다니냐? 틀딱아? 무료 급식소 가야제?
JC30FS Sky
JC30FS Sky 2 months ago
The malfeasance of the S. Korean government in its handling of Coronavirus is yet another indication that S. Korean government have neglected the most important reason that the government exist for and that is to protect it's people. S. Korean President Moon is still allowing 10k Chinese nationals to fly in from China on daily basis and is powerless to close the border, as he is paid and controlled by the CCP. Up to 70% of S. Korean congress have accepted money from the CCP, and they are too busy selling off the key economic sectors to the CCP to protect its citizens and answer to the will of the people. I hope the S. Korean military can intervene and remove this corrupt president, along with the corrupt congress, and protect it's citizens and restore national sovereignty.
Toàn Võ
Toàn Võ 2 months ago
luxonthebeach_ 2 months ago
China must apologize to the world. They are stupid.
no u
no u 2 months ago
But lots of furniture is from there, but I agree with you
??? 2 months ago
Why ioc doesn't cancel Olympics?
what t
what t 2 months ago
신천지 진짜 국가망신이다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ이게 대체 뭔꼴이냐
Toàn Võ
Toàn Võ 2 months ago
yA yee
yA yee 2 months ago
We will win the war of corona virus Please support us! Together we strong!
지오jioh 2 months ago
Shinchunji go to hell
Tester Michael
Tester Michael 2 months ago
chinese and korean rejected Jesus Lord. They forgot help and love of Jesus Lord. chinese and korean forced people to drink soju, work more then 8 hours, made foreigners a lot of pain, DID NOT WANT TO KNOW HOLY BIBLE, DID NOT KEEP JESUS' COMMANDMENTS. So now God Lord punished Godless people. Lord send them 5 times more pain as they made pain to me and other foreigners. And He can make them very very poor and stupied like they were in the past. Lord Jesus gives goodness to kind and holy people.
Omar Ranjit
Omar Ranjit 2 months ago
I have two wooden sticks tied together, now, in the name of God, give me your land and gold, or we will genocide your people, LoL.
Tester Michael
Tester Michael 2 months ago
@Totemᅱcke a u chinese or korean ?
A Happy Clubber
A Happy Clubber 2 months ago
Italy : am I a joke to you?
Totemᅱcke 2 months ago
so.. are you crazy?
الخزرجي علاء
📲*00212679620248* *whatapps*📲 أقــدم لــكـــم رقــم الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ الــخــبــيــر الــلــي سـاعــدنــي فــي عــلاج مــشــكــلــتــي لــصــغــر الــقــضــيــب ضــعــف الإنــتــصــاب✅ الــقــذف الــســريــع ✅ الــبــرود الــجــنــســي ☑الـمـنـتـجـات مـتـوفـرة فــقــط بــالــســعــوديــة🇸🇦 وقــطــر🇶🇦 والامـارات🇦🇪 والــعــراق🇮🇶 ولــبــنــان🇱🇧 والأردن🇯🇴 والــكــويــت🇰🇼 والـبـحـريـن🇧🇭 وســلــطــنــة عـمـان🇴🇲 أحــصــلوا عــلــيــهــا الآن📲*00212679620248* *Whatapps*📲الدفع عند الاستلام🤝
01 03
01 03 2 months ago
Why do Westerners whine without masks?
Ren Kasori
Ren Kasori 2 months ago
China is freaking liars.. Theyre not telling the truth about the real numbers affected on this coronavirus... Theyre protecting their image... Atleast southkorea is being honest with it, letting us be more aware on how really fast it spreads
Darwins 2 months ago
Some people are trying to steal our achievements because they're allies. We were loyal to each other until the end, but you treated us like a virus. Now you'll change your attitude when a vaccine comes out of Korea, right? That's disgusting.
Razor2112 2 months ago
Corona virus per million people South Korea 144.0 Japan. 4.0
권민서 2 months ago
japan maybe 100,000people
Judy Murakami
Judy Murakami 3 months ago
Is this what SK gets after mocking Japan about the torch-running at Fukushima and the Corona virus hitting the Tokyo Olympic??
♡Mrs, Dimsum & Mr, Kimchi♡
Current situation at korea ://ruvid.net/group/PLnwJimaDgHw95rWONTc87phJLN7OJ7fd2
한국이 3 months ago
Poor people. What is the Chinese government doing now? Don't you feel sorry for the people? What's the point of being so stupid? I want you to take action right now.🇨🇳 I trust you.
CY Snow
CY Snow 2 months ago
@Qadwani they are liars. just that reason
Qadwani 3 months ago
@한국이 why u Koreans are so hateful towards China?
DadeReamer 3 months ago
An excessive testing in South Korea led to the shortage of beds in hospitals and the exclusion of critically ill patients, which increased the number of deaths there. Do not repeat the same mistake.
CY Snow
CY Snow 2 months ago
@DadeReamer I'm South Korean. Ask for your understanding my short English. The Nation exists for the people's wealth and health. The possibility of 1 percent, that's Nation's duty.
Diony Sus
Diony Sus 2 months ago
@DadeReamer you're not reading me. There're enough beds and resources. Don't bother to reply me. You're too dense
DadeReamer 2 months ago
@Diony Sus Your theory is correct only if the medical resources such as beds in hospitals and medical doctors were INFINITE. As you know, the resources are limited. And these resources should be used for critically ill patients. Panic testing makes this more difficult. I am NOT against testing. My point is that TOO MUCH testing does make the situation even worse. Indeed, many countries have shut the border against South Korea. If South Korea was doing well, they would NOT have done so. This is my last post. Hope your theory is correct. We will see.
Diony Sus
Diony Sus 3 months ago
@DadeReamer No one knows but the more you test, the lower the death rate because when you test excessively and aggressively, you can weed out the infected in the early stage. Korea's confirmed cases of near 170,000 thus far are mostly in the mild stage and why they're able to treat them promptly. Such practice itself has lower the death rate and the US and other countries are adamant that they need to follow what Korea has been doing but they just do not have enough diagnostic kits.
DadeReamer 3 months ago
@Diony Sus The death rate is not an important indicator. The more you test, the lower the rate. No one knows the actual number of cases (i.e., denominator). But I agree that the number of tests in the US is too small. That is a problem.
total infinity
total infinity 3 months ago
It's now in S.A news feed .... ruvid.net/video/video-B86kmRV5mvI.html
문학산책 3 months ago
신천지는 종교가 아닙니다.범죄집단입니다
게임세상 3 months ago
신천지때문에 뭔꼴이냐
김기현 3 months ago
20002는 뒤져라
Island Yoga
Island Yoga 3 months ago
As 10k Chinese nationals are flying into S. Korea on daily basis for free medical care(coronavirus) and to apply for permanent resident status, S. Korean president still refuses to close the border, as he is paid off and controlled by the CCP, along with the 70% of the S. Korean congress, who is too busy selling off the key sectors of the S. Korean economy to the CCP. S. Korean military should step in to clean up the CCP infested S. Korean government, who no longer answers to the will of the S. Korean citizens.
Jennifer Chu
Jennifer Chu 3 months ago
Don't trust WHO and China. Please trust your family's Doctor . They will do the best for you. Korean can over come this crisis.
Jason Kim
Jason Kim 3 months ago
2019 : "i'm the worst year ever" 2020 january : hold my rifle 2020 february : hold my mask
Princess Lovers
Princess Lovers 3 months ago
God bless the world
Arkous 3 months ago
신천지때매 이게 무슨 망신이야
hokkmk 3 months ago
어우 사이비 너무 창피하네 진짜
Estebahn Goldman
Estebahn Goldman 3 months ago
It's serious ! If this gets in Mexico or these 3rd world countries it's going to be devastating ! Human wave crashing over the wall.
시바견[반모 안받아요]
신천지 개새끼들
every day
every day 3 months ago
신천지 뒈져라!!😡😡
TooSlowTube 3 months ago
7:30 "Sick man of Asia" is a historic racial slur, which was likely to cause offence to older Chinese people. This news article neglected to mention that, unless I missed something.
苏幕遮 3 months ago
Stop saying people dead and no one knew, every communities have teams who response to, they help people to buy things and maintain daily life, there are also more than thousends staffs who deliver goods we buy online,we do not worry about lack of goods, so that is why we could stay at home for over monthes.
해피 3 months ago
Korean government has fabricated Korean people with chinese people and ethnic Koreans; they say only fake nows or strange news. But some Korean noticed now. So It turns Korean big issue. Although koreans argue about it, they are fabricating now. Whatever I know about it, I am reporting you about this big problem. We have many evidences. I will explain it. First picture is about Chinese people. they are sharing Korean government site;it argue "We hate Korean president of impeachment" I think they want to block a lot of opinions about his impeachment. Second picture is about Korean sites, Naver's job ad. It was written that We want ethnic Koreans who know about korean's cultures. Naver changes 'searching top 10 or top 20 charts' with them. Third picture proves it. It is about amount of searching about "China gates". Korean did project about amount of searching;so amount was increased first. But they fabricated it. So amount of searching decreased. Anyway I want you use my report. Please help Koreans.
MR우파루파 3 months ago
신천지 개x끼들 이만희 부모없는 것에게 폐렴 옮기고 디져버려라
James Kim
James Kim 3 months ago
2020 the worst year ever. 2020 january: iran vs usa conflict 2020 january: corona virus outbreak Lol whats next??
Master Try
Master Try 3 months ago
Train to Busan
Invader Jet
Invader Jet 3 months ago
Nuclear war lol
yang yang
yang yang 3 months ago
Young Gangster
Young Gangster 3 months ago
Time to go to Greenland
Terry Kim
Terry Kim 3 months ago
어느 조선족의 고백에서) 문재인과 현재 요직에 있는 사람들은 운동권 시절 각종 단체가 자금을 지원해준 삶에 익숙하다. 선거자금은 정해져 있고, 더 많은 돈이 필요해 이를 지원해줄 수 있는 단체를 찾는다. 그게 중국 공산당. 문재인은 지난 대선때 조선족 댓글 선동 부대원들의 도움과 중국 정부의 개입으로 인해 대통령 당선이 되었고. 그 빚 때문에 아무 소리 하지 못하고 있다. 자신이 중국과 척을 지는 순간, 중국 정부에 의해 이 정권은 몰락하게 되고, 문재인은 X. 또한 중국은 한국을 적화시켜 미국에 대항할 수단으로 삼을 계획
thái hoàng nguyễn
Koreans asked to withdraw Samsung from Vietnam when I finished reading this news, I was afraid of dropping the iPhone(translated by gg)
xXSoldier08YangXx 3 months ago
Be careful. Food and water can be contaminated so check all resources going out to people. Bleach everything down if possible.
Ray's World
Ray's World 3 months ago
absolutely a fake counting of china government and most of the others...
Kiwon Kim
Kiwon Kim 2 months ago
Lạc Tiên
Lạc Tiên 3 months ago
Dear everyone, I suggest one way to get rid of the disease for the Korean and many countries. That is praying the Buddism bible named Kinh Địa tạng ( this is Vietnamese name and I don't know how to translate to Korean). The bible is about the Buddha who has saved soul in the hell. You should pray this bible for the death people and death animals then you will be blessed. And you should stop eating meat, stop killing anykinds of creatures and you should do many kinds behaviors.
CY Snow
CY Snow 2 months ago
fuck you idiot...
dlysele 3 months ago
Since this whole epidemic started, flu and other diseases have gone down in numbers because people started looking after themselves better.
Jamie H
Jamie H 3 months ago
The number of infectees doesn’t tell much. You need to focus on “How many people has been checked?” (80,000 were checked in Korea, 445 were checked in US, 1890 were checked in Japan) It is very contagious, and most of infectees don’t have symptoms. Looks like Korean infectees are increasing, cuz korean gov is checking up aggressively (doing epidemiological investigations by using credit/check cards, cctvs and location tracking on cellphones) which is right. Check how many people in your country checked up for corona19. Please don’t blame others for corona19. It may have started from china, But it has spread already by travelers all over the world.
Sanjay Gupta
Sanjay Gupta 3 months ago
I'm puzzled, why does South Korea still allow 10K Chinese nationals from China to fly into South Korea on daily basis??? Can someone please explain???
Master Try
Master Try 3 months ago
because China will bully Korea and retaliate, like they always do
Minki Kim
Minki Kim 3 months ago
Now it is late , almost all of patient from domestic, because of crazy church.
Yerrie Walked
Yerrie Walked 3 months ago
Sanjay Gupta Because of the president.. Im kinda confused that he gave china 1ton of masks when koreans were in trouble too
-Anisha- A
-Anisha- A 3 months ago
😢feeling really bad for them. Why don't doctors nationwide come together and find a solution for it? If they are not allowed to visit to China for virus effecting them too. Technology can be used to communicate. There must be solution for it, there is so many intellectual around the globe in this field.
Teresa Klinkert
Teresa Klinkert 3 months ago
why am i thinking that while everyone is focused on this something else is going on it is like HUGE distraction
Andrei J
Andrei J 3 months ago
How to make easy money, do a video on youtube about corona virus
Robin Corprew
Robin Corprew 3 months ago
Imagine if they had locked down China before the Luna New Year so many lives would have been saved all over the world.
RammuS AirlineS
RammuS AirlineS 3 months ago
They can’t say that it’s out of control because people will go into chaos and people will start rioting etc basically we’re fucked all because of China thanks 🙏
Jedeko 3 months ago
10:53 shoulder bump
Robert Dave Myrland
Robert Dave Myrland 3 months ago
Its all a big bullshit NWO scam
For the record
For the record 3 months ago
It’s the only time when North Korea is the one with the right idea.
For the record
For the record 3 months ago
The “no time for complacency” should have been 1 friggin month ago already! Wtf are the countries doing allowing the passage of viral hosts all over the world! Can we just stop all travel everywhere for a while?! And now our government is warning us of likelihood of spread in the states. If you know it, prevent it! Why are we acting like it’s just inevitable. It’s inevitable NOW that we’ve done nothing meaningful to contain it and plan on further doing nothing much to contain it. Yep, let’s just continue being complacent.
솔솔 3 months ago
This is the current situation in Korea. The South Korean government said it would supply masks to the people, but secretly exported 350 million masks to China from January to February. You didn't hear it wrong. It's exactly 350 million masks for two months. And Moon Jae-in, the government said China is our friend and mask additional support three million masks for free. And they don't close their borders. This government is the worst. And the supporters of this administration who try to manipulate public opinion for the government are also stupid. Currently, Korea is like a subordinate country of China. South Korea is angry with China, an ex-chaeist autocratic state, and dirty and shallow Chinese I envy the U.S., which has the power to fucked China. -February 27th in South Korea
K F 3 months ago
That person who refused to get tested and thought she had just a “normal cold” and went out should be held criminally responsible for the outbreak. If she had just self isolated this could have been prevented. She should be punished severely for spreading it when SHE KNEW she was sick.
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