Coronavirus: Iran's legislator claims 50 deaths, local news agency reports

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The member of parliament Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani claims there have been 50 deaths from the virus, while the government says there have been 12.
Meanwhile, Kuwait and Bahrain reported their first cases of the virus, while Turkey, Pakistan and Armenia closed their borders with Iran, as Tehran reported more coronavirus infections and deaths. Neighbouring Afghanistan also introduced travel restrictions.
Al Jazeera's Dorsa Jabbari reports.

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Comments 80
Suryinarayana N Raju
Petrol and diesel band chest trapic contll
Robert Norton
Robert Norton 19 days ago
Drink a spoonful of the water of the holy miraculous WELL OF ZEMZEM! Only true Shia know the amazing story of ALI!!that will cure and or prevent the sickness Without fail ALLAH knows best!!
شما البلوشيه
Corona virus treatment is only in honey Eating honey will eliminate this virus.
Karma Dorjee
Karma Dorjee 26 days ago
Sad to see Iran's Vice President infected though she wears mask whole life.
R0807585 26 days ago
Only The strong survive
habibi narciso
habibi narciso 27 days ago
Because iranian believe that if you die in coronavirus its a well of Allah, which is wrong belief..virus is from evil if you follow the protocol to protect your self cover your mouth by mask and avoid going and coming to they other country they become safe..but because they are not listening thats what happen.. 50 people deaths is not Allah well.
KARA OĞLAN 28 days ago
Nick K
Nick K 29 days ago
14 day quarantine is pointless. Incubation of virus pushed to 21 days and possibly longer. Screening of people at airports/check points for symptoms of fever? Symptoms wont show straight away so what you see happening where people are scanned is just a front to show that something is being done about it. There is no control of this. While someone is 'recovered' someone else is 'infected'. Prove me wrong but I think until such time that either medication or vaccines are made there will be spikes and drops in infection numbers like a yo-yo ball. Correct me if I am wrong. This is a global issue disrupting life as we knew it (where is the WHO on this?)
S He
S He Month ago
GOD SHALL NOT BE MOCKED!! FROM THE SUPREME LEADER DOWN AND ALL HIS COUNCIL WILL SOON BE STRUCK DEAD!!! Jesus is the answer, Stop following these fools of false religions, who condone, rape, killing, molestation, abuse and proclaim to be merciful..evil evil EVIL!!! What man will not deal with God Will!!
S He
S He Month ago
what a joke!!!!!!!
Mike Ray
Mike Ray Month ago
Iran has a death wish=Radical thought patterns/burning clinics out of fear....tragic.
Jessica Robinson
This fool is sick
Philbert Plummer
I hope this health official had a personal meeting with the Ayatollah and all top ministers
Michael Griffin
Michael Griffin Month ago
bullshit 500 minimum , watch the crematoriums , they have loads of fuel for sure.
Susan Auger
Susan Auger Month ago
False??? Why are you dying then???!!!!
Susan Auger
Susan Auger Month ago
Still praying 10 times a day in huge groups????? Alah friggin akba
SpeakEasy DoorMan
@ 11:17 the cameras pan back....ALL of those people potenally have been exposed How are you going to deal with that? An in turn ALL of those people have since come in contact with other...Iran is Fcked
Joly Dee
Joly Dee Month ago
Iran's leadership is like a communist rule. They will lie and lie and lie while Irans people are in panic situations right now because of this killer virus.
Excalibur Month ago
The health minister is already infected !
Zhen Zhen
Zhen Zhen Month ago
In order to eliminate the low end of the population, the United States treats pneumonia patients as flu. Since the spring of 2019, more than 16,000 people have died, on average more than 1,000 people a month from lung disease
faristha lukman
faristha lukman Month ago
😭😭😭😭 why is this spreading everyehere, God knows.whts best, he will help us, ameen😭
mart peters
mart peters Month ago
Aree so why are so many just dropping dead in the streets?information on a post card please.
Lost Traveller
Lost Traveller Month ago
Why just why travel China during this ?????
Brigit Becker
Brigit Becker Month ago
It's already PANDEMIC!!!! Well done China. You have manage to develop a virus that could potentially wipe out humans. Keep eating bats.
Syed Ahmed
Syed Ahmed Month ago
13:35 Ironically, the virus was right there.
Syed Ahmed
Syed Ahmed Month ago
11:58 Now that he has tested positive is he going to resign.
Victor Faulds
Victor Faulds Month ago
This is already a pandemic panic is the WORSE thing for people to do just listen to the advice given by a good marsk glove s and goggles wash hands and don't go out mixing in crowds etc personally I think it's man made and it's got out let's hope that it will not be to long before they find a cure
Be as ONE
Be as ONE Month ago
May they all rest in peace, anyways kuwait is 41 now
Daicy & Mia Luv
Daicy & Mia Luv Month ago
OMG! Prayers around the world
Rebecca Wates
Rebecca Wates Month ago
My Jesus, pardon and mercy on us and on the whole world.
Md Al-Amin bhuiyan Al-Amin
Pray to Allah for save Iranian brothers &sisters from Corona
HM B2 Month ago
He lied
sweet dulce
sweet dulce Month ago
Confirm!!!Harirchi NCoViD positive.
Keith Walker
Keith Walker Month ago
Forget Qom how’s the situation at the PODIUM!!!!!?
Nitin B
Nitin B Month ago
We have a special oil made using Rudrakshas . Apply this oil in your Noartrils with the help of little finger. It will not allow any virus to enter your body. M-15 Greater kailash II, New Delhi
First Last
First Last Month ago
So long as you are not intentionally spreading it like people in the far east, it should be under control.
The Wood peck
The Wood peck Month ago
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Month ago
Three words: Georgia guide stones. Seems like something evil is going on.
Pat Stauffer
Pat Stauffer Month ago
Only JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF THE ONE TRUE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC, JACOB CAN SAVE YOU! Seek Him Through The Holy Bible And It IS So Simple If You Believe In Gods Son Jesus Our Savior Our True Messiah HE Can Save You Instantly If You Just CALL Out HIS NAME, Amen !
alexander mala
alexander mala Month ago
No more sympathy for such anymore to each their own amen inshalla
alexander mala
alexander mala Month ago
Yaya don't exxagerate but u urself had this virus now as well all ur whole world leaders evil brought it Wil have it mostly ur family who does not have immune system and cursed Karma for killing innocent people lots ur own too many for power mongering may God have mercy on innocent souls
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Month ago
"I have already raised up The Messiah in Zion or SAMOA, The Place For King David's Throne. I, THE LORD, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will Reveal Him very soon.
alexander mala
alexander mala Month ago
Does it matter anymore as who cdc etc world leaders are lying and don't care for human lives anymore as a depopulation agenda 22 and worst all many animals are being cult by the government leaders political now in order to have control over the less slave population as Turkey sorry Iran millionaire etc will die wether ur a evil good political leaders depend on u ppl now instead of being fanatic like ccp abt religion no God said kill an innocent human or to say living being whrby Australia bushfire is very bad as was all pre-planning by so called communism laws elites etc but only one or 2 mother nature all could reverse it for the good but only can do little things but can damage up the sky etc down etc in future for ur greed all the way through
JRT 4JUSTICE Month ago
Perhaps they could stop funding terrorist groups and spend more money on buying kits to detect the virus. Millions were spent on enhancing their nuclear program vs building hospitals. The irony is that the supreme leader is a billionaire having a vast holdings in multinational corporations.
nayinayi1 Month ago
My issue is that the info we are receiving is contradicting with the other? How many are really dying of this virus? It's not clear right now since the strategy is to not tell us the whole truth....
Steph Allan
Steph Allan Month ago
I’m praying for ALL the Citizens of different Country’s who are facing this deadly virus. I’m also praying for the antidote as well as physicians, bio doctors and scientist who can possibly relocate to places like Iran to help prevent this Coronavirus from killing more. This is for the people not the government representatives who mainly are leaders for their own selfish ambition. 🙇🏻‍♀️🙏🏽❤️🇺🇸🌏🕊
Lloyd James
Lloyd James Month ago
This is crazy the Iranian GOVERNMENT is going to allow the virus to take over the country !
Iris Rose
Iris Rose Month ago
Wow, if everything is ok, why did you admit that you now have coronavirus SIr?
Pedagogy List
Pedagogy List Month ago
That guy has been tested positive and made a video today saying that it's no big deal and he will beat it, of course, he could be saying that just so people don't panic
Bbob5810 Month ago
The Bible tells us about the times we are living in now. Matthew 24:7 ,8 Matthew 24:11 ,12. Mark 13:7 . Luke 21:11 . 2 Timothy 3:1 -5
Ask to seduce Miss
The guy on the left definitely has the virus but question is has he passed it on to the person next to him?
Red Dawn 1
Red Dawn 1 Month ago
So dude next to him has to be sick now too
Ask to seduce Miss
I feel sorry for the man standing next to him 🤒😷
otownrvr Month ago
Ia this news conference in iran a joke?
goolgappa5 Month ago
How many in middle east .
Daniel Mendez
Daniel Mendez Month ago
I call it I told u he got corona virus b4 he even knew give my thumb up now
isaque san
isaque san Month ago
James Griffith
James Griffith Month ago
He is now in the hospital sick with the virus. Amazing how much they are willing to lie even while he was doing the press conference he was already sick. 🤮🤧😓🤒☠
hen ko
hen ko Month ago
right gets checked SEVERAL TIMES.
maqsood awan
maqsood awan Month ago
Pakistan any pe pabindi hyd Kar do bahi
The-Prophet Month ago
"I have already raised up The Messiah in Zion or SAMOA, The Place For King David's Throne. I, THE LORD, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will Reveal Him very soon. Happy are you who wait for Him. Woe to the rest. Jesus, My Adopted Son is Not Coming back but My Begotten Son who is The Son of David. My Son who comes in My Holy Name. The Name Not yet Known to you humans." THE LORD Has Spoken.
hen ko
hen ko Month ago
What a couple of morons. That guy on the left probably came in contact with over 100 people today and he 'self isolates'???? Self isolation is not working. Hope his bud on th
Todd Dana
Todd Dana Month ago
Its a respiratory infection. Stop smoking or vaping and protect your lungs and oxygen intake ability, take daily vitamins, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, go to bed early as sleep is the number one thing your immune system needs and exercise daily for oxygenated blood which boosts the immune system. This combination builds up electrical charges between your cells that can attack the viruses that are foreign to your body. Meanwhile the government is working on a vaccine and pills that do the same thing. They haven't yet so that is why the natural health I suggest is so important. Good luck.
Drago Sutalo
Drago Sutalo Month ago
Ok, ok, ok, The Panda Express Epidemic has arrived.
Arya Gohari
Arya Gohari Month ago
50 deaths is a lie, it's more like 92 contaminated and 15 deaths.
Peggy Wiley
Peggy Wiley Month ago
The plagues of the Bible are being unleashed on the world for what has been done to TMH'S chosen people. We have told the world who we are so now you will see us. Only those who are Confederate against Yahawah's people will be affected. Repent for your for father's sins and Cleve to Yisrael TMH'S Cooper colored Negro people all over the world than you will be saved. But you must pay for the sins of your for father's first.
LibertyMatrix Month ago
Hilarious, While telling everyone the virus is not out of control, the speaker gets infected!
Debbie Olson
Debbie Olson Month ago
I feel sorry for the man standing next to him 🤒😷
Goran Svraka
Goran Svraka Month ago
The guy on the left definitely has the virus but question is has he passed it on to the person next to him?
E Penchal
E Penchal Month ago
Be carefull
Farah Kazemian
Farah Kazemian Month ago
She is not given news from countries ! (Iran)
Takeru Yamato
Takeru Yamato Month ago
Keeping the borders open was what got the virus into Italy and other countries. Have the European countries lost their mind and intelligence? Japan has followed the WHO protocol to the letter and now she is on the brink of a pandemic. Please, those countries that have not been infected with the virus, CLOSE YOUR BORDERS NOW!!!! Do not trust and follow the guidelines of WHO. CLOSE YOUR BORDERS NOW!!!!!!!!!!
Nemat Amiry
Nemat Amiry Month ago
That Irani guy has corona virus boom everyone in that room is infected now they gonna meet other health ministers and workers and they all die and there’s gonna be nobody to find a cure 😄🦦
LMS- ROS Month ago
iam not scraed of corona ciros
Meatduck Month ago
what an evil government. all about their image
Missy B
Missy B Month ago
What a couple of morons. That guy on the left probably came in contact with over 100 people today and he 'self isolates'???? Self isolation is not working. Hope his bud on the right gets checked SEVERAL TIMES.
Éstrella Asikainen
Pleased dont judges that People hes only nervös ABOUT what,happening in this,world now .. bcause of this Viruset. ..But they are good People ..We are all good humanitärian.
Éstrella Asikainen
soinu foig
soinu foig Month ago
Im sure people are dying outside hospitals. Also the medical care is one I’m questioning.
Prophet YouTube
Prophet YouTube Month ago
Isn’t the ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAN wonderful 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Prophet YouTube
Prophet YouTube Month ago
@soinu foig, amazing this lunitic can stand there spewing lies, while he is infected, the ISLAMIC STATE CULT at its best!
soinu foig
soinu foig Month ago
This guy he’s positive coz you can see the symptoms of the coroner
R Jordan
R Jordan Month ago
This guy on left has corona now ironic looks like the Iran govermant just got rid off then selves no war needed 😋
Mufazzal Mansoor Ali
Why coronavirus spreading in countries that are US rivals?
Mufazzal Mansoor Ali
@yevgeni10 yeah you people will release this virus in Russia also .
yevgeni10 Month ago
@Mufazzal Mansoor Ali Because Iran is doing business with China.Btw Russia is not affected ATM.
Mufazzal Mansoor Ali
@yevgeni10 Iran and China are and they are mostly affected.
yevgeni10 Month ago
Italy and South Korea are US enemies ??
OOfania Month ago
This is like a old karate movie, where the mouth don't match the words 😂🥋
iren fahile
iren fahile Month ago
they continue in last sycle make wars atom boombs drug dealers oil gaz delers give money to terror with russia
iren fahile
iren fahile Month ago
all feamels souls in world otomattecly secured in new sycles after the history sicle they was suffer in this world thats was supposted to be my scholl
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