Coronavirus Deaths Are Skyrocketing in Spain

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MADRID -- Before the outbreak in Spain began, the only people who went in and out of the small hospital where Alfonso Molina Moreno works as a nurse were visitors, staffers, and cleaning crews. Patients come to Hospital La Fuenfria for long-term, palliative care and Moreno, who has worked as a nurse for 16 years, found a sense of purpose in bringing them care and company at the end of their lives.
Now, he and his colleagues worry that they’re doing harm. A few days before we spoke, patients at the facility started testing positive for COVID-19. “We don’t know where it came from,” Moreno said. “We don’t know whether we, the staff, brought it here. We don’t know whether it was due to the patients’ visitors. We don’t know the source.”
The hospital has cut off all visits. Staffers now take exhaustive precautions when working with patients who have tested positive-putting on protective equipment they dispose of in contaminated rooms and washing their hands on both sides of the door.
But there’s still a degree of uncertainty. When we spoke, Morena hadn’t been tested, and Spain’s health ministry says health workers currently make up nearly 14-percent of positive cases. Now, as the country scrambles to contain the virus it’s ordered 640,000 test kits from China and Korea in an effort to screen health workers and the most vulnerable. The hope is that this will help identify people who need to self-isolate.
Morena isn’t just thinking of the patients he’s now caring for. He’s worried about how long the virus was in the hospital. After a patient with cervical cancer died, a post-mortem X-ray showed her lungs had advanced, bilateral pneumonia. “It could have been coronavirus, right? She wasn’t tested,” he said. “And it’s like, oh my God, to what extent-let’s see, this needs a pinch of salt but-what if it was me? That's it. So I can’t hide it, because you really don’t know. Even with all the security measures in place, you still don’t know.”
Like everyone working despite an outbreak, Morena worries about infecting his loved ones. “I told this to my colleagues, and we have this kind of sharing moment. We're all going through this bad phase, this suffering.” But he isn’t thinking about quitting. “I really find myself fortunate to be able to work because I have the chance to go and feel useful,” he says. He’s even volunteered to take on more shifts. “The healthcare providers, at this moment, we have to be there no matter what. Because if it is not us, who will it be then? There is no one else.”
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Mar 26, 2020




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Comments 80
VICE News 2 months ago
“The healthcare providers, at this moment, we have to be there no matter what. Because if it is not us, who will it be then? There is no one else.” WATCH NEXT: Can We Trust Russia's Low Coronavirus Infection Rate? - ruvid.net/video/video-xK5UQLv20Bs.html
Adriana Borrego Villela
I don't know about Russia's infection numbers, but we can not trust Mexico's, that's for sure. There has been an unusual rise of cases of "atypical pneumonia" in hospitals of Mexico City and Mexico State in the last two weeks and the government is refusing to address the subject.
Varaha 2 months ago
Blame this on the thousands of #Feminists who were protesting which resulted in them contracting and spreading the virus. Feminists have single-handedly killed thousands in Spain.
Miktecrep 2 months ago
If consumption of meat is stopped it's possible we can stop the Corona on it's place.
Miktecrep 2 months ago
Vice, as I was doing some research at home, I found that the maps data of Corona infection is matching with the map of meat eating countries and you can see that the meat sale has increased in Spain then I found pigs can catch the Human Corona, then I found another map which was matching with Corona one, the endangered species one then I found another thing that Pangolins are trafficked to the places where corona is more infected, Vice, isn't that possible that meat is the primary reason why people in meat eating countries are infecting more and more, I also made a video specifying that, the traces are matching. May be that is the reason why people are not recovering and dying.
xikle94 2 months ago
Sivan Yes is true, our president is retarded he buy “no official tests”...
Lidette Micciche
Lidette Micciche 24 days ago
Keep them guidelines y'all their there for a reason 💜🇺🇸💒
John Nada
John Nada Month ago
Prepare for the world economy to crash people, prepare for a very different world to rise out of all the soundbites and memes you have sent each other whilst your government took away your basic democratic rights. You gave it away so easily due to 'Hope' being hijacked and used against you. Do some real research about virus's and "Covid19" and see the ridiculous nature of wearing a face mask. Around 1,600 people die in the UK everyday and due to the shoddy way of diagnosing this "Virus", a lot are being labelled as CV19 deaths. I realise death rates are up a bit but fear and stress can cause people with underlying health issues to become ill, especially in unprecedented times...like now. Care Holmes being a good example of this. We are a society with a serious case of 'Learned Helplessness' and far too much trust in the 'State' that we employ. Good Luck...stand line...take your forced vaccinations from 'Non-governmental' for profit companies that can put anything they want in their vaccines.
Ralph Muskinyaar
If you feel bad about not being able to help, stay home. That’s you doing your part. We’re all in this together.
1:50 Ultimate flex! Sanitizing your hands WITH GLOVES ON!
Samuel Gates
Samuel Gates Month ago
These are the same "conquistadors" who murdered..raped.. and enslaved the darker people of the earth!!!🤔🤔🤔. KARMA 🤔🤔😷😷😱😱🤕🤕
Hermenegildo C
Hermenegildo C 4 days ago
Nope. It is not like UK killed thousands in Spian, get our gold plus the latinoamerican one
Truly Healthy Me
You know what's even better than washing your hands, staying home and social distancing? The media does not mention this at all! news update: Is The Coronavirus A Threat To You? trulyhealthyme.com/is-the-coronavirus-a-threat-to-you #CoronavirusOutbreak #CoronavirusPandemic #coronavirus #preventoutbreak #preventcoronavirus​
SAINT 65 Month ago
"Seems to have worked reasonably well": Obviously, he hasn't lost a loved one! Stay safe.
xele fonte
xele fonte Month ago
Need English over Spanish audio! Dislike video.
yoshy 262
yoshy 262 Month ago
And people still believe China got only 81,802 active cases and 3,333 deaths when they seal in 60 millions people and they was not even allowed to get basics supplies. My own opinion is that a 0 at the end is missing from whole official reports.
Vivian Lomotey
Vivian Lomotey Month ago
Canadian Troll
Canadian Troll Month ago
F*cking idiots without masks talking to each other ... no wonder the death rate is so high...
Ka Kuen Wong
Ka Kuen Wong Month ago
Novel coronavirus probably originated in Russia
Naseem Ajaz Shaikh
To every action there is equal and opposite reaction ! Time to self introspect guys ! Hv a nice life ...best wishes from third world !
Athallah Fathur
Athallah Fathur Month ago
Where is Homeless went ?
One King
One King 2 months ago
Spain is doom
phantom page
phantom page 2 months ago
0:38 black guy!!
Callum 2 months ago
vice should run a story about the coverup by the Chinese government and how they lied about everything to do with this virus. The figures coming out of china made people think it’s nothing to worry about. The real figures in China are closer to 40x what they have reported. The Chinese government should be held responsible for the coverup
Riez 2 months ago
Fuerza Espana Vamos!, Amor desde U.S.A
단골이슈 2 months ago
medical team = life savers
Thelegend27 2 months ago
America is next
Victor Andrade Suriano
I found interesting that now Spaniards are playing the victim role. For centuries they purposely have done so much damage to Latin America and currently to some Africans and Muslims that seeing them as victims it doesn't cut it for me. Judgment day is upon them. I do hope their God the one they were so willing to kill for centuries really help them. Spain has so much blood on its hands. GOD have mercy on them. While God can forgive you, we WONT FORGET.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 2 months ago
Wishing I can stay home but I gotta keep working constantly at Walgreens :( wish me luck guys and stay safe y’all 🙏🏽
GhettoBadmintonMTL 2 months ago
"Spain... with one of the fastest growing coronavirus cases in the world" US: lMaO i'll sHoW YOU big numbers
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 2 months ago
Love u all health and sanitation workers..Ur the real angels without wings. Utmost respect n salute...the best part of the videos is at 4:30 appreciation of the people "the
Alex Kien
Alex Kien 2 months ago
sometimes i feel like these moments only appears on games, movies, but now, seeing it infront of my eyes, its feel like a worst nightmare, i wished everything go back to normal soon and best of luck for all countries are suffering from this disease
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 months ago
Thank you to all the healthcare workers around the world.
Future Shaman
Future Shaman 2 months ago
Shoutout to all the farmers who feed all of us!!!
misolou fout
misolou fout 2 months ago
Medicine for this china virus is lies in the lungs of ________.. go find it and save your people.
Albert Ochoa
Albert Ochoa 2 months ago
I'm from Barcelona. But I've had the luck of having dual nationality, currently living in Melbourne now. All my best wishes to the people of Spain. Hope to be able to go there in August
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 months ago
kills more than corona, guess that didnt age well huh.
Varaha 2 months ago
Blame this on the thousands of #Feminists who were protesting which resulted in them contracting and spreading the virus. Feminists have single-handedly killed thousands in Spain.
Varaha 2 months ago
"A gun is a tool, Marion, no better or no worse than any other tool, an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that." Shane (1953)
Varaha 2 months ago
@misolou fout, the WuhanCoronaVirus was the weapon they used to kill everyone. When a gun is fired at persons thereby killing those persons, do you blame the person who fired the gun or do you blame the gun?
misolou fout
misolou fout 2 months ago
kills more than corona, guess that didnt age well huh.
tzz1 21
tzz1 21 2 months ago
Next title corona virus death in the US sky rockets
Solar Red
Solar Red 2 months ago
CCP has been hiding deaths in China they have the highest death in the world..let's get it straight
BIGBOYKDOG 2 months ago
Machismo kills more than the corona virus they said and marched in their thousands and ignored warnings about gatherings , thanks spanish feminists now Madrid is an epicentre.
First Light
First Light 2 months ago
👏 👏 👏 👏👏!!! For all the healthcare workers! Love from USA 🇺🇸! You are national heroes!
misolou fout
misolou fout 2 months ago
Stay strong, stay safe Spain. Prayers from India.
MrArbeter 2 months ago
China has done some extreme damage to the world . The world should come together to wage war against China to overthrow the communist party so people there can have free speech and democracy. This all happened because of communism the doctor who tried to stop SARS got silenced
John Hooper
John Hooper 2 months ago
The whole country in lock down.. And the still this virus is striking so hard.. It just shows how serious this virus is..
The Legacy
The Legacy 2 months ago
They really applaud their frontline workers. In the Philippines, people does the same in social.media only, but tries to avoid them and others go as far as protesting their presence in their own village and wants them kicked out.
Brando Vegan
Brando Vegan 2 months ago
Sad. 😷
A-M-R-O 2 months ago
"We work with masks" Really? How dense does he think people are
miko foin
miko foin 2 months ago
"we working with mask's, gloves, everything" His masks must be camera shy
Kappa2000 2 months ago
Ive got a hospital relatively near me and they are working with trash bags as equipment, no joke
jackson MJ
jackson MJ 2 months ago
Love u all health and sanitation workers..Ur the real angels without wings. Utmost respect n salute...the best part of the videos is at 4:30 appreciation of the people "the gratitude" is like a pill that keeps them going. Love u all n please take care of yourselves ANGELS. Love from India❤
miko foin
miko foin 2 months ago
This WUHAN Virus has f**ked the world up!
jackson MJ
jackson MJ 2 months ago
Hope n pray for speedy recovery Spain. May G-d heal n stop this madness. You Elites you will be overcome soon. Love to Spain from India.
Mike Ross
Mike Ross 2 months ago
These are the same people who chose to go on a rally for womens rights a month ago despite the fact that a pandemic was already declared. Holding up signs like machismo kills more than corona, guess that didnt age well huh.
Blue Blood
Blue Blood 2 months ago
Medicine for this china virus is lies in the lungs of ________.. go find it and save your people.
Blue Blood
Blue Blood 2 months ago
It's not corona virus or COVID-19 , Call it china virus
Shinod 2 months ago
I'm pretty sure that health workers prefer to you do NOT VOTE for parties that WILL CUT IN HEALTH SYSTEM instead of voting and then clapping because they can hardly do their jobs.
miss applez
miss applez 2 months ago
I work with young people. We have no way of keeping them in so they are at risk. We don't have PPE. Can't kerp myself or them safe. They think they are invincible and it's a weapon to use against us as staff. Breaks my heart they have no clue what they are risking. Stay safe people
Anmol Thakur
Anmol Thakur 2 months ago
Deaths are more... they just report it at a steady pace...keeping almost gone people on ventilators.. trying to keep the numbers steady..
Tom Lee
Tom Lee 2 months ago
Still, none of the market workers are wearing masks. Compare this video with Korea and China everyone is wearing masks. If you cannot find a mask make one out of cotton t-shirt is better than nothing. Since this virus can go undetected for several days I think is important for everyone to wear a mask when they interact with others.
annag cocl
annag cocl 2 months ago
Sending love and comfort for the ppl of Spain. We are on our 3rd day of isolation in New Zealand 🇳🇿 Godbless worldwide!
Erik 2 months ago
For those who says "the flu kills more people!!!" Yes, the flu killed more people in the last years however, the flu doesn't kill 800 peple per day, like it's happening in my country! (Spain) You ignorants
annag cocl
annag cocl 2 months ago
my cousin lives in madrid doing X-rays. she doesn't come in contact with coronavirus patients. other types of injuries is her specialty. i hope she will be ok
Jenny Hemfjell
Jenny Hemfjell 2 months ago
1 thing. do the items (facmask ets) that comes from kina, stay in a ''couratin'' before it is jused or is that not needed?
yomoxica 2 months ago
Why aren't the workers wearing fucking masks. Wtf.
Johnny Veritas
Johnny Veritas 2 months ago
Use masks
Jorge Melendez
Jorge Melendez 2 months ago
Thats how the US will end up if we don’t get our shit together. Prob even worse. Just STAY HOME
Elsa Mahari
Elsa Mahari 2 months ago
Forza España
Rituraj Shekhar
Rituraj Shekhar 2 months ago
This WUHAN Virus has f**ked the world up!
Luv1234 2 months ago
I am a nurse and our hospital is getting two floors ready for C19 patients. I am scared too death.
jeff medvin
jeff medvin 2 months ago
Thanks to China for this grim gift.
Ingles Verde Mar
Ingles Verde Mar 2 months ago
*I need to come up with some kind of face shield for this coronavirus.*
faulk ray
faulk ray 2 months ago
GOD is tired of people slaughtering his animals, so he punished the human race, might be a very long time before this is truly over!
Erik 2 months ago
Why are y'all boomer like this?
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 2 months ago
When is the much needed lockdown arriving to Canada🇨🇦? Our government is not doing enough, Trudeau is basically saying that covid-19 will balance itself out
Goofy Goober
Goofy Goober 2 months ago
Let this nightmare be over already. Best wishes to our friends in Spain from Prague!
Jônatas Lucian
Jônatas Lucian 2 months ago
in BRASIL: ruvid.net/video/video-lfebBcJU0To.html
Eduvigis Robaesteras
At 4:23 he really says "that's the way it is", as in it can't really be helped and one has to accept he may have caught the virus.
TheDriftingsmoke 2 months ago
my cousin lives in madrid doing X-rays. she doesn't come in contact with coronavirus patients. other types of injuries is her specialty. i hope she will be ok
Tyrell L ._.
Tyrell L ._. 2 months ago
I live in America ,and I feel like No one is really taking this super seriously.
Marc Garcia Martin
Tyrell L ._. It should, be aware whats going to happen
Don Grand Master
Don Grand Master 2 months ago
The virus epidemic is like a fire in wood, humans are the fuel for the fire to keep raging. Like when firefighting the fire in the wood:, denying fire access by separating it from reaching fresh fuel. Lockdown and isolation are the only viable measure to stop the virus from spreading. The length of such measure globally is dependant on all countries following the same standards in Lockdown and isolation. I am afraid that world must come together and do one Lockdown at the same time.
johan day
johan day 2 months ago
Only the Lord can help us all over the world.
Its sad that Spain is facing so much after Italy and US. But I see people having Faith and no fear. When you walk in Faith God steps in and He will work it out for you. I pray that this virus be gone away from all countries in Jesus name. Amen.
데킬라 2 months ago
end ! mask where?
Addy Adds
Addy Adds 2 months ago
people in the united states need take this seriously and young people inluded
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 2 months ago
Daniel QuiñonezG
Daniel QuiñonezG 2 months ago
amigos saludos.... y vean mis videos y denle like y suscribanse ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
Hero Human
Hero Human 2 months ago
What if all the specialist doctors die 💔
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 2 months ago
In india, we are in lockdown till Apr 15. I thank all the health care professionals around the world. You guys are great.
Hero Human
Hero Human 2 months ago
They need to change the oxygen Gauges and bed sheets or they need to sterilize their rooms etc. Thats how its spreading! When a patient comes in it effects the other.
samogen300 2 months ago
The Germans by time's quirk will emerge as; once again, the manufacturing Giant of Europe. China is next door, get Germany making medical equipment instead of everything else.
alexng4 2 months ago
we wear gloves and mask......right
Frank V
Frank V 2 months ago
They don’t need applauds they need to be well compensated especially nurse assistants they do even more work than the nurse
mateo ito
mateo ito 2 months ago
‘ M A S K S ‘
sylvia mogan
sylvia mogan 2 months ago
The world is at war, we are fighting against an invincible enemy. For information on face masks and corona virus home test kits and hand sanitizers contact Sylviamogan25@gmail.com Stop the spread of this virus please
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