Copper's Surprising Reaction to Strong Magnets | Force Field Motion Dampening

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In this video I experiment with Lenz's Law And Faraday's Law of Induction to generate electricity and magnetic force fields in copper. Check out my sponsor Brilliant for a really fun way to learn! www.Brilliant.org/NightHawk
To read more about Lenz & Faraday's Laws see the following links:
Thanks to all my Patrons for helping me make these videos! A special thanks to my top Patrons: Syniurge, Matthew Leitzke, TheBackyardScientist, Enzo Breda Lee, John Johnson, & Thibaud Peverelli! www.patreon.com/NightHawkProjects
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Jan 26, 2018




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Comments 6 000
Milan Karakas
Milan Karakas 7 months ago
At 1:37, you said "...there is no attraction, nor repulsion...". Wrong. There is attraction or repulsion, depending whether magnet goes toward copper clad or away. Copper is good conductor and magnet generates eddy current, which in turn produce exactly 'mirrored' magnetic field when magnet approaches the surface of the copper. When magnet going away from the copper, you can feel resistance because then magnetic field 'flip'. Still somewhat 'mirrored', but as a 'negative', or in reverse. When magnet going toward copper, north produces eddy current that produces north pole in copper. When you pull magnet from the surface, north pole produces south pole - which attract or as you said - make a feeling of the resistance. When stationary, no eddy current.
sorellman Day ago
+Bitchy_ Bitch! Could you please refrain in the future form using disparaging language. It does not make you look smarter than others. It only brings negative energy into the conversation, no pun intended. Most people are here to learn new things, not because they already know what is being discussed.
Trey Styles
Trey Styles 3 days ago
Well that's blown it!!
George Peterson
George Peterson 5 days ago
+Ken Bellchambers The eddy currents in the metal happen parallel to the metal's surface, and slow down the magnet only indirectly through magnetic field that they produce directed orthogonal to the surface toward the magnet. So, your analogy with eddy currents in a stream is a bit far fetched, but interesting nevertheless.
Frank deluca
Frank deluca 5 days ago
Good Milan, i have been doing all kinds of similar tests...in a way, like double electrode dual power source GTAW welding and other ways to manipulate the arc and make it behave the way i want it to involving copper and magnets...why? cause we can and obviously to weld faster.
A. DUBITANTE 6 days ago
Bitchy_ Bitch! You aptly named yourself. Are you happy with this attitude? I fight being this arrogant for almost 30 years now and find that I'm happiest in those moments when I truly feel that there's wisdom everywhere. As I write this, irritating pictures of persistent idiots I met yesterday pop up in my mind… how is there any wisdom … sigh, must be a bad day.
Is this why aliens want it so bad? LOL
Dennis Crane
Dennis Crane 16 hours ago
Aluminum also does this per L Adams of AZ industries.
Michael Linner
Electricity IS MAGNETISM!
Wilhelm Hesse
Magnets are just amazing, when I was a kid I was completely obsessed with magnets, I would treasure a pair of magnets the same as any Transformer or Thunder cat toy.
Koff Day ago
I found this extremely interesting. Well done.
Aditya Day ago
I am much attracted to your parrot than the boring science class.
Dr. Genie Greentrees
Free power: copper in the ground. Look to the Pyramids ⚠️⚠️⚠️😻
Vinay Goyal
Vinay Goyal 2 days ago
क्या मैग्नेट और कॉपर की इस फोर्स से कोई इंजन बन सकता है
mwgreen9 2 days ago
This is not science....this is sorcery...!!!
Energy Nut
Energy Nut 2 days ago
Your explanation is incorrect. For every action there is an opposite equal reaction. There is attraction when copper is pulled away == and vice versa. But there is one thing I have always wondered about. Can you read a voltage from the copper plates?
maxwell 2 days ago
copper is lava
John Leach
John Leach 2 days ago
You could've gone just a little bit further with inductance. Say, a moving magnet vs stationary, with a bulb. Then, "faster is brighter", etc. Carry on.
Justin Tilton
Justin Tilton 2 days ago
I wonder if you could make a real life hover board like this
Magic Larry
Magic Larry 2 days ago
It’s called Lenz's law
Xolani Ndaba
Xolani Ndaba 3 days ago
So it's just a coincidence that ufo sightings often describe a flying object that levitates and spins in position much like that magnet...?
Nathan Kirk
Nathan Kirk 3 days ago
Cool video, the Caique was a nice addition!
Kevin McDougall
Kevin McDougall 3 days ago
Nando Nando
Nando Nando 3 days ago
Make a cold hot surface with wood and copper coil
cw'slegends 3 days ago
He probably just used wingardium leviosa
Jhay Shanti
Jhay Shanti 3 days ago
basic electricity in alternator........
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson 3 days ago
Liked and subscribed. Your feathered friend did it for me.
Advoko MAKES
Advoko MAKES 3 days ago
Excellent presentation!
Dan Pauls
Dan Pauls 4 days ago
Hangin'Laundry 4 days ago
Great vid and subscribing because of your black-headed caique🤗💓🤗!!!!!
raymond frank
raymond frank 4 days ago
very interesting way to wake up the brain Thank you
Samgab 4 days ago
They could make elevator safety brakes like this, without using any actual mechanical brakes, just using blocks of copper on the elevator, and large magnets near the bottom of the shaft.
Kangen Vo
Kangen Vo 4 days ago
Ted cruiz lil bro actually smart. He should run instead.
Ronald Everson
Ronald Everson 4 days ago
I wonder if Gold would make a big difference konwing that gold is a super conductor?????🙁
GreensOplenty 4 days ago
oh so this is why my childhood idea's for a powerplant wouldnt work...
Jim Fabian
Jim Fabian 4 days ago
Why are you holding a bird?!
john higgins
john higgins 4 days ago
You look just like Ted Cruz
John James
John James 4 days ago
good way to escape a burning building strap on a magnetic jacket jump down a large copper pipe on to a huge pile of empty cardboard boxes
Serpentaria 4 days ago
Wil Wheaton doing educational videos now? Also uploaded on my bday so have to like ^_^
Ed Pooler
Ed Pooler 4 days ago
Rather than a force of attraction or repulsion, there seems to be a force of drag.
Reuben Louis
Reuben Louis 4 days ago
I lost my mind at 00:43 holy cow
Always with the roo
4:15 perfect brainfuck
mas appreciate
mas appreciate 4 days ago
So why not make bullet proof vests that repel bullets?
Крещеный Зверь
Cool :D
Justin Archer
Justin Archer 4 days ago
I'd love to see that field interaction through a FerroCell Lens
The Ghost
The Ghost 5 days ago
That happens with aluminium as well.
Busch Wacker
Busch Wacker 5 days ago
Your videos are awesome, there is a future we haven't found yet but we will....☺
Larry Hunt
Larry Hunt 5 days ago
wilber66 5 days ago
so if roller coasters use this technology to stop. why do car manufactures not use it?
Xolani Ndaba
Xolani Ndaba 3 days ago
Probably because trains and roller coasters run on metal tracks and cars don't...
m. 5 days ago
already more interesting than all illustrations I had in school. Don't know what this says about me or my teachers back then...
Kevin Lenz
Kevin Lenz 5 days ago
Go Lenz’s Law!
Moose Di Pirates
Moose Di Pirates 5 days ago
I think this is the video that re-ignite my passion for electromagnetics
tone burgess
tone burgess 5 days ago
Obviosly not pure copper
Steve Hoeard
Steve Hoeard 5 days ago
Ahhh so that's how they make those ghost/poltergeist videos. Copper and magnets
Ramana R
Ramana R 5 days ago
can you please tell me what's the bird breed that you're holding in the video
NightHawkInLight 4 days ago
He's a caique parrot
2xtream 5 days ago
When the bird poops on the back of your shirt do people wonder?
vladimir shandilya
With silver n gold bar ? In nitrogen
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 5 days ago
Uriah Fawcett
Uriah Fawcett 5 days ago
What if you connected a wire through a diode to another copper plate, then drop magnet on copper plate over and over, to see if you could displace enough electrons from copper plate, to see if it losses values of dampening of a magnet being dropped on it?
George Spindler
George Spindler 5 days ago
This is cool. Thank you
George Peterson
George Peterson 5 days ago
Thanks, this is fascinating to watch. One can also use this effect to demonstrate that energy and momentum conservation are separate phenomena. Even though the kinetic energy of the magnet can dissipate completely as heat in the metal plate and the magnet, the metal plate will get the magnet's full momentum and would bounce slightly if it could move in your video.
HailothGaming 5 days ago
Couldn’t you use this concept on a bigger scale with a few other variables to say maybe land things safer????
Arlequin 6 days ago
Subject located : Iron man repulsor technology trials begin
makusmati 6 days ago
nice vid however I am surprised that you did not use the definition of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in the presentation. Maybe that's for another vid..
HotRodRay 6 days ago
Now if we can get people to realize how common electric wires and radio/cell phones warp brain waves and all electrical impulses in the body.
HotRodRay 6 days ago
Aluminum dropped on an MRI magnet does the same things.
Tommy Reusse
Tommy Reusse 6 days ago
one step closer to building ufos
Conrad Stanley
Conrad Stanley 6 days ago
I'm an old guy who has never seen this and I taught college physics for several years. Thank You!!
HotRodRay 6 days ago
you must be kidding
Wesley Cooper
Wesley Cooper 6 days ago
I would like to see a magnet shot from a shot gun at a block of copper filmed by a high speed camera.
Wesley Cooper
+roidroid either way would be fine with me. You could wrap the magnet so it didn't have direct contact with the barrel wall. I just want to see the magnet or the copper stop from super sonic speed.
roidroid Day ago
Easier the other way around: Fire a copper slug at a magnet. Magnets can be quite brittle (& sensitive to heat also), and may not survive the gun barrel journey.
Dbl Dbl Crossed
Dbl Dbl Crossed 6 days ago
amazes me, and educates me, at the same time.
Mark Almerez
Mark Almerez 6 days ago
Ok, please explain this if you can! You drop the magnet through the tube wrapped in copper wire and the magnet collides into the copper plate at the bottom, however, the other experiments the magnet doesn’t collide into the plate. It appears the example with the tube disproves the previous examples.
George Peterson
George Peterson 5 days ago
Just watch the video more carefully. Pay attention to how the magnet drops onto the copper plate, e.g. in slow motion at 2:36.
DeVon Taruex
DeVon Taruex 6 days ago
"Of course, the electrons were perfectly happy being where they were before the magnet tried moving them around." So, the magnets are big bullies and they don't care what the electrons want. That's really mean.
José da Cunha Filho
Can someone explain to me why 1.7 thousand people disliked this video? I mean, sure, it's not something you fall in love with; it is a curious set of scientific information. But 1.7 thousand people thought: -"I don't like that Copper's Surprising Reaction to Strong Magnets"!! -"It shouldn't have had a Surprising Reaction"!! -"Why was it surprised"?!
roidroid Day ago
+José da Cunha Filho many dont realise they have done it
José da Cunha Filho
+roidroid yes, but if you click again you undo it.
roidroid Day ago
Its common for people to hit it on accident when trying to upvote
Simon Alleaume
Simon Alleaume 6 days ago
Non newtonian magnetic field ? lol
Eugene Minton
Eugene Minton 6 days ago
there is a land speed record for a car, that uses magnets to slow down, i didn't realize that it could have used copper as well to help it to slow down, so ty... they said the magnet was an uber magnet but not a different name... so i assume its like the magnets you bought ...the high powered ones. i tried to find the video again and again, with no success, but thought i'd share.
Eugene Minton
Eugene Minton 6 days ago
levitation threw electrical magnetic field manipulations.. sounds sci fi LOL but its probably what makes high speed trains possible too.... wonder if they can make cars levitate on their own?
BigGlockTV 6 days ago
next video: when i wear this magnetic hat the electrons in my brain can access the 6th dimension
Brian Kopia
Brian Kopia 3 days ago
You go Napoleon Dynamite
Joe Penn
Joe Penn 6 days ago
Enjoyed the video was informative, knowledge shared is a blessing too those with are seeking answers to questions. There are great conversations on this video with great bits of informational knowledge; but, there's some people who are so very Learnid (not sure of spelling here, so those who have greater knowledge please correct if possible), above others people who are working in non related fields or even other intrest are just trying to enjoy an Informative video. We mostly are looking for some information about an issue or item. I really understand why some people get "CRANKY" about another person trying to share information in a self-made video. Mr. or Ms.(What Ever), has a issue in their own lives, (" Mommy and Daddy both tell/told me how Very Much Smarter that I'is ( self example of their personal self) mo better being mo smarter than Everyone Else in dah world; All Others are STUPID PEOPLE who must be unable to learn about IT total meaning of all things that, They Mr. Or Ms.(what ever) only knows about. Bet that (This Person, calling Everyone STUPID CAUSE) has too lie about their own place in LIFE as an Insecure Person. I must ADMIT THAT I AM GUILTY OF CALLING OTHERS OUT AS (stupid ) from time to time. If You continue to repeat what is a LIE and unwilling to understand the Truth, THAT'S STUPIDITY ON YOUR PART, I can we get what were thought to theTruth, I must then state is the Truth. Ignorance is different than stupid. Ignorance is not knowing a fact on a Issue. Stupid is knowing the Fact and refusing to tell the Fact unless you tell the Fact in a lying way to suit your own agendas, fyi Democrats loyalist do this all the time. Life is a Life even before Conception. The Sperm and the Egg are already a live, then Die Off when not used in an X amount of time. But isn't Conception just the beginning of the life of an Idea? Ah look yeap, Ideas spring too Life, so does that Eggs living Yoke (pre-Baby). Any other answer is a Lie ... I had to put 3 periods cause I can't find hugh Period if on this so called SMART PHONE phone. Breakfast is calling me, To everyone God Jehovah says Live Each Other by holding Each Other To the TRUTH IN ALL THINGS. ALL THINGS ARE KNOWLEDGE TO BE FOUND OUT, so seek knowledge and understand what LOVE IS AND MEANS. Blessings to All
Mickey McGowan
Mickey McGowan 6 days ago
You can have attraction and repulsion.. maybe not in magnets but in magnetic attrations 😷
GetWreck 6 days ago
Hello Parrot!
Neil Vermeulen
Neil Vermeulen 6 days ago
Daryl Broyles
Daryl Broyles 6 days ago
I love this stuff!"
Blazing Hart
Blazing Hart 6 days ago
Now you know how the car industry should construct much safer and much efficient car bumpers, which could actually save lives... This also shows how to use copper and magnets in many other areas of technology and even daily life and yet this is not being done ...
Raymond Lorentzen
You did a very enjoyable and informativ video. Thank you!
mikebeartx 6 days ago
For a science/math idiot like me, this was not only entertaining but insightful.
A. DUBITANTE 6 days ago
Absolutely fascinating in and off itself as well as the fact that I'm still discovering widespread stuff like this after roughly 50 years of interest in the world around me! Also: very well done! Love the slight imperfections that does not hamper the effects at all and thus were left to be. Beautiful copper plates, too! And you're friends with a bird, that's good, too. Hurray for inter-species understanding! Bet you won't read this, though, who has time for 6000 comments?!?
ChawenHalo 008
ChawenHalo 008 6 days ago
so that show some levitaion magic tricks are done! Great than you. Lovely bird too.
Scion of Madness
Scion of Madness 6 days ago
This is basic electrical theory 101.
Krishnananda Shetty
I would like to see a complete project in magnetism a small compact power generator or a vehicle.
Jared Linn
Jared Linn 6 days ago
What would happen if you shoot a magnetic bullet at a copper plate would it stop the bullet with out destroying the magnet or the copper plate?
pixelsailor 6 days ago
extremely interesting !
faustdownunder 6 days ago
Pretty good, but I do like the old Lawrence Bragg lectures on magnetism, waves and vibration here on RUvid.
Michael Domingo
Michael Domingo 6 days ago
Not Surprising at all.
M Wing
M Wing 6 days ago
Excellent demo. This principal can be used for many many things in industry. Thanks for your time. :O)
M 998 HMMWV 6 days ago
Eddy current.. The same thing that drives earth weather patterns.
ron petersen
ron petersen 6 days ago
ted cruz... is that you? good god is this shocking. (btw im the biggest anti liberal you'll ever meet in your life) god bless America!
Jose Garza
Jose Garza 6 days ago
Yeah a type of new black government space craft.
Mk Greenwood
Mk Greenwood 6 days ago
Every particle is composed of a north and a south opposing electromagnetic fields. It takes a moment for their alignment takes a moment to happen when exposed to another magnetic field. Think of electrons as tiny magnets with north and south fields rather than as a negatively charged particle.
Gregg Hrebenak
Gregg Hrebenak 7 days ago
Does the weight or surface area of the copper matter? Ex.. 2 lbs of copper would slow a 2 lb magnet or stop it or do nothing.
Gregg Hrebenak
Gregg Hrebenak 7 days ago
Last comment I swear...lol... Sweet shoulder parrot!! Even if it's not an actual parrot. Lol
Gregg Hrebenak
Gregg Hrebenak 7 days ago
Also, what would it be like reversed? Along the lines of magnets in place of the copper in your tests. So many ideas bouncing around in my head. Lol
Gregg Hrebenak
Gregg Hrebenak 7 days ago
Thanks for the video as well. It defiantly got me thinking about many other magnetic clasping ideas!!
William Parker
William Parker 7 days ago
You are awesome
Bartho1omeus 7 days ago
Arrrrrr, yar foul scuvy head!! I am rubber, you are glue.
Abbershay 7 days ago
What if there was something inside The Swinging object what would be the effect on the instant stop inside say there was a little guy in there
Silverpup78 7 days ago
wow this guy looks like Senator Ted Cruz :o)
Kevin Reagan
Kevin Reagan 6 days ago
That's just mean.
Unlimited Creativity
It looks as if the magnet and nearby metal are in some kind of gluey, highly viscus fluid, opposing any sudden change of movement. This is how scientist of the old age described such phenomena. They told us is school that such kind of "understanding" was primitive but to me it looks just natural. I think Nikola Tesla saw electromagnetic phenomena is such a natural way.
Hakan Durmaz
Hakan Durmaz 7 days ago
Hi, I really appreciate you. By the way, I couldnt find that kind of thick cooper. For same result, Is it ok, if I glue 2 thin cooper on wooden plate? Thank you.
Hakan Durmaz
Hakan Durmaz 7 days ago
+NightHawkInLight Thank you in deed for your rapid response.
NightHawkInLight 7 days ago
No, thin copper will not work as well, but you can use thick aluminum instead and that will work.
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