Copper's Surprising Reaction to Strong Magnets | Force Field Motion Dampening

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In this video I experiment with Lenz's Law And Faraday's Law of Induction to generate electricity and magnetic force fields in copper. Check out my sponsor Brilliant for a really fun way to learn! www.Brilliant.org/NightHawk
To read more about Lenz & Faraday's Laws see the following links:
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26 янв 2018

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Milan Karakas
Milan Karakas 6 месяцев назад
At 1:37, you said "...there is no attraction, nor repulsion...". Wrong. There is attraction or repulsion, depending whether magnet goes toward copper clad or away. Copper is good conductor and magnet generates eddy current, which in turn produce exactly 'mirrored' magnetic field when magnet approaches the surface of the copper. When magnet going away from the copper, you can feel resistance because then magnetic field 'flip'. Still somewhat 'mirrored', but as a 'negative', or in reverse. When magnet going toward copper, north produces eddy current that produces north pole in copper. When you pull magnet from the surface, north pole produces south pole - which attract or as you said - make a feeling of the resistance. When stationary, no eddy current.
I am Faiz
I am Faiz 7 дней назад
"How can I apply this in life?" Hmmm
Rocco Reccar
Rocco Reccar 8 дней назад
Fucking nerds
Electro-Cute 11 дней назад
You are kind of missing the underlying reason why this is a part of electrodynamics. The magnets slows down because of how it loses energy to the copper plate. Calling it repulsion or attraction is like calling it attraction and repulsion when your hand is slowed by the friction from moving it trough water. Repulsion and attraction is a release of energy. This is just a loss of the magnets kinetic energy.
Mayank Tomar
Mayank Tomar 11 дней назад
i just studied this stuff in 10th
William Lacombe
William Lacombe 12 дней назад
+Bitchy_ Bitch! you don't beleive in god do you?
clavo 9 часов назад
There's so much here to consider and talk about! Is it right to think in terms of electrical current instead of electron flow ? The connecting of the coil wires "now provides a circuit"? How is a coil different from a solid mass of copper? Is it the orientation of the magnet motion relative to the solid block vs the tangent sliding by of the magnet to the coil? What happens when you pendulate the magnet adjacent to the plane of the solid block?
clavo 10 часов назад
Wonder what happens with electrified carbon-fiber or that new stuff: 1 atom thick carbon sheet. Now I remember: graphene.
clavo 10 часов назад
Very fine video of induction forces. Thank you. The surprise, for me, was in the proffered explanation of EMF perpendicular to magnetic motion.
Demo Unit
Demo Unit 11 часов назад
Ted Cruz has a parrot?
sridhar pemmaraju
sridhar pemmaraju День назад
geepea101able День назад
The exact same effect works with plate aluminum!
Liam Oboyle
Liam Oboyle День назад
I too enjoyed science and engineering science when at technical college
Mmichael Mattingly
Mmichael Mattingly День назад
cool video.. and no adds!!!!!!!!!
santosh kumar
santosh kumar 2 дня назад
It's Amazing you showed something new, and not faked like many peoples do. plz make a video on different types of magnets and their magnetic field directions for spherical, rectangular, circular, circular with central hole for magnets.
Gineral. NET
Gineral. NET 2 дня назад
Круто! 👍😉
802 Garage
802 Garage 2 дня назад
At 1:00 when he drops the magnet on the copper plate, did anyone else literally exclaim "What the f***?!" like I did?
The deck to the 16th power
The deck to the 16th power 2 дня назад
Would the Poly Exclusion Principle be at play here as well, to a certain extent of time?
Darin Johnson
Darin Johnson 2 дня назад
build an ion drive
Phyma 7
Phyma 7 2 дня назад
Guys what if we use iron plate instead of copper or aluminum..I know it will get attracted by magnet..but if we maintain distance between them (by making disc of iron plate and rotating it and keeping magnet very close to it(fixing magnet near to plate)..so can we produce Eddy current on iron plate as well??? please reply
A Drop of Water Salted With Fire
Bird is the WORD!!!
Jordan Wu
Jordan Wu 3 дня назад
lenz's law
J Garcia
J Garcia 4 дня назад
This has got to be how the Pre-Inca megalith cultures moved such heavy blocks around with apparent ease.
baby face
baby face 5 дней назад
I'm also looking for someone from maybe MIT with degree in physics to talk if anyone can help
baby face
baby face 5 дней назад
And everyone know super cooled magnets hover over other magnets.... we can do better (2019)
baby face
baby face 5 дней назад
I can tell you how to create a real hoovering board I emailed Lexus to show them my idea I would like to find someone to understand and maybe help in my project if I ever decide to build it no added power no super cooled magnets
LV 426
LV 426 5 дней назад
Hello! What are the dimension of your copper plates? I'm trying to find some similar ones on eBay. I only can find some 100mmx100mm ones but it seems that yours are bigger :)
LV 426
LV 426 5 дней назад
Thanks ! :)+NightHawkInLight
NightHawkInLight 5 дней назад
They are 6x6x1/2" copper bus bars.
Jucho 6 дней назад
John D
John D 6 дней назад
Very interesting. Not something they showed students of high school or even first-year physics. You may be interested in a follow up on acoustic levitation also.
Red Reddington
Red Reddington 6 дней назад
High five from SSP secret space program
Red Reddington
Red Reddington 6 дней назад
PARROT on shoulder is actually the brains of this operation
Red Reddington
Red Reddington 6 дней назад
Bird in hand worth two in her bush
Lsd Bread
Lsd Bread 6 дней назад
Who disliked?
Paul c
Paul c 6 дней назад
I've always wondered what would happen if you put a magnet inside a hollow copper sphere
JBT-JD 7 дней назад
you should do it in a circle an in a vacume like space so the magnet orbits
Rostislav Komárek
Rostislav Komárek 7 дней назад
Kdo má magnetické divadlo jistě již od dětství chápe popsané.
tonybasquez5316 7 дней назад
I like the bird my lil boy died 3 months ago he was 11 years old thar lil guy Loved me man that was hard
AmA Sculpting and Sculptures YouTube Art Channel
This is amazing! Great video! Where can I find a round copper...I dont know the english name...slab? Thank you😊
AmA Sculpting and Sculptures YouTube Art Channel
Thank you so much! 😊👍now I have to find a seller! 🤗
NightHawkInLight 6 дней назад
It's called copper round stock.
MrRJPMusic 8 дней назад
This is called Lenz's law
Ricardo Solano
Ricardo Solano 8 дней назад
its not because the LED is "very efficient". It is becaus it acts as a resistive load and "eats up" all the power. A closed loop of wire has very little resistance so the current is high
95juansc 8 дней назад
This guy looks like a young Ted Cruz with his beard after the govt shutdown
Chris West
Chris West 9 дней назад
this guy is youngest looking father figure I've ever seen
bill webber
bill webber 9 дней назад
Need to find out if the weight of the copper plate and the magnets combined, when they are apart is the same when the magnets are on top of the copper plate. Weigh the plate, weight the magnets add together. Put copper plate on the scales and magnets on top. Has has this reduced the overall weight of both objects and if so it has disrupted gravity.
Napraznicul Elias
Napraznicul Elias 9 дней назад
what if you shoot a magnet out of a canon of some type into a wall of copper
Lazaro Molina
Lazaro Molina 9 дней назад
Eso lo sabe hasta un niño...
Vamp Lover
Vamp Lover 10 дней назад
Imagine the soft fall technology placed within airplanes? No more crashing !
Mike Ash
Mike Ash 10 дней назад
nice, thanks
Jan Simonsen
Jan Simonsen 10 дней назад
Hello. I was brought here by Lauri and Anni. So glad I did. You have a great channel and a new sub!
Myst Walker
Myst Walker 10 дней назад
This can support the idea of impact-resistance
Trezarius Clyde
Trezarius Clyde 11 дней назад
Water my help
Pradeep Senanayake
Pradeep Senanayake 11 дней назад
Sir I am from Japan. my name is Sena. Very kindly I’m asking you sir I want to know underground gemstone(maybe 30 m or 50 m deep) using tfr 4 long range locater rod (please type in RUvid search bar Tfr 4 Long range locator) then you can get the idea sir.I’m sorry my English
Electro-Cute 11 дней назад
How is this in any way surprising? I mean sure if you know nothing about how electromagnetism works then sure. Beautiful reaction, but nothing surprising.
Saurabh Mishra
Saurabh Mishra 11 дней назад
Cant we design elevators and fire escape tubes based on this? Will this be costly?
Doc savage
Doc savage 11 дней назад
I checked out ebay and they only have copper alloy called tellurian copper? I'm trying to duplicate your experiment but you didn't indicate the thickness of the copper. Would tellurian copper work? Thickness of copper?
NightHawkInLight 10 дней назад
Tellurium copper is the name of the alloy. It is 99.5% pure. It will work fine. The plates used in this video are 1/2" thick.
xyzbobboy 11 дней назад
Is it not Back EMF induced into a conductor with a complete current path?
Mico Wikström
Mico Wikström 11 дней назад
7:09 RIP earworm.
William Parson
William Parson 11 дней назад
I bet there is about 60 minutes of cut video. Caiques like to talk back when they are not the center of attention!
Lbolting005 12 дней назад
lol, Fake & Gay! This guy is definitely a fake & gay scientist 👨🏼‍🔬 🥼🧪🧬🧫
thqp 12 дней назад
Now I want to go buy chunks of copper and magnets. thanks.
William Lacombe
William Lacombe 12 дней назад
Could this b y it takes a silver bullet to kill a werewolf?
CNN 12 дней назад
Ted Cruz is into science.
Dale olson
Dale olson 12 дней назад
Snow flakes will never see this
Kerylorbs Multidimensional
Kerylorbs Multidimensional 12 дней назад
Wow! This is amazing.!
Ed Feldman
Ed Feldman 13 дней назад
Very interesting. I am very interested in electro magnetic fields and electricity flows creating fields and current being induced by magnetic fields. Thanks for you informative demonstrations .
Jim Shepard
Jim Shepard 13 дней назад
It is witchcraft, I tell you! Witchcraft!!
ArcSmith 13 дней назад
If you vibrate the copper plate up and down fast enough would it levitate the magnet?
Enomias Maui
Enomias Maui 13 дней назад
There is no video of iron nitride magnet supposedly more powerful than neodymium magnets and dosn't use any rare earth.
l ironface53 l
l ironface53 l 13 дней назад
Weird flux but ok
Inviting1word 13 дней назад
The parrot doe... I love it when concors do that head shake thing.
Aaron Kennedy
Aaron Kennedy 13 дней назад
What's the scientific explanation for why your parrot is so cute?
Tee 13 дней назад
“Many of you know that it has to do with electricity” Me: yep, electricity sure. I definitely knew that...
Godz Clan slay
Godz Clan slay 13 дней назад
Nothing is not magnetic
D Hrishik
D Hrishik 13 дней назад
I like learning science by experimenting practically
Ivan Romaniuk
Ivan Romaniuk 14 дней назад
God bless you!
stetkal 14 дней назад
Wow! Thanks for sharing.
Jeff Boelter
Jeff Boelter 14 дней назад
Very cool, thank you.
kram sdrawde
kram sdrawde 14 дней назад
TheyCalledMeT 14 дней назад
i guess this effect isn't strong enough to exploit it for some crash dampening functions?
ser_ser_i 14 дней назад
All is Parrot's law.
Aditya Wicaksono
Aditya Wicaksono 15 дней назад
Wait, did you mean neo is made of copper?
robert stepien
robert stepien 15 дней назад
Bush Camping Tools
Bush Camping Tools 15 дней назад
Hi you have such a great channel and yes Brilliant is great too!
Jet Blake
Jet Blake 15 дней назад
I love your bird. Cute little guy
Bobby Boucher
Bobby Boucher 15 дней назад
It's induction.
Peter Santos
Peter Santos 15 дней назад
If you studied middle school physics you’ll know that this happens with almost any metal
squee222 15 дней назад
This phenomenon is what got me first into electronics. 15 years later I'm now an electrical engineer :) still love this!!
Arjan Plantinga
Arjan Plantinga 15 дней назад
Can you put a weight on the magnet and still raise it?
Christian Thomas
Christian Thomas 15 дней назад
This has nothing to do with inductance. It is the low electrical resistance of thick copper plate that provides the damping (energy dissipation). Yes, current is 'induced' in the plate, and in the coil, but it still has nothing to do with inductance, which is resistance to rate of change of current. In fact, if your coil had a higher inductance, the effect you see would be reduced. You can confirm this by putting a single closed turn (a bit of snugly fitting copper pipe) in place of your coil and you will find the effect is even greater. You really shouldn't be teaching people about things you don't properly understand. It is simply misleading them.
NightHawkInLight 12 дней назад
I'll leave you with this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faraday%27s_law_of_induction &: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenz%27s_law
Christian Thomas
Christian Thomas 15 дней назад
+NightHawkInLight It doesn't, I'm afraid. You seem to be conflating induced current with the property of inductance. Your use of the word resistance is confusing and might, I fear, reveal your lack of understanding. Inductance is a reactive impedance that rises with frequency. The higher the rate of change of current the higher this impedance is. The impedance is described by Z = 2.pi.f.L (or wL) and the inductance itself can be extracted from the formula V = L. dI/dt. Neither is of relevance in the phenomenon you are demonstrating here. (Z is impedance, V is Voltage, L is inductance, f is frequency and I is current in these formulae. w (omega) = 2 x pi x f) What is happening here is that the magnetic slug has a certain kinetic energy and as it approaches or passes the copper plate, or windings, it induces a current in the plate. The plate is an excellent conductor so the current is high and dissipates the energy very quickly. That energy has to come from somewhere so the slug slows down. It is the very fact that the plate has such a low inductance that allows these high rates of change of current to happen. If it had an inductance , as I tried to explain above, the currents would not be so high and there would be less slowing down. What you have here is essentially a loudspeaker in reverse. The magnet is moving instead of the coil but the system is the same. At all frequencies, but particularly for this illustration, at resonance, the motor system of the loudspeaker provides damping. Imagine the cone is about to overshoot its mark but the back EMF generated in the coil produces a current that flows through the coil and the circuit is completed by the output impedance of the amplifier (perhaps an additional 0.1 ohms) and the energy goes to heating up the coil. The cone stops where it is supposed to, fully described by the Q of the resonance. Sure, the coil has an inductance, but it is an unwanted characteristic of this system and is, in any case, not significant at low frequencies. It will start to have a significant impedance only once you get above 1kHz or so. Viewing the system as one magnetic field opposing the other is not very helpful; from the perspective of getting numbers out of the system so you can quantify what's happening - that is far better done looking at the back EMF - and because that is not exactly how it works either. Of course there is an element of this (and it still has nothing to do with inductance) but the system is more complicated than you assume. In fact the magnet will also produce less B field under these conditions than it would statically. If you would like to test whether inductance has anything to do with it I can propose a very simple experiment. You can measure the inductance of your coil around the acrylic tube with an LCR meter. If you put some magnetic material (preferably non-conductive) around the outside and perhaps the sides of your coil then you will increase its inductance significantly. Ferrite or iron dust rings around the outside and on each side of the coil will do the trick.. These would usually be used for winding toroids on. When you try the experiment again, with perhaps 4x the inductance, you will find that the slug falls through faster, not slower. This is because the inductance OPPOSES the fast rise in current and less energy is dissipated in the coil. Inductance is exactly what you don't want in your system. It is not a primary characteristic of the system. I will finally add that the copper plate, or even concentric rings of the copper plate, have almost no inductance at all.
NightHawkInLight 15 дней назад
Without induced current there is no induced magnetic field, which is what causes resistance to the incoming magnetic flux from the magnet. Inductance has everything to do with this.
larry Euthanazor
larry Euthanazor 15 дней назад
#NightHawkInLight i got a question, i want to build a 5 or 6 feet healling pyramid at home, with copper pipes etc , i wonder if: if i electrify inside the copper sticks (with 1.5 bateries for exemple), and around the pyramid (strings) . the question is, i would like to put a cap on the top, what metal should i use, if i wanted to make it levitate? like adding more energy difused through the copper with my own body. can someone explain this science, making it simple cause i don't know much about it, and i don't know very much in electricity lol ready to understand and do, but my knowledges are limited in this field cause i stoped school at 14 (french schools are shit lol) . and i learned everything myself including english. would be nice to have some support :) anyone?
bluegold21 16 дней назад
There seems to be a contradiction to the second law of thermodynamics. Energy can't be destroyed but must move from one form to another to create a reaction. So from where are the electrons in the copper plate purging that energy? There must be energy created to appease the force of gravity which is always attractive thus cannot add to a repulsive force. So where is the energy holding the magnet away from the gravitational field coming from?
NightHawkInLight 16 дней назад
Dropping the magnet releases potential gravitational energy. That energy is converted into electrical current as the magnetic field passes through the plate. The energy was supplied by lifting the magnet in the first place.
Lohan Cindy
Lohan Cindy 16 дней назад
Like an old man’s penis, it knows it wants to but it just can’t
Elijah S
Elijah S 16 дней назад
so is this how those old fasioned circus acts were the preformer catches a bullet in its mouth
Dokkasan 16 дней назад
Awe, cute bird! Is that a love bird?
Anthony D
Anthony D 16 дней назад
Wow freakin wow
Manu Stark
Manu Stark 16 дней назад
I need more friends like you
Andy Dawson
Andy Dawson 16 дней назад
Or that copper isn't 100% pure copper.
Brother Mark
Brother Mark 16 дней назад
Interesting 👍
Alex K.
Alex K. 17 дней назад
junbert paquibot
junbert paquibot 17 дней назад
Robin 17 дней назад
Why not use aluminum replacing copper? Results?
john messersmith
john messersmith 17 дней назад
I'd like to build a magnet run boat motor for a 8 foot boat
josh shawver
josh shawver 17 дней назад
Hey dude! This was so much fun to watch.. I would really enjoy trying some of the same experiments. I have a six year old daughter and I know she would love to see some of this stuff in action. Where did you get your copper and magnets from? This seems like SO much fun. Subscribing now :)
NightHawkInLight 17 дней назад
All on eBay. The magnets are n52 grade. The large pieces of copper can be hard to find, but aluminum will also work.
John sarab
John sarab 17 дней назад
I feel 12 y.o. again.
Laura Jane Klug
Laura Jane Klug 17 дней назад
I majored in Physics and loved your video!
M A Q U E Z 17 дней назад
Neo does that in the first movie
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