Copper's Surprising Reaction to Strong Magnets | Force Field Motion Dampening

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In this video I experiment with Lenz's Law And Faraday's Law of Induction to generate electricity and magnetic force fields in copper. Check out my sponsor Brilliant for a really fun way to learn! www.Brilliant.org/NightHawk
To read more about Lenz & Faraday's Laws see the following links:
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Jan 26, 2018

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Comments 6 092
Milan Karakas
Milan Karakas 11 months ago
At 1:37, you said "...there is no attraction, nor repulsion...". Wrong. There is attraction or repulsion, depending whether magnet goes toward copper clad or away. Copper is good conductor and magnet generates eddy current, which in turn produce exactly 'mirrored' magnetic field when magnet approaches the surface of the copper. When magnet going away from the copper, you can feel resistance because then magnetic field 'flip'. Still somewhat 'mirrored', but as a 'negative', or in reverse. When magnet going toward copper, north produces eddy current that produces north pole in copper. When you pull magnet from the surface, north pole produces south pole - which attract or as you said - make a feeling of the resistance. When stationary, no eddy current.
define what the field of resistance is made of and how it works for me?
Martyr Messiah
Martyr Messiah 3 days ago
Learn how to produce a sentence that makes sense , please.
Las Vegas Drones
Las Vegas Drones 6 days ago
I am Faiz antigravidic propulsion perhaps? Free energy devices maybe? Or in the everyday products you might find in your how..dunno. Just guessing.
Las Vegas Drones
Las Vegas Drones 6 days ago
Jeff Moore I’m curious are you a geneticist? I would love to know where I could get this information without putting myself in debt up to my genetically flawed ears...thanks in advance
Frederick Douglas
Frederick Douglas 5 hours ago
I'm construction something using copper plated magnet and kinetic energy as power source your video is very help
Robert Holland
Robert Holland 7 hours ago
Super conductor
일본어선생 7 hours ago
5:06 wow
WhoAreYou 8 hours ago
where can i get copper blocks?
Chris T.
Chris T. 10 hours ago
So you're saying if you added an on/off switch to the copper wire coil, you could turn the "slow down effect" on and off?
Chris T.
Chris T. 7 hours ago
​@NightHawkInLight Thanks for the reply. I just have one more question/comment. You say at 4:42 that roller coasters use electromagnets for braking. That is simply incorrect. They in fact just use fins of copper/aluminum alloys that travel in between permanent magnets. Sorry to nitpick. Loved the video. Thanks for replying! Cheers, Chris
NightHawkInLight 8 hours ago
jadekayak01 23 hours ago
Copper is non magnetic. You must introduce a moving magnetic field and it will generate a magnetic field due to electricity
Fred Fredricksen
Inductive reactance
Mike Batashov
детский лепет.
Paul K
Paul K Day ago
There is conversion of gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy. As the magnet enters the coiled wire at 2.43. The plastic support is bent as the coil resists the movement of the magnet.
Mmm 333
Mmm 333 Day ago
Is there anything you can di with the bismuth and copper?
Are You're trying to say school wasn't any funny?... You're absolutely right!
SporyYT 2 days ago
Fizyka jest piękna w praktyce, gorzej z jej nauką :D
Steven Meadors
Steven Meadors 2 days ago
This is not pure copper, its an alloy.
Petro Phishhed
Petro Phishhed 3 days ago
I setup a row of quarter sized magnets and they’re setup to oppose each other. Use duct tape to squeeze them together in opposition. I got a 12 magnet row barely stuck together using this method. I was told a few of these around the belt line will place a magnetic field around you repelling 5G gig freqs. Is this valid?
Better TV Reception WITH Foil Fedoras!
Electro-magnetics defy gravity, so I guess that means gravity is electromagnetic?
Jensen Day ago
not sure if your joking or not, but if your not then answer is no, lenz law applies when gravity is taken out of the equation and is a result of conservation of energy
Suckmi Giant Throbbing Toe.
Steam, water, Ice. Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity
Werner Pszoniak
Werner Pszoniak 3 days ago
The best, the parrot.
Ted Baxter
Ted Baxter 4 days ago
2:28 must be one of those 101 lb pull magnets from walmart. I bought a pack of 6 small , disc magnets and could only get 230mV from the coil . The magnet I have won't move metal sitting a few feet away.
Chess music Theory
I wonder if the copper and magnet interaction could be used in such a way to break through the wall in a perpetual rotation device. Just a thought
DreamBeliever365 4 days ago
Man buddy. Kept my attention. Incredible job
koolerpure 5 days ago
curious what would happen if we lined run ways with thick copper and put those strong electric magnets in the planes and used it as a anti crash system, it'd super expensive but i wonder
Martyr Messiah
Martyr Messiah 3 days ago
How is electric magnet field going to fly into another magnetic field? Wouldn't that be 'gay' energy?
Las Vegas Drones
Las Vegas Drones 6 days ago
So what if you mixed the copper with something else???
Las Vegas Drones
Las Vegas Drones 3 days ago
Martyr Messiah that makes absolutely no sense. Unless this was a joke.
Martyr Messiah
Martyr Messiah 3 days ago
What if you have copper blood, like me.
saeed 0c
saeed 0c 6 days ago
that was breathtaking :)
Fascino93 6 days ago
This is how the human body moves along the surface of Earth. The copper wire is our circulatory system and our nervous system is the magnet. Anti-gravitational propulsion via human body😂😂.
Viktor Martinez
Viktor Martinez 6 days ago
This is how UFOs work
STOYAN tube 6 days ago
I have one question, can we have the opposite thing, that we stop copper with magnets, or we can just stop magnets with copper?
Martyr Messiah
Martyr Messiah 3 days ago
What magnets?
Вася Поляков
Прикольна сделать посадочную полосу для квадралета😁
Sigmund Q. Freud
Sigmund Q. Freud 7 days ago
This is what Bill Nye would look like if Bill Nye wasnt a complete douche bag.
Safdar Iqbal
Safdar Iqbal 7 days ago
plz let know this : if you replace copper with silver ( or carbon / graphene ), will magnet behave similarly or even strongly as silver is a better conductor of electricity ?
Ted Baxter
Ted Baxter 7 days ago
2:51 - That must be plenty of wire. I have a coil about 1/4" thick. With Magnet 7 (6 of them) I was able to get 70 mV from it. I guess I need more wire and possibly a larger magnet. I get more voltage with more windings and small thickness wire - 200 mV
robert mccully
robert mccully 7 days ago
This is why the bible is only one book and covers what god thought important. It would take a million trillion books to explain the laws he set in the universe.
Majora 7 days ago
Ah, so you believe out of fear. As is typical. You are terrified of death so you invent stories to keep the eternal night at bay. I pity you.
robert mccully
robert mccully 7 days ago
@Majora You may want to study the physics of energy. It can not be destroyed. But it can be changed to another form. Death is not final.
Majora 7 days ago
I am not concerned with what your god thinks, enjoy your fantasy.
robert mccully
robert mccully 7 days ago
@Majora He heard you.. Your day will come as has all before us.
Majora 7 days ago
Your god is, at best, flagrantly incompetent. At worst, wantonly malevolent. Not worth worshipping in any case, especially going by the contents of the bible. Which version of the Bible, by the way? King James perhaps?
RyanP 7 days ago
i want to see a magnet get shot at it at high speed!
Grackle2012 7 days ago
Dude don't freak out but there's something on you.... Oh shit! You have a nerd stuck to you feet. Fly bro! Get out of there!
Jason Pettit
Jason Pettit 7 days ago
Well that's it,we can spin two magnetic fields counterclockwise,then heat and spin Mercury,and that will give us lift,now we are Time Traveling ,
coverme im moving
Please watch Boyd bushmans anti gravity video. Only 9 thousand people have seen it so far
ETX Sports
ETX Sports 3 days ago
September 20 area 51 ehh
coverme im moving
Actually people reading this my name is Rachael Miller. My grandpa was not a liar and the public needs to know that. Please watch Boyd bushmans videos and remember the name beacuse Chances are RUvid’s will take this down after I post this comment. Please watch as many of his videos as you can before they are taken down. Fuck it . I’m saying this for you grandpa. You are gone but not forgotten
coverme im moving
It’s a way to make electricity 😂
coverme im moving
Check out Boyd bushman. He was my grandpa. He would show my family this trick when I was a kid . Love you grandpa. The world is listening now ❤️❤️
coverme im moving
Check out us super scientist Boyd bushmans you tube videos on anti gravity. Boyd was my grandpa. I love you grandpa!!!!
gary granato
gary granato 7 days ago
i was "willing" the bird to poop on his shoulder :)
c M
c M 8 days ago
What if you fired a copper bullet down a channel lined with strong magnets?
D R 4 days ago
Google Lenz's law :)
shrikman 7 days ago
Try it and post the video :)
Krishna Vamshi
Krishna Vamshi 8 days ago
What if we Wear a magnet in bag and fall on copper plate from 10 feets .do we survive
Raif Tadehara
Raif Tadehara 8 days ago
Cute bird
Back EMF does entertaining things....
Duilio Avendano
Duilio Avendano 8 days ago
Trollpatsch 8 days ago
does it work with Silver and Gold to ?
Stephen Balogh
Stephen Balogh 7 days ago
Theoretically even better because both are better conductors than copper. However, it works well with aluminium also, but a little heavier gauge is better than Copper, and it is lot cheaper than all of the others as well as much lighter. Alu is still used in most induction motors' rotor for squirrel cage...
mediumstudio 8 days ago
levitation and then an awesome bird at the end? 100 thumbs up!
Pritam Das
Pritam Das 9 days ago
Can we oscillate a magnet on that cylinder you have connected the LED..???
Pritam Das
Pritam Das 9 days ago
Who the hell was that on your hand....Lenz or Faraday.....???😅😅
David lee Rendon
David lee Rendon 9 days ago
how about a plate of gold?would it work with gold?
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