Copper's Surprising Reaction to Strong Magnets | Force Field Motion Dampening

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In this video I experiment with Lenz's Law And Faraday's Law of Induction to generate electricity and magnetic force fields in copper. Check out my sponsor Brilliant for a really fun way to learn! www.Brilliant.org/NightHawk
To read more about Lenz & Faraday's Laws see the following links:
Thanks to all my Patrons for helping me make these videos! A special thanks to my top Patrons: Syniurge, Matthew Leitzke, TheBackyardScientist, Enzo Breda Lee, John Johnson, & Thibaud Peverelli! www.patreon.com/NightHawkProjects
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Jan 26, 2018




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Comments 80
Milan Karakas
Milan Karakas Year ago
At 1:37 , you said "...there is no attraction, nor repulsion...". Wrong. There is attraction or repulsion, depending whether magnet goes toward copper clad or away. Copper is good conductor and magnet generates eddy current, which in turn produce exactly 'mirrored' magnetic field when magnet approaches the surface of the copper. When magnet going away from the copper, you can feel resistance because then magnetic field 'flip'. Still somewhat 'mirrored', but as a 'negative', or in reverse. When magnet going toward copper, north produces eddy current that produces north pole in copper. When you pull magnet from the surface, north pole produces south pole - which attract or as you said - make a feeling of the resistance. When stationary, no eddy current.
StarSeed 2 months ago
Bitchy_ Bitch! This is so u. I love it !!
StarSeed 2 months ago
Thank you Milan. This information will work well with my new pyramid project. 🙏
WENDELL HAMMOND 3 months ago
Get picky you said copper clad he said copper plate word picking we can all do that careful of being over critical you are not perfect either
Pizzagulper 3 months ago
This is correct, although you could have worded it in a way that doesn't make you like a jerk.
JEFF BRANSKY 3 months ago
Milan Karakas There is no magnetic attraction between copper and a magnet, period. The phenomenon exists only when one or the other material is in motion, within a certain distance , which generates a magnetic field. No motion, no field, no attraction.
Work Jeff
Work Jeff 13 hours ago
You know this guy was pissed the day Ted Cruz grew a beard.
Sunil Nair
Sunil Nair 20 hours ago
Plotical parties ki to khaal udhed Di hai. Woh bhi phone pe. Roflmao lambi baatein. Subah savere Jai Sri ram bol ke inke gaand todts rehta hu. Mere se kehte hai me bohat khatarnak. Hu. Do minute ke liye main rat. Network band. Bas yehi hote hai. Uss se zyada Inn Ma ke lodo ki Bas ko Baat nahi hai. Roflmao
Sunil Nair
Sunil Nair 20 hours ago
Mujhe aaj tak Samjh nahi aya duniya ke Sabse chutiye mere phone pe kya karte gain. Usme American mere desheale hai England ke hai Russia ke hai. Ye Jhaant karte kya hai. Lund. Spanish. Abey karte ho kya. Chut marai. 🤣 Chote se lendi hote hai. Itni Baat karte hai. Muh pe thappad marne ka mann karta hai. Abey kuch nahi hai. Mene hi inko update kiya hai. Dekhne ke liye kya meri phone udda denge. Koi EMP generate karenge. Ya batter overload karenge. Woh sab to badi sat lul update kar rahe hai inko feeling mangta. Power ka. Lund bhi na hai. Roflmao
EternalDensity 2 days ago
I was gonna ask "so what if you fired a magnetic pullet at solid copper?" but then I saw your Magnet Cannon video on the suggestions bar.
Эдуард Лутков
Such method of braking can be used on aircraft carriers. It can prevent a cars collision also.
Perry Night
Perry Night 2 days ago
Maybe this some how powers UFOs.
Prashant Jain
Prashant Jain 3 days ago
along with the laws, one can also search for eddy current as well😊. That will explain a lot.
BehrooZ Abshar
BehrooZ Abshar 4 days ago
from PERSIA ArmeniA Israel with Passion
Robert Watt
Robert Watt 4 days ago
Ha very good, so now you are learning how aliens fly lol very good keep going, but I'm sure they are or have already, if we are watching this it's very old news.
Amit Maddheshiya
Amit Maddheshiya 6 days ago
entirely new for me
statorworks 345
statorworks 345 6 days ago
It's nice that the resistance is proportional to the speed and how close the magnet is. Seems good for a motion control algorithm 🤔
Ryan 6 days ago
How would this work with liquid copper?
siddhesh thakare
siddhesh thakare 7 days ago
2:17 he very nicely made use of copper plate at bottom to save the magnet
bangmeister2012 8 days ago
Maybe thats how alien craft work. Something that pushes off of the earths magnetic poles
Chris O
Chris O 8 days ago
Can the Earth's copper can be used to create some kind of levitation craft
A R 8 days ago
Hi. I love and enjoy watching your video and of course your cute parrot. Thank you, you are an amazing guy
TinusTK 9 days ago
so glad this popped up on me feed, great video awesome to understand and have visuals. keep it up dude
Robert Swift
Robert Swift 9 days ago
Very interesting, thank you.
Sam McFadden
Sam McFadden 10 days ago
I’m here from TKOR and this was very interesting. I’d never heard of Eddy Currents before this
Meron Esho
Meron Esho 10 days ago
What would happen to the light bulb if the magnet was going even faster. I'm talking like 5 straws worth. (PS. Just put one of those copper things or a pillow at the bottom to stop it from getting damaged
philip gray
philip gray 11 days ago
maybe cars should use this on the front and back bumper bars. magnetic front bumper vs copper rear bumper no more accidents
Tuyen Tue Nguyen
Tuyen Tue Nguyen 12 days ago
It's the same with throwing a copper at a magnet. Can this phenomenon be used to land the aircraft?
STOIC 13 days ago
Copper is magnetic, slightly magnetic. But it does interact with magnets. Copper is Diamagnetic, The magnetic lines of force tend to go around them instead of through them
Morris Bawit
Morris Bawit 15 days ago
Magnet: “I cast featherfall”
Sam McFadden
Sam McFadden 10 days ago
Imagine Feather Fall III with this in real life
Jonas Beach
Jonas Beach 17 days ago
Neo was made of copper! That explains a lot!
D.J. Valentine
D.J. Valentine 18 days ago
fire, air, water, and earth, fucking magnets, how do they work?
LeviTheEntity 18 days ago
0:50 it's called eletromagnetivity the magnet creates an eletrical current that passes through the copper When that happens, the copper behaves like a magnet, because of the magnetic field created by the eletrical corrent
Engineer 12 days ago
Ryan W
Ryan W 18 days ago
If you shot a neodymium bullet at a lump of copper, do you think the copper would cause it to stop mid air, just before it hit the surface? Of course... while being heated by a larger amount?
Baby Driver
Baby Driver 18 days ago
Everybody notice the magnet spin as it closes the distance before contact? My guess: The opposite direction of the electron movement?
David Voss
David Voss 18 days ago
Try an episode on possible solutions for anti gravity
Faizul Islam
Faizul Islam 20 days ago
i just wish he had a LINK for those copper plates!! especially the circle disc ONE
Samuel Jacob
Samuel Jacob 23 days ago
Good to watch.
maxaviles1993 25 days ago
I got a random question can this be use for your car for your brakes I feel like it could work?
tanacz 25 days ago
That's a UFO.
umar gul
umar gul 26 days ago
Well done
Thien 27 days ago
What gauge wire was used in the experiment at @2.30 ?
Papaya wali vs smiling hoor pari
That parrot deserves a like....
Scott Seddon
Scott Seddon 27 days ago
Do you need copper plates that thick and magnets that large for this type of experiment?
Wanderly Oliveira
Wanderly Oliveira 27 days ago
Lenz law: " direction of the current induced in a conductor by a changing magnetic field is such that the magnetic field created by the induced current opposes the initial changing magnetic field."
Murray Halbert
Murray Halbert 28 days ago
Why do some people think that they can do an "AMAZING" video by treating everyone like they are stupid( politically corrected " uninformed")!! A moving or a variation of the magnet field produces an ELECTRICAL current in all metals. A metal that produces an electrical field also produces a MAGNETIC FIELD!! Usually opposite which is know by CMF "Counter Electromotive Force". Soo explain why copper and aluminium are used in transformers!!
olaf biessen
olaf biessen 28 days ago
is there a difference between metals concerning the Force field motion? wich metal has the lowest reaction ? or do you have a list?
Sergio 28 days ago
Coloca sustitutos en español si puedes grasias
William Paul Penney Jr.
be a little pricey but have you tried it with gold i'd like to see how it differs, is there a better conductor than gold, that's not toxic or radioactive you could try
Dan Month ago
Thank you Ted Cruz
AnArtistsWorks Month ago
Love your channel for years and copied some of those projects and love it
hicham aziamimer
Kevin Hegarty
Kevin Hegarty Month ago
Very cool
scarletspide Month ago
I didn't know this, but a lotta people say I have a "natural ability' for science". They say these things. So i DID know this but didn't. We have the best magnets and copper plates, and we're doing great things with them. Tremendous. #voteforme2020
Barb currie
Barb currie Month ago
China dog ,Marlets
Teja teja
Teja teja Month ago
Where are you country
iron man 1979
iron man 1979 Month ago
Science is naturally amazing to learn. But schools spoil it.
Victor Landry
Victor Landry Month ago
Yes!...finally!,now this is true and proper science at its best! Unlike pseudo sciences like geology, theoretical and Astro physics which are based on biased and unprovable guesses and assumptions! this is true science which is tried and true and is based on unchanging repeatable facts! Thank you!
Anttu Murikka
Anttu Murikka Month ago
is it possible make copper magnet like iron magnets are?
angle delaghetto
So we can have free electricity if we have a magnet doing 360 by it self so it can generate electricity
banjo pariah
banjo pariah Month ago
you've just subsequently debunked every telekinetic and paranormal themed video ever! I Love your content
Apivich (TinTin) Leekanjana
why is this in my chemistry test
Apivich (TinTin) Leekanjana
@Thanisorn (Jinseok) Park thank
Thanisorn (Jinseok) Park
ur mom is beautiful
Thanisorn (Jinseok) Park
bcoz u stupid
imnewtothistuff 2 months ago
If you use Wikipedia as a source of information you are an idiot.
EVERYTHING 4 U 2 months ago
thanks dear
Kapitän Harlock gosch
ufo electromagnetic sistem
C J Bowen
C J Bowen 2 months ago
never mind brilliant or a big mac i just want your pet bird. its awesome
Prettser Alexey
Prettser Alexey 2 months ago
Just imagined the electrons beeng perfectly happy...
#1 Tako
#1 Tako 2 months ago
This actually looks remarkably similar to a superconductor just on the edge of losing it's superconductivity.
Sokha Sim
Sokha Sim 2 months ago
Makes me think of a magician with telekinesis.
eldigitom 2 months ago
Fantastic! Who would've known?
Aditya Sonar
Aditya Sonar 2 months ago
Which magnet you use???.. .!
Jason Chahine
Jason Chahine 2 months ago
IE: eddy currents
Mad T scientist
Mad T scientist 2 months ago
I know this is a old video but that Force could be related to piezo electricity where the electrons have nowhere to go
Asian Support
Asian Support 2 months ago
Has anyone told you that you look like Ted Cruz? 5:55
Kimera 2 months ago
"You are telling me I can dodge Magnets?"" "No. I'm telling you is that if you are the copper I believe you are, then you won't have to"
Caleb Ivey
Caleb Ivey 2 months ago
that is so cool. i been having a rough time trying to figure out how a magnet will react with copper when its just the 2 materials. you helped me out a lot when you did the reaction that generates power. tho its a small amount, that just gave me the enlightenment i needed lol. thanks!
basspig 2 months ago
You get a like because of the parrot.
hobo killer
hobo killer 2 months ago
Could they use this for elevator breaks fails? As in the normal cable or motor break causing the carriage to free fall. Placing 4 magnets at the corners of the carriage with thick copper plates along the sides for the final floor with 4 plates directly under the corners at the bottom of the shaft. Would this work as a backup to slow and safely bring the carriage to a stop?
Martin K
Martin K 2 months ago
this is only simple exjenge of difrent form of energy
Matias Angelico
Matias Angelico 2 months ago
No matter how fast the magnet goes it will always stop?
NGM _ 2 months ago
Lovely video. though I most ask. Arrrrrr ya a pirate?
M0rph ology
M0rph ology 2 months ago
Expressive eyebrows
Ionut Cristache
Ionut Cristache 2 months ago
Mihai Vartejaru m-a adus aici.
dot suk
dot suk 2 months ago
How about gold?
cahydrojet 2 months ago
I was not expecting the bird
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