Copper's Surprising Reaction to Strong Magnets | Force Field Motion Dampening

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In this video I experiment with Lenz's Law And Faraday's Law of Induction to generate electricity and magnetic force fields in copper. Check out my sponsor Brilliant for a really fun way to learn! www.Brilliant.org/NightHawk
To read more about Lenz & Faraday's Laws see the following links:
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Jan 26, 2018




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Milan Karakas
Milan Karakas Year ago
At 1:37, you said "...there is no attraction, nor repulsion...". Wrong. There is attraction or repulsion, depending whether magnet goes toward copper clad or away. Copper is good conductor and magnet generates eddy current, which in turn produce exactly 'mirrored' magnetic field when magnet approaches the surface of the copper. When magnet going away from the copper, you can feel resistance because then magnetic field 'flip'. Still somewhat 'mirrored', but as a 'negative', or in reverse. When magnet going toward copper, north produces eddy current that produces north pole in copper. When you pull magnet from the surface, north pole produces south pole - which attract or as you said - make a feeling of the resistance. When stationary, no eddy current.
Tinker Cooper
Tinker Cooper 15 hours ago
@MRBIGDADDY JOE that guy isn't that smart himself. Anytime some start thinking their smart, And everyone else is dumb. Truly shows their ignorance. One should never stop learning. Wisdom is never ending. I hope I continue to learn new things. As long as we are willing. We will continue to learn. Wisdom is a great thing but when one thinks they have it. They have just became nothing more then arrogant. learning doesn't stop. Some just know more sometimes about different subject's, they have learned. Hopefully we will never stop learning. Amen.
Gregory Kellerhals
I gone on this one, but what must the transmitted sound of the wire amplified through speakers and it's frequency? 'at time of vibration'. Would it be gaged on the strength of the wire, or should it have a change in temperature? "less conductivity". Sorry I don't take reply.
Technical AC
Technical AC 11 days ago
Lenz law
unusual subject
unusual subject Month ago
@Jeremy Mettler rofl
Jacob Romano
Jacob Romano 5 hours ago
5:50 Hmmm this video is quite interesting and he's a nice g... WAITWHAT
Yuki Hotta
Yuki Hotta 5 hours ago
it is impossible to not like science after watching this
Drake Haarper
Drake Haarper 5 hours ago
Mainstream science have yet to realize how valuable copper is -
Tinker Cooper
Tinker Cooper 16 hours ago
Everyone should wear a Copper Bracelet. Also good for Arthritis.. And will help keep with all these tower's They're puttin up everywhere. for G Wifi..
Drake Haarper
Drake Haarper 6 hours ago
Since our bodies generate electricity when moving, what about wearing copper infused spandex?
James Rush
James Rush 17 hours ago
Since the magnet floats above the copper plate without any added EMF, what would happen if an electric current, A/C or D/C were to be added across the copper plate?
Robin Gardella
I hate science and math, but I love your little parrot!!
Cannon Melville
This was a fun video. It is always interesting how people play with things in different ways. Just a couple of things. The circular currents you talk about are called eddy currents. This is something I know about as it works with eddy current motors called SLIM or Linear inductions motors. This technology is not new but people are looking at it again. You are right this is used for braking or motion but people don’t use copper that often.
Tanthien Nguyen
Optionator Recht.....Nach Minuten & Sekunden selber Schuld. L....
Tanthien Nguyen
Wenn man sich ein Datei oder ein Files......Sorry, man kann sich es Öffen.......Wie man sich wollen......Je nach Lust & Läuner..... Sturrheit macht es mir Lächeln Kinders
Tanthien Nguyen
Wünsche ich Euch alles Vaters & Opas.....Wohl Zufrieden & Lächeln bis Bauchschmerzen können......🤣😃😅😂😆
gpr Arthur
gpr Arthur Day ago
If you can fit in front of and behind the car, there will not be many people who die in the car accident. Really great! I have tried this method before. If you can design automatic charging, you can also rotate it to create a flying saucer like a satellite!
dumb shit
dumb shit Day ago
Green screen Its just a joke
Johny Rocket
Johny Rocket 23 hours ago
Are you afraid of what you don't understand???
I am almost in love with you. AND then at about 5 minutes in I see how handsome you are, (and your little bird, too!!!)
Jeff Birdman Spencer
✌😎👍 cool, love the caique
Jorge Couttolenc
Jorge Couttolenc 2 days ago
Excellent video
John Hatt
John Hatt 2 days ago
now with these laws couldent one make a elcetomagnetic feald around them self or an object and stop bullits or is it difernt when the coper is smaller and the magnetiks are from and electo feald
Joseph DESTAUBIN 2 days ago
He says there are many different types a power plants, but most are attempting to get a magnet to cross wire (or vice versa), but I can only think of solar as the singular exception to this mode of generating power. Even nuclear power just heats up water that pushes a turbine that pushes magnets through wire.
Art Mills
Art Mills 2 days ago
Vary powerful magnets will have the same effect on aluminum and other metals, though not as pronounced, due to lower conductivity. I once worked at a facility that had a very large superconducting electromagnet. It was interesting and entertaining to see how aluminum soda cans, coins and other items behaved in it's field.
Art Mills
Art Mills 2 days ago
Just about the time I think I know everything about a subject, I learn something new.---Me.
Keith Haycraft
Keith Haycraft 2 days ago
I was wondering if this worked on aluminium, thanks for answering that question for me. Cheers.
The copper is not pure, almost no man made metal is 100% of anything they are made of many filler metals
NightHawkInLight 2 days ago
The copper is alloy C11000, which is 99.90% pure copper.
M Asynaps
M Asynaps 3 days ago
do the same demonstrations while video recording with thermal camera to show heat map caused by the interactions of the magnets and copper.
Chris Michalkow
Chris Michalkow 3 days ago
Our planet is 1 BIG magnet, right? So shouldn't all copper FLOAT? EVERYWHERE! All is falsehood. 😄 Learning? You know little! Again? You who are editing, it is your ending! Foul thinking pigs!!!!!!
Donna Spear
Donna Spear 3 days ago
Are you a pirate? Love the pretty bird. Animals just distract me...what did you say? I just re watch this.
Frank Nakamo
Frank Nakamo 4 days ago
Electromagnets donot exist, because electricity doesnot produce magnetic energy(force) of any kind.
PowerHour 4 days ago
How much did those copper plates run ya?
qabeer haq
qabeer haq 4 days ago
You told about neo power
Solar Car Project
Leon Smith
Leon Smith 5 days ago
Super conductive material is stabilised by crystal sapphire structure when levitating over magnets I wonder if this would work with two magnets?
Hrsplit Hr
Hrsplit Hr 5 days ago
What’s with 2 fucking adds at the start of every video?
NY Nicky Scala
NY Nicky Scala 5 days ago
Now I Can Have a Beer! Scheeeech!
Kevin Zeichner
Kevin Zeichner 5 days ago
There's a bird sitting on your right hand.
Markita Seldon
Markita Seldon 5 days ago
question.... would this work on other materials? Could the Earth's magnetic energy be tapped into to move heavy objects to build large structures?
Markita Seldon
Markita Seldon 4 days ago
@- \//\/\ - if you haven't already.... watch the documentary on you tube "The Revelation of the Pyramids" My mind was blown, there was a technology that we don't yet understand that allowed the ancients to build these large stone structures all over the world. And the most famous ones located in several different countries are lined up orderly along an earthly magnetic line. And they all are built around the golden number phi. And line up with the earth's equinoxes. it's like a huge millennial time clock or something. Pull up documentaries on how to harness the Earth's magnetic field... and how Tesla was on to something before he died. It can be used to create energy enough to levetate enormous objects im sure. Wishing i was a mathematician right now...lol
- \//\/\ -
- \//\/\ - 5 days ago
I like your thinking... 💭🤯🤔🧐 🗿
Franz Huber
Franz Huber 5 days ago
the electrons of the copper plate have to pass through the magnetic field. thats whats slowing the magnet down. call it electric impedance. :)
Bogdan N
Bogdan N 23 hours ago
Actually, the variable magnetic field (the magnetic field increases as the magnet gets closer to the copper plate) creates an EMF (electromotive force) which "pushes" the electrons in the copper plate and they start moving in an orderly fashion (an electric current flows through the plate) because of copper's high electrical conductivity, but this current creates a "reactive" magnetic field, which pushes the magnet away from the plate.
Maxi Bma
Maxi Bma 6 days ago
This is dope
Roelof Jan
Roelof Jan 6 days ago
i'm curious about the magnet copper resistance proporties in relation to she shape and sizes.. what aspect or size ratio is needed to have that effect prior of impact.. does the braking effect get stronger if the copper has more mass or maybe i'm derailed in some sense.. i mean this would make a flawless breaking system.. say one takes a firemen pole descend daily from the first flloor back down ..the pole is copper.. now how bigwould the magnet have to be to make a steady safe fluid decend for a person .. does the pole alignment matter?
linguist2k 7 days ago
Excellent demonstration of the phenomenon, and excellent video presentation of the demonstration! But one minor correction, for the record: Neo stopped the bullets in mid-air in the FIRST Matrix movie. :)
Hector Omares
Hector Omares 7 days ago
Los ET al parecer manejan muy bien el electromagnetismo ...La verdad
majesticblue 8 days ago
There is not such thing as an 'electron'. Stop saying flowing electrons.
Glenn Sprigg
Glenn Sprigg 6 days ago
magesticblue You just want attention ??... Ok.... You are a fucking ignorant imbecile. Get off of daddy's computer, or go to some moronic Flat-Earther site. Should suit your brain !!!
Armaggon O
Armaggon O 6 days ago
Then what do you prefer to call it? Teslas?
TheReindeer TheRabbitTheBat
So... (theoretically) could a solid copper projectile, (such as a Barnes Tac XPD bullet) be slowed enough to become "non-lethal", with a large enough magnet? (Like, a super giant, electro magnet?) I'm sure velocity would be a determining factor, (the slower the better), but would bullet size & weight be just as important? Seriously, I'd like to know... I'm very interested. If anybody knows something, leave me a reply. Thnx 👍
Kay Direction
Kay Direction 9 days ago
Wow, that's why ISS is full of copper, I guess😀 Thanks for the video.
Daniel Coplin
Daniel Coplin 9 days ago
So copper and North Korea are =, resistance to change
Prajwal Dsouza
Prajwal Dsouza 10 days ago
Makes sense why Magneto wears a copper helmet
Sun Caprio
Sun Caprio 10 days ago
can copper stop a strong magnets bullet or cannonball?
Kan Kan
Kan Kan 10 days ago
thanks for practical demo of Faradays law
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 10 days ago
Try it with aluminum. It was originally used for wiring homes in the beginning as a conductor, but was too dangerous as it would catch fire due to high voltages. This is why we use copper and have circuit breakers, they're purpose is to protect the wire only. I can only imagine how gold would react to the flux as it is highly conductive over copper. Ohm's Law definitely applies to this experiment as well.
BtechSavy dot com
BtechSavy dot com 11 days ago
How can we use the earth's magnetic field to levitate airplanes?
ryan olson
ryan olson 4 days ago
We can't.
shri singh
shri singh 11 days ago
Thank you: nicely explained Faraday and Lenz's laws
Newtown 1602
Newtown 1602 12 days ago
So dat mean murder is over all u need is a magnet bullet proof vest
Gerd Kah
Gerd Kah 12 days ago
very intresting and well visualized - *liked* maybe i should subscribe - _hmm_ ... 5:49 oh a parrot! - *subscribed*
Jason Raser
Jason Raser 13 days ago
That will induce
Despite fabian
Despite fabian 13 days ago
I love your parrot make a video on it trust me people getting millions of views by doing this
Brenda Garcia
Brenda Garcia 13 days ago
I don't under stand if the copper wire is touching each other made into a coil what makes the diffence by touching the two end's together when the whole thing is touching ??
NightHawkInLight 13 days ago
It's insulated wire
Jody Clemons
Jody Clemons 13 days ago
what would happen if you used a Newton's Cradle and balls where magnetized and pass that through a copper tube ?
John Runion
John Runion 14 days ago
It's basic electrical theory that a counterelectromotive force is produced when the copper atoms are intersected by a magnetic flux, and it is proportional to the strength or density of that flux.As the flux density is directly proportional to the distance,you can see the strength of their interaction (repulsion)increases as distance decreases,slowing the descent ever more rapidly.
Me 14 days ago
This is one of my favorite youtube videos
genaro roman jr
genaro roman jr 14 days ago
Intelligent pets= intelligent people.
Bobby Hay
Bobby Hay 14 days ago
Cool bird
mr sugar
mr sugar 15 days ago
When the magnet levitates and lands it looks like the gravity around it just vanishes for a seconf
Naman Sharma
Naman Sharma 15 days ago
Copper is diamagnetic
Humble YoungKing
Humble YoungKing 15 days ago
Nope the copper does not have gravity.
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