Cooling off? Swedes turn flooded station into swimming pool

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Fun-loving Swedes turned a flooded train station in Uppsala, a city near Stockholm, into a makeshift swimming pool.

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Jul 31, 2018




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Comments 7
Jim Schuck
Jim Schuck 20 days ago
I'm all for fun, but flood water is full of bacteria.
Some Random stranger you decided to look at Idk why
I was going to Denmark to visit my grandma and grandpa we made it to Sweden and it was flooding we got out just in time
Rob Gonzales
Rob Gonzales 2 months ago
Wonder if pewdiepie went swimming
LmfaorozMinecraft 8 months ago
I'm more worried ABT what if an electric current suddenly went through
Karl Year ago
People are celebrating because it was the first rain in three months and the entire country was burning in forest fires. They don't have time to care if it was clean.
Mohammad Doofesh
Mohammad Doofesh 2 years ago
It must be true that Sweden is exceptionally clean and pollution free.
Gaia Verita
Gaia Verita 2 years ago
Dirty water, what about diseases by contamination? Crazy people....
Rob Gonzales
Rob Gonzales 2 months ago
I dont care about diry water
Mr Sandman
Mr Sandman 2 years ago
Gaia Verita Cassano Well it has been 30°C for the whole month, can't blame them from finally celebrating the rain after all that. Personally hope none of them had any cuts while walking down there, yikes.
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