Cool Tech Under $50 - November!

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Holidays are coming up! You know what that means...time for some new cool tech gadgets under $50!!!
🔥 Crazy Headphone Stand: amzn.to/34kTeu9
🔥 Lumee RGB light: bit.ly/LumeeRGB
🔥 Carved Wireless Charger: bit.ly/carvedcharger
- use code FRANKP for $10 off
🔥 Razer Firefly V2: amzn.to/2PF7KsG
🔥 Cololight 7 pack: amzn.to/2N7Awkg
🔥 Cololight 3 pack: amzn.to/36oR2Uh
🔥 Cololight Single: amzn.to/2WxseVK
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My Setup Gear! www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-24d38060
My Camera Gear:
• BlackMagic URSA Mini Pro Camera: amzn.to/2DD1nSt
• Sony A7III: amzn.to/2PXglog
• Sigma 18-35 Lens: amzn.to/29vcOZD
• Sigma 50mm: amzn.to/2YAKsVT
• Manfrotto Tripod & Head: amzn.to/29vcRVi
• Sennheiser MKH416 Mic: amzn.to/2iOo9bV
• FalconEyes LED Light: amzn.to/2NxS72a
• Rhino Slider: amzn.to/29vcKt0
FTC Disclosure: Amazon links provided are linked to my Amazon Affiliate account & support the channel at no extra cost to you.

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Nov 2, 2019




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Comments 80
DarkToxin 10 hours ago
vego TV
vego TV 3 days ago
2 Eis mit Kahamell
Tyler Donnelly
Tyler Donnelly 11 days ago
I want to buy everything he reviews
Inacio Marques Marques
dude, idk how you get it right but your vids always out a smile on my face, whether i can afford the stuff or not :)
Chris Solis
Chris Solis 23 days ago
This guy looks like UFC`s Colby Covington's son.
fares bennabi
fares bennabi 24 days ago
Gavin Margret
Gavin Margret 28 days ago
Is there a button on the back of the cololights that let you change the color manually without the app? Because I can’t download the app.
FriedToaster 64
FriedToaster 64 28 days ago
You have really cool wallpapers can you please link them in the description?
Gerry Seynaeve
Gerry Seynaeve Month ago
Hello. Nice video. Does the cololight remember the last settings when turning off by power? So when it is connected to a dumb switch.
Xtinct_SpecTral Month ago
I have pretty much the same thing as the first one and let me say just fucking but it. It is SO useful
TC_ Leader
TC_ Leader Month ago
Guys there’s something you can buy instead of the razor firefly it’s a battletron mousepad from action
Langlaless Clips
Are you playing on a fricking I M A C
randomfrankp Month ago
Hoang P Nguyen
Hoang P Nguyen Month ago
Whats your headset??
Superman Corndog
I love how it says tech under $50 even the thumbnail is something that is $50 that’s not under $50
randomfrankp Month ago
Enderx YT
Enderx YT Month ago
R J Month ago
I'm just going to go ahead and glue that wireless charger to the back of my phone.
Air force boss
Air force boss Month ago
is the music what i think it is??? on replay
trippo Month ago
I used to have a razer viper which I loved. then one day I dropped it and the scroll wheel broke. I panicked and I adjusted the scroll wheel the look like it was fixed. i returned it to best buy that way. i really want another one and that part when you showed it off along with the firefly v2 killed me.
Nicholas Perez Camacho
4:44 mouse pad on mouse pad
Guthrie Melchiade
3:41 does it come with the bee?
Swamp _
Swamp _ 2 months ago
Were did you get the extra large mouse pad? I have a friend that would love that pattern!
Mystic_ Acorn05
Mystic_ Acorn05 2 months ago
Headset stand
aphorixx 2 months ago
#putting them down below. Me: WHERE BOI?
Aaryan Mohammad
Aaryan Mohammad 2 months ago
Random frank’s pp
Justin's World
Justin's World 2 months ago
You promote useless trash that wastes money.
randomfrankp 2 months ago
Thanks for watching ❤️
Ciserio 2 months ago
i only watch you for the IM RANDOMFRANKP... in the deep voice you say it in lmao lmao
Truman Needham
Truman Needham 2 months ago
Giveaway: I really like the Multi use 6 port light headphone stand
H 3 months ago
Finally, a reasonably priced nanoleaf alternative
KennyInYourPanties 3 months ago
I swear this guy has a full basement to keep all this stuff
Joy Lopez
Joy Lopez 3 months ago
What’s is you’re mouse pad called
ctrl 3 months ago
Lxcky DSC
Lxcky DSC 3 months ago
Or maybe the light panels idek ._. in poor
Lxcky DSC
Lxcky DSC 3 months ago
I know I'm really late on this video but can I cop that FFv2 please?
pxv. 3 months ago
3:27 im more interested in that wallpaper than anything else
pxv. 5 days ago
@GREG SNITZES ZAMORANO yeah i got it now.
It's a topographic map
pxv. Month ago
yeah i was already on my phone and on youtube but thanks
Christian J
Christian J Month ago
@pxv. first of all that reply was hella fast and I just reverse image searched a screenshot and found it Supposably "nomad topography wallpaper"
pxv. Month ago
Christian J no :(
ApexMind 4 months ago
The razer firefly v2 works only with optical tracking mouse NOT laser tracking mouse
Vashti Perry
Vashti Perry 4 months ago
I love touch lamps
Matthew Gibson
Matthew Gibson 5 months ago
Bro shut up
BunnyBabyXI 5 months ago
I need that Monitor Link please
Ace S
Ace S 5 months ago
Added to shopping list!
Hashim 5 months ago
👇🏼The amount of times he says “and stuff like that”
Robby Hoonigan
Robby Hoonigan 5 months ago
Hey frank where did you get that custom black /gree band for the arctis pro headset i have those too
Khantho 5 months ago
Bro what’s your iPhone wallpaper??
mrJesper a
mrJesper a 5 months ago
4:00 plz somebody, what's that monitor stand
Ace 5 months ago
Just me who doesn't like rgb on perphierals?
JAYRODD C 5 months ago
Did I spot a little burch folder in there? Thought it was a spyderco chubby at first glance
Aramis 5 months ago
What headset Is that? Looks cool
RobbyRoberts91 5 months ago
I hate you bro, the most of gadget is not available in my country T.T
randomfrankp 5 months ago
Not my fault
Michael Solis
Michael Solis 5 months ago
That headphones stand is gonna be my next purchase. Thanks.
Foxy Boi
Foxy Boi 6 months ago
Puts an rgb light band under an rgb light band When he shows off the rgb light band
Senho 2 months ago
RGB intensifies
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 3 months ago
Kyan 6 months ago
At 1:39 I thought he just broke it.
Kaiden Wells
Kaiden Wells 6 months ago
5:22 you don't need a mouse bungie if you have a wireless mouse.
Simon Carlen
Simon Carlen 5 months ago
Yea but wireless mice have a shitty delay
Jacob 6 months ago
That lumee light stick would be dope
Davidson750 6 months ago
i would like to have the "Cololight Single" because i dont have any RGB decorations on my room and because someone give the Google Asistant and well, i donta have to much to do with the Google asistant so im san for my situation of bad luck :(
Jason McGrath
Jason McGrath 6 months ago
That headphone stand is sick. Would use that for my gaming set up I am building
Jason McGrath
Jason McGrath 6 months ago
And those hex lights whaaattttt.
Liam Martin
Liam Martin 6 months ago
watching this always makes me want to spend my money.
Gforce 3 days ago
You guys are getting money?
Robloxer Itachi
Robloxer Itachi 17 days ago
I have no money :(
DJ Miles
DJ Miles 25 days ago
Xtinct_SpecTral Month ago
Liam Martin hell yea brother
SniperStealth66 Month ago
Danyl Fernandes
Danyl Fernandes 6 months ago
Been watching this guy since 25k subs and damn this guy has stayed awesome
Teraen Seewai
Teraen Seewai 6 months ago
The wireless charger is awesome ngl
Kross Pestano
Kross Pestano 6 months ago
I would really like the hexagon lights because I’m moving houses soon &’ would love those for my new setup
Quade 6 months ago
The wireless charger is sick but ik I won't be allowed to get anything
Dylan Young
Dylan Young 6 months ago
That mouse pad would be a god send I’ve been needing one for a while
Alexandre BONI - FINCH
Bro I love those lights on the wall
Adam Siyala
Adam Siyala 6 months ago
Can someone PLEASE help me find the monitor stand he uses at 6:49 ?
Pajyma Paul
Pajyma Paul 6 months ago
Yes I love hexagon lights very yummy mmmm good yes gimme
Sir Charles
Sir Charles 6 months ago
That wireless charging pad looks awesome, I'd totally want one if I had any products that use Qi charging. But I don't, so those hexagon LED panels are my top pick of the video. Way more reasonable price than the nanoleaf ones.
Sophia Ott
Sophia Ott 6 months ago
I really need to add some passaz to my setup and the cosmologists would be perfect. I subbed, liked and turned on notidications
trihgola 6 months ago
I realy love the rgb lightwand! I’m new into fotografi and looks like a cool detail.
CoolJosh29 6 months ago
My friend has the corsair ripoff of the firefly, that's why he can't aim
Nick Gunn
Nick Gunn 6 months ago
i have that too and u can't flick up or else you wack your mouse on the raised section of the mouse pad
funkydiscoduck 6 months ago
i have a carved phone case! love em!
Cheffrey4 Twitch
Cheffrey4 Twitch 6 months ago
Those cololights are super cool! They seem like a great addition to any streamers set up for much cheaper than the nano leaf!
tobyhr 6 months ago
Just to remind you but I really would like the cololights 😉
SynTaco 6 months ago
what game is he playing?
life is short smoke a port
what is his wallpaper for his phone i need to know
Frank D'Aiello
Frank D'Aiello 6 months ago
Why does he sound like one of those narrators on those top 10 lists
Bertilber 6 months ago
i liked the cool lights, i like your vids there are giving me a edgucation in tech. Have a Nice DAAY!!!
DomessZ 6 months ago
I need the mousepad, because I don't have a mousepad
TTV Spryt
TTV Spryt 6 months ago
That Firefly V2 is sick I love the RGB on it!!
Peter Moree
Peter Moree 6 months ago
goddamn the wireless charger is sick, would love that
George platt
George platt 6 months ago
I’d love the firefly. My mouse pad is so old
Spoon Cape
Spoon Cape 6 months ago
I really like the lights, looks like an awesome gadget for my gaming setup!
evn 6 months ago
That wrist light is cool
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