Cool Tech Under $50 - January!

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First episode of Cool Tech Under $50 is here for 2020! Kick off the new year with some cool tech gadgets 🔥
• Adonit Photogrip: amzn.to/37Pqhs6
• Dragon Grips: amzn.to/30bZcww
• Digital Word Clock: amzn.to/30956i8
• Charging Dock / Speaker: amzn.to/2NaxyuP
• Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: amzn.to/2R8dbPY
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My Setup Gear! www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-24d38060
My Camera Gear:
• BlackMagic URSA Mini Pro Camera: amzn.to/2DD1nSt
• Sony A7III: amzn.to/2PXglog
• Sigma 18-35 Lens: amzn.to/29vcOZD
• Sigma 50mm: amzn.to/2YAKsVT
• Manfrotto Tripod & Head: amzn.to/29vcRVi
• Sennheiser MKH416 Mic: amzn.to/2iOo9bV
• FalconEyes LED Light: amzn.to/2NxS72a
• Rhino Slider: amzn.to/29vcKt0
Music: Yomoti - "Before Chill"
FTC Disclosure: Amazon links provided are linked to my Amazon Affiliate account & support the channel at no extra cost to you.

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Jan 11, 2020




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Comments 80
Erick Enciso
Erick Enciso 16 hours ago
Wallpaper link?
Iris Day ago
The adonit photogrip and the digital word clock are over A$200 in AU Amazon. wtf ..
omar el meligy
omar el meligy 2 days ago
where'd you get your wallpaper?
Assasin of Eire
Assasin of Eire 12 days ago
i would love any of these as gifts, and would giveany of these as gifts for others. great video
SilverSpoonHunters 12 days ago
Yey wena! We're not here to play games. Stop playing games 🤣🤣... I'm just kidding bro. I'm new here. What's good?
maxie iv
maxie iv 18 days ago
love the video, but maybe dont add games? i feel it would be great to stick to tech
Chatteers 23 days ago
FYI! I think your Photogrip link is wrong. Keeps sending me to a Smart Watch.
K.Ruedger 24 days ago
Frank, I just want to let you know I purchased some dragon grips per your recommendation and they reached out to me because we are related but never met. So thanks for the recommendation on the product.
DigiplayW8 24 days ago
if anybody sees this comment, can somebody explain to me why in all of his videos, his iphone has the strange words on the lock screen. like "POWER" "VOLUME" "DATE" "TIME" "NOTCH" "STATUS" "CARRIER"
Luce Salome
Luce Salome 25 days ago
How many wireless chargers do you need to have too many?
Rokuro.sensei 25 days ago
Can anyone recommend speakers I need it to have a red light
Jahmez 27 days ago
Ayyye listening to Aesop good man.
Stewart Davenport
Stewart Davenport 29 days ago
Hello, great video.
oliver hughes
oliver hughes 29 days ago
The clock comes up with no search results
Oof Yikes
Oof Yikes 29 days ago
Shout out to Aesop Rock
oliver hughes
oliver hughes Month ago
I cant find the clock
7ani Month ago
Are all the links correct? Because I've clicked the photogrip link and it's a watch 🤷🏾‍♂️
1ST General
1ST General Month ago
Time traveled back to suggest adding toilet paper, face masks and hand sanitizer wipes and anything else you need for the near future and sell your stocks and get out of the New York metropolis area
Captain weird7211
these videos help me a lot
Jose Vazquez
Jose Vazquez Month ago
If only you knew
X-BBGUNNER283-X Month ago
X-BBGUNNER283-X Month ago
X-BBGUNNER283-X Month ago
X-BBGUNNER283-X Month ago
Sc00z Month ago
4:36 i need that wallpaper!
Oscar Yanez
Oscar Yanez Month ago
Plz no games. What makes no sense. It's tech. Not games . Again tech. Not games!
Jackson Draper
Jackson Draper Month ago
Nice Aesop Rock plug there!
Bibek Gurung
Bibek Gurung Month ago
Don't include games. They are all same priced depending on the release date.
KloDemonitzed Month ago
2:47 Ah yes the best product for assholes that cant simply give the time.
Jacksxn Month ago
game slaps
Guide For You!
Guide For You! Month ago
WOW! Awesome🙀🙀
Metalblaze124 2 months ago
I think you should stick to random tech stuff. Gaming is a huge market and requires attention, not just a shout out. By the way, I finally subbed lol
SmokeTMG 2 months ago
Where can i buy this black rubix cube? Can you send me a link pls? ( 2:35 )
Scais 2 months ago
Alternative series title: "Random tech under $50"
Franklin Cuadrillero
it would be nice if you can also label the item so we can follow and check the prices ourselves.
Sher Anki
Sher Anki 2 months ago
Your video and the gadgets are cool, however, I wish they would design a wireless charger for a phone with a case on. I have an Otter Box on my phone, and I have to remove it twice a day if I want to use the wireless charging. Have you seen one for a cased phone?
datgamingboy 2 months ago
yes more game
Oscar S
Oscar S 2 months ago
Knew I liked something about Frank.....he likes the misfits.
Loke Brejcha
Loke Brejcha 2 months ago
I probably won't be able to get them now because of the coronavirus
romeo carlos
romeo carlos 2 months ago
such a ittle hottie lol
JGK 2 months ago
No more games pls, this is a Tech under 50$. First of all, Star Wars is 60$ and second, IT ISNT A GADGET!
Its Sweaty
Its Sweaty 2 months ago
Thanks for making these videos. These are really cool!
August Bjørnsti
August Bjørnsti 3 months ago
5:13 sponser
Nidal Babu
Nidal Babu 3 months ago
I liked the bluetooth speaker and wirless charger because i can use it and charge at the same time
Tyler Skaflestad
Tyler Skaflestad 3 months ago
What wallpaper is he using
LIMA461 3 months ago
Spoiler: the game flopped when he crushed the things at the end
TheWobblyEmily 3 months ago
non of this interest me and i'm doing awful and I just wanna feed my shopaholic urges do distract myself :(
Orshova 3 months ago
I prefer the game and tech reviews to be separate. Just my opinion. I love the Cool tech under $50 vids. Helps me find some neat products out there. thx
claydo reed
claydo reed 3 months ago
You would have got 5 stars but then you added the game :(
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith 3 months ago
It's ok to do sponsor video's but a videogame from EA, c'mon .. that not Cool Tech.
Modern Canadian Tech
Love the aesop rock shoutout
psykofreq 3 months ago
No interest in game reviews.
iHexify - Fortnite Mobile
The techs are actually so sick! Best one was probably the charging dock
Ivan Stefanov
Ivan Stefanov 3 months ago
big up for that Aesop Rock Impossible Kid play :)
Antonio Austin
Antonio Austin 3 months ago
photogrip price just went up to $60 -_-
Drew Dewey
Drew Dewey 3 months ago
The meaning of excellence lies in you.
Drew Brees
Drew Brees 3 months ago
Yeah the game killed it I thought it was gna be something interesting
Kody Woodring
Kody Woodring 3 months ago
The photo grip is 59.99 =(
Kody Woodring
Kody Woodring 2 months ago
@randomfrankp Heyyyy is 49.99 again!
randomfrankp 3 months ago
It was under $50 when I bought it, seems they hiked the price 🤷🏻‍♂️
Decide 3 months ago
i wanna know what that matte black rubiks cube it
Milk Man
Milk Man 4 months ago
Love the man, frank 👍
Roosevelt Dudley
Roosevelt Dudley 4 months ago
A family should love you for who you are.
salem abo
salem abo 4 months ago
You must play Nier:Automata it will blow you away🤯
Sanjid Rahman
Sanjid Rahman 4 months ago
Honestly when I see cool tech under 50 I actually expect techs and not games...just for games u can start a side thing where you review games but don't include it in a tech video unless you feel like there spots left on the list and you have a game you enjoyed extremely to not put in...
Games For Noobs
Games For Noobs 4 months ago
Which episode had the FRICKING LED LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amir S
Amir S 4 months ago
Frank: And it doubles as a wireless charger! Me with a 6s
Dom smith
Dom smith 4 months ago
Don't add games! The series is good as is, as we already know about the games!
dapple88 ,
dapple88 , 4 months ago
AlexIsSalty _
AlexIsSalty _ 4 months ago
2:32 I see you, Frank, it's ok. I have problems solving them too.
Tanner P-P
Tanner P-P 4 months ago
Did anyone else notice that he’s listening to Hybrid Moments by the misfits... Skulls is my favorite misfits song.
Omer Shakoor
Omer Shakoor 4 months ago
add games or have a separate series for game recommendations
Mr.angry fala
Mr.angry fala 4 months ago
Ya review the game that is great idea plz continue
vedran 4 months ago
my wireless charger broke recently so im in the market for a new one and the one you showed looks really great, and it can be brought anywhere its so cool.
CRΔZΨ βΩI 4 months ago
Dont do games plz. Ur other vids are GREAT as they are
Erick Kim
Erick Kim 4 months ago
Yup. No go on video games. Video games have an entirely separate community and place
Swiftie 4 months ago
I like the tech content, but thank you for trying something new.
LittleWhole 4 months ago
Damn the word clock is cool haha
BlueJundo 4 months ago
That game is good, but if you want to play a better game try Sekiro.
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas 4 months ago
I don't know why everyone hates the games thing, I think it's pretty cool
Alex & Dennis Challenge
If your in to photo grafik videografik or pornografik
Haeyzel 4 months ago
yoo that wallpaper for the lock screen looked sick! can you link it?
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