Cool idea ! Do not throw away scraps of wood !

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Today I am making an interesting project from scraps of oak wood!
I really hope that you will like it!
Friends, my name is Vanya! I am the author of the channel HandCraft.
On this channel I present everything that I have done with my own hands.
Creative ideas, useful tips !
We turn simple things into unique ones! Subscribe, it will be interesting! #craft #wood #diy

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Mar 31, 2020




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HandCraft Month ago
Today I am making an interesting project from scraps of oak wood I really hope that you will like it! Waiting for your feedback!
Camryn Curry
Camryn Curry 3 days ago
I feel dumb now that I saw the rest of the video -_-
Camryn Curry
Camryn Curry 3 days ago
What is it? Sorry if I sound rude I just don't know :)
Nick T
Nick T 3 days ago
@RockIsland Rides You can't find a Belleville washer? Seriously?
Surgame B518
Surgame B518 10 days ago
Geau, Deutsche beschreibung, aber in den komentaren sich dann als deutscher ausgeben. Kleiner Tipp am rande, an Rotierenden Machienen ( Kapsäge, bormachienen, Kreißsägen ...) arbeitet man ohne Handschuhe, schlieslich willst du deine Hände ja behalten oder willst du sie etwa los werden? Und übrigens die Bohrungen werden werden sauberer und vorallem im rechten Winkel wenn du eine Stenderbohrmashine benutzt, Muss auch nicht teuer sein, hier kleine enpfelung (keine Werbung) - Brüder Mannesmann Bohrständer 420 mm, M 1255-420 - . Wenn du mitt der kappsäge arbeitest klämmst oder hälst du dein Werkstük an der Landeren Seite fest. Noch ein Tipp, nimm für jedes vidio einen anderen titel, kommt besser an (Coole Idee! Werfen Sie keine Holzreste Weg!, Coole Idee! Werfen Sie keine Holzreste Weg! ...) Wenn du eine Schraubzwinge befestigst darf sie nie am Anschlag sein, sonst bekomst du sie nicht wieder Gelöst, oder nur schwer. If you don´t undersand what i am talking about, you can translate it by the Google Translaiter.
kstef50 12 days ago
I am amazed by your know-how, ingenuity, and tool selection. This is something my Dad would've done. Didn't know they still made people like that! Good job.
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez 20 hours ago
Way to much time wasted in something so simple
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez 20 hours ago
Way to much time wasted in something so simple
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez 20 hours ago
Way to much time wasted in something so simple
dave261055 22 hours ago
Watch the fingers and that saw
Anthony Manson
A lot of work... ...don't have time for this... But good work.
Pinkierar Day ago
Video stolen ruvid.net/video/video-gvkEXGBVNH4.html
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Day ago
Ok cool I have the wood all I need is the tools
Antons Workshop
Antons Workshop 2 days ago
This would be better if the title would be how to make a bench clamp because how do i know what this thing is
FlaredRadiators 2 days ago
I mean they aren't scraps of woods but it's still cool.
Teddy Cook
Teddy Cook 2 days ago
Jesus, just go buy one
LEGO YEETER 2 days ago
You are a big brain man great job 😃👍🏻
Kzoo Kid
Kzoo Kid 3 days ago
Very cool clamp, thanks for sharing!
Samil Battenfeld
Samil Battenfeld 3 days ago
just buy a clamp lol
House Steiner
House Steiner 3 days ago
Interesting and useful for sure
memo ulloa
memo ulloa 3 days ago
Dude !!!! You just solved most of my problems!!!! Thanks!!!!
Spicy Boi
Spicy Boi 3 days ago
I think we all have one question: “why?”
Nick T
Nick T 3 days ago
Great little project and probably easy enough to show a child how to do word working and metal works on a very small scale. Very nice video,
Journal Blondie
Journal Blondie 3 days ago
I don't mind watching the entire video. I'm not a woodworker. I appreciate his artistry of tools. However, it would still be nice to know what it is & what it's used for. I still have no idea 🧐🤓🤦‍♀️
Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera 3 days ago
Esa alluda con laz errmintas de sujesion, te acen el dia mas lijero
spacescience100 4 days ago
Hi, great video! What is the tool called at 6:45 ?
Nanko Koolish
Nanko Koolish 4 days ago
I can't believe so.eone we ould cut a small piece like that he did and have his fingers that close to the blade
William Scoparo
William Scoparo 4 days ago
Caramba , você fez uma morsa móvel 😂😂😂👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👍👍👍👍👍👍
indian muslim
indian muslim 4 days ago
Arey bhai kehna kya chahte ho
Aurash Maharjan
Aurash Maharjan 4 days ago
"Do not throw away any scrap wood!" Like if we have all those equipments. 😑
Turf Dreamin and other adventures
10 minutes I'll never get back! Thanks alot!!!
KaibaTuning 5 days ago
Cool swaybar endlink from wood. Lmao
hedera helix
hedera helix 5 days ago
Brilliant!! Amazing skill. Fascinating .ingenious!!
Bored Cabin DIY & Crafts
One of the best diy tools
The Lions pride
The Lions pride 5 days ago
Amazing sir! Knowledge and ability to make something your self! It does inspire me! Thanks for your videos!
Kalle Fernberg
Kalle Fernberg 5 days ago
Nice job! My screw clamp on my saw just broke, but now I know how to make a new one, so thank you for uploading!
David Blackburn
David Blackburn 5 days ago
A real craftsman never throws out any waste material anyway. However the finished product wasn't a construct of the woods ability in itself, it was a 2 seconds idea whilst walking in his workshop one morning probably. "Which item can I make out of wood today for these filthy peasents". *Chortle*
gaz 6 days ago
Spare parts my arse, specially purchased for the video, and who in the hell has all these pro tools, crock of s**t
Kritischer Geist!
Welch Aufwand für so ein Mist!
Alex Cordero
Alex Cordero 6 days ago
Do you have a list somewhere of the tools that you used to build this clamp? I don't need a clamp but i didn't know that you could adjust washer sizes. What was that oil that you poured in when you drilled into metal? Are those metal drilling bits? Thanks for the tool demo.
David Sain
David Sain 6 days ago
Very useful & versatile!
Husky Fan
Husky Fan 6 days ago
What type of bit(s) are those at 1:08 ? Great video!!
Klaus Hummel
Klaus Hummel 6 days ago
A screw clamp???
pass iton
pass iton 6 days ago
Its an awful lotta work for a mitre saw clamp...
C P 6 days ago
He has more tools in this video than I have in my whole house
top gun
top gun 6 days ago
Don't throw away scraps of wood that are worth nothing well unless you got thousands of pounds worth of tools to use that is
Lazered_com 6 days ago
Why can't you just tell your viewers what you're building? You make stuff that I find interesting, most of the time, but get really annoyed by your format. Especially when the content isn't relevant to me, or I want to refind that project where you built something exceptional. You've taken clickbait whoring to another level and I wish you would stop.
carlos lovera
carlos lovera 7 days ago
Thank you. Very nice clamp. I too try to find use for scraps. Birdhouses and feeders with my grandson. Waste not.
Martin Himan
Martin Himan 7 days ago
Very nice to watch this film, much more entertaining than lots of comedy or thrillervideos, because: he doesn't talk! And no music! Its a blessing, and interesting anyway. I think, I will watch lots more of such little handworkpictures in future.
Adam Gibson
Adam Gibson 7 days ago
I was gonna tell you to stop using the chop saw like a scroll saw to save your fingers, but i waited to the end
Parkan Argus
Parkan Argus 7 days ago
Rob 7 days ago
Where's my fidget spinner Bruh?
Robert Matthews
Robert Matthews 7 days ago
That's an awful lot of work to make a clamp.
Alessandro Gambino
What are the gloves for?!
Adam Sifford
Adam Sifford 7 days ago
Nice but they sell them at harbor frieght really cheap. Js
mickie mouse
mickie mouse 7 days ago
You are vewee vewee twicky !!! Cool idea !
Mark Goss
Mark Goss 7 days ago
Now. THAT wasn't bad. Nice useful tool
Andy Budhan
Andy Budhan 8 days ago
Wish I had the equipment to do all that... nice
Hitchens Thinksnot
THANKS for not playing shitty music. So annoying.
Catherine Williams
Wow what a talent ! I found this so relaxing to watch.
Cesar Barriga
Cesar Barriga 8 days ago
Te juro que nunca más veo un video donde no me digan antes qué es lo que van a hacer.
Elias Dimas
Elias Dimas 8 days ago
Pretty cool 👌
Lori Mangold
Lori Mangold 8 days ago
What is it A bench dog?
Jessica Thomas
Jessica Thomas 8 days ago
I am NOT a woodworker, that being said...why the dowel rod in the knob? Aesthetics or something?
Teresa 8 days ago
Keeping scraps does pay off, when you need it for small projects or help with big ones.Custom Wood work can bring real warmth to any furniture . Check out this article where they talk about the tables that are sturdy and they feel like a central gathering place zip1ink.com/kH
I know the video was sped up, but I wish I could work this fast... with no mistakes. I would make a killing at custom furniture.
tof albundy
tof albundy 9 days ago
How the people can be negative? Good idea!
Matt Lewis
Matt Lewis 9 days ago
Your channel should be called ClampCraft.
Sorenx12 9 days ago
Sorenx12 9 days ago
What is that stuff you put in there before you drill the metal?
Bill B
Bill B 9 days ago
Wow, that was incredible amount of effort for version of a clamp....
Cliff Marshall
Cliff Marshall 9 days ago
I wish I had a shop like that, I probably couldn't make stuff like you do, but I would have fun trying Thanks for sharing
Ash 9 days ago
I want to be a carpenter but just the thought of rasps and sandpaper makes me cringe
Art T.
Art T. 9 days ago
I love makers videos, even ones that make things I'll never make. But something about this video made me angry watching it because I had no idea what he was making, the end very anti climatic. I just use f or c clamps for what this tool is made for. But I do appreciate his attention to detail. He's a Great maker still.
GoodToKnow 9 days ago
Oh ok! I get it! Cool! Had to watch it all to see the awesomeness of it!
Raman Nagavarpu
Raman Nagavarpu 9 days ago
At the beginning I thought he was trying to make a Tron bike. But it turned out to be a clamp.
LC 9 days ago
its a vice
Cryingwind Didzena
Cryingwind Didzena 10 days ago
GSL A’kkK,K Loll
tomik 10 days ago
Есть же на свете головасто-рукастые мужики!!!!!Восхищаюсь!!!!
Heraclitean 10 days ago
I can't stand that admonition. If you do any volume of woodworking, you'll generate more scraps than you can possibly store or make dinky little projects out of. Go ahead and get rid of scraps.
Markus Koloska
Markus Koloska 10 days ago
lotsa effort, wow, I'll be buying a clamp....serious sucked into watching this....that friggen wood will break anyway even if.....and that's a huge if..
Hexx Bombastus
Hexx Bombastus 10 days ago
It's a combination pipe clamp and holdfast for bench dog holes in a work top.
Lars Westin
Lars Westin 10 days ago
If you link this video to Melania, would she buy a mitersaw as a gift to the hubby?
Da Mav
Da Mav 10 days ago
Time struggle of my life other people buy a srew clamp.....
Me And You
Me And You 10 days ago
I can't believe how some people find no interest in this video but watch the whole thing. I think its very interesting
Joey Bold
Joey Bold 2 days ago
The mystery and craftsmanship is fascinating....but the end result is always anticlimactic LoL - love these videos and hate them at the same time 😂
peter d
peter d 4 days ago
What go to the mall or see a movie....
Nicholas Wolff
Nicholas Wolff 5 days ago
Nice try, bot.
Δασ Αcid
Δασ Αcid 6 days ago
Eric Kositzki
Eric Kositzki 7 days ago
@Sed_Said 000 000
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