Cool Gaming Setup Tech Under $30

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I've gathered a bunch of cool tech that you can add to your gaming setup! Including a Smart WiFi Power Strip, a USB Fingerprint Reader, an RGB Mouse Mat, an AirPods charging station or dock, an Anker Wireless Charger Stand and finally, a wireless key finder! ✅ EVERYTHING in my Gaming Setup: www.techblock.co.uk/
Cool Tech Under $30
- Smart Power Strip On Amazon: geni.us/dyxjxZu
- USB Mini Fingerprint Reader On Amazon: geni.us/rVS72v
- USB Extension Cable On Amazon: geni.us/EeKHsO
- Budget RGB Mouse Mat On Amazon: geni.us/jh7NCA
- AirPods Charging Station On Amazon: geni.us/5NqJ6L
- Anker Wireless Charger On Amazon: geni.us/V8FCSy
- Wireless Key finder On Amazon: geni.us/Ac0W (Use code: YLNTBONE at checkout for 10% off)
- The USB 3.0 Hub under my desk On Amazon: geni.us/NMxV
- Links to everything else in my setup are down below...
✅ EVERYTHING in my Gaming Setup: www.techblock.co.uk/
📷 Instagram: instagram.com/TechBlockEm
🐦 Twitter: twitter.com/TechBlockEm
👕 TechBlock Clothing: techblock.co.uk/collections/most-popular
★ Cololight (10% OFF: "TB10"): geni.us/Cololight-TB10
★ GT OMEGA (5% OFF: "TechBlock"): geni.us/GTOMEGA-TB
🛍️ TB Amazon Store: geni.us/TechBlockAmazon
🙌 Join the RGB Culture: geni.us/JoinTechBlock
● Amazon Links
- Amazon Prime 30-day free trial: geni.us/6VbIfbH
- Soundbar on Amazon: geni.us/TEPnX
- Keyboard on Amazon: geni.us/xAIlkCw
- Mouse on Amazon: geni.us/N0Rq
- Wireless Headset on Amazon: geni.us/tbB9TMX
- Amazon Echo Spot on Amazon: geni.us/ARpC
- Triple Monitor Mount on Amazon: geni.us/zwIUlY
- Single Monitor Mount on Amazon: geni.us/fJSq
- Bottom Monitors on Amazon: geni.us/9HdI9
- Overhead Monitor on Amazon: geni.us/yF9FnX
- PC Case on Amazon: geni.us/B73HK
- Chair: geni.us/yB56 (Use Code: TechBlock at Checkout)
- Desks on Amazon: geni.us/8tkb
- Drawer on Amazon: geni.us/W784L0j
- My Camera on Amazon: geni.us/297g1g
🎵 Music Credit 🎵
- soundcloud.com/infowler/
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Oct 6, 2018




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Comments 80
TechBlock 2 months ago
Hey! I'm doing a worldwide GIVEAWAY over on Instagram: instagram.com/p/B_pzuBchE5J/
Mr Dragon
Mr Dragon 24 days ago
Brian Davis
Brian Davis Month ago
Thank you for muting the word Alexa. Most youtubers don't and my Alexa goes off. I came to tell you thank you and keep up the great videos!
Rocco Migliacci
Rocco Migliacci Month ago
dude, I love that instead of making a budget video and show stuff over 500 bucks and you did 30 bucks.
Cheese 2 months ago
Pxndo 2 months ago
50k subs god bless you Please
Can I get 50k subs god bless you
Melwin Recalde
What brand is the Smart Power Strip? Cant find it.
JPG Day ago
did he not say alexa in the video cuz he didnt want to trigger his alexa or is he not allowed to say it on youtube or something
Aiden Crowley
What's the light behind your monitors
Trevor Klym
Trevor Klym 2 days ago
Step 1: Buy 30$ Lockpic Step 2: Break into someomes house and get your console of choice! Ps: Choosing this option will grant you extra items! ***Tv, Appliances, console, money***
Reapers Ghxst
Reapers Ghxst 2 days ago
what is that usb port under the desk? been looking for one of those
shenaaz fauzel
shenaaz fauzel 2 days ago
Why does he like all the comments
Deadloe69 3 days ago
Who’s plugs are that big???
Fábio Santos
Fábio Santos 3 days ago
If I lose the remote which button do I press to find it?
Nick Shin
Nick Shin 4 days ago
I don’t get why you need to spend $30 for a power strip what’s wrong with a non smart power strip
Flawless 5 days ago
I think this dude gotta software to like every comment lol
Flawless 4 days ago
And I meant that u like so many comments it’s like you gotta software to do it alll lol
Flawless 4 days ago
TechBlock 4 days ago
Nope, I actually try to read these comments
nkcf 5 days ago
When is said 29.99 I was like bet all the other stuff with cost a penny
Matt Mc bros Yt
Matt Mc bros Yt 8 days ago
$30 OoOOo me look the first thing it’s $30 brahhhhhhhhh 🧐😡
Void VizionZ
Void VizionZ 12 days ago
Y u need 4 monitors
I Yahxir I Fortnite
Thank you god bless you
the mini macro show
hey you stol tis vid idea from randomefrankp
Taro Eater
Taro Eater 13 days ago
I see you scrolling
The Runaway Creeper
4:35 anyone notice when he looked towards the mic, the sound quality was way better
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt 14 days ago
you literally spent 3 minutes talking about a extention wire
CzioN 16 days ago
Ur gay
Vyan 16 days ago
U really think I’m spending 20 dollars just for a bloody fingerprint dongle and a stupid plug
magicalnomy 16 days ago
hes flexing his razer gear
Campbell Proudfoot
Campbell Proudfoot 17 days ago
Can you do a video but you cant mute the word alexa
Philip Canning
Philip Canning 17 days ago
They all seemed bad apart from first and last
David 123
David 123 18 days ago
Can the rgb mouse pad connect to a ps4
Ren Tamad
Ren Tamad 18 days ago
8:57 Best Part 😅
Ruairi Likes pizza
Ruairi Likes pizza 19 days ago
Does he really need four monitors though🤔😂😂
Xander Beaky
Xander Beaky 20 days ago
Imagine if that fingerprint scanner is just a glorified button
Adrian Sallets
Adrian Sallets 23 days ago
Hey, Do you want 50% Discount on wish? If you use this Code ZXSWMPV you will unlock the discount Thank me later :)
Temp orary
Temp orary 26 days ago
Weirdest episode of to catch a predator ever
Bloodborne was Robbed
Even if u don’t have ps4 get the icon lights they look so cool I put them under my plain tv no decor and it just totally changes it there so awesome
Pragyan Rai
Pragyan Rai 27 days ago
Imagine ur phone dies and you can’t even turn the switch on 💀
Tyrone Y?GEN CPT
Tyrone Y?GEN CPT 28 days ago
Instead of a million he hit 1.9mil
Garrett Odell
Garrett Odell 29 days ago
For the power stirp can’t use just plug the smart plug in the wall the the power strip into the plug
George Tole
George Tole Month ago
Your gaming setup is every console players dream(me included), like it's one of the coolest out there
SmartGaming Month ago
Jeeeez you used to talk really fast!
A Buser
A Buser Month ago
I like his t schirt
rocer Month ago
My brain just thought you muted when you said Alexa because editing glitches but now i’m reading comments and I find you very smart now lol, literally who would do that on an alexa review?
Ashif Aklam
Ashif Aklam Month ago
Dont talk too much bro..my universal headset was gone after watching your video
TrippleRGaming Month ago
links dont work in australia
Matt Month ago
Petar Avramović
Should i get ryzen 3600 with rx 570 or ryzen 2600 with rx 580
J.I.T Month ago
yo u hella helpful cuhz g loocs loc keep up da good work on dead homies
Dino Plays
Dino Plays Month ago
hello everyone tohufdhyjikjfduhi we are
filippakis257 Month ago
under 30???????? your screens how much???.............
XTXRYLシ Month ago
R.I.P airpods
Wilfred Luiz
Wilfred Luiz Month ago
what if you forget where you kept the remote ?
Belabbes The cool gamer
Awesome video keep up the great work!
WORLD Month ago
Why tf would you turn on/off an individual monitor in a multi-monitor setup. If you have 3 monitors, youre probably able to pay your power.
Gaming Panda
Gaming Panda Month ago
If he plugs his monitors into the smart plug thing then how are they still on?
GoesCrazy Month ago
8:55 that face 😂
Under 30 has like 4 monitors
Assualt Month ago
Eric Kort
Eric Kort Month ago
sir,im just wondering did you have a actual job before you started youtubing?
Rutilio Herrera
Rutilio Herrera Month ago
What's that thing under your desk??? Like the USB thing?
insane tiger
insane tiger Month ago
Does the dock work for the airpod pros?
Ttv Dreambladeuk Blade
When u finally realise why he isn’t saying Alexa
fake Month ago
where are you from?
R_J Month ago
i wouldn't plug my monitors into it since it's not surge protected but that's me.
ParkersName Month ago
Does anyone know what keyboard he's using that has an audio jack and a USB port on it?
Kristopher Diaz
Kristopher Diaz Month ago
Just double tap to see all the products
GHOST Month ago
When your Country doesn't have amazon so you need to pay 200€ Shipping cost fking mint
Hakim Sidoo
Hakim Sidoo Month ago
Just hot glue a heavy nuts under that remote control stand, and your problem will be fixed
Corrupt Soul
Corrupt Soul Month ago
really helped me, Thank ya
Dracis Month ago
Me losing the remote 😑
K1ng Pug
K1ng Pug Month ago
Does the wireless phone charger work with iPhone 7?
shrek Month ago
pause it at 9:00
XaviRodrigues Month ago
Inch of monitors?
Deegan Tyler
Deegan Tyler Month ago
He has 3 more monitors than me 😂
beloo Month ago
Wo sind die deutschen/Were ar the german
Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean Month ago
Alles klar hahah
Dice Master
Dice Master Month ago
Dont get me wrong I love the idea of that smart power strip but I dont think those sockets are compatable with American plugs
karl perres
karl perres Month ago
what webcam and microphone are you using for your system?
Ufgjf Fuffhuf
Ufgjf Fuffhuf Month ago
Is this guy a fucking idiot airpod charger for a gaming setup like wtf
Rehan Ahmed
Rehan Ahmed Month ago
8:25 mongrall enters the chat
Never Stop the Beat Last Resort
I like your desk
ICYF1ED Month ago
What is the little pad with buttons to the left to your keyboard?
CrazyManX Month ago
Great Vid we should be friends!
b lix
b lix Month ago
Are u my mom?
ᘺᓍᘺ Month ago
"hopefully this one gets good views as well"
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