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Is your extra junk lying around becoming a hazard? What if you could actually add value to your old toys and knick knacks? All it takes is a little creativity, an open mind, and a little help from us, of course.
Here are some great ways to reuse your toys!
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Nov 28, 2019




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Rene' James
Rene' James 22 hours ago
Thanks again
Pramila Poojary
my favourite character is Kevin
Greta Estrella
4:12 the dinos were horrifiying! PS: Might be how the dinos extingiushed!
Christy Cortes
Christy Cortes 3 days ago
123 go gold good and boys 123 go good gold and boys
Emma Rojas
Emma Rojas 3 days ago
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Khloe Mullin
Khloe Mullin 7 days ago
#robbie #toby TOBY NOOOOOOOO
Enriqueta Garcia
Enriqueta Garcia 7 days ago
Tameka Sapp
Tameka Sapp 8 days ago
I like the Dinosaur one Better
Pedro Edelino Catayas
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Hashmitha M
Hashmitha M 10 days ago
So useful tricks👌👌👌
abdul rahaman
abdul rahaman 10 days ago
abdul rahaman
abdul rahaman 10 days ago
Null null
Null null 10 days ago
homiethe3rd 12 days ago
love. 1 2 3 go challenge
adan8686 13 days ago
I love 123 go
cupcake cutie
cupcake cutie 15 days ago
you can't find your keys but you can find a tennis ball googly eyes a hot glue gun a suction cup and a blade
réd røsé
réd røsé 15 days ago
i love 123 go i have been watching it since they created it
Anuja Malge
Anuja Malge 17 days ago
It's easy
Anuja Malge
Anuja Malge 17 days ago
I am going to try the ball hack
Samir Beura
Samir Beura 17 days ago
My big fan Kevin bro
Piyoosh Kumar
Piyoosh Kumar 17 days ago
Dafny Correa
Dafny Correa 19 days ago
Gurnoor Deol
Gurnoor Deol 20 days ago
Nina Morales
Nina Morales 21 day ago
Pierre Carlsson
Pierre Carlsson 22 days ago
Kevin never cleans up in the bathroom it’s filled with junk and he can’t even put the towel down haha
VincentBoy 77
VincentBoy 77 22 days ago
This is how many Dinosaurs were harmed in this video 👇🏻
Sewak Singh
Sewak Singh 22 days ago
He was also the only time hhhhhhhfhuiiiio
Party Time
Party Time 22 days ago
Can you see my channel it’s called party time please please please please please
Party Time
Party Time 22 days ago
Can you see my channel it’s called party time please please please please please please
Undertalefrisk1 1
Undertalefrisk1 1 22 days ago
Does anyone else have siblings and they watch Dinosaurs be cut I mean I feel bad really bad fix this
Undertalefrisk1 1
Undertalefrisk1 1 22 days ago
Like this comment or leave a comment saying yes or no. Or if you don't want to write a comment you can put the thumbs up for yes and thumbs down for no. Do you want to hear the real voices of them? Like I said like if you agree and if like if you don't. Or you can leave a comment saying yes or no
pablo gg
pablo gg 23 days ago
1:45 ahh 5:53 your 7:38 ahh and 7:52 bella yell
Hajja Mohamed
Hajja Mohamed 23 days ago
Hajja Mohamed
Hajja Mohamed 23 days ago
Katie Bidmead
Katie Bidmead 24 days ago
I'm gowing to subscribe
Sunita Devi
Sunita Devi 24 days ago
Please hindi
Sunita Devi
Sunita Devi 24 days ago
anuradha kandi
anuradha kandi 25 days ago
Wowest videos in the world
Izzy Sobczak
Izzy Sobczak 25 days ago
Did you know that u can't breathe when u smile? Try to.
Izzy Sobczak
Izzy Sobczak 25 days ago
Sorry I just want you to smile at all times
ariana seenarine
ariana seenarine 25 days ago
Can u please show everyone real voice also I like the hacks
Mariama Barry
Mariama Barry 27 days ago
I don't I'm wewewewewewewaha
Keely Justice
Keely Justice 27 days ago
Mousmi and aarushi Bhagat
Please make Hindi 123 Go videos please
Damani Malagon J.
Damani Malagon J. 28 days ago
Why are sending hearts why you sending hearts
Maryam Azeem
Maryam Azeem 29 days ago
123 go Play
Chikita Perez
Chikita Perez Month ago
Today is the sad day my mom don't love me anymore 😭😭 she say I'm UGLY!😭
Chikita Perez
Chikita Perez Month ago
grace kadusale
grace kadusale Month ago
In the first scene she wanted to buy some jewelry but in front of her is one geniuine macbook like if you saw this👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
If she has a macbook she will be rich enough to afford a jewelry set
• Katie donut Playz •
9:09 Omg lol that's my favourite part
Aisha Khan
Aisha Khan Month ago
Who wants to hear the real voices like if that’s you! 👍 Comment if you wanna know who the person is in the background
Aishath Hudhaa
Aishath Hudhaa Month ago
Love it
Mohammed Farooq
Mohammed Farooq Month ago
Lots of dinosaur
Brittanee Kingrasaphone
Who has been watching 123 GO for past an year 👇🏻
Shashi Nuthanakanti
Brittanee Kingrasaphone me
Zabed Hossain
Zabed Hossain Month ago
You can use the same 😅🤣😂
Rekha Khokhar
Rekha Khokhar Month ago
J b
Rupinder Singh
Rupinder Singh Month ago
Want to come at my 🏠 please🥺🥺🥺🥺
Maria Samuel
Maria Samuel Month ago
great ideas
Skye Angell
Skye Angell Month ago
Divine_beauty_r Month ago
Ok buddy Buddy
Ok buddy Buddy Month ago
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Ok buddy Buddy
Ok buddy Buddy Month ago
rachita nanda
rachita nanda Month ago
Wow l like the clock that kevin did
Steve Evans
Steve Evans Month ago
Arya AVCI Month ago
My kuat
Arya AVCI Month ago
My kuat
Arya AVCI Month ago
My kuat
kara wolf
kara wolf Month ago
This is how many people how think that dinosaur julery is stupid ☹ 👇
Sunny Raval
Sunny Raval Month ago
Fahmia Alshawhati
he did a bakflip
lissy Tittu
lissy Tittu Month ago
Simon Smith
Simon Smith Month ago
I thought that Bella would fold her clothes when she tuffed it into her messy closet and i thought that she was organized before she put her rest of the clothes in her closet and after she made the space for extra clothes Bella is now organized.
AL-Reem ALMahmoD
lxllipop lxver
lxllipop lxver Month ago
Ok we all know that old vids vicki screamed with her normal voice I I I
lxllipop lxver
lxllipop lxver Month ago
Don’t mind the line
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez Month ago
Ichcha Parajuli
Ichcha Parajuli Month ago
Iopopkaszkxn,s x
Oli Arkwright
Oli Arkwright Month ago
Why do they have so many dinosaurs
Katrina Trazona
Katrina Trazona Month ago
Um........... im a bike hawler
philiplarc abella
Why it always need to be dinosaurs
Kym Chapman
Kym Chapman Month ago
Kevin is stupid to slip 💩💩you shit
THRAYA M S Month ago
Hi ! These hacks are useful for daily life . Thank you
Hareem Irfan
Hareem Irfan Month ago
Artee Month ago
Adeline Bugg
Adeline Bugg Month ago
I swear dude during the dinosaur part where she literally cut the dinosaurs bodies and glued them to a piece of wood my baby brother if he were watching this and he grew up he just straight-up he would be straight up screaming he would be crying he loves dinosaurs this would look like a crime to Him
lily amzari
lily amzari Month ago
kasih jasmin 👩‍❤️‍👩
Tori Zielinski
Tori Zielinski Month ago
Chakravartula Bhaskar
Nice video
Layla Rose
Layla Rose Month ago
i was like:dont put that dino on your ear for a earing
Oli Arkwright
Oli Arkwright Month ago
Hansford Rodrigues
binish danish
binish danish Month ago
Oh nicee
Tunan Desi boy
Tunan Desi boy Month ago
Manu Kumawat
Manu Kumawat Month ago
Please make in hindi
Pakistani mom routine
💞💞 123 go. 👸
Patricia Miller
Patricia Miller Month ago
I love 123 go
tao zhou
tao zhou Month ago
I ❤️ 123 go!
nidhu life
nidhu life Month ago
Please use your real voice other wise we are going to unsubscribe your channel
Simona Reed
Simona Reed Month ago
A different RUvidr did this and he did the same thing and you just copycat 1 2 3 go
Rosemary Watson
Rosemary Watson Month ago
Simona Reed 123 go did it cuz they are smarter then the other RUvidr
kawaii _yt game
kawaii _yt game Month ago
This video is cool
Sara Furuhata
Sara Furuhata Month ago
i love the tennis ball one
Gabriel Clark
Gabriel Clark Month ago
distelous1 Month ago
gjjbiukgkyihhkjljnkjkokkjuoojl jjuniuib
dreem land
dreem land Month ago
Lara cadabra
Lara cadabra Month ago
I think that helly is doing the voice over right??
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