Cooking with my MOM! " Episode 2 Pinakbet

Bretman Rock
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Oct 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Clint Deatras
Clint Deatras 7 hours ago
I am a ilocano, and also, we eat pinakbet like 2x a week
Mj Cagampan
Mj Cagampan 7 hours ago
Who’s ilocano watching here ❤️ Nagragsak a buyain ta video yu❤️❤️
Denisse lopez
Denisse lopez 10 hours ago
I'm a ilocano too ngem haan nak mangmangan iti kasta
Zoe Ng
Zoe Ng 10 hours ago
pumpkin sounds like calabasas lmao
Looksbylauralw 11 hours ago
“feed her again, feed her again, try it, try try try.... maybe it’s me” 😂😂😂😂
Looksbylauralw 11 hours ago
omg their mum at the end is so adorable 😂
Har Quintana
Har Quintana 18 hours ago
Pls like vegie prod tacloban on FB for vegetarian cravings
Har Quintana
Har Quintana 18 hours ago
Pls like vegie prod tacloban on FB for vegetarian cravings
Har Quintana
Har Quintana 18 hours ago
Pls like vegie prod tacloban on FB for vegetarian cravings
Tech 21
Tech 21 20 hours ago
Oh ilokano kayu gayam.
Mino Kawa
Mino Kawa 23 hours ago
Sooooo.. magic sarap just got a free endorsement 😱
Fieqah Azman
Fieqah Azman Day ago
Hi Bret! Some of the vegetables in your Native language is similar to Malay 💜 sorry if i spell some of them wrong Bittermelon / Paria - Bittergourd / Peria Garlic / Bawang - Bawang Putih Green Peppers / Sili - Cili Hijau Eggplant / Tarung - Terung Love youu from Malaysiaaa 🇲🇾
Jep Jep
Jep Jep Day ago
Mother is so cute saying it haha 15:25
Angel Day ago
his mom's so adorable
anon Day ago
doesn’t bayag mean tite?
SpillTheKape Day ago
A moment of silence sa mga PINAK lang pero hindi BET
Shary Day ago
That's my favorite too
Shary Day ago
Vice ganda is also Ilocano
Meryl Sioux Florante Garcia
The Marcoses are Ilocanos.
Selina Carmona
His mom “bitchhh , BITCH “ 😂
Alejandro DV Bandong Jr
Wash first the meet ew
Alejandro DV Bandong Jr
Pilipino mam ..
Jelita Syalamania
Your mam indonesia?
Myoui Mina Is Life
Myoui Mina Is Life 5 hours ago
azucenaramos Day ago
Omg haha when bretmans mom said bitch at the end YASSS
Nora Armenta
Nora Armenta Day ago
Calabaza and carne is in Spanish And tomate too.
Suhaila Slytherin
Damn bretman is fine af 😔
Pink Strawberry
Pink Strawberry 2 days ago
The "sitaw" one is a Tagalog word. It is supposed to be "utong". Hahahahahaha whereas 'utong' in tagalog is nipples HAHAHAHA
DSBM 2 days ago
Pro abortion
Layla 2 days ago
I understand everything because my mother is also ilocana 😂
Mimo Beans
Mimo Beans 2 days ago
S 87
S 87 2 days ago
Collab with pambansang kolokoy🙏😊
S 87
S 87 2 days ago
Finukbitch😊i super love ur mom.
maddy s.r
maddy s.r 2 days ago
Okra is lady finger right?
Tiff Prendergast
Tiff Prendergast 3 days ago
Pls don’t call your mother names
Tiff Prendergast
Tiff Prendergast 3 days ago
Pls don’t call your mother names
Tiff Prendergast
Tiff Prendergast 3 days ago
Pls don’t call your mother names Cancel this message
Tiff Prendergast
Tiff Prendergast 3 days ago
Pls don’t call your mother names
Tiff Prendergast
Tiff Prendergast 3 days ago
Pls don’t call your mother names
Cera Fowler
Cera Fowler 3 days ago
Omg I love how informative it is! Thank you for the knowledge 😁😂
andivlogs 3 days ago
Love how you embrace your Filipino roots and how you promote our culture through your videos 🇵🇭💕
andivlogs 3 days ago
Watching this again ♥️♥️
Ai shiteru Manga
Ai shiteru Manga 3 days ago
Nagimasin 😋...si Vice Ganda ilocano din taga La Union
Where is The Food
His mom is so calm and aww... cool mom
Zabdiel Isaiah Maynes
Bretman and his mother are napintas
Jules Miguel
Jules Miguel 3 days ago
i love this part sm 🤧😂 the amount of support his mom giving him 15:21
Pinoy Ako!!!
Pinoy Ako!!! 3 days ago
I Love pinakbet naimas met 😊💕
Patsy Escoto
Patsy Escoto 3 days ago
Brennan & Mom speaking Spanish!!! 🧐 Embrace the Hispanic/Latin 🤓😎 language! You go girl love 💕 this dude! 🤟🏼👏🏼👍🏼🙌🏼
Elena Gomez
Elena Gomez 3 days ago
Omg pls make pancit w your mom for the next episode 😍😍😍😍😍
Gayyed Floyd
Gayyed Floyd 3 days ago
I love it when he said "Kasanu kaddaker"! Bitch so good to hear😅
Asaila Lee
Asaila Lee 3 days ago
cuz without turtle, there wouldn't be any turtles .
Tristan Manuel
Tristan Manuel 3 days ago
Elvin Cyril
Elvin Cyril 3 days ago
Wait we also call it peria and bawang
Virginia Maldonado
I 💘 watching 👀 you and your 👑
Amina C
Amina C 4 days ago
Bretman Rock being ICONIC for 5 minutes and 25 seconds straight, on my channel!
Mac Collins
Mac Collins 4 days ago
Bretman looks like the Jollibee character LOL 😂
Lucky Fabros
Lucky Fabros 4 days ago
I cooked pinakbet and I am not Ilocano. Ilocano words are funny for us from Manila, because some Ilocano words have funny translation in Tagalog. Like "bayag" is male private part and "barya" is coins(Bitter melon is ampalaya in Tagalog).
Saji ancher OFFICIAL
Ilocano check.
Atsuki Ly
Atsuki Ly 4 days ago
Now I’m so fucking hungry ;((
More cooking video with your MOM pls but the next one you should talk ILOKANO to bitch 😁
Nagimas ti pinakbet is to paboritok ata unay 😍
Thony Suallo
Thony Suallo 5 days ago
Tagalog people eat pinakbet 🙂
Fabiani Girón
Fabiani Girón 5 days ago
Some of the words that her mom said (I don't remember the name of the language) are almost or similar to spanish😱
Ayan Baldoza
Ayan Baldoza 3 days ago
bc Philippines was colonized by Spain for 333 years and speaking tagalog ( ph language) was stictly prohibited that time
Kiandra Green
Kiandra Green 5 days ago
Cleo kind of looks like your mom
kayumanggi vlogz
kayumanggi vlogz 5 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-Mjug3VfLx7I.html Payakap po small blogger
Ella Alejandro
Ella Alejandro 5 days ago
Nagpintas si bretman🖤
Dina Radika Oktavianti
Im from indonesia and im impressed how similar our language is. Bawang, terong, etc
Mimo Beans
Mimo Beans 2 days ago
tbh we probably got it from you guys
Musa Kitty
Musa Kitty 6 days ago
When your mom chops, you shush...lol
wonunu 6 days ago
"haan no ikkaten" lmaoooo she wanted to keep the glasses😭
Vicky Wani
Vicky Wani 7 days ago
You must really Annoy your mother
Rael Tejada
Rael Tejada 7 days ago
,wahaha ag-il-ilokano latta ni mama na 🤘
ThickBoy Gamer
ThickBoy Gamer 7 days ago
'Magic Sarap" is so happy Right now
Cyril Alas
Cyril Alas 7 days ago
Ilocanos! 😂💖
Pinay Beast
Pinay Beast 8 days ago
Kumporme hahahaa, I love that ♥️
Kookie _cutiebluh
bruh your mom should have a cooking channel like shes a boss
Flora Mglmbyn
Flora Mglmbyn 8 days ago
JB bagoong for the win 😁
Clerk jakes ramos
Ako lang ba? Hawig niya mama ni ivana HAHAHAHAHA
Helen Luv x
Helen Luv x 8 days ago
Princess is LITERALLY her mom’s twinnnnn😳💖
mimiette 8 days ago
7:02 caught me off guard. i snort-laughed with milk tea in my mouth when bretman went "imagine all *this* coming out"
Not Somanツ
Not Somanツ 9 days ago
12:56 😑
dummy acc
dummy acc 9 days ago
It looks so good. I miss this kind of pakbet.
Hope to see you around bretman! Lots of Love from Waipahu!
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