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James Charles
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HI SISTERS! After THOUSANDS of requests, I finally filmed a Cooking With James video. I decided to try and make my favorite fast food restaurant, Raising Canes, from scratch. I definitely burned it all along the way, but enjoy and find out what the finished product looks like. Food network, watch out.
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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Mar 27, 2020




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Comments 80
james: o h m y g o d IM A FAMOUS CHEF!!! me: yes king
5r3ym0m 15 hours ago
brown, white, green, etc. eggs taste the same lol it will taste a little different if the chickens are raised well and how fresh it is
Liliya Fayek
Liliya Fayek 16 hours ago
How dare you not like mayo you monster its probobly because American mayo is gross but i am ukrainian and our mayo is like 100 times better!!
Kazoo Aherd
Kazoo Aherd 17 hours ago
I am 10 and i am a better cook
Breanna Lynn Peterson
i love you videos
一夢 DREAMBUNNZ ! 19 hours ago
gordon ramsay found wigless
Live-streams Live
Live-streams Live 20 hours ago
Please another cooking video
Ali R
Ali R 20 hours ago
Jammiie james noo u can use yogurt instead of buttermilk
lola allam
lola allam 21 hour ago
sorry james but mayo is amazing i love it and i hate ketchup
Rainbow Gal1245
Rainbow Gal1245 21 hour ago
I luv ur channel and this vid! Thanks ❤️
george’s bandana
george’s bandana 22 hours ago
Alexandru Cristian
Did he say type of girl?
Adrianna Russo
I died every time I saw the fun right. Like if you are watching this in 2020. Love u sister
Doodle Dog Does
Watching this only two months later he has gained 2 million more sisters I'm so proud
Autumn Place
Autumn Place Day ago
James: why does everybody request this Me: this is why
Rose and liv Baking
Covid ha your going to be bored Everyone becomes a chief
Hannan syed
Hannan syed Day ago
Did you even washed kitchen?
_Woah_ Idc_
_Woah_ Idc_ Day ago
Same girl I don’t like mayonnaise or can sauce😅
nina b.
nina b. Day ago
charles’s classy cooking co.
Isabella Gutierrez
Isabelle Wolverton
lol James said he hates manase well he didn't say it but I hate it too I would say exactally what he said
Avery Gingold
I agree with everybody! James Charles should actually have two youtube one with makeup and the other one cooking or baking and he can show us some of his favorite recipes!
Lee-Ann Faucher
for your next video do your own nails!!!!! it will be funny i think!!!!!!!!!!!!
juniper davidson
Love you the most tho : )
juniper davidson
James.... sweet sweet James. Milk and butter do not make buttermilk..... buttermilk is made with milk and something acidic....
Eleni Papageorgiou
Me: nuuu there’s mayonnaise
demsa sfc
demsa sfc 2 days ago
*g a y s i s t e r s n o t m i n e
Madelyn Harp
Madelyn Harp 2 days ago
James do more of the cooking videos
Sarah’s Kingdom
If ur oil is smoking turn down the heat unless u want a oil fire 🔥 James
Kiki Leann
Kiki Leann 2 days ago
I screamed when he said I don’t like Cane sauce!!😱
Nina Glasgow
Nina Glasgow 2 days ago
I don’t get why anybody disliked because if you don’t like it just don’t watch it
Snapple 2020
Snapple 2020 2 days ago
He can’t cook yet he baked his palette into an amazing cake 🎂😂
Paul Hardin
Paul Hardin 2 days ago
your oil burned lol
Paul Hardin
Paul Hardin 2 days ago
you know that first puppy thing there is no way a puppy is that cute :>
stella_food stella
I love
Hessa SS
Hessa SS 2 days ago
I shall call you James Ramsay
Aye Yo
Aye Yo 2 days ago
*puts the chicken in the pot to fry* "omg it's frying"
Aye Yo
Aye Yo 2 days ago
Whoever edits James videos wether it's an editor or himself, thank you!
Aye Yo
Aye Yo 2 days ago
"it's just like blending eyeshadow" ~ James Charles 2020
Project Rouge
Project Rouge 2 days ago
In the nicest way possible I think you should go on the food network show worst cooks in America
Niari Howard
Niari Howard 2 days ago
4:13 - 4:15 is literally me
Juliet Malfoy
Juliet Malfoy 2 days ago
This was literally so funny! I loved it, I would definitely watch videos of James cooking if he made them😂
Embry roblox channel
peyton's builds
peyton's builds 2 days ago
You actually can get canes because the drive throughs are open
Eliona Isufi
Eliona Isufi 2 days ago
Just looking at James macbook and i couldnt imagine me have my face on my macbook.
David Anfield
David Anfield 2 days ago
I'm eating Cane's now
alex johnson
alex johnson 2 days ago
James: “Extra virgin 🤔 just like me 😊” Me: *disbelief* “oral count james”
alex johnson
alex johnson 2 days ago
James: the frozen fries are sorta frozen The fries: 👏👏👏
Emmaleighs Makeup tutorials
Should I start a makeup channel
Ella Grace
Ella Grace 3 days ago
“You can eat it when we’re done” James: “mmm no”
Sarah Oliveira
Sarah Oliveira 3 days ago
Itz_Adri Gacha
Itz_Adri Gacha 3 days ago
My cousin would disagree about Cane's. Tbht the skin fell off the chicken
Ship Shack
Ship Shack 3 days ago
Can we just add butter to milk to make butter milk? "rest in peace my last brain cell"
Susan Irons
Susan Irons 3 days ago
He said those fries were in da fridge how they frozen
Jamila Issa
Jamila Issa 3 days ago
Omg the olive oil frying
Esmedida 3 days ago
he cooks better than me lol
Annabelle Wallis
Annabelle Wallis 3 days ago
Lewis: are you gonna eat the whole thing on camera James: yea it’s so good Lewis: you can finish it when we’re done James: mmm... no Me:🤣
Me watching this oh god oh god sister James must be so scared because the RAIDS in L.A
Izabella Locascio
I know this was all the way in March but I’m so happy because next week I get to have CANES!!!!! Ahhhhhhg canes is my favorite food!!!
SofiaParra_3 3 days ago
Me:I love canes sauce James:I hate canes sauce Me:I hate canes sauce James:0-0
Mia Pascucci
Mia Pascucci 3 days ago
We love the cooking vids because there hilarious
Aaliyah Mar
Aaliyah Mar 3 days ago
He kept eating it LOL!
patrick bai
patrick bai 3 days ago
bruh i saw the title and was like "wtf it's been two months of quarantine?"
lucy olivia
lucy olivia 3 days ago
i was watching asmr and i woke up to this!!!!!!! (not hating love you james)
Adeline Glenn
Adeline Glenn 3 days ago
Hi James I think that you should make some more cooking videos. I think you are an amazing person I subscribed to you because I thought that you were good at makeup and you were funny.🤣
AfloatSphinx 304
AfloatSphinx 304 3 days ago
The chicken ❤️ *B R E A S T S* ❤️
Marie -Rain
Marie -Rain 3 days ago
Hi SiStErS
Giovanna Palumbo
Giovanna Palumbo 3 days ago
Buttermilk is milk and vinegar ummmmmm.....
Nerdy Raven
Nerdy Raven 3 days ago
You should do a challenge by recreating a 5 minute crafts makeup look
Jay Jo
Jay Jo 3 days ago
Who tf has the money to fry chicken in that much olive oil??? My mama used to make me reuse the regular ass vegetable oil I'd fry with. Also who tf fries chicken in olive oil period???
nova almquist
nova almquist 3 days ago
jungshook 3 days ago
no one james every 5 seconds: does weird beak thing with hands whilst talking
Thomas Krysa
Thomas Krysa 3 days ago
Kattlover 2261
Kattlover 2261 4 days ago
You use vinager and milk to make buttermilk
The Crew of Katie
James:BLEH...MAYONAISE NO NO NO Me:??? Mayo is good tho...
xxNai xx
xxNai xx 4 days ago
Omg James I'm a sister that can relate, I hate mayo, and is a ketchup and barbeque girl😅.
Adriana Tobin
Adriana Tobin 4 days ago
The way he said chicken "breast" 😂
Alanoud Aldashash
Every Arab watching this :whattttt the. Olive oil will get burn u can’t fried with it 😂😂
dany 4 days ago
you could of rolled chicken in flour with a normal frying pan THE BEST FRIED CHICKEN EAVER oh and season it
Sister_Brook Love
Can you cook while being drunk please ❤️❤️❤️😊
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