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Hi everyone. Right now I want you to enjoy with cooking pork leg stew sugarcane.
All the best, I do hope your life would be along with good thing and taste the food for your beautiful life. Thank you so much for coming.
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Dec 5, 2019




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Comments 100
Charlise Edwards
Charlise Edwards 2 months ago
The people letting her use the music is also a very big sponsor to her website so she has to played it.
Muh. Fajar Ramadhan
Muh. Fajar Ramadhan 3 months ago
Yummy......... 😍😍😍😍
trishz1 3 months ago
Please stop that music, I can't hear the roosters. Lol
Bernadine Whitworth
Bernadine Whitworth 7 months ago
It looks so delicious and yummy ! I Wish I could taste it.
Sweet sranang Lobi one
Hi Sros i like the way you prepare the porklegs it look la very delicious😋 Sadly i don’t eat pork only chicken and beef but i enjoyed your video anyways. Greetings from Amsterdam🙋🏽‍♀️🌸
Drea Luscious
Drea Luscious 7 months ago
TRULY not against the music, but it's SUPER loud. So, many people are against the music, and I'm not a huge fan either. And some people, like the music. But, if you have it, it's probably more beneficial to have it in the beginning, but when you're cooking either make it quieter, or just don't use it if it's such a huge problem for people. But, this is your channel, so if you TRULY love it the way it is, DON'T LISTEN TO ANYONE 😊
kcl060 7 months ago
Sros, can you share recipes for your seasoning pastes, likes kreung and other seasoning pastes
Sadika Salihovic
Sadika Salihovic 7 months ago
Katiusca Perez
Katiusca Perez 7 months ago
Am I the only one that gets annoyed with the background music? I can't enjoy the video with the music, it's terrible. I can't finish watching the video at all. I will no longer watch the videos.
Neci Smith-Odom
Neci Smith-Odom 8 months ago
Ganga Bhavani
Ganga Bhavani 8 months ago
Ver is your baby
kay dewinter
kay dewinter 8 months ago
Dede Nurul Amanah
Dede Nurul Amanah 8 months ago
Your music so bad 👎
Brenda Cardenas
Brenda Cardenas 8 months ago
No music please only chickens ducks and ruster
Walter De la cruz osorio
Te hace falta unas buenas tortillas
MON CHHAN 8 months ago
That is not pork legs stew!! IT PORK LEGS BRAISED!...😨😨😨😨🥶🥶🥶🥶
Yolanda Ortega
Yolanda Ortega 8 months ago
I don’t understand at first people were complaining about the loud hens n roosters being too loud now the music she can’t satisfy everyone
Sophisticated _ Queen
My point...can't please people, gotta please yourself..
Ruth Cox
Ruth Cox 8 months ago
I can almost taste that pork! 🤤 Looks delicious 😋 xxx
Rafael Quiambao
Rafael Quiambao 8 months ago
The music is unbearable. The food looks delish.
James Vetter
James Vetter 8 months ago
Yes I agree no more MUSIC!
glossy women's
glossy women's 8 months ago
Manishi annavadu thintada dhinni
Deia Regina
Deia Regina 8 months ago
Eitaaaaa delícia 😋
Larry Gee
Larry Gee 8 months ago
Sros, this dish looks WONDERFUL! Thankyou for the cooking lesson!
Kathleen Bradley
Kathleen Bradley 8 months ago
I can't watch unless the music goes away, if I have to turn down the volume what's the point of watching?
BILAL NUHU 8 months ago
Who's been a true fan of "Cooking with Sros" before 2019? 🥰 👇 👇I'm gifting my next 100 loyal subs🎁
Sônia Ribeiro
Sônia Ribeiro 8 months ago
Nunca comi carne de porco feita assim.será q fica bom?
ssttephanie1966 8 months ago
The music takes away from the nature sounds that makes the video calming .
R. Roy
R. Roy 8 months ago
I would love to taste that yummy. Is the sugar cane get soft after it’s cooked?
Asgoodasitgets 4us
Asgoodasitgets 4us 8 months ago
Yep. The music kills it for me. Couldn’t even finish watching. The videos used to be relaxing. Sorry, Sros.
Jane Hofert
Jane Hofert 8 months ago
NO MORE MUSIC. I don't want to hit the dislike button.
MommyBo Vision
MommyBo Vision 8 months ago
It’s crazy how many people dislike the background music and how many times we keep bringing this to your attention and you still keep adding it. Your videos are so much better without this music. You tubers add background music because they don’t have the beautiful natural background sound that you have. I can’t even watch this video and I really wanted to check it out.
Şerifli Esnaye
Şerifli Esnaye 8 months ago
Darwin is my name yes my parents hate me
I've never had sugarcane. Is it as good as it looks?
Mary Ann Dubrovin
Mary Ann Dubrovin 8 months ago
Please stop the music. It’s too loud too. Cannot hear Sros and the natural environment. Thank you.
Revathi Revathi
Revathi Revathi 8 months ago
U cooking very bad no taste all so
Marcia Maria
Marcia Maria 8 months ago
Lovely Torres
Lovely Torres 8 months ago
Please no music... Thanks...
Lovely Torres
Lovely Torres 8 months ago
Awesome videos.. So yummy and Delicious.. You make me hungry... I try ti cook this... Thank you Sros..
trishz1 8 months ago
No music. I prefer the natural ambiance of the animals in the background. Please!
Lisa Schlotthauer
Lisa Schlotthauer 8 months ago
Love this recipe but please leave nature sounds in and take away the music...too loud and annoying...💙
Gail Levine
Gail Levine 8 months ago
Hey EVERYONE- give it a THUMBS DOWN, Then maybe she will look to find out why. According to her Facebook post she is not reading posts because she got hit pretty bad by some trolls early in her channel history. So unless she sees something unusual, like lots of thumbs down, her interpreter or whomever manages her videos and channel editing, won't even look at the comments.
Gail Levine
Gail Levine 8 months ago
seriously that is not regional music, it is some kind of twangy country music from somewhere. TURN it OFF - PLEASE. I had to turn all the sound off completely because I found that "music" so annoying.
Gail Levine
Gail Levine 8 months ago
no more music, please........
Mary Heng
Mary Heng 8 months ago
Delicious and yummy 😋
annette g
annette g 8 months ago
Yummy! Great Video always! ! ❤
Yummy Cooking Vlogs
Yummy Cooking Vlogs 8 months ago
My beloved sis! Don't forget checking you weight, if yummy all the like this ...🤣🤣
Beverly Bennington
Beverly Bennington 8 months ago
I'm turning it off. Music is getting louder. I have a feeling it's someone who wants to be heard. Bye.
Beverly Bennington
Beverly Bennington 8 months ago
Please no music
Gigi Cedo
Gigi Cedo 8 months ago
Sros there are lots of negative comments about the background music that u used in this video.Yes it is too loud and i can not hear you clearly.SORRY, that is my opinion too😔😔😔
A H 8 months ago
Please stop the music
M Jackson
M Jackson 8 months ago
Like the videos wit out music playing during the cooking
Tabalina G
Tabalina G 8 months ago
Love your videos Sros but the new background music takes away from your aesthetic, the nature sounds along with your cooking is so relaxing, the music is kind of distracting.
virtuous CEOlady
virtuous CEOlady 8 months ago
I'm so glad you're keeping the music Sros. I LOVE IT!
Peggie Green
Peggie Green 8 months ago
I stopped watching!!!
Peggie Green
Peggie Green 8 months ago
I have to watch in silence now, cuz that music is annoying! Can't stand it! I guess I'll just have to stop watching!😞
Sabrina Forlini
Sabrina Forlini 8 months ago
Get rid of the music
Ms.R.G. B.
Ms.R.G. B. 8 months ago
Yummy, I need to go to the market realllll soon!
Célia Rose
Célia Rose 8 months ago
The music is so loud in this video please remove it we only like cooking sounds
Nandha kumar V
Nandha kumar V 8 months ago
Mam please upload crab soup please mam
Rudy Lopez
Rudy Lopez 8 months ago
Please remove the music I cannot hear you 👍🏼
Susan Keller
Susan Keller 8 months ago
Love videos but please no music I love the natural sounds instead!
The Black Noona Speaks
I love the natural background noises The music just takes away the authenticity of it.
Ti Kwon
Ti Kwon 8 months ago
I love your channel because you can hear the peaceful world around you. The sounds of nature and the roosters are all very soothing. You honestly don't need the music. It takes away from hearing sros.
Mark Heller
Mark Heller 8 months ago
In the USA we call the front leg portion the shoulder/ Boston Butt. Back legs are the primal cut/Ham
Sugar Creek
Sugar Creek 8 months ago
I agree with so many who have already stated....can the music, the nature sounds are so much more appropriate for these videos....the nature sounds tie the videos together. Please take the advice of the viewers and stop adding the unnecessary music. The videos are peaceful, the music is distracting
Eve Sully
Eve Sully 8 months ago
Please no music ! The cooking and natural background noises are so good . You don't need music. The recipe today looks delicious.
dsjoyful14ever 8 months ago
I love the country music in the background. Great music and a lovely recipe, Sros.
Dayana Alvarado
Dayana Alvarado 8 months ago
Nooo please! No music! I hate it. I love the videos cause you can hear the chickens the noises you make while cooking. Please don’t add musics I’d hate to stop watching cause of the music
Maria Luisa de Oliveira Marengoni
Música chata 👎
Jujubanaca Banaca
Jujubanaca Banaca 8 months ago
Receita boa música horrível
ann schellenberg
ann schellenberg 8 months ago
Oh Sros, please no music, we don't like it. We only like you and the nature sounds.😊
Brian Josué Calderón Muñiz
Music distracts me jaja xd Is beauty but i really dont like, maybe if the level is more low
Jennifer Mwangi
Jennifer Mwangi 8 months ago
Today the video editor decided to irritate us with the loud background music. Do they read comments, cause people have been complaining about it? We still love you and your cooking Sros. All the way from Kenya. 😘
Stephen Mildenhall
Stephen Mildenhall 8 months ago
Great video and recipe Sros as always, love the music, so soothing, another tasty and delicious 😋 recipe, 🙏 & ❤️ from 🇦🇺
Clarissa Martinez
Clarissa Martinez 8 months ago
Music is annoying, I love the nature sounds. You Look so beautiful!!!
Traci Evans
Traci Evans 8 months ago
I can see many people have asked you to stop with the back ground music. I can't help but wonder, are you not reading these suggestions or do you just not care. The music is so loud on this video we can even hear you talking. I will stop watching your videos if the music continues ( I watch to hear and see you, not for loud back ground music). PLEASE turn OFF the music
Mrs. Jack-String
Mrs. Jack-String 8 months ago
Traci Evans Both. Not reading them and don’t care. If she and her husband are learning to speak English, they probably don’t read it.
Sophisticated _ Queen
I've always hear this phrase, "if you dont have nothing good to say ,keep your mouth close"...... Great music/video as well.dont please anyone ,please yourself..
Sophisticated _ Queen
​@MiMi R whenever you're doing something and you're getting negative feedback on it, continued to pursue what you're doing..people will always form their opinion but the truth is it's not valid/relevant to you..let they continue to talk but never let them have any voice in your life.....
MiMi R
MiMi R 8 months ago
I agree. I am in shock with the amount of negative feedback she is receiving because she added music. She is allowed to change ya know. Lighten up
Elaine MacGregor
Elaine MacGregor 8 months ago
I so enjoy your videos!!!!!!!!!!! Love to see your "garden" where you find all sorts of edibles. Keep up the good work!!!!
TeHo 8 months ago
Learn English, you dumb creature!
Linda S.
Linda S. 8 months ago
No music, PLEASE!
Scimitar 8 months ago
Lover your Videos...pls no music....Thanks!!!
AnnaKev 8 months ago
Take the music off
Sirley fricote Dot
Sirley fricote Dot 8 months ago
Parabéns querida Maravilhoso! Abraço
Wolvering Wolf
Wolvering Wolf 8 months ago
Exótico. ...
anabela tabech
anabela tabech 8 months ago
Soooooooo delicious. ..and realy we miss the song in background ☺
Valdi obrigedo ebom Silva
Arizona74Frog 8 months ago
The addition of the music is awful sorry but the nature sounds of your old videos is much more better and relaxing and brings your environment and beauty to us through your videos so please go back to the old way. Thanks for sharing your awesome recipe be blessed
rebornnowami2013 8 months ago
Hello, I don't want to offend you or your husband but the music at times kept me from hearing you. Can you please turn it down or just go back to the sounds of the chickens?
Stan Ervin
Stan Ervin 8 months ago
I think I agree. An option would be to leave nature sounds on say left channel, and dubbed in music on the right channel. That would give the viewers their choice of audio, sort of like SAP on a TV. Upvote if you agree. She will notice higher likes! 🎚🎧
Cooking with Davann
Cooking with Davann 8 months ago
Nice sister your cooking i really like pls support me too all friend
I don’t know my name.
this kind of food will good should be stew up 3 or 4 hours
Olive Young
Olive Young 8 months ago
No music please. Way too loud. Can't hear you. Not the same watching the video when you have to mute the sound because of the music. Maybe next time.
Penny Christian
Penny Christian 8 months ago
I think Sros is pregnant again?
Irina Zelenograd
Irina Zelenograd 8 months ago
Очень аппетитно, особенно, если есть пищу руками! Я люблю пальцы облизать!
sk farhana
sk farhana 8 months ago
RetiredSchoolCook 8 months ago
Annie Foster
Annie Foster 8 months ago
Please no music the natural sounds of nature are so much better.
oh Kay Kay Kay
oh Kay Kay Kay 8 months ago
Beena George
Beena George 8 months ago
Irritating music 🤦🤦🤦 watching from Kerala lndia 😍 😍
ta1yn 8 months ago
Yet another delicious looking recipe, Sros! :p ❤
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