Converted Garage to Family Home Makeover!

Mr. Kate
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Nov 8, 2018




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Comments 100
alyssa smith
alyssa smith 24 days ago
they are so supportive mr kate can you please come do my room if you can please get back with me and dm at unicornslime11832 it would help me so much yall are the best
Pat Ryan
Pat Ryan 25 days ago
Good deed
Adv. Mokshada
Adv. Mokshada 26 days ago
You gotta be kidding me.. 😯😯😯
jvance3636 Month ago
This was my favorite so far.. such a deserving family !
Natalie Cross Colorings
OMG! That is perfect/ beautiful job.🤗💕💜
xx_rxlxte Month ago
I’ve been a fan for years. But I’m Australian so she can’t come here to do my room🥺😭
xx_rxlxte Month ago
Mr Kate set off my google. It’s midnight.
Emerson Williams
This was a truly heartwarming video.
edita armanis
edita armanis Month ago
So nice love it 🥰🥰🥰
edita armanis
edita armanis Month ago
Natalie Cardenas
My sister my cousin and my aunt all have freckles
syl av
syl av Month ago
i didn’t even notice the dad and son have the same name
Mary Ellen Ross
Mary Ellen Ross Month ago
That was an epic transformation. You guys make it look so easy! Love your style.
Imani Pittman
Imani Pittman 2 months ago
This one is my fav!
Jessee Jean
Jessee Jean 2 months ago
I just came across your RUvid yesterday and I’ve been watching you since then. I’m OBSESSED. You guys are amazing. This video made me tear up! Keep doing what you’re doing 💕
Make It *** Shine
Make It *** Shine 2 months ago
it might be a bit late moon is already born
Natalia 2 months ago
i love kate and joey so much. you can tell they’re genuine people. i’ve been watching since tyler oakley posted his room getting redone back in like 2015/16! before they even had a million subscribers!! i cant believe i’ve been watching so long! time flies so fast i know i’m not the only one that’s been watching for ages
Kim Rodriguez
Kim Rodriguez 2 months ago
I loved his reaction when he open his eyes! And her tears. Such a beautiful space!
Antonia Mujica
Antonia Mujica 2 months ago
The whole video my google kept replying
Vanessa Hernandez
Vanessa Hernandez 2 months ago
if you can
Vanessa Hernandez
Vanessa Hernandez 2 months ago
on the whats your aesthetic quiz have the email optional please
Ahuva Dinovitz
Ahuva Dinovitz 2 months ago
You guys should make babby wonzeex that say your shmal on it and rugs that say rug cadle on it sorry abote my spelling
Blossom 2 months ago
Okay my Alexa dose not play RUvid so now I no I need a gogel
HziixQvnx 2 months ago
Umm I keep getting ads about this bracelet.I'm scared:3
Chandrika Devi
Chandrika Devi 2 months ago
rubber band . nobody is caring
Chandrika Devi
Chandrika Devi 2 months ago
The kid is trying to eat the rubrbsnd
Imelda Maalihan
Imelda Maalihan 2 months ago
So awesome😍😍😍 U guys r awesome😍😍😍
Sharon Stuebi
Sharon Stuebi 2 months ago
I think this is my favorite make over. This will change their life. Thank you for your creativity and true compassion and respect.
berrin 2 months ago
I know I’m late but this has been my favorite video of Mr. Kate’s channel I love this makeover
Laura Burgess
Laura Burgess 2 months ago
Oh my goodness, she made me cry more than anyone else you've made over so far. Wow.
Annel Moreno
Annel Moreno 2 months ago
It truly AMAZES me what Kate and Joey do with every situation they're given. It truly takes talent for them to be able to make such a beautiful livable room out of such a small space. I'm blown away! And Kate's little touches like the baby hand and footprints and the vanity for mom really show how she always creates every space tailored to the needs of the family. And it just also show how loving and caring Kate is. You guys are rockstars!!!!!
Coleman Lacey
Coleman Lacey 2 months ago
iamashortweirdo 2 months ago
lol I have an android so when joey said "hey google, show me directions to the nearest framing store and recipes for chicken parmesan" google assistant picked it up and showed me framing stores and recipes on my phone
Anney Collier
Anney Collier 3 months ago
Kaylee Layman
Kaylee Layman 3 months ago
When she said hey google my google went off
Ruth Elizabeth Avila
Love everything they did and how they thought about everything 🥺💗💞
Donna Ledbetter
Donna Ledbetter 3 months ago
This is one of the best makeovers I've ever seen.
Kate...from another Kate...age 65...Please please please take good care of your Joey. Don't take him for granted. Cherish him. Life is short. Although you can't see that now. Make it about him...between the two of you. Make it go the distance. Moon will thank you.
Unice Marquez
Unice Marquez 3 months ago
So beautiful, you guys are awesome
Heather Ryan
Heather Ryan 3 months ago
Their reactions were priceless!!!
Eisra A.
Eisra A. 3 months ago
Watching the intro I thought they were gonna be an underprivileged family living in poor condition. That room (and bed) are HUGE.
Beehive Journals
Beehive Journals 3 months ago
Favorite episode ever! Y'all created a functional home for them and that can make all the difference in the world.
Tracilyn Hidalgo
Tracilyn Hidalgo 4 months ago
Instant Thumbs DOWN for Videos With Ads
over 1 million views ....you could have taken time to wash and do your hair for your reveal.
Bozzie 4 months ago
this video set of my google so many times
SJ Scalf
SJ Scalf 4 months ago
The deserving couple was speechless. I mean, they had no words they were just so amazed and that’s incredible to see. How rewarding. You two are angels.
justaleafinthewind 4 months ago
SUCH a feel good episode ♥️
Kaylisa Marie
Kaylisa Marie 4 months ago
I love watching them help their fans that need it😍
Alyssa Coni
Alyssa Coni 4 months ago
I love the reaction of the husband...it was just like.. WOW!!!
Rhonda Miller
Rhonda Miller 4 months ago
What an amazing job for such sweet people. The detail! Like the teddy bear inscribed with Daniel's name. The hangers she made for the. Jewelry really worked out well, and I was at first skeptical. Good vision and a good job. Mr. Kate is getting better and better.
Kathy Rogers
Kathy Rogers 4 months ago
I even got an idea for hanging my necklaces! I don't have the right tools, but maybe I can figure something out!
S EGMN 4 months ago
The reveals are so emotional because they help people that really need the makeovers. Appreciated.
Alsvior Kook
Alsvior Kook 4 months ago
The before and after is just breathtaking
Alsvior Kook
Alsvior Kook 4 months ago
10:04 look at the little rainbow on her hair, a rainbow on a rainbow ! Isn't it magic ? 😂
Stephanie J.
Stephanie J. 4 months ago
This episode brought tears to my eyes. :)
AF shh
AF shh 4 months ago
Mr Kate and Ms Kate are sooo humble! thank you for understanding their situation and not making them feel bad about it! you guys are amazing people and GOD BLESS ALWAYSSS!! all my love to your cute family
Elizabeth Madden
Elizabeth Madden 4 months ago
Kate set off my google assistant 😂
joel lojo
joel lojo 4 months ago
This is my fave episode.🤩😍
Jes Salvador
Jes Salvador 4 months ago
I love Mr. Kate. I’ve watched all your videos and I love itttt ♥️♥️♥️ New subcriber 🥰🥰
Gellie Beans
Gellie Beans 4 months ago
I want to see the family living there. 😍
Alexandra Ramirez
Alexandra Ramirez 4 months ago
Who the heckkkk would put a thumbs down on this?? This is one of my favorite makeovers!!
Audrey G.
Audrey G. 4 months ago
To save space, I would have given them a narrow rectangular coffee table instead of that round one.
Christal Davids
Christal Davids 4 months ago
must people even pay???????
Livi Sumi
Livi Sumi 5 months ago
You guys are amazing 😇😇😇😊😊 I've come across your videos today💃💃💃💃
ele flower
ele flower 5 months ago
OMG ,...that was amazing...
Jannat Brar
Jannat Brar 5 months ago
They are so nice ❤️
Tyson B
Tyson B 5 months ago
I like that dudes Tshirt , lol 👍🏾
Human 09
Human 09 5 months ago
The dislikes are from people who wished their room looked like this
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee 5 months ago
Thank you for being so kind to this couple. You two are gifted and truly an inspiration.
Tracey Jennings
Tracey Jennings 5 months ago
This is probably my favorite makeover I have ever seen! You totally rocked this space , giving them everything to be so comfortable!
Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts 5 months ago
This turned out awesome!!It isn't a garage it's a beautiful home!!The best reaction ever!!
Z 5 months ago
Are the son and the dad both named Daniel?
chelsea Copeland
chelsea Copeland 5 months ago
I love what they did but what would have been cool is put like a bed with drawers under the toddler bed so they dknt have to put his clothes in their wardrobe
Paulette Edwards
Paulette Edwards 5 months ago
Kate : Can manage all of those machines Me : Can't even manage a knife
Linda ANN Pritchett
Linda ANN Pritchett 5 months ago
Monserrat Cortes
Monserrat Cortes 5 months ago
The love you have for each other translates into what you do. So many families in minority communities have less than ideal situations and not all influencers would pick families with this sort of background because it may not fit their target demographic, but you guys take your advantages and share them with the world without judgement. Truly beautiful the way you conduct yourselves and as a result, your channel. Thank you for what you do because you do it in such espectacular way! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lindsey V
Lindsey V 5 months ago
Those curtains gonna be doin more than just blocking the sun(;
xGisela 5 months ago
Lindsey V wt-
The Cheeba Lounge
The Cheeba Lounge 5 months ago
Okay i love how joey just said “okay , lets talk , lets talk , lets talk “ 😭😭😭🙏🏽
Ishani Sen
Ishani Sen 5 months ago
They're such good humans.
Stef B McCoy
Stef B McCoy 5 months ago
i cried
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Garcia 5 months ago
I live the same way but I’m moving!🥳🥳
Deeo's Intone
Deeo's Intone 5 months ago
I am Addicted to you guys now 😭❤
Shantel Jean-Charles
They could so do my room, like my room is okay, but I just don't know how to style it as I'm an artist, I have no idea what to do lol..how am I just now finding out about this channel!??
Roro Monque
Roro Monque 6 months ago
I get anxiety everytime b4 a reveal
Talita Huang
Talita Huang 6 months ago
Love that color 💄on u
Michael Williamson
Michael Williamson 6 months ago
Im a girl but I’m on my brother stuff but on my phone so plz get back with me
Amanpreet kaur
Amanpreet kaur 6 months ago
Marling Dallatorre
Marling Dallatorre 6 months ago
Hi Mr Kate just want to say you guys are awesome kind and super humble keep the good work and you are going to be shower with so much blessings so you can keep making people smile thanks ❤️
h9tty 6 months ago
my google home thing kept responding when she said hey google smh
Jm Servan
Jm Servan 6 months ago
2020 anyone? ❤
JJTheGamer 6 months ago
Whoever disliked any of Mr. Kate's videos isn't human.❤️
Aneeqa Karu
Aneeqa Karu 6 months ago
Amazing what you did there with space, it’s really tough shaping square and rectangular spaces and other even looking spaces. Looks easy but it really isn’t. So glad you could serve a family in need without looking at your budget. Bye really cool glasses and hairdo by Mr Kate. Please let me know what glasses and hairdo did you use in the video and I could drop a Pinterest!!! 💕from me to you!
Andrea Alvidres
Andrea Alvidres 6 months ago
Am I the only one who's google home activated every time they asked for him?😂😂😂😂
nova trew
nova trew 6 months ago
One word , amazing !!!!
Ma Rhea Susi
Ma Rhea Susi 6 months ago
This actually gave me an idea for my room o have privacy. Thank you!! A fan from the Philippines ❤️❤️❤️
Tammmy Graves
Tammmy Graves 6 months ago
Y'all are great!!!! Question... They have a dining room but no living room???
yumxx 6 months ago
You guys are so cute and awesome! What are your zodiac signs?! I’m going on a hunch that Kate is Gemini and Joey is Taurus...? Lol
Anjali chettri
Anjali chettri 6 months ago
Hello Mr . Kate I am big fan of you
Annika Dollevoet
Annika Dollevoet 6 months ago
I am beyond shook
C G 6 months ago
Who dislikes such a video??? Kate is awesome!
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