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LET ME KNOW WHO I SHOULD BUST NEXT. There are a lot of obvious targets out there, but I don't want to be an obvious boy. ya feel me? Thanks for watching! BROOOFEEEISTTT
SnackDubbbz Food Review: ruvid.net/video/video-xw1zU2sUAEg.html
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Content cop is a satirical series that has memes and jokes. I'm like 75% serious most of the time. I'm just trying to clean up the streets.
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Dec 23, 2015




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Comments 100
Gary Perkins
Gary Perkins Day ago
I vote Content Cop returns for Onisian
Serkii S.Y
Serkii S.Y Day ago
killing my entire family? lets peep this out
Angel Orellana
Angel Orellana 2 days ago
Can I get the cactus jack
robloxgamerYT 3 days ago
Dion Fernandes
Dion Fernandes 3 days ago
Dank Rishu ki copy
damon shepherd
damon shepherd 4 days ago
2020 corvette
Jakob Dreier
Jakob Dreier 4 days ago
missin 2016 rn ngl
Marshall Smith™
S&M Peaches... Can says S&W
Noriaki Krakyoin
Noriaki Krakyoin 5 days ago
I never saluted so hard in my god damn life. You did a good thing idubbbz
spacewar gaming
spacewar gaming 5 days ago
Travis Scott raped me Sicko mode earrape
trang hoàng
trang hoàng 5 days ago
luisfonsi zawarudo moonlight ketodiet
Chez Boi
Chez Boi 6 days ago
This is so good
Macky Carlos
Macky Carlos 6 days ago
Idubbbz getting dragged down the sewers just hits the funny bone everytime
money guava
money guava 8 days ago
was filthy frank the camera guy at mcdonalds? Ian said frank give these kids milk.
Windows 10
Windows 10 8 days ago
The good old days
A Hunters Tail
A Hunters Tail 9 days ago
How ya doin mate
Jutal P
Jutal P 9 days ago
4:45 after 5 years of watching the same video i just realised that someone sat in the back of the car.
Gabriella 10 days ago
I lost it at the camera zooming out on him talking in his car lmfao
Epic Fortnite songs
Happy that he never mentioned my boy reviewbrah
Bread Milk
Bread Milk 11 days ago
5:32 idubbbz was taken to Brazil
Slushy Slurp
Slushy Slurp 12 days ago
The one man who doesn’t get cancelled for saying slurs lol
Conor kiddell
Conor kiddell 10 days ago
Filthy frank
Hidan 13 days ago
You know yo boi dont fuck with no pickles
kartikay dubey
kartikay dubey 15 days ago
Wait till he discovers mukbang
Some dude
Some dude 15 days ago
3:51 he seriously just trolled irl
John Bee
John Bee 16 days ago
Time Nick
Time Nick 16 days ago
It took me 4 years to realize that him talking about jinx saying cancer a lot is a joke
Ark147 17 days ago
5:31 Top 10 photos taken before disaster
sheev palpatine
sheev palpatine 18 days ago
Snack dubbbz sounds cool
Drock 90210420691985
Who is the Asian RUvid guy that eats on the beach?
Alfies channel of stuff.
Mc gang bang? Whats a gang bang?
Lucca 18 days ago
fucking iDubbz just gave a bunch of random kids milk
Shan 20 days ago
Here after dank rishu
Christian Lucio
Christian Lucio 21 day ago
Christian Lucio
Christian Lucio 21 day ago
Zecxor 21 day ago
5:33 Yea i can just imagine bunch of douche teenagers, exploring the sewer and then piss their pants as they run outside when they hear that scream
Sprxt Gaming
Sprxt Gaming 11 days ago
I think I'd freak out and laugh at once
AustinRM yh
AustinRM yh 21 day ago
Lol who's watching this in 2020
Billnye therussainspy
What's up comrades it's Bill Nye the Russian spy coming out you with a communist food review Our food from all the hard equal labor You know I don't do no middle or top bun on my big Mac You know I don't do no pickles or big Mac sauce on it Now, we dine on our food Yvbgtrghcgyuthf6fg75 Over all I give the communist big Mac a 4/5 stinky butt holes I hated it, it gave me cancer and aids, don't eat this disgusting crap
Mr random stuff
Mr random stuff 22 days ago
Idubbz doing his part to help the community 1 milk bottle at a time
Llama 22 days ago
ZombieMiezz 22 days ago
*Another one!*
Kenny Ford
Kenny Ford 24 days ago
Can you imagine being a 10-12 year old and Idubbbz calls you over and gives you milk?
Canada boi
Canada boi 24 days ago
another one
just a random person
just a random person
@Mijeshii lol
Mijeshii 19 days ago
Boutta head to one of Xs video to type "Dead"
Wankasaurus X
Wankasaurus X 21 day ago
bruh you're like 5 months late lmao
just a random person
@BYR0N360 ????
BYR0N360 23 days ago
Dead term user
Leadman36 3473
Leadman36 3473 24 days ago
You bite the peach the peach bites back literally the entire premise of cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2
Jerox Is
Jerox Is 24 days ago
... did you shave youre head bald and pretend to have cancer for the hair cake vid tho? not saying it wasnt funny but :P
Pizza Boyo
Pizza Boyo 25 days ago
I love how we're memeing on Ian giving some random kids milk, but it was super wholesome
Leandro Ledon
Leandro Ledon 25 days ago
Dude u joke about whatwver the fuck u want i feel like u should just like chill
can I burn in hell
can I burn in hell 25 days ago
OOOOO you bite the peach the peach bites back *fuckin drowns in peaches+
Graydon Bateman
Graydon Bateman 25 days ago
Man... Getting close to 5 years.
Lockie Mcneven
Lockie Mcneven 26 days ago
I dubs should collab with danny mullen lol
Amanda McCray
Amanda McCray 26 days ago
that part when you get draged and just scream in total darckens is sooooo funny
Earhole Entertainment
You kids want some milk?
TudorPangal 26 days ago
I miss these days
Disgusting Idiot
Disgusting Idiot 26 days ago
Remember kids if a strange man is offering you free milk take it cause its probably Idubbbz
L Ferguson
L Ferguson 27 days ago
How the mighty have fallen
Marshall Warren
Marshall Warren 27 days ago
Pls continue the legit food reviews
GodGamer_on_YT 27 days ago
I never seen a kid so excited to receive milk before
Bastián Bahamonde
Bastián Bahamonde 27 days ago
he forgot hair cake whe he sais every time "i have cancer" :|
nootle 27 days ago
if the kids in the beginning are around 13 they would be 18 today
poke mon
poke mon 28 days ago
how tf dose he not have hepatitis c
J 28 days ago
You need a lint roller for your clothes and a duster for your desktop.
SPARKY SINN 28 days ago
You forgot Review Brah
Robux Swain
Robux Swain 28 days ago
Joeysworldtour is the worst out of all of them
joshua knudsen
joshua knudsen 28 days ago
7:05 omg could not stop laughing
Angus Heriot
Angus Heriot 28 days ago
Plz don’t diss KBD he’s my dad
Eklipse 29 days ago
Man time flies. Feels like it was uploaded only a year ago
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Month ago
I saw a commercial and one of these guys was in it eating the latest and greatest thing
Himaksh Kumar
Himaksh Kumar Month ago
dank rishu
The East Coast Boys Podcast
DameDrop is the only acceptable car food reveiwer.
Jorge Jeffries
Jorge Jeffries Month ago
Hahaha priceless.. fuck epic meal time.
Anthony Morrone
Anthony Morrone Month ago
The peaches
Niamh Wilding
Niamh Wilding Month ago
i showed the " i rate that 4 heil hitlers it must've been a fucking good schnitzel" to my german teacher , lets say she wasn't impressed..
daniel LEVY
daniel LEVY Month ago
isn't this guy on The Goldbergs? how does he have enough time to have such a successful channel.. Whoa.. impressive.
Can Ada
Can Ada Month ago
Mihaku Month ago
He puts so much effort into his videos
Blaezy Month ago
Not gonna lie, iDubbbz giving milk to kids was pretty wholesome. :D
Discontinued channel!
Why dose he have a hitman in his car when Idubbz is doing his ligit food review
Andrew Stehlik
Andrew Stehlik Month ago
Mortal. Month ago
i have masterbayted
randomstring Month ago
You've made jokes about cancer yourself, dude=P
PeroOo Month ago
*You boys want some Tap Water*
FBI - Federal Bureau Of Investigation
I’m still wondering why lowlifes keep calling this legend a simp. 😂
it's me and I'm stuck in the 2000s
Thank you Idubbbz for saving the children
olio Month ago
reviewbrah is the only good one because he does is professionally
Engeke Month ago
Can i offer you some milk in this trying time?
Malixium Month ago
1:29 A middle schooler anytime anything happens
Dillon Perales
Dillon Perales Month ago
Who else know about the mcgangbang put it here
Kollins TV2
Kollins TV2 Month ago
7:52 nooooooooooooo🤣🤣
MightyCarlosLP Month ago
Idubbz, how do you remain healthy after putting those mad baxtetias into ur mouth, whats ur secret
Fak3Cake Music
Fak3Cake Music Month ago
Eating hair cake, human cake and vomit cake gives you lifetime immunity The true meaning of the "holy trinity"
Nick Lee
Nick Lee Month ago
that intro had me dead what the actual fuck a predator but non predator
Higgley-he Month ago
8 milks u my friend should have eight Ask for another one
Christian Schmitz
Are the intros in caloe Vera park?
My Mom
My Mom Month ago
3:50 Surprised they don’t serve that
Brian Hutcherson
300 pound guy passing on fruit and calling tomatoes a red ring of death...... hmmm I wonder why he's overweight
gacha. gamer827
gacha. gamer827 Month ago
me thinking how much of that burger you wold have to clean: you poor poor soul
TheMightyKinkle Month ago
We need a documentary on Review Brah
Yoshi Month ago
Ryhmmes Month ago
5:32 your going to Brazil
Ren4issance -
Ren4issance - Month ago
“You’re going to Brazil.” 5:29
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