Conservative Mother Disapproves of Black Wedding Dress | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Say Yes to the Dress
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Melody Choate has her heart set on wearing an edgy black dress on her wedding day, however mum has always dreamed on seeing her little girl wear a white ballgown when walking down the aisle.
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Jan 20, 2019

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Comments 4 762
nurse956 8 hours ago
Black is sucha dead colour. Come on, u can choose pink, lilly, white, red, green but black is a no no wedding dress.
Krazzzy Si3ters
Krazzzy Si3ters 9 hours ago
That kinda sounds like her mom is a homophobic mom
MS CM 15 hours ago
Her brother is gorgeous
chiammy 귀여워
Her mom looks like... whoa! A supportive and a beautiful mom? Oh men!
white is so out of style this is 2019 people barley even match white is traditional yes but who still wants to be traditional but at the end of the day its the bride choice
yalonda hardaway
I loved the ivory on her
Hazel Glynn
Hazel Glynn 2 days ago
I really didn't suit white so I wore red! It was at Christmas. I was worried I would look more like a bridesmaid, but it's all about the weight of the dress and how it's constructed. I definitely looked like a bride.
shinkicker 123
shinkicker 123 2 days ago
In the Western world. Queen Victoria began the trend for brides wearing white. Before that Blue wedding dresses were more commonplace . Blue was considered the colour of purity not white. Roman catholic brides in Spain used to traditionally wear black wedding dresses.
Pan!c on
Pan!c on 2 days ago
I love how the brother is just sitting there like oh man oh man oh man this is gonna be bad 😂😂😂😂 But he is also just sitting there just kind of being so proud of her
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez 2 days ago
That is an amazing dress. I want mine to be Royal Purple with silver accents.
Adelé Meade
Adelé Meade 2 days ago
"We've gone so nonconventional its hilarious." Sure...sure..
Abigail Beasley
Abigail Beasley 3 days ago
Chloe and Vaneti Gaming SHOW
Lol when you go black you cant go back XD
Kikyo0Takarai 5 days ago
Girl, if you are paying for your dress you get a sack of potatoes if you want to. I don't care what anyone has to say
Queen Nini
Queen Nini 5 days ago
At the end of the day it’s not your wedding whatever color is her choice black ,white , pink , green it’s HER DAY Especially if your not paying for anything
Pro Wolf
Pro Wolf 5 days ago
I love breaking wedding color traditions!
Argie Kalas
Argie Kalas 6 days ago
Black wedding dress What? Wow
Argie Kalas
Argie Kalas 6 days ago
Oh she’s a lesbian
Should not bring your mother if she’s going to be negative. It’s YOUR dress, YOUR DAY. Thank goodness she came around. All these dresses aren’t the one, I didn’t like the upper part of the dress, and wished it where embellished with nicer smaller jewels. There are such gorgeous black dresses out there. But at the end of the day it’s her dress not mine.
Hannah R
Hannah R 6 days ago
My mom is so amazing she doesn't care if I'm wearing a garbage bag as long as I'm happy shes happy
•LPS Sugar Diamond•
BOI when her brother said his loyalty was to his sister I was so HAPPY WHY CANT THE MOTHER BE THAT EXCEPTING
Storm Arashi
Storm Arashi 6 days ago
Kick her mom outta the wedding.
Slytherin Forever
Is the wife wearing a suit then?
Magical Yunicorn
Magical Yunicorn 7 days ago
So what if she wants a black dress,let her wear a black dress,its HER wedding.
sasha india xo
sasha india xo 7 days ago
if the bride and her fiancé are paying for the dress the mom shouldn’t be the deciding factor on what dress she should get
TheFifaLegacy 7 days ago
6:39 get it right in ur head mum
anime idol
anime idol 7 days ago
And I am here wondering what would be the " princess charming " wearing..😊
Joann Sandoval
Joann Sandoval 8 days ago
Riley Davis
Riley Davis 8 days ago
If a bride wants a black dress, let her get a black dress. Hell, that goes for ANY color, or even if she wants to a dress in the first place. If she wants to walk down that aisle in a red jumpsuit, she should be able to walk down that aisle in a red jumpsuit. It’s HER day (and her partner’s). What matters is that she’s happy and in love! Went on a bit of a rant there I apologize
K-pop Lover
K-pop Lover 8 days ago
Where are all my black hearted people at 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Smiti Mehrotra
Smiti Mehrotra 8 days ago
The mother is too conservative
Jessica Nakuma
Jessica Nakuma 8 days ago
If you’re not paying, your opinion can be ignored.
Bro that mom is SOOO annoying. It’s not HER wedding day it’s THE DAUGHTEERSSSS!!!!
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly 9 days ago
Her mom looks younger then her
fay mansi
fay mansi 9 days ago
I feel her mum is shycho
Emily Kent
Emily Kent 9 days ago
Ugh the mother is awful
Aaron Neperud
Aaron Neperud 9 days ago
The mom is so selfish. I can’t imagine telling my daughter that she doesn’t look like a bride just because her dress isn’t white. You can see how hurt the bride was when her mom said that.
The udgang couple
The udgang couple 10 days ago
Wish my mother would approve my boyfriend :(
Nhylia Burl
Nhylia Burl 10 days ago
Y’all are so dramatic. The mother is trying to be supportive, and cope with what’s going on. She’s trying to accept her daughter. Would you rather her just disown her ? Goshhhh shutup
Pessimistic Sunshine
The mother kinda reminds me of Kelly Ann Conway
ayyee itstayy
ayyee itstayy 10 days ago
i love her engagement ring so much oml like i want it
Leah Torzilli 2
Leah Torzilli 2 11 days ago
the mom is a total bitch
Francesca Fowoson
Francesca Fowoson 11 days ago
Her mom is such a bish!
Black Sky
Black Sky 11 days ago
Her mom almost got a heart attac talking about her dother marrying a woman
Caroline Klemensová
Why did she take her mom with her if she knew she wanted something completely different and was being bitchy? Plus a homophobic cow? I'd never take her with me if I were her.
EthalaRide 11 days ago
So it's pretty obvious that the mother doesn't approve of a many of aspects of this wedding. But the daughter clearly wants her mother's validation. Which is better; The mother just being honest with her disapproval and not going/supporting, or trying to hide her disappointment with a false smile and participate?
Sara Flores
Sara Flores 11 days ago
No way she's 26!
Preeti Acharya
Preeti Acharya 11 days ago
Not about conservative. Tradition is tradition. We have to give respect to that. If black dress approved here then we can approve white wedding dress in burial event also.
Tonya Brabra
Tonya Brabra 11 days ago
Every time she puts a dress on she’s like “oh wow!”😂😂
Lelli Hurtado
Lelli Hurtado 12 days ago
Her mom ewwwwwww
Kristen 12 days ago
If my daughter wanted to wear a bikini to get married in I would be behind her 10000%. I had my chance to have my own dream wedding, this is my daughters chance and she should be happy
irene angelucci
irene angelucci 12 days ago
My mum got married in a bronze/black laced siren dress. She looked absolutely stunning. If i ever get married I'm pretty positive I'd wear lavender, as it is my fave color ever. Who said that brides should wear white! Narrow minded people *cough cough *
rashard D'Auvergne
rashard D'Auvergne 13 days ago
Unless these people are in their very late 30's and on then i don't think you should be getting married only after 2 years
Grace Kay
Grace Kay 13 days ago
that mom.. she gotta chill out with this internalized homophobia
crash123 13 days ago
I don't care if you're the mom, it's still the daughter's wedding day. She will decide.
Midnight Mint
Midnight Mint 13 days ago
It's her wedding. She chooses her dress. Not her mom.
Claire Field
Claire Field 13 days ago
Honestly I can picture the mom with an axe with how she's cackling like an evil clown smh
idrzy ts.
idrzy ts. 13 days ago
"The color? it doesn't MAKE a bride. You see that smile on her face ? THAT's what makes her a beautiful bride" Love it
Zay Onre
Zay Onre 13 days ago
All these dressed looked horrible I'm sorry 😣
Color Code The Artist
The entire time, I was just thinking "I'm sorry, are YOU the one getting married!?"
Yellow Mello
Yellow Mello 14 days ago
The mom doesn’t like black because she’s racist😂😂
Yellow Mello
Yellow Mello 14 days ago
The second dress in white looks yellow🤮
Danvcaa !!
Danvcaa !! 14 days ago
I would let my daughter pick any dress she likes tbh
Danvcaa !!
Danvcaa !! 14 days ago
her mom is crazy no offense lmao
Zoe Williams
Zoe Williams 14 days ago
Wedding dresses are only white because of Queen Victoria 👸
wait what?
wait what? 14 days ago
*shows dress Everyone:NO *puts veil Everyone:YESSS Modern problems require modern solutions
Blazing_Narwhal809 _THE UNICORN OF THE SEA
wait what? Facts
·*mila _Pb*·
·*mila _Pb*· 14 days ago
Persephony grace
Persephony grace 14 days ago
Mom your not the who will pay for the dress 😂
Alexis S.
Alexis S. 15 days ago
The mom is 100% without a doubt homophobic with a handful of psycho and a sprinkle of racist
party #pink p
party #pink p 15 days ago
Who thinks that her mom is Like a model 😂
Luna Chims
Luna Chims 15 days ago
Madjinie Guerrier
Madjinie Guerrier 15 days ago
I can’t imagine a bride walking down the hall in black like girl you look like your husband just passed away in your wedding day so the switch it into a funeral ⚰️
My Name
My Name 15 days ago
Why go to a wedding shop to get a fitted black dress? Just go to any dress shop and you'll find what you want for a cheaper price.
Bee Bumble
Bee Bumble 16 days ago
I'm sick of people using the "it's not your wedding line" of course any mother should respect and listen to their daughters wishes but your mother raised you and you should want to make her happy too.
Bee Bumble
Bee Bumble 16 days ago
I can't stand black wedding dresses... You can wear black dresses whenever, white is for your wedding
Yaoi_On _Ice
Yaoi_On _Ice 16 days ago
Deliha hobi's calmed dotter
When you're obsessed with black.....
Liana Vi
Liana Vi 16 days ago
her mother is such a beautiful woman😍😍😍
cute sea urchin
cute sea urchin 16 days ago
Why do moms always think it’s their wedding instead of their daughters.
Bianca Rivera
Bianca Rivera 16 days ago
Ruthie Schubert
Ruthie Schubert 16 days ago
The mom is high
Daphne Roeske
Daphne Roeske 17 days ago
Mom needs to get over herself tbh. It’s not her wedding, it’s her daughter’s.
Charity Ford
Charity Ford 17 days ago
i love the bride and the fact that she is lesbian but the mother has to go
Charity Ford
Charity Ford 17 days ago
ok we were all gonna say it the mother is a homophobe i can't believe she said "i want her to sing her prince charming "
un0rdinary 17 days ago
Hitlerdid Nothingwrong?
Honestly she is too pale for a white or ivory dress. It washes her out to much. Really any color but white or pale colors are good.
Wynter Willow
Wynter Willow 18 days ago
Is it the daughter or moms wedding? Support your daughter one of the best days of her life. Black is beautiful.
September Meadows
September Meadows 18 days ago
She looks way better in black. Her skin tone is already pale so with a white dress makes her look like a ghost
Adrina Russell
Adrina Russell 18 days ago
Poor mother
Ashwini Gandhi
Ashwini Gandhi 18 days ago
Not being straight is not a problem for the mother and it's just a white dress? Insane...
Ava_ _Quaver
Ava_ _Quaver 19 days ago
That last dress would actual look so beautiful in black! I want her dress now🥺😂
KittyCat 19 days ago
I may be horrible but to be honest I would not care one single bit what my mom thinks of my wedding dress if I'm the one paying for it. Like if I wanted to wear a purple cabaret dress I would wear a damn purple cabaret dress. (not saying that's actually what I want lmao). If my mom causes a scene like this and continuously disregards MY opinion on MY wedding dress she's not invited to go dress shopping with me, simple as that.
crrock fellia
crrock fellia 19 days ago
Her mother looks younger ☸lol
Cosplay Skates
Cosplay Skates 19 days ago
What is it with these mums. It’s not their damn wedding, it’s not their choice on the dress
Denise Rodriguez
Denise Rodriguez 19 days ago
The second dress color looks like piss
sarajka007 19 days ago
I don't know guys but at 1:19 I really felt sorry for this women... Somehow is obvious that this women is not very happy with the fact that her dougther find "Princess Charming" instead of "Prince Charming"
Filthy Franku
Filthy Franku 19 days ago
How the mom emphasizes the words *"Prince Charming"* tho lmao.
lmao so sad
lmao so sad 20 days ago
see I don’t have a mom to argue with me about a future wedding dress my dad doesn’t care what i wear as long as it makes me happy (and within budget)
Angie Silly
Angie Silly 20 days ago
I see a lot of hate to the mom but imagine she was probably raised with certain ideals and traditions it's hard for a person to be taught one thing and then have to completely change but in the end she realizes that her daughters happiness is important to her honestly she seems like a good mom trying her best
Bon Bon
Bon Bon 20 days ago
The mom sounds like she smoked a lot of pot😂
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