Conservative Mother Disapproves of Black Wedding Dress | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Say Yes to the Dress
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Melody Choate has her heart set on wearing an edgy black dress on her wedding day, however mum has always dreamed on seeing her little girl wear a white ballgown when walking down the aisle.
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Jan 20, 2019




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Comments 80
shummzy h
shummzy h Day ago
''We're just gonna put this on for colour'' killed me😂😂😂
Eva Cervenova
Odtieň šiat jej nepristal, čierny doplnok mi nevadil, ale odtieň šiat bol divný👎 a sukňa tiež nič moc, preplácana. Ale dôležité je, že nevesta bola spokojná a cítila sa krásne 👍
Moa Glanshed
Moa Glanshed Day ago
"The color doesn't make the bride beautiful", jeez I cried like a baby
Andrey Greenidge
Andrey Greenidge 2 days ago
Her mother nervous laughter..😁😁😁
Niia Pierre
Niia Pierre 2 days ago
I need one of you homophobes to give me a VALID reason why being gay is wrong, other then "its unnatural" or "my religion"
Wild_Wolf_In_Nature _Happy
She wants a black dress just mayve let her be
Ot21 green grass _NCT
This woman is my role model🤣
K Lu
K Lu 3 days ago
The mother looks like she’s breaking apart behind all that laughter and her nonstop smiles.
Madeline Diop
Madeline Diop 4 days ago
ai ko
ai ko 4 days ago
"I want a black dress" *HEAVY METAL MUSIC BLARES*
Cohen Marie 5678
Cohen Marie 5678 4 days ago
Why do they have to say their name their age and where there from I don’t care
IGNF Nation
IGNF Nation 4 days ago
Ngl who do these parents think they r? If i got married- thanks but IM getting married- my wedding my marriage- in my opinion i would only care if my fiance would love it- but he loves everything. Yeh ok respect given to my mother but i want what i want its my marriage- soz hun u aint getting married lololol
rai pika pi
rai pika pi 5 days ago
The first dress looked more like white crustaceans rather than flowers.
Liz Berry
Liz Berry 5 days ago
Great mother !!
Keiron Kyelo
Keiron Kyelo 6 days ago
They didn't show her wear the black dress! 😡
Lauren K
Lauren K 6 days ago
The brother is cuteeeee
Kenshin Himura
Kenshin Himura 6 days ago
Laura ingles wilder got married in a black dress. Wedding dresses are only white because of queen victoria. It doesn’t symbolize anything beyond she making the color popular.
LUmPy SpaCE pRinCeSS
Why do they alway ask the mom what she wants the bride to wear like hello I’m the bride it’s only me you should be worrying about not my mom plus I’m paying too tf 🙃🤦🏽‍♀️
Raesling Undomiel
I've seen the wedding video so I know this didn't happen, but what if Dawn had wanted to wear white. The classic black and white would have been stunning! If you're going to be open-minded, be it all the way.
ok lol
ok lol 7 days ago
I don’t think the mum is homophobic I just think she’s not used to it.
Noshin Paracha
Noshin Paracha 7 days ago
A women is dAteing a women
Olivia Hodgkinson
Is it just me, or were all of these dresses absolutely horrendous? I love the brides personality though!
Nikolai Murzello
Nikolai Murzello 8 days ago
Stephen looks soo cute beautiful eyes and lovely lips with a wonderful smile,
olen olen
olen olen 8 days ago
7:25 that person is tripping on the floor
GABY !!!
GABY !!! 9 days ago
I honestly HATE the mother , like idk what it is about her but she seems so annoying
shaleha begum
shaleha begum 9 days ago
Brother : I'm no one I'm a boy 😂😂😂
Reese Stringer
Reese Stringer 10 days ago
This mom is so messed up fuck her so mean
Alexa Cannon
Alexa Cannon 10 days ago
Also as soon as the mum said ‘prince charming’ I knew she’d had issues with their relationship and is very conservative. Also I love when Lori was like ‘I love her’: they’re going to get so many brides going for the same white dress that it would be so fun to switch it up
Alexa Cannon
Alexa Cannon 10 days ago
I’m binging these in 2020 and all I thought of when she said Jacksonville, Florida was ‘Jason mendoza!’
Jade Preusch
Jade Preusch 11 days ago
Melody: "I really want a black wedding dress..." Lori: "I loove heeerrr" Perfect reaction XD
Z 11
Z 11 11 days ago
That's not a black diamond,just black metal at best which is used to hold ring together.
Rice Muncher
Rice Muncher 11 days ago
Man, where can I get a brother like that? The support, man... Yes bitch yes
Serendipity Shop
Serendipity Shop 11 days ago
Am I the only one wondering whether the veil to go with that black dress will be white or black?
*duck Duo*
*duck Duo* 11 days ago
i am gonna say what everyone is thinking the mom was a bitch at the start
Bella Martel
Bella Martel 12 days ago
them: how does mom feel about the black dress? mom: it’s HER wedding day!!! me: oh, i actually kinda like this mom mom: ...of course I want her in white! me: never mind.
Ryan Le
Ryan Le 13 days ago
"You know what they say when you go black" wink. Me: you'll never go back
Jessica M
Jessica M 14 days ago
She is having my dream gay wedding.
Mike ganz
Mike ganz 14 days ago
Knock-off Taylor Swift
Meow Nut
Meow Nut 14 days ago
this is the kind of relationship i wanna have.
Adara Nicholls
Adara Nicholls 14 days ago
Khaoula d
Khaoula d 15 days ago
Call me old but i still cannot embrace the idea of women marrying each other 😤😤😤
Don’t live in fear.
1:20 I sense pain behind that laughter 😬😂😂
Amrita Singha Ray
Amrita Singha Ray 16 days ago
She had 6000 dollars budget and this is what Lori gives her!! 😑
Cathia Askew
Cathia Askew 17 days ago
Another Cami li
Mo K
Mo K 17 days ago
that fiancee is so sweet for buying a black diamond for her!
Evil R.
Evil R. 17 days ago
ohh.. the Brother.... :)
MelancholyVodka 18 days ago
Omfg I want to see it in black!!!
Josee Joseph
Josee Joseph 19 days ago
They're deciding if black or ivory but that pick is so ugly lol
TheGooglyminotaur 20 days ago
I had a dress like the first one and I wore it on a fancy date. It’s not a wedding dress to me.
Zana R
Zana R 20 days ago
Welcome to another episode of not your wedding but even more annoying because the moms not even paying for the dress
ava meislitzer
ava meislitzer 21 day ago
Now if my wife wanted to wear a black dress, you'd be damn sure she's going to get what she wants
rhonda engelauf-allen
Just fb stalked the bride-- omg she looked GORGEOUS!!!!! She rocked that black dress, and looked every single bit like a bride! Her and her bride looked stunning ❤️😍🌹
frogBISCUITS 21 day ago
That mum is the kind of woman that would just keep smiling really wide and talking in a little baby voice until the retail clerk or the store manager or her own daughter just got so annoyed that they give in to her demands.
Last Empire
Last Empire 22 days ago
Her mom's face is like a Meme😂😂😂😂 Who agree??😑 no one?!😀 That's ok tbh idc😁❤👅👅👅✌
M Res
M Res 22 days ago
The thing that always grinds my gears about the 'conservative bridal' appearance is only a relatively new idea. White gowns weren't commonplace until the marriage of Queen Victoria back in the 1800s. Around the world, there are quite a few places where white is seen as an unlucky colour for a bride to wear, often wearing red. The typical 'image' of a bride comes from the trend that Queen Victoria made, which was then copied by nobles and richer families who could afford to purchase a white gown that would only be worn once. Let brides wear what they please, white was merely a choice of Queen Victoria, who after the death of her husband wore BLACK the rest of her life for the traditional 'mourning', even years after that phase was supposed to end.
Banyo 22 days ago
We'll supply the bride's mom with smelling salts at the wedding. She'll be fine.
Panda Janga
Panda Janga 23 days ago
Ishikaa Lunawat
Ishikaa Lunawat 23 days ago
"not only are they not on the same page, they're not even reading the same book" that got me lmaoo😂😂
Mariana R
Mariana R 23 days ago
If anyone is curious to see the wedding in black, I found it on her wedding video here: ruvid.net/video/video-4pJ0AS2EQCE.html
fishygal53 23 days ago
I cannot stop looking at the wig
Lucy Carter
Lucy Carter 23 days ago
My mum wore a blue satin knee length dress to her wedding, which was 8 years after she had her first child and was in a gay bar. So if I ever get married hopefully she can accept that I'll be wearing a suit.
alexa hernandez
alexa hernandez 23 days ago
This bitch is Sam from icarly lmao
molly Sarne
molly Sarne 24 days ago
Not all brides dresses have to be White some cultures have different dresses that don’t come close to what we see in a fashion magazine
Crystal Rampersad
Crystal Rampersad 25 days ago
Her face expressions n voice kinda reminds me of Lizzie McGuire
PoRkChOpZ 2530
PoRkChOpZ 2530 26 days ago
Damn girl you’re body has more curves than Bathurst race track 😍 your fiancé is a very lucky woman and that black dress 😍 I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness together ❤️
Juliana Ferrao
Juliana Ferrao 27 days ago
“ONCE YOU GO BLACK” *wink*, that killed me AHAHAHAHHAAH
Darling Felix
Darling Felix 27 days ago
.es siento timado :c
Vanessa Garay
Vanessa Garay 28 days ago
Wait wait did she said she!? Ain't it a guy
Mõničæ 。
Mõničæ 。 28 days ago
Black dresses are for funerals But it’s her decision Not mine or her moms, I won’t say anything And whatever she picks will be perfect Her mom needs to accept that it’s not her Decision she’s not the bride Respect her decision ( MOM )
Catherine Bocage
Catherine Bocage 28 days ago
DUDE the mom is wearing black
Ayahli L
Ayahli L 28 days ago
The dress was ugly idc don’t send me hate Wtf?
Ayahli L
Ayahli L 28 days ago
Getting married in the library? Everyone going to have to whisper now.. great!
Marta Peláez
Marta Peláez 29 days ago
Si la madre supiera que las novias anteriormente se casaban de negro. No fue hasta que la reina victoria se caso en un vestido blanco que empezó a cambiar la tradición.
Ms. TJ World
Ms. TJ World 29 days ago
Finally a lesbian couples getting married yay
Maja Rosales
Maja Rosales Month ago
she has a big budget for a gown...i love her
Isabelle Sibun
Isabelle Sibun Month ago
The mum is not on board with the whole marrying a girl lol
25jayred Month ago
This mom is racist😂😂😂😂😂
Bryan Arcos
Bryan Arcos Month ago
Black is not a color
euphoria Month ago
the fact yall are talking about this and not the black ladies wig levitating above her hairline 💀
Teresa Moses
Teresa Moses Month ago
I love that they understand that not all brides want to wear the traditional white dress and don't force the bride to wear white
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