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Melody Choate has her heart set on wearing an edgy black dress on her wedding day, however mum has always dreamed on seeing her little girl wear a white ballgown when walking down the aisle.
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20 янв 2019




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Ninja Fishstix
Ninja Fishstix 2 часа назад
It's not her wedding, she's not paying for the dress, why does she keep trying to control her own daughter's wedding?
Milly 6 часов назад
Mum looks like Cate Blanchett
myuser name
myuser name 11 часов назад
Her mom is scary af
Lindsey Harmon
Lindsey Harmon 12 часов назад
The first one looks like wallpaper.
Random Eye Ball
Random Eye Ball 17 часов назад
“This is my brother Steven” .....no...she literally brought her brother?....she is trying on dresses, I better watch those eyes 😂
Ameya Naik
Ameya Naik 22 часа назад
The chick should’ve married a guy
Alivia Mcallister
Alivia Mcallister 23 часа назад
The black just doesn't make her look like a bride
Rosalina Bloom
Rosalina Bloom День назад
I honestly dont know if the mother is actually homophobic or not, but she seriously needed to calm down. Like, it's your daughter's wedding not yours. The brother was super supportive. I honestly hope the mom is supportive of the couple, because a dress is just a dress, but marrige is marrige.
Ciela Vee
Ciela Vee День назад
I want a black wedding dress too :)
movies lovers
movies lovers День назад
her motherlike she is holding back her feelings
Entropy Dragon
Entropy Dragon День назад
Wow, her brother is so incredibly supportive! Shes lucky to have him
Entropy Dragon
Entropy Dragon День назад
Her description of her wedding sounds like an absolute dream! Getting married in a library would be AMAZING, especially if its got cool old architecture!
Donna Dehar
Donna Dehar День назад
Considering Mom...you ain't paying your view shouldn't matter
شهد م
شهد م 2 дня назад
black !!!!!
Mariah MacNeely
Mariah MacNeely 2 дня назад
I need an adorable lesbian relationship like that
antonella rodriguez
antonella rodriguez 2 дня назад
I hate the mom
Ricky Franc
Ricky Franc 2 дня назад
Soo... is the brother available or... He’s such a sweetheart 😊
Mystical Kumquat
Mystical Kumquat 2 дня назад
The mom is trying really hard to not become totally unhinged lol. At least she's trying, I guess.
shenronrulez 2 дня назад
Well you could argue, if she has some Greek heritage, that white is the color of mourning...
Allison Acevedo
Allison Acevedo 3 дня назад
now this is what we call a dysfunctional and toxic family 💀
Darvita Young
Darvita Young 3 дня назад
This is hard to watch. My God..
Nav Ubhi
Nav Ubhi 3 дня назад
Can we just appreciate the face that the mom IS NOT PAYING FOR THE DRESS.
Mahul's Creation
Mahul's Creation 3 дня назад
Jeez that mom is so homophobic
Court_jester 4 дня назад
I will never understand why family thinks it's about them when people go dress shopping like I'm sorry sweetheart it's not about you it's about the bride. Especially with this one if you want that Ivory ball gown go by yourself when you can walk around your living room or whatever. On a side note my girlfriend was actually laughing at the mom the whole time, I mean sweetie come on you're not fooling anyone. You can drop the act
celeste4576 4 дня назад
I hate it when parents (especially ones that aren't paying for the gown) hate and put their daughters down because they don't like the dress or because their vision isn't being upheld. I would have told my mother to leave because she isn't the one walking down the aisle.
BelowZero 4 дня назад
The mom is annoying.
Charley Parker
Charley Parker 4 дня назад
Her mum is annoying
Elli e
Elli e 4 дня назад
I completely agree with the mom...
Srishti Mathur
Srishti Mathur 4 дня назад
Safiya would have loved the black dress
Srishti Mathur
Srishti Mathur День назад
+Charlotte van der Steeg Ikrr!
Charlotte van der Steeg
Charlotte van der Steeg 2 дня назад
Srishti Mathur hahah yes she would
Nicole Reilly
Nicole Reilly 4 дня назад
If my mother acted like this I would of asked her to leave. My mom had no problem with me in a black dress. In fact she HATED me in white
Lil Lydss
Lil Lydss 4 дня назад
The mom needs to calm down I t s n o t y o u r w e d d I n g
Megan Hill
Megan Hill 4 дня назад
Everyone in the comments is calling the mum a homophobe, I don't see the homophobia.
Happy life
Happy life 5 дней назад
The consultant looks shocked , at Melody beeing untraditional
My sunshine
My sunshine 5 дней назад
I have a question.. now alot of people said that the wedding/ dress is not about the mom, and she's should've not said anything. I mean, is that even okay? It's her mom and sure enough she wants her to look pretty in her wedding. What I'm trying to say is that, is it really possible for the mom to not be involved or atleast say her opinion on her daughter's choice? She wants to share her daughter's happiness too.
Louis Vallejos
Louis Vallejos 5 дней назад
So fun fact I’ve actually meet the mom Cheryl and she is a huge supporter of LGBT+.
tejxys 5 дней назад
Her mom looks younger than her
UTU NTU uni the unicorn nelly the unicorn
I think that dress that she really loved is amazing in black like omg i can imagine its so beautiful
Devan-Adam McGovern
Devan-Adam McGovern 6 дней назад
If you can't accept that she wants fucking black get the fuck out!!!!!
Devan-Adam McGovern
Devan-Adam McGovern 6 дней назад
Homophobe?!?!?! Bit much wow
Sid Siems
Sid Siems 6 дней назад
The mom can go screw herself! It's her daughter's wedding not hers! It's supposed to be the best day of her life and her mom is making it the freakin worst!
Shook Borrito
Shook Borrito 6 дней назад
Can somebody tell who the bride is .... WELL ITS NOT THE MOM LIKE GIRL ITS YOUR DAUGHTERS DESICION
Thunderstorm 6 дней назад
Ok this is what my grandma did to my mom and the result was my mom saying screw it because her white dress ( that would have made her look even more pale ) hadn't come in and wearing a dark blue dress , while I was forced to wear white . Like what is the problem with a black wedding gown heck iwant a green wedding gown is it hard to ask to be comfortable and happy on your wedding?
Just A Weird Bean
Just A Weird Bean 6 дней назад
Omg Im crushing so hard on the bride wow I’m such a gay bean.
Elora Mortimer
Elora Mortimer 6 дней назад
The mum looks so pretty and YOUNG
Panda Basrie
Panda Basrie 6 дней назад
Boi Dis aint ur wedding mom
GamerZee 6 дней назад
Hahahahaha she is not conservative because she approved lesbian wedding lol
Abbygale Tirado
Abbygale Tirado 6 дней назад
This mom is such a bitch like this is not your wedding it’s your daughters wedding if she wants to wear black she’s going to wear black and stop bringing her down when she’s happy about it
c h a r l o t t e
c h a r l o t t e 6 дней назад
Melody reminds me of Avril Lavigne...idk why. Maybe the hair
c h a r l o t t e
c h a r l o t t e 5 дней назад
VAN Yoworldian
VAN Yoworldian 5 дней назад
And the eyeliner
park chimchim
park chimchim 6 дней назад
that black belt is not necessary
Nydalian 6 дней назад
That mum is a cuuuuuunt
Pardon me,
Pardon me, 7 дней назад
I guess this is to prove that Conservatives are racist, even black or ones, but it's not a conservatives that typically have these ridiculous beliefs about attaching political associations to everyday, common things.
shania barney
shania barney 7 дней назад
I just think she was trying really hard to be supportive of her daughter because you can tell she loves her. None of the mothers in this show want their daughters in a black dress. not one. but now because she’s gay her mom is homophobic ? I don’t think that’s fair
Sugarplum Princess
Sugarplum Princess 7 дней назад
LISTEN! Y'ALL NEED TO STOP THE NEGATIVE THINKING ABOUT THE MOTHER! i think she is a nice mom, and ofcourse every mom wants their daughter to find "prince charming" but she looks just fine with her daughter find a "princess charming", so thats a plus for the mother! You cannot force a mother to be okay with everything in this world! MY MOM'S GONNA KILL ME IF I'M TURNS OUT TO BE LGBT. (No offense, not all parents is okay with it.) my mom is okay if i have a gay bestfriend and she never judge my gay friend but she just don't want me to be gay thats okay it's not bad!! Second, ABOUT THE DRESS!! Let me tell you, MOST OF ALL MOTHERS WANT THEIR DAUGHTER TO WEAR A WHITE DRESS ON THEIR WEDDING DAY! IT'S NOT BAD! and yes, YOU NEED TO RESPECT HER CHOICE AS WELL! remember, without your mom, you are nothing. Love your mom guys and don't be so negative. (sorry for the grammar tho)
Melia Rubbelke
Melia Rubbelke 7 дней назад
Malina Lombardi
Malina Lombardi 7 дней назад
I think the mom should be more sportive
Chris K
Chris K 7 дней назад
That mom is having a hard time lmao
no name
no name 8 дней назад
Can we talk about her brother?
iciee7799 8 дней назад
I hate when parents refuse to remember that this isn't about them, this isn't their wedding, they shouldn't be trying to force their kids to live out their wedding dream, they should be encouraging their kids to live out their kids dream
It's Just Jenna
It's Just Jenna 8 дней назад
As soon as I heard the mom speak I was instantly like shut tf up. If the bride loves the dress let her have it, she's paying for it after all.
Itzel TaeKook
Itzel TaeKook 8 дней назад
Yes, the mom might had a hard time trying to see her daughter in a black dress or even knowing her daughter is gonna marry her own gender because she’s from a different time. Is hurt to know that the world changes for some of the people. Even tho, she is not that homophobic because if she was, she would never let her daughter married in Black, she would reject the idea of having a lesbian daughter, and finally, she would stop seeing that beautiful bride as her daughter. When u think of a wedding you automatically think of a beautiful woman in a white dress. Also, you guys, the ones who commented, are not as good as the homophobic people, I could say that u r worst.
Kathy Ball
Kathy Ball 8 дней назад
so perfect may you have a blessed life i love that dress and im a meemaw
Janet Ng
Janet Ng 8 дней назад
That's mom who thinks she's the one who's getting married.
XxMr. NobodyxX
XxMr. NobodyxX 8 дней назад
That mother needs a serious punch in the face Its the daughters dress not hers! Its not her decision to make!
Vlatiania TheWolf
Vlatiania TheWolf 8 дней назад
Her mom's very annoyin'!
Luge Mania
Luge Mania 9 дней назад
I think the mother is great for trying hard to understand her daughter. You can see that she grew up completely differently. People who are judging her have no idea how rare it is to meet an orthodox person who can put behind the beliefs they've held for decades.
Karina Flores
Karina Flores 9 дней назад
Her fiancé looks like a boy 🤭
Zorra Smith
Zorra Smith 9 дней назад
It's the brides wedding not hers!
snoopybabydoll 9 дней назад
I I I I I I I I I I. It is not about you mom
Pobre mujer con una hija torta. El hermano de tanta vergüenza ni la mira. Basura casarse con una torta😵👎👎
Sandy Číšecká
Sandy Číšecká 9 дней назад
Her mom is so fake
Karina Flores
Karina Flores 9 дней назад
I like her dress it’s pretty and she happy and that’s important
Andy Is Emo
Andy Is Emo 10 дней назад
Sophia DEEN
Sophia DEEN 10 дней назад
The brother is great
Daniela Solis
Daniela Solis 10 дней назад
Her brother is so sweet!
Suzie Wharton
Suzie Wharton 10 дней назад
I want a black wedding dress too.
Catalina Berg
Catalina Berg 10 дней назад
God its her wedding not her moms
Hannah McNew
Hannah McNew 10 дней назад
"In black this would be breath taking" mom: "OoOoOoOoHhHhHhH"
circularsquare 10 дней назад
It doesn’t matter what the mom says, as long as the bride thinks she looks like a bride, that’s the dress
circularsquare 10 дней назад
That mom is so homophobic and rude
DIY SaRa 10 дней назад
Why are you all talking shit about the mum? It's ok if she gives her opinion about her daughter's wedding dress and her daughter to look beautiful. Even if she's homophobic, she doesn't have to accept gays and lesbians it's her opinion.
Anime Emiri
Anime Emiri 10 дней назад
I think the mum is slightly unhinged......
KAREN TOLEDO 10 дней назад
Me mata lo mala madres que son cuando quieren que sus hijas se compren los que a ellas se le canta el orto,lo paga la piba y la novia y si lo quiere en negro,rojo,azul es su día y su decisión. Seguramente muchas de estas viejas ya están casadas y se pusieron lo que quisieron,no dejar a los demás elegir lo que quiere me parece de un egoísmo absoluto que si te haces llamar madre no podés tener
·.· тнσмαs ·.·
·.· тнσмαs ·.· 10 дней назад
These parents acting like it's their marriage and they get to choose what they wear
Aeri- L
Aeri- L 10 дней назад
The first dress is awful wtf
Aeri- L
Aeri- L 10 дней назад
She is so cute
Liana H
Liana H 10 дней назад
4:19 I love that color! Bitch it looks like pissed in sheets
mars 10 дней назад
hey homophobic mom, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say shit
Tay Underground
Tay Underground 11 дней назад
Mom is sooooo not dealing with this. But regardless in every wedding, bride’s dress is bride’s choice. Mom’s opinion is second.
Tay Underground
Tay Underground 11 дней назад
“I want an ivory dress” “Well you’re not wearing the dress mother!”
Monique Granados
Monique Granados 11 дней назад
A lot of people hating on the mom and calling her homophobic. The mom did say that her daughter did tell her that she way gay much later so she’s probably still in shock. Yeah she’s probably a little offset by the fact that she’s not conservative but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her child. Y’all need to learn that some people need time to adjust to people coming out, especially when she’s conservative.
Bxsic Bean
Bxsic Bean 11 дней назад
Aww I’m dying I’m gayyy tooooo
Georgia Ippolito
Georgia Ippolito 11 дней назад
Tbh I kinda agree with the mom even tho the bride should choose
Eleanor Hinman
Eleanor Hinman 11 дней назад
The fact that the mom is homophobic is really the tip of the iceberg
Twiskeiii 11 дней назад
god, I already hate the mom and it's only like a minute in.
Adam Kelly
Adam Kelly 11 дней назад
I hate that first dress
Vivi N
Vivi N 11 дней назад
Look... i do agree that a white dress just looks prettier for a wedding, but COME ON!! "I always pictured it like thiiis~~ bla bla bla"
IAthena Kemp
IAthena Kemp 11 дней назад
Fuck the mum's opinion, its the bride's choice, no one elses
Swiftie Power
Swiftie Power 11 дней назад
Viability is looking like Taylor Swift a little bit?
Helena lit
Helena lit 12 дней назад
ew she's les
Georgia Davies
Georgia Davies 12 дней назад
Sorry Mom, but not everyone looks good in cream and white, especially when the wearer is blonde and pale. Black is so much better on her (although I don't typically style my natural blonde, pale customers in black because it ends up being too harsh in large swathes).
ivegottaluvlikewoe 12 дней назад
Oof mom is problematic
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