Conservative Mother Disapproves of Black Wedding Dress | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Say Yes to the Dress
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Melody Choate has her heart set on wearing an edgy black dress on her wedding day, however mum has always dreamed on seeing her little girl wear a white ballgown when walking down the aisle.
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Jan 20, 2019

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Comments 5 158
Tara Mahdavi
Tara Mahdavi 2 hours ago
her mom looks younger
Rosie Cervantes
Rosie Cervantes 4 hours ago
“Well you know *I* like the ball gown” Um it’s not your wedding?
xxLunarWolfxx 5 hours ago
Her mum is so fake and rude I kinda hate her
Ji Ji
Ji Ji 8 hours ago
Everything about this video is wrong and ugly
queenbeethatme100 10 hours ago
If momma is not paying for it, she should drink a tall glass of stfu.
queenbeethatme100 10 hours ago
Black and white is not black.
queenbeethatme100 10 hours ago
The black woman looks like wtf... Mom is totslly not feeling the gay thing.
queenbeethatme100 10 hours ago
Melody looks 40.
Kj Chan
Kj Chan 11 hours ago
If I was their I would say your not the bride so shut up or leave
HelloItsShiri 14 hours ago
Her mom is sooooooo childish 👶
Hot Pocket
Hot Pocket 17 hours ago
“It’s not a phase mOm”
Emoni Brown
Emoni Brown 20 hours ago
Her mom sucks
Wazia Khatoon
Wazia Khatoon 21 hour ago
She gay 👭
emo rat
emo rat Day ago
the moms face when she came out in the first dress it looks like someone ran over her dog
Imnotinterested Spilltea
The mom is 𝘚𝘏𝘖𝘖𝘒!
Octo kitty Kat
all these mothers wanting a white dress and my mom barfing at the thought of me even wearing white. she says its the worst wedding tradition and my dream wedding dress has always been blue
The Slightly Psycho Wolf
oh i want to burn the mom!
Sammy chan
Sammy chan Day ago
Isn't it the brides wedding not the mum's?-
I’m Crying
I’m Crying Day ago
The homophobia jumped out
lmaooo she’s so stuck on her marrying a female what a jerky ass mom
Katsuki Day ago
4:17 OMG I hate that color
danika mcadory
danika mcadory
**AHEM** .. I just um wanted to knowww..if your brother has a gf😂
danika mcadory
1:08 *princess*
The Real Water Sheep
Mom's a bitch
Milagro Arce
Milagro Arce Day ago
Was horrible tge 2nd dress was beautiful
Midnight Sonnet
Midnight Sonnet 2 days ago
Please don't invite your mom to your wedding, hun......... Just don't. She's not supportive at all. You deserve to have a wonderful day surrounded by people who love and support you, like your awesome brother. It sucks when your mom doesn't support you, but such is life sometimes. My mom is a huge ball of negativity and I was raised under that. As a result, I'm a huge ball of anxiety, depression, and self hate. My fiance is helping me out of that. So I know how the bride must be feeling. I'm sure her fiance helped her deal with her mom's negativity, manipulation, and controlling personality. The two brides deserve a wonderful, happy day. The mom can shove it.
headass 2 days ago
white people really do age like milk
Laura Beldin
Laura Beldin 2 days ago
6000$$$ that's pricey 😬
Vriti 2 days ago
It’s not a phase mom 😂🤪
Vriti Day ago
Philomen Tifu thx
Philomen Tifu
candysmiles11 2 days ago
black wedding dresses is ugly wedding dresses should only be white
rainbowhusky the 1st
The mom was trying too hard
Why though
Why though 2 days ago
The mom looks younger and wayyy more prettier then the daughter ngl
Arisha Raza
Arisha Raza 3 days ago
I can't believe she is Lesbian.
Natalie 3 days ago
Wow the mother looks younger than the bride ... but she is a bitch which makes her really ugly nevertheless Also how can you buy such an expensive dress without seeing how the colour really ends up
Raianna Champs
Raianna Champs 3 days ago
melody is so freaking cute
Silje Gjærevoll
Silje Gjærevoll 3 days ago
throw the whole mom away
angelsok howru
angelsok howru 3 days ago
Every single time the mom said “I want...” I thought *but it’s not your wedding, rat*
Kylee Baker
Kylee Baker 3 days ago
Her mom is so rude like be happy for your daughter it’s not your wedding
Quinoa Karma
Quinoa Karma 3 days ago
That mother makes me want to go hug my mom
Emma Manthey
Emma Manthey 3 days ago
I want to wear a black or red dress when I get married. I hate myself in white.
Marie Starrr
Marie Starrr 3 days ago
Dress 2- Piss color my friend. Hideous.🤷🏻‍♂️
lou 3 days ago
Bitch be homophobic
Carley Beth
Carley Beth 3 days ago
Who else thinks that last dress in white with that back piece on it look good
Starlise Jun.from.17
The tan color was really pretty tho
kathryn guillot
kathryn guillot 3 days ago
It’s not her moms wedding
kathryn guillot
kathryn guillot 3 days ago
Just cuz you say something rude and smile doesn’t make it right
kathryn guillot
kathryn guillot 3 days ago
Wow her mom is not really supportive
Suha Moni
Suha Moni 3 days ago
Oh lesbian
Lillian Kim
Lillian Kim 4 days ago
That bitchy ass mom is pissing me off. I mean who the hell are to 1. make fun of you own daughter for marrying a woman and 2. Telling her what dress to wear. I cant stress this enough ITS HER FUCKING WEDDING... NOT YOURS OK ITS HER DRESS ITS HER FIANCE ITS HERS NOT YOURS YOU HAD YOUR WEDDING!! Get the hell over it. I mean I would love to try on a black dress. It shows how unique you are and the diversity you have. The mom needs to support her daughter all the way. Not just give in and say "fine you can that dress" you need to love her and tell her shes beautiful in every dress she buys on even if she hates or actually looks bad. You of all people need to be there and tell her she beautiful and always will be.
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