Conor McGregor vs Justin Gaethje NEXT, Khabib training footage LEAKED for UFC 249, Tony Ferguson

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UFC news today, Conor McGregor vs Justin Gaethje is next in the UFC, #UFC champ Khabib Nurmagomedov leaks training footage for UFC 249 bout against Tony Ferguson and more UFC news and MMA news! Leave a like if you enjoyed the video!
UFC News and MMA News:
-Eddie Bravo believes Tony Ferguson has more options than anyone in UFC History, will severely test Khabib Nurnagomedov
-Conor McGregor vs. Justin Gaethje could reportedly happen after all
-Coach reports Daniel Cormier wasn’t physically at his best for Stipe Miocic rematch
-Khabib training footage leaks UFC 249 against Tony Ferguson
Justin Gaethje DISRESPECTS Conor McGregor, Khabib vs Tony Ferguson, Jon Jones: ruvid.net/video/video-iYcmkxgfCs8.html
Conor McGregor vs Justin Gaetjhe at welterweight in UFC Dublin, Nate Diaz UFC return, Khabib: ruvid.net/video/video-cTDhjPzus4s.html
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Comments 80
MMA Zone
MMA Zone Month ago
Like for Justin Gaethje Comment for Conor McGregor
Maaz Shaikh
Maaz Shaikh 13 days ago
Conor by ko
Darren Reddix
Darren Reddix 16 days ago
@Alex Gheorghe So fucking what just because he's a father doesn't mean he's not a asshole.
BennyTorjuss 10
BennyTorjuss 10 18 days ago
Conor R1 KO
LS0161 Official
LS0161 Official 23 days ago
conor ko
Chase Goolsby
Chase Goolsby 24 days ago
MMA Zone Conor
Lilswoop 7 days ago
TheLee Maschine
TheLee Maschine 11 days ago
Forrest Rumfield
Forrest Rumfield 13 days ago
Conor beats justin
raymond wood
raymond wood 15 days ago
conner dont want to mix it with GAETHJE because he & dana knows that he might get his ass beat .conner beat COWBOY in 40 seconds after a 3 year lay off drinking and whatever ,so whats that tell you about conner .What I as a UFC fan want to know is WHERE DOES conner EARN A TITLE SHOT (AFTER A 40 SECOND FLUKE WIN) with one of the oldest fighters that has been beat several times in the last few fights .UFC should make him fight some people & EARN SOME RANK before a TITLE SHOT .HES going from the LAST MAN IN LINE TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE !!
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 strong fight 1:58 💓🔥💃 👇💯
Eddy Robb
Eddy Robb 17 days ago
Conor " el tapo " mctapper is scared shitless of justin and all you fn nut huggers know it...
K Pfeiffer
K Pfeiffer 18 days ago
I hate when fighters turn bitch just trying to save face but only tarnish themselves, why all of a sudden now months and months later, Cormier all of a sudden was not 100% for the rematch, just admit you got beat and move on to the rubber match instead of going full rubber.
Aldo 19 days ago
Khabib vs Tony its a tight one, they are both prepared, i think it will come down to whoever feels good on the night . A timely rest and sleep the night before could be what makes the difference on this epic match up!
Aldo 19 days ago
Conor Gaetjie is the logical next step for both...
HeadingEast33 20 days ago
This isn't a leak, this was during Chase's training for state.
Ibrahim Lincoln
Ibrahim Lincoln 25 days ago
Commenting just for that ps4 with 2k20 👀👀
Dinesh Bernar
Dinesh Bernar 25 days ago
I want ps4 thats y iliked subscribed
ZybeZ 26 days ago
Ace Moving & Storage
Still stirred up about BMF fight. Nate had him wearing out. Then stopped the fight when everyone knows Nate bleeds. I hope Nate is able to get back in the game. Can't wait to see Masvidal get his ass handed to him by Conner or Diaz. I love watching Conner fight, hope he comes back strong and hard. Another fight I would really love to see is Diaz and khabib. Ground game. & Conner vs Tony.
Hassan Farooq
Hassan Farooq 27 days ago
You should make more boxing videos
Jonh Doe
Jonh Doe 28 days ago
I have a litl brother who would love to play ufc on ps4 but we are to poor to buy one
Noel Mulcahy
Noel Mulcahy Month ago
Ps4 please I know I won't get it but if I did I'd be so happy me and my son would be Tyler is he's name omg it be unreal we have so much fun with it so please if u can we'd really appreciate it honest we would
Leonard Collins
Leonard Collins Month ago
Exciting fight! How well will Justin’s chin fair against Conors precision striking? Justin will take shots to give them. Will his leg kicks be a factor against mcgregor? Discuss :)
Aleksandar Turimandzov
Justin Gaethje vs Conor McGregor is going to be the same match as conor vs cowboy a tko in the 2nd round
tuskNUI278 Marino
Definitely biggest threat and absolutely could be defeated
Jake McCoy
Jake McCoy Month ago
Weight cutting is an issue that will never end. If they make a 165 division there will be natural 165ers. And a bunch of welterweights will come down to 165 to keep a size advantage.
Mud Gaming
Mud Gaming Month ago
I’ve always wanted a ps4!
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
Gaethje is a striker so of course Conor will draw a guy that won’t take him to the ground and own him like Khabib did.
Dj Denny
Dj Denny Month ago
Randy Bradley
Randy Bradley Month ago
Daniel wasn't at his best even though he looked stellar until Stipe hit him with those body shots. I guess all that fat on Cormier's body wasn't enough padding. I'm getting sick of lame excuses. Stipe should come out and say that he wasn't at his best and was battling a staph infection and Malaria along with a bout of pneumonia. Then they show Khabib vs a highschool wrestler that is likely 20-25lbs lighter than a guy that used to grapple bears. Seems legit. Gaethje vs McGregor is going to likely and like I said likely is going to be a short night for Gaethje unless he's smart and at least mixes in some wrestling because I don't know how many punches the UFC Homer Simpson can take from The Notorious one and both expend a lot of energy really fast and both gas a bit by round 3.
Alex Iovkov
Alex Iovkov Month ago
Daniyal Khan
Daniyal Khan Month ago
Conor vs Justin next
International Peso
I liked commented and subscribed
Jack Of None
Jack Of None Month ago
I believe that McGregor would destroy Gaethje, unless Justin uses his wrestling, but I don't see that happening...he never wrestles. I don't think he has even one takedown in the octagon.
Reindeer Month ago
can i get ps3?
Sunyaj Engage
Sunyaj Engage Month ago
I like cormier, but come on man with the eye pokes. like jesus fucking Christ he was getting carried away with them both fights.
monique davila
monique davila Month ago
Danish Hussain
Danish Hussain Month ago
I really like tony and without a doubt, tony has so much in arsenal than any other fighter of the division, but idk why american experts hate Khabib so much, every fighter who challenges Khabib suddenly become the most fierce warrior and Khabib become only just a wrestler. I believe any white american boy had half of the Khabib's record and abilities, his name wud be swarming over social media for a century.
Aaron Lott
Aaron Lott Month ago
Tony and khabib , Conor and gaethje winner gets gets the next title fight that’s the way it needs to go period
Aaron Lott
Aaron Lott Month ago
Dana wants Conor to wait because he’s nervous he might loose to Gaethje and can’t fight for the belt after a loss lol
Nicolas Tamayo
Nicolas Tamayo Month ago
Great video thanks!
Νικόλας Αναγνωστόπουλος
conor mcgregor vs justin gaethje a big left handed vs a big right handed left hand vs right hand what an irony...
Chris Gramling
Chris Gramling Month ago
Would love to see connor and justin throwdown, and if justin loses then i think connor earned another shot at khabib who will destroy him again most likley but you never know
Roman B
Roman B Month ago
Ewww gaethjie will rag doll conner. I really don't think Dana will let that fight happen, he knows the truth.
Zen King
Zen King Month ago
Connor had khabib scared.. dustin almost tapped him. Tony gonna put him to sleep.
Marvell Tahoe
Marvell Tahoe Month ago
Zen King Wrong, wrong, and wrong again. He made Conor quit like a bitch, Conor looked like a gazelle being mauled. Dustin’s choke was not tight because Khabib knows how to move on the ground. Tony is not putting anyone to sleep.
angel ortiz
angel ortiz Month ago
I like Conor if they have the fight this summer .Gaethje is a great striker but he will have his hands full with Conor
Dom Mecca
Dom Mecca Month ago
Salah Uddin
Salah Uddin Month ago
Hope I win the ps4 can't wait to play as khabib and see what Conor can do
James Watson
James Watson Month ago
People saying McGregor a bitch. Beat Alvarez who beat Gaethje and don’t say he was old. He just beat him recently before. He’s talked shit to Woodley who at the time was someone you don’t do that shit to. Fought Khabib who let’s agree is scary to fight. Only horrible fight was Khabib and he had so much money and probably fucked up out of his mind on liquor and blow. Look at mike Tyson man. No one says he ever was a bitch even though he lost. He just ducked up and hopefully Conor comes back and gives inspiration again rather than disappointment
J. Ariesss
J. Ariesss Month ago
Ps4 giveaway!!!!
Daniel Paras
Daniel Paras Month ago
@MMAZone Ps4 please 🙏🔥 #SportsFan😍
D. Chappelle
D. Chappelle Month ago
Gaethje Gaethje Gaethje!
Joey Banks
Joey Banks Month ago
Justin gaethje vs conor McGregor. Makes the more sense. Make conor earn a title fight not just hand it to him like the ufc has been doing .
joeypgarcia82 Month ago
Connor is the best with all the divisions he has gone through
joeypgarcia82 Month ago
I need a ps4
Remruata 1027
Remruata 1027 Month ago
Lets go already!
adh0522 Month ago
Justin ain’t that stupid to believe that bs
kakarot songoku
kakarot songoku Month ago
Connor taking fights with dull striker's fight a intelligent striker not brawlers of course your gonna win your striking IQ is high so fight another striker with a high striking IQ
Cricket Fever
Cricket Fever Month ago
joytom Month ago
..let's go Tony..
exiled Month ago
UFC becoming a regular soap opera, always the same actors playing drama,,,#WWE
Isaac Chapman
Isaac Chapman Month ago
I love these videos I would also love a PS4
Craig98 Month ago
dwayne taraskus
dwayne taraskus Month ago
I have wanted a PS4 for so long know what it happen but worth a shot btw I love this page only one I watch for all updates and News
MrTweetyhack Month ago
I just want the PS4
Scott Month ago
The ufc badly wants to make the Conor and khabib fight asap. It probably would be record money. It doesn’t make sense to risk Conor losing, or getting a serious injury in fighting Gaethje, although gaethje isn't on Conor’s level, anything can happen. This is all assuming khabib beats tony. Of course, if tony wins, then that changes everything.
nathan Mulheron
nathan Mulheron Month ago
Liked ,commented for ps console and for Conor McGregor!!
gypsygib Month ago
Ferguson's going to break his neck trying to get away from Khabib Beargomedov.
Problem Slayer
Problem Slayer Month ago
Bravo makes me chuckle blabbing on about Tonys weapons. Wait until khabib opens up his locker
Jimmy Gambino
Jimmy Gambino Month ago
The UFC's going to do whatever Connor tells them to do
Devon Javier
Devon Javier Month ago
Plz I really wana ps4 never had one :/
Rivera Month ago
Tony the type of guy to swallow his regurgitated green smoothie for TWICE the benefits!
M K Month ago
I want Ferguson to win dont get me wrong but does anyone else have a feeling khabib will just maul him like the rest...
Mx199D Month ago
ionut madalin
ionut madalin Month ago
Good job guys!!! Nice video
Alexander Casas
Alexander Casas Month ago
Gaethje vs conor could get bloody af
Why does no one talk about Tony vs Conor? I feel gaethje gets hit too easily to realistically beat conor, and we've already seen khabib dominate Conor. I want to see what happens with Tony and conor, with Tony's insane endurance vs Conor's striking genius, that would be a great fight!
Jefferson SteelFlex
Who do you guys got???
MMA_junkie101 Month ago
Tony vs khabib will be the best fight in lightweight history.... if it actually goes down
Blur Blurz
Blur Blurz Month ago
He defeated cerronne in september😂
Scott Swift
Scott Swift Month ago
Is any fighter 100%
Pgwins Smith
Pgwins Smith Month ago
Tony will be his bitch
voyer1999 Month ago
Cormiers back looked fine when he picked stipe up (0respect) and carried his big a$$ around the ring or when he put his thumb into stipe eye
Vood jin
Vood jin Month ago
Tony and his many weapons gonna get owned
dano Month ago
I laughed so hard. You must be asleep typing. Wake your ass up.
John Mcmanaman
John Mcmanaman Month ago
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