Conor McGregor Makes Major Prediction About UFC Fight with Cowboy

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Conor McGregor is out of retirement and ready to throw down with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone!

“Extra” caught up with Conor ahead of their UFC 246 fight on Saturday, and McGregor predicted how the fight will go down.

“It will be a knockout victory,” he told us. “I’m looking to accumulate rounds, so I will not be in a hoodie. I will be patient… patient but dangerous.”

Conor also talked about this new chapter in his life, a possible rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov, and more.

Watch the fight on ESPN at 10 p.m. ET on Saturday.


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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 324
Davidi 007
Davidi 007 18 days ago
What is the name of his DJ?
PolarDarkness 22 days ago
I haven’t watched the fight yet but I think I’m gonna predict a big punch to start from mcgregoe, missed. And then maybe 4 shoulder strikes and then McGregor will block a head kick and cerrone will get head kicked and wobble. McGregor will tko him probably around 40 seconds. Hope my prediction is right
G Vonta
G Vonta 22 days ago
The king is home!!! #40sec
Triggyx 22 days ago
wow this is the lowest views interview ive seen of Conor by far sad every other channel made millions of view just cause of conor's name
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho 24 days ago
Questions were cringy af
Blake Provstgaard
Blake Provstgaard 24 days ago
Go kick Khabib’s ass! 🇨🇮
ghaith sultan
ghaith sultan 25 days ago
Fight with your level Khabib is not at your level he never lost a fight so shoot the fook up Raaaaat
louis Sinclair
louis Sinclair 23 days ago
@ghaith sultan dont be such a mindless fan boy also bit of bacon is quite nice
ghaith sultan
ghaith sultan 23 days ago
🤣no man he prepare what he is allowed to eat no bacon pls 🙏🏻
louis Sinclair
louis Sinclair 23 days ago
@ghaith sultan with bacon
ghaith sultan
ghaith sultan 23 days ago
He only like to prepare the mcchicken
louis Sinclair
louis Sinclair 24 days ago
@ghaith sultan khabib needs a bacon sandwich
Phil Pacific
Phil Pacific 25 days ago
this channel called extra but the lady asking the most basic questions in existence.
Graham Reardon
Graham Reardon 25 days ago
Let’s go champ an Irish ☘️ legend.
Scott Chegg
Scott Chegg 22 days ago
Your boyfriend Connie McTapper got humiliated by Khabib and tapped out like the coward rat that he is. 🤣🤣🤣
Keymah 25 days ago
Someone get this lady a lei 😉 jiminy 🦗
A Sac
A Sac 25 days ago
Awesome questions and energy throughout. Thanks!
Greg's Grazina
Greg's Grazina 25 days ago
Khabib finally showing his true colors and also what I knew before jealousy and and a copy man... Who was a fan but got too greedy... The king is coming 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂My God finally maybe people realize... The difference mcgregor king of the game... Khabib king of lightweight 🤷‍♂️Just the truth...
Jesus Eduardo
Jesus Eduardo 25 days ago
This didn’t age well, not!
Eric Burgan
Eric Burgan 25 days ago
Fake ass cheating wwe fake news bs
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 25 days ago
He’s on steroids faces to red & jolly
Sebastian Alegrett
Sebastian Alegrett 25 days ago
Connor: I’ll be patient... *knocks him out in 40 seconds*
The Planted Tank
The Planted Tank 23 days ago
If you didn't notice he was going for Jorges record with that big left straight out the gate.
Blue_Az Az
Blue_Az Az 25 days ago
Well, it could of been 13 seconds 🤭
LaMont Lewis
LaMont Lewis 25 days ago
Unless Conor can use one of his giant shoulders I think cowboy is gonna just beat his ass and completely dismantle him in 40 seconds.
Mystic Marc
Mystic Marc 25 days ago
“Ignorance is bliss” 💥
noah mccormick
noah mccormick 25 days ago
Whats his DJ's name?
Fuck your click bait!bitch!
Alchemistic Academician
Tbh before the fight happened, we didn't know what Conor would look like here. He hadn't had a win since 2016, who knows what kind of Conor would turn up. It's easy to say in hindsight that this was a favourable matchup etc etc, but none of you had any idea where Conor was at until he blew through Cowboy like he did. Now we know. Looked like a champion.
Andrew Dunn
Andrew Dunn 26 days ago
Man is it a fun time to be an MMA fan. My 4 fav fighters are McGregor, Gaethje and Masvidal!!!! All three are savages and have them hands!!!
Andrew Dunn
Andrew Dunn 24 days ago
@Thomas King Obviously it's a typo genius. If common sense didnt tell you that then the fact that I typed out the word "three" in the last sentence of my comment should have.
Thomas King
Thomas King 24 days ago
Your 4 favorite fighters are only 3 guys lol
M C 26 days ago
Mac is back
Jay McHugh
Jay McHugh 26 days ago
This is proof of what I've been saying since the beginning, Conor only trash talks to make money and sell the show, now he has all his other businesses and money isn't an issue he's calm, humble and doesn't trash talk
Jay McHugh
Jay McHugh 25 days ago
@bazil cardamone THANK YOU, I've been arguing this with dumb ass casuals since the beginning😂😂
bazil cardamone
bazil cardamone 25 days ago
Jay McHugh agreed. And if you go back and watch post fight interviews he is always humble. There’s also clips of him showing respect before fights even to people he shit talked. People just see the trash talking highlights and assume that’s who he is, if you really pay attention he has always been like this
Thomas Lytle
Thomas Lytle 26 days ago
Conor starts out as a force to reckon with, turns into the face of the ufc and the biggest draw in the sport, goes astray and starts doing stupid shit that makes people hate him and disappears for a year, then comes back a changed man and dominates his first fight back. I’m liking this Conor. Excited to see where he goes from here. He handled the promotions, the fight and the win without issuing one single insult to Donald. Hoping he keeps winning and being the top draw. But at the same time I’m real interested to see how he handles another loss. Will he go into hiding for another year? Or will he get right back in there like Cowboy does. He says he’s back cuz he loves the sport. Let’s see
Adam Ayonmike
Adam Ayonmike 26 days ago
I love the new Conor' Specific time' McGregor.
Superpasi7 26 days ago
Conor: I‘m looking to accumulate rounds I’m not in a hurry! Also Conor: *Knocks out Cowboy in 40 Seconds*
Cillian Mcdonagh
Cillian Mcdonagh 26 days ago
Cant wait for the next notorious film
B.D W 26 days ago
Absolute destruction is what he did
12apidxHDxGamerx 25 days ago
Beautiful destruction
Squid Worth
Squid Worth 26 days ago
Somehow Conor has been asked the same question over and over again for the last 5 years
Nina Sky
Nina Sky 26 days ago
He looks so happy
krishna tiwari
krishna tiwari 26 days ago
Very good interview...Mac is back
MystiCalBEING89 27 days ago
feed this man Justin and then give him khabib
Scott Chegg
Scott Chegg 22 days ago
David Daithi Khabib already made little McTapper tap like the coward that he is. 🤣 Begging the referee to save him. 🤣
Scott Chegg
Scott Chegg 22 days ago
Graham Reardon Hahaha what a braindead little queer you are. 🤣 Always dangling off Conor little Irish midget nut sack aren’t you. 🤣
NavSpaceCom 22 days ago
MystiCalBEING89 Gaethje would get his shit rocked, lmao
Matt Coughlan
Matt Coughlan 23 days ago
BCfosheezy he will be whooped and slept inside 2 rounds Conor will likely be out on his back but every round starts on the feet. Third round KO.
BCfosheezy 24 days ago
@WayWillFind1 I like your positive attitude, but Khabib is world class. We've never seen anyone as good at his style as he is... and that style is kryptonite to a good striker. So I just don't share your enthusiasm. I hope the fight happens again but I am just not as sure as you are.
eric burhed
eric burhed 27 days ago
Who cares, just fight and stfu. Cocaine cowboy
Litty Tube
Litty Tube 27 days ago
Conner is a savage a real mma fighter
Steven Beardsworth
Steven Beardsworth 27 days ago
This woman just called Donald “Cerroh-nay”. Man, if that’s what it takes to be a journalist covering MMA. I need to get in the game quick.
Cutthroat Beats
Cutthroat Beats 27 days ago
I will not be in a hurry, 40 seconds lmao. Well its longer than 13
tomgretzky 25 days ago
@Call Me Honcho true
Call Me Honcho
Call Me Honcho 25 days ago
tomgretzky it was just so he can gain octagon control off the bat
Terron29 25 days ago
could be to throw people off, more importantly to throw cerrone off, expect a certain pace then turn it on its head.
tomgretzky 25 days ago
He ran out early so he prob was lying
don awn
don awn 25 days ago
40 seconds is casual pace for him
Travis Jones
Travis Jones 27 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-gW-r7LdkhsM.html hey guys subscribe if you enjoy the fights and our content
bARRY mAnilow
bARRY mAnilow 27 days ago
Money channel woman 😂😂
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez 27 days ago
4:54 hulib lmao.
Andrew Hook
Andrew Hook 27 days ago
A lot of politics,like ya know,cocaine and impregnating women and cocaine 😂😂😂
Ken Hynes
Ken Hynes 26 days ago
Cocaine yes.. impregnating women.. no
Bushcraft Mastery
Bushcraft Mastery 27 days ago
If McGregor returns truly, than everyone will worship him like they did when he grabbed everyone's attention with his true Martail arts
winton sam
winton sam 25 days ago
@noah mccormick I'm guessing that it's a tail of some sorts.
noah mccormick
noah mccormick 25 days ago
@winton sam you dont know?
thefunkybassistnl 26 days ago
@winton sam butt kicks
winton sam
winton sam 26 days ago
WTF is martail?
Ted Salad
Ted Salad 27 days ago
Great great interview..fresh, bright questions..well done!!!
wobbly nostrils
wobbly nostrils 27 days ago
I predict Conor will knock him out within 1 minute with a head kick.
Slim Him
Slim Him 19 days ago
Shane Brennan I mean if I had to predict I’d probably give Connor some shoulder strikes to make Cowboys nose bleed then catch him with a left high kick
Kermit Mahomes
Kermit Mahomes 23 days ago
Jon jones has wobbly nostrils
Jamil 25 days ago
Jamil 25 days ago
I'm just about to watch the jose aldo fight, I predict a knockout within 13 seconds. Let's see how it goes.
anas chabili
anas chabili 28 days ago
4:43 - after the fight : when u say something but u mean something else
Slugger •
Slugger • 27 days ago
Don't think even he was ready for that legal rape
Tim Akers
Tim Akers 29 days ago
Who knows the name of this Extra reporter?
Royale Rathcliff
Royale Rathcliff 29 days ago
Go CM Go!!
Marvin Santos
Marvin Santos 29 days ago
The man does calf raises all the time. Hahaha good man.
Nate Richardson
Nate Richardson Month ago
It's blinders lad!! Jeesh. This is like the 12th time you've said blinkers, it's blinders!!!. Now Go take his head clean off tonight !!!!!
Ryan Kennedy
Ryan Kennedy 22 days ago
Words change from country to country bud
Glorious15 25 days ago
In ireland they say blinkers
Pigretprobrems Month ago
Gotta come out to Biggie like always
Il ankle pick you
Il ankle pick you 28 days ago
And he did 👌
George Vera
George Vera Month ago
I want Conor to go SUPER SAIYAN on Cerone.
Der Schwächling
Der Schwächling 28 days ago
someone needs to do an edit of the fight with Conor in Ultra instinct mode. like someone did an edit with Conor as Super Saiyan in the Alvarez fight
Sam T
Sam T Month ago
Conner will be smoked by cowboy. Fact
69birdboy 26 days ago
@Aphiwe Matyolo you ar etalking bollocks..why not cut into darren till, jose aldo, khabib, every single fucking fighter including jon jones who use weight to their advantage. You are talking utter bollocks..c alled the fight completely wrong. You are just biased. Recognise a talented fighter when you see it. Tony ferguson..he's a fan hype job to me..don't get me wrong, hes an amazing fighter, but people act like hes just unbeatable and has jedi shit on his side...just like they do with khabib. Khabib is a powerful one trick pony... Max couldn't make the jump to 155..ive heard he walks around at 180...hes the same size as conor..he couldn't make the jump...poirier could only last under two rounds with khabib. According to your theory, conor has been ducking people( he took out the featherweight division) was supposed to face dos anjos...he didn't pull.dos anjpos did..conor fought with a broken foot againstkhabib. So in your vast wisdom, which keeps getting everything wrong, if he figjhts masvidal, gaethje khabib, usman, what will he be in your mind then? I'll asnwer it..one of the best fighters ever to grace the UFC. Your jealousy and the fact you prbably got bullied by someone similar at high school blinds you
Aphiwe Matyolo
Aphiwe Matyolo 26 days ago
69birdboy are you kidding? he didn't duck Ferguson? He's always been a cherry-picker. The only reason he wants Ferguson now is because he's got nothing to lose and he sees he's getting older.
69birdboy 26 days ago
@Aphiwe Matyolo no you said cowboy was gonna beat him..so you didn't keep anything in mind or see what was befopre youre eyes. Cowboy, good fighter..not great, conor everything to prove...he's put cowboy out for hal;f a year with his injuries...i agree he has a lot to show again..but he has already in his 1st part of hius career...he destroyed cowboy, who seems like a decent enough fella. Btw conor wouldve kod donald if that 1st shot had connected..he knew donald was his for the taking. Youre in denial at conors talent cos you don't like him and you were completely wrong in your prediction. Also name one ifghter he's avoided...he fought khabib after a huge lay off..paid for it too ..he doesn't avoid fights and is known for keeping cards afloat for taking last minute changes....dos anjos pulled conor took on nate..aldo...pulled..mendes...youre talking absolute bollocks. Mma knowledge of zero
dmythica 26 days ago
@Aphiwe Matyolo Cowboy was rocked you spastic. He got hit I'm the face repeatedly by someone who has one hit KO power, even 25lbs lighter than he was fighting at.
Ninosław Brzostowiecki
He's humble and a bit nervous. He's not back yet. He's not back until he finishes Cowboy, then we might see the Conor of 2015 again.
dirk digler
dirk digler 26 days ago
@Cycle of 7's none of them have done wot connors done 3 weight divisions first round knockouts he grew the ufc but i agree 170 is not connors weight class usman woodly masvidal are natrual 170 and are monsters i do agree
dirk digler
dirk digler 26 days ago
Told u hes BACK
rxp56 27 days ago
Cycle of 7's yeah, khabib wouldn’t beat any of those guys, they’re way too big for Conor. He had a good win against a decent opponent, an opponent that beat the shit out of Iaquinta within the last 12 months, an opponent that gave Ferguson a good scrap only a few months ago, an opponent that Gaethje beat and now apparently he’s a top contender. I feel Conor should fight, Gaethje next, it’s another stepping stone before he fights the absolute top guys, masvidal, Ferguson, khabib. He has no business with the likes of Usman and Covington.
Cycle of 7's
Cycle of 7's 28 days ago
Let's be honest. We all knew Cowboy would be an fairly easy comeback for him. It was all planned out. Now if he beats either Masvidal, Usman, Woodley, or Covington then, you can say he's back. I see a win against any of them highly unlikely.
Geen Kees
Geen Kees Month ago
Khabib humbled this Guy😂
Savage Mr. Fox
Savage Mr. Fox 27 days ago
I think an active Conor would put up a much better contest against Khabib. Love this Conor. Seems focused
gypsygib Month ago
"They think I'm toast, but I'm still the bread baby!"
don brennan
don brennan Month ago
I think Connor has finally found the real values in life. He seems at peace with his self.
Sinead Osborne.
Sinead Osborne. Month ago
Fight sounds like a fix.
joesoap 39
joesoap 39 Month ago
Pitty this young man couldn't talk like this all the time and cut out the bs
dmythica 27 days ago
He done that to sell fights. Doesn't really need to now as everyone wants to see him fight anyway.
Gennaro 28 days ago
joesoap 39 he’s acting like he’s always acted post fight, pre fight. There’s no beef with Donald. Hopefully he starts talking shit again when he fights gatheje and Masvidal
Cycle of 7's
Cycle of 7's 28 days ago
Agreed. This guy is a lot more likeable now that he's acting like a regular dude.
Sugar ray
Sugar ray Month ago
Stay away from Khabib your gonna get mauled again.
Zubair Allawi
Zubair Allawi Month ago
@BosRed Sox Chatting shit about people's english🤣. BTW it's "longer THAN you" not "then"
BosRed Sox
BosRed Sox Month ago
Sugar ray and also, learn your “yours” *you’re*
BosRed Sox
BosRed Sox Month ago
Sugar ray I’ve been following the ufc for longer then you I bet you that. Conor admitted he did not prepare well for that bout, and you saw it in his performance. Khabib is terrified. He knows he got away lucky
Sugar ray
Sugar ray Month ago
@BosRed Sox Your clearly late to the party. You do realise they have fought before and he got his ass whooped? 😂
jeffery wade
jeffery wade Month ago
You got this Cowboy. Send this boy back to Ireland.
Colm Crowley
Colm Crowley 27 days ago
Good call Jeffery 😆
Savage Mr. Fox
Savage Mr. Fox 27 days ago
That didnt last long mate
Colm Crowley
Colm Crowley 29 days ago
Next videos