Conor McGregor Exclusive Interview with Megan Olivi Ahead of UFC 246

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Former two-weight UFC Champion Conor McGregor sits down with Megan Olivi to discuss his business ventures, his favorite UFC bouts of 2019, his upcoming matchup with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, and more.
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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 100
BuildTech Engineers
Currently we are seeing he is humble . A good man . Thanks to Allah for meetup with kabib .
Gfw36026 19 days ago
Genuinly sounds like the interviews they do with the crew on the international space station.... 250 miles in space sounds better than 2 feet away from each other
Anthony Martinez
Im only here because of Megan.
The Joker
The Joker Month ago
she with Connor in person but is talking to him on video chat
Zubair Aslam
Zubair Aslam Month ago
"My grappling is phenomenal." Lol. 😂😂😂
Martin Mitter
Martin Mitter Month ago
Brown belt in jiujutsu you stupid casual
thrashingjustin Month ago
And he did not lie... pulled some new, structured tricks out for sure
lhizunyi 2 months ago
Connor's mic : "I'd like to take this time to apologize.....to absolutely nobody"
Deji is God
Deji is God 2 months ago
i love megan
lookinpoor 77
lookinpoor 77 2 months ago
in germany we call that hartz 4
LM - Zona NBA
LM - Zona NBA 2 months ago
And yes, looks like khabib just make him humble, lol
Martin Mitter
Martin Mitter Month ago
And your mom is also fat
Colby Haynes
Colby Haynes 2 months ago
Lakers are ass
Yo SkI
Yo SkI 2 months ago
His fooking beard mate is fouckin his mic duck up😣
Sageer Ahmad
Sageer Ahmad 2 months ago
He is handsome and no doubt a fearless fighter.🙏
Jay Tomar
Jay Tomar 2 months ago
Megan always wanted that d of Conor
betfurr 2 months ago
Megan is fit
JCP 2 months ago
Were they scared to tell Conor to adjust his mic or something?
Paul Ugale
Paul Ugale 3 months ago
Megan: asks a question Conor: answers Conor's mic and beard: *hold on brother im talking*
Dave keeps on bullying me
Tony Ferguson flash backs
Ayman Berjaoui
Ayman Berjaoui 3 months ago
Khabib humbled him.
Ayman Berjaoui
Ayman Berjaoui Month ago
@Martin Mitter He's not according to my knowledge. If he is learning that skill, then your mother is definitely the best teacher.
Martin Mitter
Martin Mitter Month ago
Khabib is a bitch
Samuel Leon
Samuel Leon 3 months ago
Conor is so fake
Fernand Figueroa
Fernand Figueroa 3 months ago
Conor sound when you got los batery in a facetime call
Derrick -
Derrick - 3 months ago
Conor's pants are tighter than Megan's
Paulo Salvatore
Paulo Salvatore 3 months ago
Camila Mendes lookalike...
batikhjsirly group
batikhjsirly group 4 months ago
Ali interista
Ali interista 4 months ago
Despite his filth, the media still gasps behind him to know that the media has no principles. smash your boy
David Flynn
David Flynn 3 months ago
Shut your mouth
Еламан Казбеков
Can you imagine being Megan's husband? Her being around half naked sweaty men who make 100 times more than you and can beat your ass with one left? I'm not being insecure, but for fuck's sakes... what does that dude have in him? Update: aaaah... Just looked up her husband. Well, that explains a lot. Lol.
Tom Markham
Tom Markham 4 months ago
🇮🇪 *×* 🐐
Ankri 4 months ago
Do these guys not do the sound check ffs?
Artashata Codomannus
Megan olivi is so sexy and elegant at the same time
Inglese29 4 months ago
1:10... fucking hell, what a bunch of beta fanboys. I'd be embarrassed to buy merchandise like that, idolising another man. Trying to copy his look. Hope they're paid.
Alleyup1994USA 5 months ago
Megan is a bigger skank than Dana's wife
Ojie Ordonez
Ojie Ordonez 5 months ago
He's beard is heating the mic
Mohammed Marwan
Mohammed Marwan 5 months ago
There’s nothing better than a ferocious,ruthless fighter speaking about frikkin Peppa Pig is there?
Ivan 5 months ago
8:55 "fighters should always analyze in-octagon activities" conor, the real one
Lz Beatz
Lz Beatz 5 months ago
I don’t know why but I See Dustin prorier in Megan I think it’s when she frowns
nuramin azmail
nuramin azmail 5 months ago
He still look scare shitless after meet Khabib 🤣
J Pes1234
J Pes1234 5 months ago
I've got it bad for black haired women, and Megan's up there with the best of them. Something about pretty white girls with black hair is huge turn on for me, I don't know why?
Sammy Sammy
Sammy Sammy 6 months ago
Megan 💯
Delbert Grady
Delbert Grady 6 months ago
inovaG 6 months ago
Lmfao these comments are killing me
Tomasz Ignielnicki
Tomasz Ignielnicki 6 months ago
She’s hot .
regularnykanał 6 months ago
Megan, Megan, Megan...
Julian Midgley
Julian Midgley 7 months ago
He looks like a homeless man in this 😂
nightwishnemo 7 months ago
He disgusts me.
CCDevlin 7 months ago
Why is he dressed like newborn baby?
Roca Asir
Roca Asir 7 months ago
Eye to eye
Bagayun 7 months ago
Nobody : Conor : *Winter hat indoors*
Tazmanian66devil 7 months ago
Megan is so fucking sexy. Dream girl
Queen Duncan Donut Of Scots
His voice sounds like a mic is making love to a plastic grocery bag......
mike garcia
mike garcia 7 months ago
Lmfaoooo these comments are gold
Bullet Park
Bullet Park 7 months ago
I'D LIKE an mma match with Megan---Ultimate fuck challenge
debbie butler
debbie butler 7 months ago
Let me tell you straight and this is to all conors haters this man not here to take part he is taking over, so keep doubting keep trolling keep hating. Cause he believing and he achieving. 2020 is conors year khabib we’re coming tony we’re coming jousting we’re coming and floyd we’re coming.....
lobotimise aha
lobotimise aha 7 months ago
Can Conor punch the indian TD for my brothers in NI, we hate his curry anonymity trying to wind up into belfast orange hall.
Stipe Radda Radda Radda Miocic
Megan Ohpleaseme
William Valentin
William Valentin 7 months ago
Megan was looking for every chance to hit on Conor
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 8 months ago
Why is he so obsessed wit the stupid whiskey , he’s already rich . He don’t even need it
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 7 months ago
He’s making generational wealth. His kid’s kid’s will be rich off that whiskey
Nick Conzone
Nick Conzone 8 months ago
Never would I have thought to hear Conor McGregor say the words "peppa pig"
Thanos 8 months ago
Why does Conors audio sound like shit? is that on purpose? Lol
S V R 8 months ago
co to za krasnal?
wouldulikesomescons 8 months ago
Megan ravioli nigga
Corey Becraft
Corey Becraft 8 months ago
Sound sucks
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 8 months ago
Hes💉 face is to red 🌭
acidali001 8 months ago
Ask him, if he still shits in his pants when he sees khabib 🤣🤣🤣 hahaha Just follow khabib, The Greatest of All Time. 👏👏👏👏👏👏
justin martin
justin martin 8 months ago
She's hot.... 😁
J R 8 months ago
megan is fine
Jeremy Miller
Jeremy Miller 8 months ago
Megan is so Gorgeous!!
Chris Instax
Chris Instax 8 months ago
Man , I fookin love this Conor version
The Neophyte Journal
sounds like hes talking from a skype call
syh67 8 months ago
Conor "You know what i meant" Mcgregor
Ludwig Bergmann
Ludwig Bergmann 8 months ago
👑 is gentleman! 🤜💰🥃
Ras Alghul
Ras Alghul 8 months ago
Megan always looks like a tasty snack
Africanknight88 8 months ago
The man is happy because Mayweather blessed him with a new level of wealth. He’s the richest UFC fighter in the game. Money 💰 in the bank 🤑
Le. Don.
Le. Don. 7 months ago
Africanknight88 Yes he did make more money in one fight than his entire fighting career But before that he was half way on $100 million dollar contract And now he makes no less than $50 million a fightand he’s only 30
theartplaza 8 months ago
It's always good to have an attractive chic interview Conor and help him pretend he never raped anybody. Look at the list of enablers so that later when everything comes to light it is with Epstein, you can remember who enabled a serial rapist, promoted him and turned him into a kids action hero. In a couple of years you will see these same enablers saying they didn't know anything when the news is spreading like wildfire.
John Culjak
John Culjak 8 months ago
I wonder if they mic'd Connor wireless. Megan sound very natural. I think he definitely was mic wireless. Maybe modulation distortion? Someone not checking the carrier? Bad transmitter?
Krishna Magar
Krishna Magar 8 months ago
we want magregor vs maywheather 2 .
Pit Kees
Pit Kees 8 months ago
The moncky
Killergavinzz- 8 months ago
Can someone plz tell me where you can get his hat
Brennan 8 months ago
Man. Holographic technology has really improved. Looks almost real
Mr XYZ 8 months ago
Khabib actually made him humble...
omar haider
omar haider 8 months ago
When they shook hands,I was amazed to see the size difference of their hands.
Daniel Gregson
Daniel Gregson 8 months ago
Sounds like they clipped the mic to his chin, underneath the beard.
Rahim Floki
Rahim Floki 8 months ago
The background music ruined it
Efe Ozdural
Efe Ozdural 8 months ago
why does it look like Conor is wearing a bra at around the 3 minute mark?
Ayo Vendetta
Ayo Vendetta 8 months ago
Winter is coming in the Studio 😆
VITE VITEVITE 8 months ago
il est trop fort et es devenu plus zen et plus sage lol
Junior Bottene
Junior Bottene 8 months ago
9:22, will we see any new tricks? Conor - Yes, Of course (left shoulder strikes)
Adam 8 months ago
Staged ruvid.net/video/video-VUgFh4AH-PU.html Please share
man bearpig
man bearpig 8 months ago
I like the new McGregor, hope he can get back to whooping everyone's ass again
Derick spawn
Derick spawn 8 months ago
Donald sucks!!! 40 seconds only, he should just quit!!!
Jake Light
Jake Light 8 months ago
The music is like I'm playing Golden eye on n64.
Chesnick Gercken
Chesnick Gercken 8 months ago
Damn Megan
Nomad Son
Nomad Son 8 months ago
Megan is hot that's for sure.
MR BADAWI 8 months ago
Reaction to conor ko 😳ruvid.net/video/video-Bv4OSMfABI8.html
Mike D
Mike D 8 months ago
That's what throwing a fight looks like. Cerrone wasn't knocked out by that kick he was conscious and just seemed to lay there waiting for the fight to be stopped. Sure, he had a bloody nose but that's not an uncommon thing to have happen when you're being hit in the face. Herb Dean waited a very long time before calling the fight. Not one attempt was made to do anything other than cover and wait. No trying to get up, no going for the ankle, no trying to intercept a punch and pull guard, no trying kicks from the ground to create distance, not even an attempt to grab the cage or something to get himself up. He was not unconscious but the fact that Herb Dean decided to let the fight play out just made it seem like an unnaturally long time for someone to be completely conscious but not lifting one finger to fight back . Keep in mind, Cerrone has a black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu so he has a toolbox of knowledge about what to do when he hits the ground and is still awake and functioning. I'm sure the UFC paid him a premium amount to lay down. It is the conclusion of Cerrone's career so what better way to go out than taking one for the team and making a nice amount of money doing it. To be honest, I'd probably do it too. They UFC lied about Jon Jones so what makes anyone think they are anything but ruthless business people will to do whatever to make money? Everyone knows this but nobody is in a place to do anything about it.
Ba Lee Dat
Ba Lee Dat 8 months ago
Mike D dude really. The shoulder hits broke his nose and cut his eye You ever had your nose broke? Then he got hit with a pretty solid leg kick, wasn’t flush, but it landed. You ever been head kicked before? Then the hook that landed right behind the ear when he was ground and pound probably threw off his equilibrium. You ever been punched in the back of the head/behind the ear/temple area? So nose broke Eye split Head kick Equilibrium shot ground and pound Yeah all cowboy could do is cover up, if you had even a tiny amount of experience you’d know this, but instead you gave your casual status away.
Janus BR
Janus BR 8 months ago
What's this fckin airport background music running throughout the video?!
E P 8 months ago
4:51 Damn conor sounds like a terminator with absolutely no feelings either way. Just following the code.
Robeast 4456
Robeast 4456 8 months ago
Yooo McGregor has changed in attitude from the khabib fight
Kevin M
Kevin M 8 months ago
My Lord Megan is a dime piece
Izzy and Sadie
Izzy and Sadie 8 months ago
Boxing club where he sucker punched other boxer
MA63 8 months ago
Real Irish people drink real whiskey like the old man Conor punched. If there’s beef they will settle it in real life not Twitter. Don’t fall for this media hype.
The world king
The world king 8 months ago
A Cycling Josh
A Cycling Josh 8 months ago
I think he had his coat over the mic
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