Confusing MYSTERY Riddles To Hack Your Dumb Brain

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Jay from the Kubz Scouts and I are back at it again with some vampire related mystery riddles. There’s no secret, we love doing these and we’re ok with it. Check out the video we did on Jay's channel: ruvid.net/video/video--PbWaKuqOko.html
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May 25, 2019

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Comments 16 266
Alice Burke
Alice Burke 27 minutes ago
the diver guy with the camera not because it wasnt a go pro but he wasnt breathing
diamond Dialga
diamond Dialga 50 minutes ago
Camera guy not breathing
Weebthatsover9000 2 hours ago
The problem with being a vampire you have to drink blood
Makila Lebdetter
Makila Lebdetter 5 hours ago
Malia Bruton
Malia Bruton 6 hours ago
The guy on the top!!!
Malia Bruton
Malia Bruton 6 hours ago
Because there are no bubbles on his air tank
Natalee Clarry
Natalee Clarry 7 hours ago
Th e scuba diver on the top was not breathing
Deandre Lua
Deandre Lua 7 hours ago
Guy with camera was not breathing
Isabella 7 hours ago
For find the alien for the scuba diving one it is the one with the camera because he doesn't have bubbles coming out like the others
Piper Mask
Piper Mask 7 hours ago
The one with the comments the guy at the top left wasn't breathing because there wasn't bubbles coming up. Like if u see it
Christine Evison
Christine Evison 7 hours ago
The scuba diver quiz look at the lowest scuba diver...... look he is touching fire corals
aPerson 8 hours ago
6:39 it's the guy on top with the camera he is not breathing the others have bubbles coming out of there mouths!!
Riya McCagherty
Riya McCagherty 8 hours ago
Guy On 6:22 the top girl does not have Bubbles the other do wach
Cassidy Sipe
Cassidy Sipe 8 hours ago
The one under water that said comments is the guy at the top wasn't breathing
Mochi__ 8 hours ago
it was the guy on the right because he was the only one not breathing (the subadiver)
Stephanie Guerrero
Stephanie Guerrero 8 hours ago
Talia 9 hours ago
7:27 The one on the top doesn't have bubbles. Idk why they felt the need to send that one to the comments. 7 Second Riddles or whatever is REALLY desperate for comments.
Talia 9 hours ago
3:18 I love how one of the adults also doesn't have a foot
M AND R BAND 9 hours ago
Little boy has a missing foot and the dad that's holding his hand is missing a foot two
ec34453 10 hours ago
Ya know the camera man was NOT BREATHING!!!! like if you saw that to.
Tiffany Jeanmarie
Tiffany Jeanmarie 10 hours ago
One wasn’t breathing
Eduardo Alvarez
Eduardo Alvarez 10 hours ago
Wat her
Eduardo Alvarez
Eduardo Alvarez 10 hours ago
gachachloe playz
gachachloe playz 10 hours ago
Oml my name is chloe ✌️ and if u can tell it's in my account name 😜
Kayla_Roblox Speed builds & More
It was the guy with the camera bc he wasn’t breathing
Chris Dodge
Chris Dodge 11 hours ago
Cuz they're not breathing i the cold cuz there are not white stuff coming from the mouth
Ray Philippa`s Sandbox
*FBI OPEN UP!!!!!!!!!*
Katty Gacha
Katty Gacha 12 hours ago
I see people not breathing so there the aliens
Mwendwa Tanzania
Mwendwa Tanzania 12 hours ago
Mwendwa Tanzania
Mwendwa Tanzania 12 hours ago
Kyleigh Musick
Kyleigh Musick 12 hours ago
At 6:34 the person holding the camera has no bubbles therefore they aren’t breathing
Annabella C
Annabella C 12 hours ago
They were probably born with one foot
alli cat
alli cat 12 hours ago
That was very inappropriate
HAYHAY SQUAD 12 hours ago
I feel like the only reason why they say comments is because they don't actually know the answer
Ninoshka Hernandez
Ninoshka Hernandez 13 hours ago
The guy with the camera
Rim Chaary
Rim Chaary 13 hours ago
Its the cam guy Cuz he whatsent breathing with like the bubolles knew that?🤨
snow white
snow white 14 hours ago
The alien under water was tye one with the camera, cuz if u look even closer there arnt any bubbles meaning he or she isnt breathing out any air
Thuyen Dao
Thuyen Dao 14 hours ago
It was the guy who was holding the camera he wasn’t breathing
daber master
daber master 14 hours ago
The top guy wasent breathing
Jackson Christian
Jackson Christian 14 hours ago
No, because the red shirt lady, you can see her shadow.
Kitty cupcake Gamer
Kitty cupcake Gamer 14 hours ago
It is the one with the camera because he’s not breathing
Jackson Christian
Jackson Christian 14 hours ago
The goober diaper on the left top left, not even breathing, that means he is the alien.
Alice Espinoza
Alice Espinoza 14 hours ago
Fake vamp is White hair bc THEY NO HAVE WHITE HAIR! ALSO they DONT AGE!
Alice Espinoza
Alice Espinoza 14 hours ago
: we got bamboozled. ( I FEEL UR PAIN WITH THIS!
angelina isham
angelina isham 15 hours ago
the camera guy wasn't breathing
Kali Bernard
Kali Bernard 15 hours ago
Amanda Hollom
Amanda Hollom 16 hours ago
It was the person with the camera because he wasn't breathing because there was no bubbles coming up.
AUDRINA M 16 hours ago
It was the guy with the camera he wasn’t breathing
אלין שטרית
אלין שטרית 16 hours ago
7:29 The left one is not breathing!
Aurora Benning
Aurora Benning 16 hours ago
The fake vampire was the girl with white hair bc her neck was tan and vampires are white
Kaidan Watson
Kaidan Watson 16 hours ago
OreoZeus 16 hours ago
is that guy holdin' da camera is da alien becuz da feet is not da human feet is da aliens feets! easy!
Barbara Smith
Barbara Smith 17 hours ago
the man with the camera because there no bubble
Addison Carter
Addison Carter 17 hours ago
He's not breathing
Queen 751
Queen 751 17 hours ago
I’m so smart katsina I am a fan
Dee Lee
Dee Lee 17 hours ago
so funny lol
Hannah Youngblood
Hannah Youngblood 17 hours ago
He is not bereething
Victor Cachu
Victor Cachu 17 hours ago
Hes not breathing
Fresh Ant
Fresh Ant 18 hours ago
At 7:09 the guy taking the picture doesn’t have those breathing bubbles like the others
Alyssa 87878
Alyssa 87878 18 hours ago
he is not wearing gloves jay
Brigita Meidute
Brigita Meidute 18 hours ago
On the three people in the sea it's the one with the camera because that person has no bubbles coming out
Ashley Holloway
Ashley Holloway 19 hours ago
Top guy
Peter Chan
Peter Chan 19 hours ago
Its the dude wif camera cuz he wasnt breathing there were no bubbles coming out
Hailey Bowman
Hailey Bowman 20 hours ago
For the scuba diver one it was the camera guy because he wasn't breathing there were no air bubbles while the other ones had air bubbles please read
Dhanya Velpuri
Dhanya Velpuri 20 hours ago
6:37 it's the one on the very top bc its the only who is not breathing u can tell bc he has no bubbles
bigblue machine
bigblue machine 20 hours ago
That kid is a pip squeak
Keely Tillery
Keely Tillery 21 hour ago
The scuba diver one it’s the guy who isnt blowing bubbles is the water
Draggy 200
Draggy 200 22 hours ago
Also take all 3 pills and frickn jump out the window
Draggy 200
Draggy 200 22 hours ago
3 arms that could just be a disability... frick 7 second riddles
katia carballo
katia carballo 22 hours ago
white hair
katia carballo
katia carballo 22 hours ago
Kieran Johnson
Kieran Johnson 23 hours ago
the guy with the camera NO bubbles!
hody wijaya
hody wijaya 23 hours ago
the scubadiver is the up one he is not breathing
Wolf Gang
Wolf Gang 23 hours ago
On the first question it could of also been the maid because she can't put lipstick on correctly because vampires can't see their reflection.
RUDY STEWART 23 hours ago
They are not breathing
Starwolf 654
Starwolf 654 Day ago
I also said before you that it was the grey haired girl because the other two vampires dont have a shadow
Anneljohn Narrido
white hair girl
Anneljohn Narrido
I no who is the alien is the up one is not breathing like if u agree
Joanna paula halili
Oh it was the guy on the right he has 6 fingers
Emerald Kingdom
It was the guy with the camera because he wasn't beathing
WoLf_LaRiOuS Day ago
7:22 Guy with the camera since he isn’t making any bubbles
Lucy Quin
Lucy Quin Day ago
It was the top scuber diver because he wasn’t breathing
Yuxin Poh
Yuxin Poh Day ago
In 12:49 The girl with the Hoodie is not a vampire
Mason Cousart
gut on top doesnt have bubbles
Brian Molloy
Brian Molloy Day ago
This is gloom 👩🏼 👗 👛 👢 Read gloom
Brian Molloy
Brian Molloy Day ago
I love gloom
Finnian Vinden
No breath
wai indy
wai indy Day ago
The guy that's holding the Camara is an alien
Country Chic
Country Chic Day ago
The one we're you though thyroid had five fingers acualy are atached
Alyssa hardin
He talking about that 🍆👅
Jordan Butler
On the scuba one the person on the top wasn’t breathing cause no bubbles were coming out of the mask
Baylin Shea
Baylin Shea Day ago
The scuba diving one, the top left had no bubbles while the other 2 did, aka he wasn’t breathing while the other 2 were through the breathing piece.
kasey hicks
kasey hicks Day ago
It’s white hair
Kayden Nichols
Reason that vampires don’t show up in the sunlight is because they have no soul so no soul is blocking the sunlight because their bodies technically empty with no without an a soul
Kira Quintessence
at 7:20 it's the diver taking the picture cuz they aren't breathing/making air bubbles
Charlize Galloway
when the time was 13.07 the answer was the person with white hair because under her neck was taned maybe for the real vampire not to like her taste...i think.
Keenynn Mitchell
Not breathing
Charlize Galloway
When the time of the video was 7:28 the answer was the dude with the camra because everyone else has bubbles coming from them.
Rae Rae Rave dj
The top diver wasn't breathing. There were no bubbles
ơཞɛơ Gᗩᑕᕼᗩ
Wait the vampire is in the light and vampires die from light and if it was day the werewolf would be a human
Emily ChaoManne
Aaron Breswick
The guy with the camera had no bubbles above his head like the other two
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