Confusing MYSTERY Riddles To Hack Your Dumb Brain

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Jay from the Kubz Scouts and I are back at it again with some vampire related mystery riddles. There’s no secret, we love doing these and we’re ok with it. Sub to 7 Second Riddles!: ruvid.net/show-UCttFk8-Nysnyw59aNlWOWzw
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May 25, 2019




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Thaweel Abdul Muhsin
The answer is the guy not breathing out the bubbles
Zora McCoy
Zora McCoy 11 hours ago
Baka Nacho cheese Gacha logic’s Gacha life Gloom Jay That’s all is gach logica
Zora McCoy
Zora McCoy 11 hours ago
That all I know
Jason Newman
Jason Newman 19 hours ago
I live in Alaska
Lea Chandler
Lea Chandler Day ago
Zara McCarthy
Zara McCarthy 2 days ago
I hate it when it is comment,s!
Tallulah Belle Tales
I love how Gloom just assumed the Scuba Divers’ genders
Siebiboo xxx
Siebiboo xxx 2 days ago
I hate when it says comment every time
armando valdez
armando valdez 2 days ago
6:22 the camera guy ain't breathing
jennifer schmid
jennifer schmid 3 days ago
Theres no bubbles with the guy on the camera
Orc Savage
Orc Savage 5 days ago
Hooded lady was vampire
Katelyn Smith
Katelyn Smith 6 days ago
Girl with white hair is a fake vampire. She painted her skin pale part of it is tan
Fatima Dw
Fatima Dw 7 days ago
At 5:17 Jay: AYYYY Cathie the black girl with the alien feet! Me: AYYYYY JAYY your racist. (cause I'm black.)
Samara Manji
Samara Manji 7 days ago
PANDA GAMER 7 days ago
My name is Marcus wait so that means my sister is a werewolf
Muna luar
Muna luar 8 days ago
Kassie : kotatk kotayı doooooo Me: girl what are u sayın no one: Not a single soul: Not a single peron: Me:dowitoss
*sylveon The Festive*
6:00 well at least we know he’s loyal to his wife ;-;
Jessica Padilla
Jessica Padilla 8 days ago
Wow just wow
efren Lost
efren Lost 9 days ago
The scubadiver is that doesn't breathing
Andrea Oyan
Andrea Oyan 9 days ago
One of the scuba divers aren’t breathing
xXStella_Marie_ GarciaXx
THAT DUDE sent me here!
Ezekiel Ognita
Ezekiel Ognita 10 days ago
Its the guy in the right
David Nguyen
David Nguyen 10 days ago
7:02 they are connecting its over there face the gray tubes dumb
David Nguyen
David Nguyen 10 days ago
Wait for the science one you don't get turned in to a where wolf right
zeptracon 10 days ago
Because there not breathing
Lukami_ Chan
Lukami_ Chan 10 days ago
if you have no shadow you won't have a reflection
Nieve Lucas
Nieve Lucas 11 days ago
Jay:"Wait does he have 5 fingers or 6?" Me:"My cousin has 6 fingers on 1 hand r u calling him a Alien?"
2016 WOO_YUMI 11 days ago
I love you guys!! Keep those minds working!! 💓
Macayla Gacha
Macayla Gacha 11 days ago
7:01 it’s the one on the top no bubbles
Victoria Sabina
Victoria Sabina 11 days ago
blue hand
Charlie McCaig
Charlie McCaig 11 days ago
On the one underwater with scuba divers the one with the camera 📸 wasn't breathing the reasthad bubbles
Soha Aijaz
Soha Aijaz 12 days ago
the girl with white hair, as you said kubz scouts, that cassie is right. Vampires do not age.
Isaiah Spivey
Isaiah Spivey 13 days ago
Why do you guys not found that girl who died on lunch and then somehow I wasn't done at dinner, 😠
Olivia Landry
Olivia Landry 13 days ago
For the alien underwater thigny it was the guy with the camera cauz he was hot breathing (the little bubles comming out of their mouths)
Lee-chan YT
Lee-chan YT 14 days ago
🤣🤣🤣 oh my goodness Jay🤣🤣🤣
Baylin Shea
Baylin Shea 14 days ago
The top left with the camera doesn’t have bubbles or breathing. It’s the alien
angel face
angel face 14 days ago
how many foxes do you see is this a riddle gee i dont ah gee
Jay Simon
Jay Simon 14 days ago
The dude in the top left is the alien because he is not exhaling bubbles
ButterflyGirl66E 15 days ago
7:00 I KNOW WHO IT IS!!!! I KNOW WHO IT IS!!! The top left person because...... COMMENTS!!! Jk because if you play the video he’s the only one not breathing out bubbles
Noel Allgood
Noel Allgood 15 days ago
It's the guy on the upper right
kendall lawrence
kendall lawrence 15 days ago
Its the bottom guy cause he has bubbles
axyl Diabelos
axyl Diabelos 16 days ago
its not a crab hand its a shovel hanf
lavan murali
lavan murali 16 days ago
7:30 it is the top left guy with the camera because he is not breathing
Nolan Dischert
Nolan Dischert 16 days ago
Where it said comments it was the guy on the top with the camera becuase the other two had bubbles coming out of their mouths 🤪🤪
TopMufflePuff 16 days ago
6:22 I solved that way quicker than you 😂 I mean you didn’t even solve it
Oliver TWIST
Oliver TWIST 16 days ago
6:34 top guy with the camera. He ain’t breathing
PixelThePolar .K
PixelThePolar .K 17 days ago
Vampires don’t like light and that’s why there is no shadow
PixelThePolar .K
PixelThePolar .K 17 days ago
Guy with camera is the alien he did not have bubble to breath
Lara Croft
Lara Croft 18 days ago
Lara Croft
Lara Croft 18 days ago
Aka kassie
tiffani Mullis
tiffani Mullis 18 days ago
You are wrong or is the people that are not breathing
Linnea 18 days ago
This is how meny ppl who hate comments but love gloom ⬇️
Pamela Ross
Pamela Ross 19 days ago
I hate comments why not do them for the easy ones also the scuba diver one ☝️ can you take pictures underwater because the one ☝️ guy on the top left was taking a picture 🤳 underwater with a camera 📷
Dylxn 19 days ago
12:04 to 12:10 Jay because vampires can’t touch sunlight so they won’t cast a shadow
anime lover
anime lover 20 days ago
The alien is the guy who holds camera beacuse hes not breathing
Riria Turner-Jones
Riria Turner-Jones 20 days ago
The two people that really not berthing
Jaceli DeBoer
Jaceli DeBoer 20 days ago
No 11 puppies
Jaceli DeBoer
Jaceli DeBoer 20 days ago
8 puppies
Revery Bean
Revery Bean 20 days ago
ur right because that guy does not have the fog thing when everybody does
Nelsun Sun
Nelsun Sun 21 day ago
Franchesca Perno
Franchesca Perno 21 day ago
is it the girl with the white hair
Augustus Joseph Palapal
Right left girl
Opal Rose
Opal Rose 21 day ago
I know who is the alien in the diver one. It's the top left guy with the camera. He's not breathing like the other two. The other two were making bubbles but he wasn't. Like if you caught that.
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