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Confronting Jake Paul at KSI vs Logan Paul press conference.
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Nov 7, 2019




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Comments 100
Kane Johnson
Kane Johnson 9 hours ago
Jake is such an arrogant prick he’s so rude as well I hate the Paul’s fuck them all
shazza 14 hours ago
Jake Paul needs no help looking stupid! Week muppet
Rsmxllz-_- 14 hours ago
Joe made jake look so dumb my man was stuttering 😂😂😂
Alexandria III
What a mong squaring up2 weller
Joshua Simpson
Radio Raheem wtf is all that shite 😂
Unknown Day ago
I hate Jake with a burning passion
Anti Blue
Anti Blue 2 days ago
He doesn't want to sound stupid but he is acting stupid and confused.
Kay Kay
Kay Kay 2 days ago
Like he said
Kay Kay
Kay Kay 2 days ago
Bro he's not stupid like you said he grew up around crowd clout groupie chasing people like you all his life you were kind of trying to make him sound stupid I caught the vibe
brad 2 days ago
What a waste of battery life tbh
Kay Kay
Kay Kay 2 days ago
That's a self-realization right there
Kay Kay
Kay Kay 2 days ago
You're just asking for respect that you don't deserve anything saying it ain't there homie
dude0715 2 days ago
I’m going to laugh so hard if askren a terrible stand up fighter aka a mma guy (a real fight) kos this tool bag. If JP was so tough why not fight in the cage? He’s what 200 pounds? So he could prolly cut to 170 what do you guys think fucking kamaru usman would do to him? Lmao fuck 185 adesyana would do to him lmao 😂
Flashreaper031 VMA
Am I the only person who see that Joe weller was clearly acting like the child in this confrontation, I mean complaining cause he didn't upload the video precisely when they agreed by a couple hours is extremely immature and dumb, it would be different if Joe said he didn't want the video uploaded at all but really, that's pretty childish to complain in front of cameras about it and then say you don't have an issue when you clearly do then say "I respect you that's all I wanted to say" when that's again not what you were saying
Flashreaper031 VMA
@S&R_official whole lot of contradictions in that statement 🤣
Flashreaper031 VMA
@S&R_official what
S&R_official Day ago
You the only one… the one like from you and the other one from a random guy
Yakmn 13
Yakmn 13 3 days ago
Joe is to smart for him
kotra 3 days ago
Jakes a mug
Pedro Davalos
Pedro Davalos 3 days ago
That black guy “ not trying to be racist “ but idk who tf that guy is should stop being a instigator and make something out of his life , joe weller just wanted an answer and Jake kept trying to change the subject and make it bigger then it was
Pedro Davalos
Adam slickkkkkk😂I hate those guys they deserve to get bitch slapped
Adam 3 days ago
He was deffo that guy in skl who would always instigate 😂
OriginalLegendz 3 days ago
Recommended in 2021?
Zyvnn 3 days ago
Jake is so dumb 🤦🏼‍♂️
Jake Heke
Jake Heke 3 days ago
Jake skipped upper lip day
McKale Wirnsberger
I’d give 8k to tape hand box Jake Paul , I don’t think he has much education, he’s obviously over compensating 😂 Jake Paul is a peewee boxer who needs to stick to Disney
S D 4 days ago
Check the real fight ony channel
Reece Holland
Reece Holland 4 days ago
Jakes definitely Gay 🤣🤣🤣
lee fenton
lee fenton 4 days ago
Wot a bell end!
Robert Evans
Robert Evans 4 days ago
Fuck jake paul... he is a joke.......
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 4 days ago
weller made jake look like an idiot
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 4 days ago
weller made jake look like an idiot
Sg 4
Sg 4 5 days ago
American ignorance at its best!
Robert Brewer
Robert Brewer 5 days ago
Lee James
Lee James 6 days ago
Well done jake for standing up for ya self 👍💥
Kasim 6 days ago
Jake Is Just A Twat!!!!
Keefe Yokum
Keefe Yokum 7 days ago
You over-pressed him tbh. Once you got him to show his true colors by saying he doesn't respect you cause he didn't know you. You should've ended it there. Said something like "well hey, I guess we go about things differently. I show respect to people I don't know, so the respect is reciprocated." Once you basically asked him "why are you a dickhead?" You allowed him to weasel his way out and make you look dumb
Ovi 113
Ovi 113 7 days ago
Jake was pretty much saying. Hey dont disrespect me on camera
Louis Orme
Louis Orme 7 days ago
It’s mad how much I understand joe 😂 he’s just tryna ask him a simple question and jakes getting rattled by it 😂
Amar Hussain
Amar Hussain 7 days ago
Jake a dumb fuck. He couldn't answer you properly. Nice one for squaring up to this clown.
luis Eduardo
luis Eduardo 7 days ago
I take jakes side in this, joe is a child and hides his emotions
Whoopty 5 days ago
@luis Eduardo what the fuck is your point? So jake posted the video early bcus joe didn't get there on time? Joe wasn't there for the boxing video but for the diss
luis Eduardo
luis Eduardo 5 days ago
@Whoopty I know it’s Jake house , read what I wrote dumby. Jake was early In posting the video but Joe as late In getting there to film it.
Whoopty 6 days ago
@luis Eduardo sucking off KSI? Just bcus he interviewed him? Nah mate, joe is one of the realest youtubers you'll see out there, he didn't say" doesn't really respect" he said that he doesn't respect people he doesn't know, and that's dumb, and Joe wasn't there for the video, but the disstrack, he ain't that chilidish, and when you say jake was early, that was in jake's house dumb f
luis Eduardo
luis Eduardo 6 days ago
@Whoopty yeah well he’s just being real and saying he doesn’t really respect people he doesn’t know. He didn’t listen to joe asking him to put the video out on Wednesday but he only did it three hours before and that’s not that big of a deal. He’s profesional enough to even consider waiting to post a video after he got challenged and knocked out the dude who was late to his house to fight and made him wait . What’s the difference , Jake was early Joe was late. Jake wants to fight KSI and Joe is sucking off KSI and showing his envy and jealousy of Jake . Joe is rich and successful so I’m sure he’s doing just fine but I just don’t like the guy
Whoopty 6 days ago
@luis Eduardo jake posted a diss track of him with joe weller back dancing, with means dancing in a song, and jake was going against his own words when you say fake, one time says something different, the other time something different, and then acts dumb, saying you don't respect people just because you don't know them it's dumb
The Life of Skan.
I think the english guy was being a prick tho, he just riled up that paul guy for some kinda hype. He sounded very foolish to me.
Cameron Thorpe
Cameron Thorpe 8 days ago
Jesus Christ I’m watching this a year later and Jake is such a knobhead it’s unreal
Mitch Bryant
Mitch Bryant 8 days ago
I completely dislike Jake Paul, and Logan. But, nothing compared to Joe Weller. What an actual moron he is 😂
Mick MC
Mick MC 8 days ago
jake paul is not a real fighter.. he is a pussy.. i fight him left hand
Harry Probert
Harry Probert 8 days ago
What Jake don’t understand you mate
Connor Dewhurst
Connor Dewhurst 8 days ago
Oh shut up Jake Paul. Nobody had respect for tou
MarshForShort 8 days ago
Wellers spitting facts
Will Warren
Will Warren 9 days ago
About 4:00. His ego has taken back over
Sean C
Sean C 9 days ago
God the RUvid generation are pussies
jay Junior
jay Junior 9 days ago
Who the fk wants know about joe when you have the millions on the bank like jake... not me! I’m surprise that jake actually accept to speak with him. I don’t really like jake and Im not into, but with his money, I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t even listen joe 😅
ben Childers
ben Childers 9 days ago
Jake paul is a joke. He's no boxer and never will be. He only fights people he knows he can beat. He won't fight real fighters. He's a joke
Demon21 HD
Demon21 HD 9 days ago
jake changing the subject every time
PeterGargan 9 days ago
1:20 "Grow the fuck up, Joe!" (Continues to put on a stupid voice imitating Joe)
AH S 9 days ago
This guy has literally nothing in his brain
Pablo Artamendi Lyon
Props to joe for not banging him in his face
Jake Paul POS sorry but true
Dave Does Stuff
Dave Does Stuff 10 days ago
Ahhhhh fuck, Jake is such a fucking hampton.
Charlie Glutton
Charlie Glutton 10 days ago
Jake said -tuna make me look stupid I’m not a twelve year old- but yet he posted everyday bro 😂😂😂😂
Phantom_ Frost
Phantom_ Frost 10 days ago
Jake Paul is a wasteman
Trash Man Man
Trash Man Man 10 days ago
Who cares about youtube nerds
Sonny Winham
Sonny Winham 11 days ago
Jakes a pussy
kin9con07 YT
kin9con07 YT 11 days ago
Jake is so angry for no reason lmao. He gave Jake multiple times to talk off camera and Jakes face was red the whole time.
Stanley Goodspeed
Stanley Goodspeed 11 days ago
Just punch each other Jesus
Connor Evans
Connor Evans 11 days ago
people that don't know you will disrespect you due too. You being a world class unbleached bum ole. LOL @jakepaul
Damn you look like an idiot
nonce pedo
nonce pedo 11 days ago
I'd love see joe shit on Jake Paul
Katie MOORE 11 days ago
Jake Paul is acc so childish,thinking he can fight floyd mayweather and Connor mc Gregor when really he’s gonna get fucked up PERIODTTTT
Oj Taylor
Oj Taylor 11 days ago
“I don’t know you” made a diss track on him,invited him to your house,spend bout 6hours with him the first day u met him but no no ,you don’t know him 😂
Damien Smith
Damien Smith 12 days ago
Look Jake can’t explain why he is a prick
Jayden Taylor
Jayden Taylor 12 days ago
“Ireland” 😂
Alpha Wolf_god
Alpha Wolf_god 13 days ago
Lol joe knew what he was doing
Marcos JaLeel
Marcos JaLeel 13 days ago
Jake wanted to knock this man out the moment he didn’t make eye contact
Marcos JaLeel
Marcos JaLeel 13 days ago
I think I hate Jake Paul more than 6ix9ine
Kevlar 92
Kevlar 92 13 days ago
He owned u joe u were acting like a lil bitch
The illest
The illest 13 days ago
My respect for Joe went 📈📈📈📈
I love Donkeys
I love Donkeys 14 days ago
Jesus fuck he is delusional 😂
Tristan Williams
Tristan Williams 14 days ago
You mean jake Paul confronting you lol
Sam Emms
Sam Emms 15 days ago
You're not being REAL at all! You looked an IDIOT "BRUV"
A Tom-Bomb Original
This little white guy in the blue shirt is a punk. Just egging Jake paul on. And I'm not even a fan of JP.
Stone Mask
Stone Mask 16 days ago
If i would pick amongst the two ill go to joe weller
Stone Mask
Stone Mask 16 days ago
Jake is scared on joe weller
Nathan Palethorpe
Nathan Palethorpe 17 days ago
Jake Paul is just a massive bellend
drew blenkley
drew blenkley 17 days ago
joe pressing him for a reaction little pest
Gaming Dan Rob
Gaming Dan Rob 17 days ago
Ethan vs Jake Paul
Andre Wilkens
Andre Wilkens 18 days ago
This dude joe is actually being a dick
Andre Wilkens
Andre Wilkens 18 days ago
Jake is alpha
Clayton Gonzalez
Clayton Gonzalez 18 days ago
Jake and his brother are really smart , genius really! But I can tell Jake is a true piece of shit. He’s not a good looking dude, and he was a total fucking dweeb until he got filthy rich and could buy nice clothes, style the hair, slim down etc. I imagine he had the most insane insecurities before all this and it’s caused him to be such a dick when he gets in a position of money and power
Jake Price
Jake Price 18 days ago
When bellends clash
Becky Ross
Becky Ross 18 days ago
The black guy standing there laughing at jakes shitty comebacks needs a fucking slap
Swastik vrat Singh
Swastik vrat Singh 19 days ago
Joe weller could have beat him in his video so badly...but for pauls sake he let jake beat him
Ross Connolly
Ross Connolly 19 days ago
The way he said in Ireland it shows that he was still obviously obsessed with fighting Conor mgregor even then
Cage Ò Riada
Cage Ò Riada 19 days ago
I think you have a problem with him man.
Brockstar 20 days ago
Jake paul vs joe Weller please
Cactus Plays
Cactus Plays 20 days ago
Fuck jake
elmo 1273
elmo 1273 20 days ago
Jake stop 🇬🇧
Darragh Daly
Darragh Daly 20 days ago
This dickhead is being a bitch to Ireland fuck jake paul
Julian Gjoka
Julian Gjoka 20 days ago
See this proves Jake is a delusional piece of shit
Nicholas Harris
Nicholas Harris 20 days ago
Jake Paul is the biggest flog regardless of how much money he has, gets put on the spot and isn’t intelligent enough to come back with anything
troller 21 day ago
Come on this is dumb
troller 21 day ago
Wtf joe have nothing on jake
g g
g g 21 day ago
jake wud eat joe and shit him out
Vincent Mckinney
Vincent Mckinney 21 day ago
Fuckin bunch of Pussys
fatpiggy09 22 days ago
Jake was nervey
Diane Weston
Diane Weston 22 days ago
Why bring logan up boi man UP11
Ending it all
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