Confirmed: The Real Reason Why Dr Strange Could NOT Cut Thanos & Secret Magic in Avengers Endgame

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Why didn't Dr Strange jut amputate Thanos' arm with the Gauntlet on it? Why is the Ancient One Returning in End Game & how does that relate to Professor Hulk?
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Mar 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Boanz Ismel
Boanz Ismel 20 hours ago
Actually, the true is, Howard Stark is Captain Steve Roger 😎
NeighNaples Day ago
I know why that's because if doctor strange did that, the battle is not intense
John Benedict
John Benedict 2 days ago
But the real question is why did doctor strange use the time stone to revive stark nor ancient one? Instead he gave it to thanos while thanos used it to revive vision
John Benedict
John Benedict 2 days ago
Yes thor cuts thanos head So what about the invinsible skin?
MrDamian07 2 days ago
Directors: Thanos has invincible skin Endgame Scene of Thor decapitating Thanos: Well yes, but actually no.
Thoriso Makola
Thoriso Makola 3 days ago
Uma Vydehi
Uma Vydehi 3 days ago
Dark Rainbow
Dark Rainbow 3 days ago
This convoluted filibuster of a video is so crammed with ads in the hope that we won’t notice you did not answer the question in the title. Thumbs emphatically down.
Indo Tekno
Indo Tekno 4 days ago
is not more easy to destroy time stone..
Jamac007 4 days ago
Another magic 10min video
sponge man ice cone
Plot convenience my dude
Gerwyn Comia
Gerwyn Comia 6 days ago
Brandon Shawana
Brandon Shawana 7 days ago
Ah for real
Shadow Darb
Shadow Darb 7 days ago
clickbait and too much ad
Hbn Sauce
Hbn Sauce 8 days ago
I’m from the future
Kuya mong Vita
Kuya mong Vita 11 days ago
silas burt
silas burt 13 days ago
Tony stark died in endgame
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 13 days ago
Imagine.... Thanos with vibranuim iron man suit,captain america drug,doctor strange's magic,vibranium quantum suit,hulk's green juice,black panther's grape juice,thor's thunder,loki's 9 lives and infinity sword.
Axios 86
Axios 86 14 days ago
He does return. I have seen endgame. Can I have a shield now.
ultramaster 69
ultramaster 69 15 days ago
I belive doctor strange will came back
Myint Myat Thway
Myint Myat Thway 15 days ago
I will know
Violet_ Gatcha
Violet_ Gatcha 16 days ago
h i
Ricky Mohar
Ricky Mohar 17 days ago
Really want the shield 😛😛😛
Japneet Matharu
Japneet Matharu 18 days ago
Avengers snap and bring everyone back
Japneet Matharu
Japneet Matharu 18 days ago
Doctor strange is in endgame
Connor Dean
Connor Dean 18 days ago
I’m sorry but, did you really think Spider-Man was made by Fox and not Sony?
Viswanath R
Viswanath R 19 days ago
I have 2 doubts 1. Why didn't Dr strange pushed Thanos into Astral projection? Infinity war could have ended in half its original time. 2. Why didn't Dr strange help Tony Stark recover from his wounds with the time stone? He wouldn't have died.
Ricardo Tol
Ricardo Tol 19 days ago
So slingrings power is quite strong but the reason that Doctor strange and Wong can't cut thanos's head of because thanos has more power than doctor strange's slingring
Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh 19 days ago
Because it wouldn’t have been a good script for the movie
crocodile production
Everybody is speaking about cutting tanos with portals, but why he just didn't put him in a travel through the psychodelic dimensions, or his soul out of body and then get the fucking glove, or stones and teleport it to nowhere (or anythere, where he do not know)
The Candle That Lives
Anyone Else Watching This In June 2020
Maroon Legend
Maroon Legend 20 days ago
Question: **exists** People: well here is the answer... **silently walks out the back door**
British Dragon
British Dragon 21 day ago
So to answer, Doctor Strange could not cut Thanos due to plot armour
Jesse Stanford
Jesse Stanford 21 day ago
They didnt explain why tho
Aryan saproo
Aryan saproo 23 days ago
I do everything you said. Now gimmi that shield 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Xavien Capellan
Xavien Capellan 24 days ago
Kristijan Stanic
Kristijan Stanic 25 days ago
Why not use a nanotech „Thanosbuster“ suit?
Havey Escabas
Havey Escabas 25 days ago
Juan Jimenez
Juan Jimenez 26 days ago
*thanos has invincible skin* Storm breaker: am i a joke to you
The Happy Greek
The Happy Greek 26 days ago
The video didn't actually explain why a sling ring couldn't cut Thanos in half other than saying his skin is nearly indestructible which I'm pretty sure a sling ring would cut through...
Bob Jhonson
Bob Jhonson 27 days ago
He doesn't answer the question, just draws out the video length so he can get ad revenue... Heres how to make the video better. Don't make it at all! You could have answered the question in ONE SENTENCE! But like most people on the plarform, draw out the video for ad revenue!
RobbyPlays 27 days ago
Easy Answer He Was To Lazy To Do The Spell
Matthew Owenhhgh
Matthew Owenhhgh 28 days ago
I do
Mike Riley
Mike Riley 29 days ago
...probably because Thanos is a big and bad mfer
Yun Xiang Chong
Yun Xiang Chong 29 days ago
I would think the reason to be that even if they killed off the current Thanos, someone will continue his work. Perhaps Dr Strange needed Thanos to win in order to have him destroy the stones, then the avengers go back to the past to get the stones, revive everyone, then return all stones to each timeline. So maybe this was what Dr Strange saw as the ultimate solution where the snap can no longer happen in their timeline.
كشف الاسرار
simple so we can see long action
ThisManlyGuy Month ago
Anyone hear the captain America theme from umvc3 in the beginning💯💯😂
Jeconiah Hoffman
You know, that didn't even answer the question. In theory, the sling ring should still cut it off. Science can still kill Thanos, because if science and magic are the same then Stormbreaker is still science. Not being "magic" doesn't make it less potent against Thanos either way.
John Schultz
John Schultz Month ago
Dr strange will return
Thompson Barna
Thompson Barna Month ago
Joe Cool
Joe Cool Month ago
I’ve watched a few of your videos to see if I want to subscribe. You guys do a bunch of talking but you never actually answer the questions. Your channel sucks!
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph Month ago
Why does this have to be so complicated. Easy explanation to why he couldn't cut his arm off... Thanos has the Space stone!!! He can create his own portals as well as control others. Not hard.
Dani Nayal
Dani Nayal Month ago
Imran Uddin
Imran Uddin Month ago
Doctor strange would definitively arrive in the final one
RM Bey
RM Bey Month ago
Dr. Strange should instead make a hole that Thanos will be falling into eternally.
Infinovation Month ago
Officially the biggest waste of ten minutes in my entire life. No clear answer was even provided. This video is definitely a yikes for me
Bob Hamilton
Bob Hamilton Month ago
Cuz of the plot
Daniel Hunt
Daniel Hunt Month ago
Too many dang in-video ads. Abrupt commercials are aggravating, without fades, and every 2 minutes is just a waste of my time. I won't be watching any more of your videos.
Idam Month ago
Im now at 5:05, half of the video, and the question was still not answered. Nice clickbaiting, bye
Spider-Man wasn't apart of the Fox Marvel Universe. Spider-Man is from Sony
Mike Foster
Mike Foster Month ago
I want that shield
preap hengtoky
preap hengtoky Month ago
Because it is not in the script😂
BlackEyepatch Month ago
Falling short of ideas are you ?
Bandit Month ago
The more impractical answer is that if Dr Strange could do that, there’s no reason for the Avengers in the first place.
Stephen Job
Stephen Job Month ago
It was just so that we could have the rest of Infinity War and all of Endgame.
Katy R
Katy R Month ago
I think that if he did he would mess with the timeline and a much bigger threat will come but this time no one could stop it. That makes more sense then saying that his skin is indestructible even if though he did bleed
Meboosa Aswome
Meboosa Aswome Month ago
Pierce Lee Chewbacca
I think he will
J&E&U Month ago
Yes he will
Alli Rajaiah
Alli Rajaiah Month ago
Me too got the same doubt...🤔
Jason Stimps
Jason Stimps Month ago
No no no, the real reason is very simple. You can't approach these kind of movies where you can use simple logic in order to win or else the movie would be 5 minutes long. Forget the portal thing, doctor strange has what is probably the most powerful infinity stone there is. The time stone. Look what Thanos did at the end of infinity war , he just reversed time and undid everything vision and Scarlett witch did. Dr strange, when fighting Thanos could have just reversed time to before Thanos got the stones. Heck he could have reversed time to before Thanos was born . Time travel allows infinite possibilities that even the other stones could not compete with. Without time nothing could be done. So, they have to come up with an illogical way to defeat the villian or else it appears to easy.
KrAzYDucati Month ago
Wouldnt be much of a movie would it
Roman Shirodkar
Roman Shirodkar Month ago
I’ve been asking this since i saw the scene where they were trying to get the gauntlet off
Arjun Nattanmai
Arjun Nattanmai Month ago
LoreStar is the shield made out of vibranium.
Sa1_0007 S
Sa1_0007 S Month ago
1:27, his skin is invincible but Ironman cut his skin
just___drago twitch
Fan correction of the scene of "taking of the Gauntlet from Thanos" Instead of getting Quill pissed for him to have killed Gamora (in fact was a very stupid scene, if I was Iron Man, I'd just shooting at him for keep him away tho) we have all ours hero trying to take away the gauntlet: We have on the right arm Strange, on the left Tony and Peter and on the heas Mantis. Mantis: "His will is too strong, I can't resist too much" Tony: "His damn hand is holding the gauntlet just like he's awake, Strange you have to cut it off" *Quill arrives with Nebula* Quill: "Okay where's Gamora?" (same frases like the movie BUT, instead of having Quill punching the face of Thanos:) Peter: "I have a bad feeling about this" Tony: "You'righ.." In that moment, Strange uses his magic for keeping away Quill from Thanos and at the same time he's keeping the arm stop with the cape. Mantis: "Please, He's too strong, I can't hold it any longer, hurry" Strange: "You'll have time for revenge but not now" Strange open a portal and send Quill on another zone of the planet, then he turns around and open a portal for cutting Thanos in half but is too late. In that moment, Thanos open his eyes, take back the Gauntlet and use the space stone for escape the cutting. The rest is the continue of the movie.
chris zanotti
chris zanotti Month ago
But Thor cut his head off hmmmmm
chris zanotti
chris zanotti Month ago
chris zanotti
chris zanotti Month ago
chris zanotti
chris zanotti Month ago
I wonder if Wong went to the wedding
S. Smith
S. Smith Month ago
He couldn't do it because it wasn't in the script.
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