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CONAN Highlight: Conan makes IT guru Chris Hayes' dreams come true with a visit to the Taco Bell test kitchens.
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Jan 21, 2015




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Comments 80
David Vitrano
David Vitrano 3 hours ago
McDonald’s unleash there Shamrock shake for Saint Paddy‘s day. Why can Taco Bell take Conans O Taco creation to help promote their company the same way?
hostilebogeyinbound 19 hours ago
My dude got a really weird shaped head. I'm glad he got his make-a-wish.
ThunderClap Clap Trap
1:30 it's like walking into the Garden Of Eden then seeing these lovely classy beautiful heavily goddess blue dress lady named Venus.
David Konner
David Konner Day ago
Conan is a very effective antidepressant!
A Day ago
Some straight up rockets they got working at Taco Bell.
Azrael 2 days ago
why did i watch this? Now i want tacobell
Rafael Millan
Rafael Millan 3 days ago
Damn. It's kinda crazy seeing Conan in a place I've been to before.
StratBurst92 4 days ago
Bring back the smothered burrito!!! and the taco bell dog.
Autonomous G
Autonomous G 4 days ago
nscoby93 4 days ago
The fact they actually had people try Conan's crazy invention 🤣 I love it!
Jerry Blaisse
Jerry Blaisse 6 days ago
*L A C O N A*
Chris Gabert
Chris Gabert 6 days ago
That scene in the tester's room has me dying over here.. she really wanted to get Conan out of that booth, and away from the tester. That was getting too weird for the P.R. department 🤣
Astronautic 8 days ago
You don't wanna say "la con.." in Portugal xD hilarious
jay 8 days ago
Chris is really handsome I love that confident smile
Estes Mustard-Smith
She forgot the hash brown smh
I should have known a caucasian was the one doing it all
AlexIsNotHere 10 days ago
Roger Edgerton
Roger Edgerton 11 days ago
Conan doing another old Letterman bit. But, he does it his own way. And it's still a helluva better than anything Jay Chin-o ever did. Lameass Leno.
Jose Romero
Jose Romero 11 days ago
She's so cute
Ali D
Ali D 12 days ago
Since when does Britney Spears cook?
Celestial Dragon
Celestial Dragon 12 days ago
Now this is entertainment.👍
Nathan Findley
Nathan Findley 14 days ago
The quesalupa was one the best items at Taco Bell. Taco Bell NEEDS to bring it back!!!😡😭
Jon Ar Alistano
Jon Ar Alistano 14 days ago
Love that, conan. Your legendary!
OGStreetJimmy 14 days ago
You're laughing, Conan just died and your laughing!
Oscar Aguilar
Oscar Aguilar 14 days ago
I rather go to Taco Town they have everything in one
Cid Austriaco
Cid Austriaco 14 days ago
I love how this was recording a month before the video was released. I know they do that, but I did not think this was recent, I thought this was from like 2012. 4:21
TheMayhemEra 16 days ago
I... wanna go to taco bell now
Abdulrahman Ahmad
Abdulrahman Ahmad 16 days ago
There is actually a menu item called Tacone here in the middle east which is a taco in a con3 😳
Juan Cueva
Juan Cueva 16 days ago
Conan is the best tv show host out there
Man 17 days ago
I seriously want the O’taco.
Jules Winnfield
Jules Winnfield 18 days ago
He's the best
Ron C
Ron C 18 days ago
After watching this knowing there's majority beautiful women running the place, I'm probably going to eat here more often.
A N 19 days ago
This has been viewed 18 million times?
TheMELTDOWN911 19 days ago
damn I want to hate Taco Bell but I can't I do love they're NON Mexican Food!
TheMELTDOWN911 19 days ago
no mexicans at taco bell ..... funny!
Max Bai
Max Bai 19 days ago
2:48 thought that was the Chinese special edition taco,lmao
Aaron 6661
Aaron 6661 20 days ago
5:05 That's so Guy Fieri
Axel Student
Axel Student 20 days ago
Jesus, imagine if he choked on that quesolupa doing his spastic seizure and they had to save him
Saptarshi Banerjee.
9:15 Kim Jong Un.
1tokeover 23 days ago
This was pretty funny I have to admit
Mr C
Mr C 23 days ago
Taco bell is yummy and so is Jack n the box
MetalDoraemon6 23 days ago
That woman is a swimmer. What a structure
Justin Román
Justin Román 23 days ago
Conan cameo 2:34 (look in front of the lady on the wall)
Thomas Cantwell
Thomas Cantwell 24 days ago
Funny thing is that Mcdonald just recently started using conans idea of the "driving burrito delivery sistem" (hands free burrito) they actually are selling does stuff.
Te Es
Te Es 25 days ago
Please bring Taco Bell to Germany
Krayzie Stryker
Krayzie Stryker 25 days ago
Yo thats how I wanna drive with a Taco in my mouth xD
Collin Brill
Collin Brill 25 days ago
Idk Conan is probably way nicer to his staff then Ellen
hope jackson
hope jackson 26 days ago
Funny stuff
madcityy 26 days ago
"I'm not gonna drizzle on myself" "Well, you could."
pacersnrams781 27 days ago
Did they end up naming it the quesolupa?
Ceasar De Los Santos
He's a very good mexican chef HAHHHAHAHAHHAA
JackCollie 28 days ago
Fun Fact: In Mexico we don't have Taco Bell restaurants X)
Zendr Ai
Zendr Ai 29 days ago
I kinda pity the people who Test Conan food
no one
no one 29 days ago
That lady made taco bell weirdly sexual
ollie wannell
ollie wannell 29 days ago
Imagine of conan having that pretend seizure was real while the audience just laughing at him, he wouldve been the American Tommy cooper
Rebeca Lopez- V
Rebeca Lopez- V Month ago
4:57- 9:16
Kane Month ago
who else out here smokn some weed an watchin conan?
Vytas Rauckis
Vytas Rauckis Month ago
The amount of Taco Bell Chris eats would make even more sense if he was the one that held his and up when Conan asked if anyone was smoking pot in the office during his visit to find a Christmas gift for Ashley!
Vivek Kumar Gupta
Craving Taco Bell after watching this...
patrick Month ago
Conan: has seizure everybody: *claps*
TheZygomaticus1 Month ago
Would you vote if Conan runs for president? I think the world will finally have peace and happiness~ not to mention... sudden asthma attacks triggered by unexpected humor.
Aslan Month ago
Is it just me or does the Irish taco seem really tempting?
Normal people vacation: We’re going to Disneyland! Chris: We’re going to Taco Bell!
Josh Changjin Park
I have never laughed so hard like this for the past few days
Ray Agassi
Ray Agassi Month ago
Bruh...the Irish taco....Otaco... Aaaaaaaaaa I'm dead lmfao
theOfficial Oni
theOfficial Oni Month ago
Pop people who had to test conan's inventions
Jashan Sandhu
Jashan Sandhu Month ago
Ohh Katie is such an eye candy.
Jnede Plays
Jnede Plays Month ago
Conan the kind of guy you want to hang out with
Wallace Pinheiro
Not sure if funny or cringy 🤔😂
The first lady absolutely hates him.
Dwight300 Month ago
Comedic Gold!!!
Genez Smile
Genez Smile Month ago
Help! Im stuck again in Conan Marathon
I NIGHTCORE [い ないこあ]
i kinda liked the last one
Phasair Month ago
4:21 That dude on screen 4 is me after eating Taco Bell
Sasquatch 06
Sasquatch 06 Month ago
2:33 back of Chris’s head left the chat
Derek Escalante
Derek Escalante 23 days ago
Lmao how is that even possible?
TirandoLinea Month ago
Con razón los tacos no están buenos... No los prueban con mexicanos
Sly Month ago
Why the video looks like it has a filter?
8 Bit Goan
8 Bit Goan Month ago
4:47 if "that's what she said" had a look
Dương Nguyễn
i'd love to have some la cona
Matthew Zaslavsky
I got so hungry when I saw this video.
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