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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Stephen Colbert tells Conan O'Brien how being rejected to write for Conan actually helped Stephen celebrate his 25th marriage anniversary. #Colbert #LSSC #Comedy
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Nov 2, 2019




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Comments 100
PG 5 hours ago
ADRENOCHROME Epstein island
Big Fan
Big Fan 9 hours ago
He forgot to loosen his suit button while sitting.
Abdikafi Mohamud
Colbert is very smart guy. Conan tried to make Colbert look small by telling the audience that he applied for a job as a writer with him. But Colbert pushed back later by reminding him that Conan didn’t give him the job, thou he doesn’t resent him now for it. In other words, I was small, you didn’t support me and I made myself this great guy. Colbert was also more natural than Conan. Conan struggled to have a smooth and flowing conversation.
Sarthak Goswami
If you want to be successful in your life you have to apply to conan and get rejected.
Pablo II
Pablo II 2 days ago
Who the hell do you think you are?
Saucy Sanchez
Saucy Sanchez 2 days ago
This is just the Conan show with extra steps
Victor Warmflash
Victor Warmflash 2 days ago
2:34. I sense a conspiracy. Colbert knows something
Soft Star
Soft Star 2 days ago
Coolest guys ever!!!
J. M.
J. M. 3 days ago
Colbert swings so far LEFT its hard to take him seriously as a comedian hes more of leftists puppet or mouthpiece one of the hundreds of stock low iq trump bashers.
Vladi Ramone
Vladi Ramone 3 days ago
Love Colbert but seeing Conan behind that desk seems fitting don't you think?
sizzlersphinx 3 days ago
Conan and Stephen together is a riot
Suraj Shrestha
Suraj Shrestha 4 days ago
Who would have known... sanitizer would be so important
Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew 4 days ago
This aged well...now that Purel is like gold.😄
Adriana Davie
Adriana Davie 4 days ago
Akbar Khan
Akbar Khan 5 days ago
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar 5 days ago
Conan's claimed unpleasantness was calmed down by Stephen's lovely stories... saw Conan relax listening to somebody for the very first time.
anny chua92
anny chua92 6 days ago
Conan always steal the show 😆
SFG 7 days ago
Colbert , now after covid, about his hand sanitizer: "Who is laughing now, Conan? Who is laughing now???"
Danny Ruiz
Danny Ruiz 8 days ago
Conan unlike Colbert is legitimately funny.
Hadvarr 8 days ago
Javi del Val
Javi del Val 8 days ago
Stephen ColBERTTT lmfao the shots
Allagí 9 days ago
I respect and like Colbert, what he did on the Daily Show and the Colbert Report is legendary. However I don't really enjoy him in his current role. I wish CBS would have closed the circuit, and brought poetic justice to the late night world by giving Conan O'Brien "The Late Show". That would have honestly been the final kick to the nuts to NBC, and Letterman would be proud, he was a big fan of Conan. Just look at this interview, Conan is the champ here without question.
Basic Bunny
Basic Bunny 11 days ago
Conan is a beast.
Random 13 days ago
Steven is strange, you just dont believe his stories. Unlike Conan... or Ricky Gervais.... they just detect his bs...
Mariana Alves Fernandes
Well that hand sanitizer aged like fine wine...
Jackson Keith Bond
Jackson Keith Bond 14 days ago
After watching what Stephen just said about being depressed without an audience, I really feel like someone needs to do a wellness call on him.
Shanu irshad
Shanu irshad 15 days ago
3:01 Stephen was way ahead of time who would have thought 😷
Kelly Moore
Kelly Moore 16 days ago
Ha two perverts talking smack
Darkicity 17 days ago
@1:36 little did he know.....in 2020....
Arun Mathew
Arun Mathew 18 days ago
Stephen seems like that respectable uncle and conan, the class clown.😂😂
Nate 1911
Nate 1911 19 days ago
Fallon SUCKS
Nayops 19
Nayops 19 19 days ago
1:08 , 4:05 2020 Watching❓🤣 4:43 “ Fammy “
Bill Schellenbach
Bill Schellenbach 20 days ago
The conversation about hand sanitizer is funny nowadays.
Bhogaraju lohit
Bhogaraju lohit 20 days ago
Anyone dare to do this now? :p
simon 1902
simon 1902 20 days ago
Stephen Colbert is so boring i hate his Guts 🦆💨
Saurabh Jain
Saurabh Jain 20 days ago
Stephen is a smart guy
Saurabh Jain
Saurabh Jain 20 days ago
Stephen is a smart guy
Tiffany Ramos
Tiffany Ramos 21 day ago
oh wow flip?I did not know this another good memory again.
Steven Diaz
Steven Diaz 21 day ago
They give everyone a talk show why doesn’t this O’Brien guy get one
gormoboskos 7 days ago
To Be Scrutinised
Robert Fripp
Robert Fripp 24 days ago
Chad vs the virgin
Adithyan Vinod
Adithyan Vinod 24 days ago
They knew about COVID!!!!
James Buckingham
James Buckingham 25 days ago
Conan - all class. Few months previous, he appeared on Colbert's show (wearing the same outfit) and as a guest he sat down first, and out of respect Colbert should have sat down at the same time. Instead, Colbert sat down after Conan, taking a long time to do so on top of which - fast forward a few months flipping the roles and how does Conan handle it...like gold. Sat down at the same - all class.
Elliott McPeek
Elliott McPeek 26 days ago
Stevie is quite the jokester when he's allowed to just talk and isn't the one interviewing
Abhishek Somkuwar
Abhishek Somkuwar 27 days ago
Conan is like a dad of other talk show hosts
Abir Chowdhury
Abir Chowdhury 29 days ago
The Late Show with Conan O'Brien, has a nice ring to it...
Dave M
Dave M 29 days ago
You have no idea what’s about to happen in 2020
John Braucher
John Braucher Month ago
Somehow I believed him when he said "they're my only friends" which is sad because that's like two people.
Jamie Agass
Jamie Agass Month ago
These are my two favourite late night hosts!
Rituraj Singh
Rituraj Singh Month ago
What if they just told the whole world the actual real reason behind Conan changing the show?
George Blabbermouth
I swear to god am i the ONLY one that thinks Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart both remind me of John Lennon???????
Altruistic Lemur
The hand sanitizer joke hits different now.
Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Guys. Conan don't have right ear.
H23 Month ago
why is Stephen's right ear looking like that
Ali T
Ali T Month ago
*This is so eerie because it's right before COVID-19 hit. And Stephen talks about hand sanitization like he already had heard solid rumors that a pandemic of some sort was on the way.*
cecilia tizio
cecilia tizio Month ago
Conan .... the best!!!! Z u c. It Colbert
Robert Prescott
Robert Prescott Month ago
The hazmat and Purell comments are timely:(
villegas24 Month ago
Conan was born for TV
high艾迈德 Month ago
amazing crossover 😂
no u
no u Month ago
the purell bit reminded me of jordan schlansky
Amara6 Month ago
To listen to this while he is now doing shows at home with Covid... #empathy
KennyG881 Month ago
Stephen said he hates not performing in front of a real audience and uses hand sanitizer to help prevent his guests from getting sick. This is like real-life foreshadowing
Alex S. Gabor
Alex S. Gabor Month ago
Thanks #stevencolbert + #conanobrien + #johnoliver + #cnbc + #cnn + #youngturks for the #infiniteinsults of #politicalidiocy #saveyourpennies for the #infinitology of #snapchange ruvid.net/video/video-5245W-C34JU.html
Uday Garg
Uday Garg Month ago
That purell and hygiene doesn’t seem that bad now, does it?😂
Kasper Joonatan
Kasper Joonatan Month ago
2:38 prophetic.
ms phineypel
ms phineypel Month ago
Wow just found out that Colbert use to work at Conan's.
5 ER
5 ER Month ago
Colbert knew abaut covid befor it was thig
Gamey Gamerson
Gamey Gamerson Month ago
I’m watching Colbert tell Conan about how he gets depressed without the audience and thinking “how you doing right now, stevie?”
Alfie Solomon
Alfie Solomon 2 months ago
Have Conan invite Jordan to the late show
Linda Jones
Linda Jones 2 months ago
Colbert used hand sanitiser before it was cool
Prabhjot Singh Gambhir
Stephen was stocking Purell all along. He knew it!
ConnorHazzy201 2 months ago
Conan should be the host of the tonight show, best host by far i don't how Fallon got the job
עידו בנבנישתי
1:18 I'm mr meeseeks! Look at me!
Yaya 2 months ago
Conan is gigantic. Or is Stephen sooo small?
Reba RoXis
Reba RoXis 2 months ago
Coal Bear
Reeta Kumari
Reeta Kumari 2 months ago
I just found out Conan is older than Stephen.
Doctour Two skull
Doctour Two skull 2 months ago
Feel like they have this on going secret game between them where they fight over dominance on each others shows
Truevan ASAP
Truevan ASAP 2 months ago
It is and only is the best when talk show host switch, instead of actors
柳岑焉 2 months ago
咦,発生什麼事ㄚ,??,其實尊者說,須愛敵隊,SO,大陸也很努力尊崇敵对,而且作得更棒更佳,愛和殺己族及父母的屠宰者,而且同睡傳下多代,SO,,,??。 USA,USA,USiPTOA,USA,,,。 哎啃廢依,哎啃廢依,,,。 哦,麥,嘎,日本台商也在大陸用油槽造出超爆了,天ㄚ,有沒有事ㄚ,亡伤多少人丫,??,要不要緊丫??,会起訴日本台商嗎??,他们好像沒簽反核約,大慨沒簽沒起訴,,,SO。大陸还在和殺族父母睡覺,傳多代,,,??。大伙,对了,発生什麼事丫,??,為什麼搜尋大峽谷那些大头,都全是日本台旅客,So,只剩富蘭鈔基金,??,,,??。 USA,USA,,,。大伙,对了,発生什麼事丫,??,為什麼搜尋大峽谷那些大头,都全是日本台旅客,So,只剩富蘭鈔基金,??,,,??。 对了,那姦者可以用受姦者愛姦者嗎,??,忘了问,,,??。
Daniel Tan
Daniel Tan 2 months ago
Edward 2 months ago
Conan > Colbert >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fallon
anny chua92
anny chua92 2 months ago
I can sense a rivalry between them, a bit of jealousy in Stephen. Maybe I am the only one? 😆
tigress63 2 months ago
I wanted to hear the results of the letters on the anniversary from Steve & his wife
Kieran Relucio
Kieran Relucio 2 months ago
I laughed at the little key tapping at 6:39 The small details in the show is amazing!
Nate The Magician
Nate The Magician 2 months ago
As a performer during Covid-19, 1:25 hit me in the gut.
funny électro
funny électro 2 months ago
That was intense
Saurabh 2 months ago
hes right ear tho wtf
Eti Tripathi
Eti Tripathi 2 months ago
Stephen was already prepared for coronavirus
Eti Tripathi
Eti Tripathi 2 months ago
I prefer Conan, Stephen colbert, seth Meyers, corden than both Jimmys
Chance of Clouds
Chance of Clouds 2 months ago
Really full circle to be watching this during the pandemic now!
foevachanster 2 months ago
❤❤ saw it reverse video of Stephen hosting conan earlier! Had to see this one!
Native Records
Native Records 2 months ago
Thank God I can watch this gold for free on the internet
Buchanan Winchester
Buchanan Winchester 2 months ago
Kinda expected Andy to be there
John Johnson
John Johnson 2 months ago
You know they're pros because rhey don't talk over each other
Perry Robles
Perry Robles 2 months ago
hahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahhahahahaah! Conan is so funny
Samuel Abel
Samuel Abel 2 months ago
Conan is such a prick compared to Colbert
Piash Shohag
Piash Shohag 2 months ago
May Favourite talkshow hosts 1. Conan 2. Colbert 3. Corden
Ahsan's Tutelage
Ahsan's Tutelage 2 months ago
Damnnnn...The student has become the master!
Kavin Raaj
Kavin Raaj 2 months ago
Two of my favourites.
cb4n 3 months ago
Man this didn't age well... being depressed without an audience, respiratory and germ etiquette...
Charlie H
Charlie H 3 months ago
Stephen was already getting prepped for Coronavirus.
James Coriell
James Coriell 3 months ago
hey steve, you still got that sanitizer behind your desk?
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