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blue 11 hours ago
You come piss in my pocket i come piss in yours all the sheeple will lap it up
TheSpacemannspiff 12 hours ago
This feels right....
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jonathan Gonzalez 21 hour ago
I can’t stand how small colberts ears are lmao
Grumpy Greg
Grumpy Greg Day ago
Networks easy! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Danilo Diniz
Danilo Diniz 2 days ago
KennM12 2 days ago
that made some of us feel not so smart 😂
The Brown Journal
Conan still on that "I don't sit down until the guest sits down first." 0:55
Anneliese Salcedo
I think I only watch Conan, Fallon, Kimmel, Ellen, and Corden's night shows. I watch Conan because he's probably the funniest, but sometimes his jokes come off particularly rude which leaves a bad taste in my mouth after laughing Fallon has some pretty great games and especially guests, so I don't really see how the interviews are boring. People say he laughs too much so he's probably fake, which means that they didn't watch SNL where he was notorious for not being able to stay in character and breaking into laughter. He literally didn't change, he's still a giggly little bitch lmao I love him tho Kimmel is also pretty great, probably the most wholesome of the ones I watch, and he seems to be the one that likes to prank people the most. I only watch Ellen for the guests that appear in her show, I don't actually like her. Corden's show is English Jimmy Fallon (even tho its still in the US) but crazy and less giggly but still pretty funny. PS. Jesus christ James Corden, how hard is it to star in a good movie? Emoji Movie sucked, Peter Rabbit and Trolls was meh, Cats was horrendous. At least he was in Into the Woods. Jeez.
Robbin 5 days ago
The way he shut that pianist up in the beginning was so god damn cool
HipnikDragomir 6 days ago
I can tell how scripted this is. Not that enjoyable
Nia E.
Nia E. 7 days ago
Pronunciation: Steven colburt or Steven colbear?
Pranav Singh
Pranav Singh 9 days ago
Stephen stammers too much if he doesn’t have teleprompter.
Pranav Singh
Pranav Singh 9 days ago
Immune system may be a more apt term than endocrine system.
FastForceG 9 days ago
I like how there friends now
Tae Young Ahn
Tae Young Ahn 11 days ago
The clash of titans
Rusty Buckets
Rusty Buckets 12 days ago
What is this, a crossover episode?
lameemo 12 days ago
"Find somebody that'll stay with you regardless of the fact that you're **really hard to be with**" My girlfriend couldn't agree more
Barrythe Speedster
Barrythe Speedster 13 days ago
3:15 i never noticed Stephen has elven blood look at his ears lol never noticed when he faces foward
JUSTJEWETT 13 days ago
Like how everyone's on the Conan bandwagon now. Lol
Cpt Fleck
Cpt Fleck 13 days ago
Conan has his own city in Japan and he’s famous in Finland ☝️
Alphyy 14 days ago
Conan is the perfect talk show host
B Chainey
B Chainey 14 days ago
Conan you rock!!!
B Chainey
B Chainey 14 days ago
Love. Connan is NOT Political!!! Just funny :)
Ben Bon
Ben Bon 15 days ago
this is two very weird people trying to have a normal conversation
Metin Aktaşoğlu
Metin Aktaşoğlu 15 days ago
“Purel” thing was Craig Ferguson’s bit I guess...
Noor Emir Anuar
Noor Emir Anuar 15 days ago
Harvard Driving School hahaha
Veritas Gravy
Veritas Gravy 15 days ago
Guys and Gals, pls focus on Steven Colbert’s RIGHT EAR 👂 #deformed (The Ear on LEFT side of screen)
Chappie 15 days ago
Can anyone explain to why literally every tv show host like these waits for their guest to sit down, other than out of respect and courteousness
Endhel :)
Endhel :) 14 days ago
you already answered your question
Robert Lamberth
Robert Lamberth 16 days ago
That awkward moment when Conan takes over your show and does a better job than you ever have
rias 16 days ago
Conan is great but Colbert is not funny.
jonsellas 16 days ago
This is how I win
Herb Dean
Herb Dean 16 days ago
The way it should have been...
Hank Hill
Hank Hill 17 days ago
Conan needs his desk back. He looks so natural behind it.
Richard Sanchez
Richard Sanchez 17 days ago
They need norm McDonald
Dranzer Jetli
Dranzer Jetli 17 days ago
They argue like old friends . Lol
20GRIZZ20 19 days ago
I’m only here for Conan. Colbert’s show is literally just a campaign ad, no thanks.
Android Soundtracks
Yep. Him talking about trump every single fucking episode is what made me stop watching him since he took over the show from David Letterman... At least with David he talked about other stuff besides the Government while all colbert does is suck trump's dick 24/7...
k-roc the ruler
k-roc the ruler 19 days ago
Conan's a whack job. He often comes off as a jerk
Four Season
Four Season 19 days ago
Everyone hyping up Conan but I love Stephen too!! 💕
Nobu Wraith
Nobu Wraith 19 days ago
This is a very weird plot twist
Terence Flynn
Terence Flynn 20 days ago
The strange and unnecessary piano keys at 6.40ish. I bet the guy that played them really regretted it.
Luciano Terranova
Did Conan watch that Rick and Morty episode?
It was the harvard driving school lmao
Alex Barnett
Alex Barnett 21 day ago
anyone notice that colbert fell back into character and said Loraine
Monkey D. Ash
Monkey D. Ash 21 day ago
LMAOOOOO I remember the body language video on the other Conan appearance on Stephen where the guy pointed out how Stephen stood on the platform to greet Conan and how Stephen was trying super hard to sit down last as a power play. This video starts, Conan greets Stephen standing on the platform appearing huge, and does the same little shenanigans and makes sure he sits last :P
Just making this to reply
Conan is 10 times the talk show host Stephen is. Stephen spends too much time walking around egg shells and hasn’t been funny since he left Comedy Central
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 23 days ago
"You've taken something that should be treated, and turned it into an occupation" This should be RUvid's slogan
M.A. Zaki
M.A. Zaki 23 days ago
LOl looking at the mug can already tell you which studio/or session is this ACTUALLY hahaha... so it's Stephen studio but having Conan as the Host making it looks like Conan studio.
Jacob M
Jacob M 27 days ago
Why wouldnt they flip hosts, one is hilariously funny and one isnt.
Ben C. Hode
Ben C. Hode 25 days ago
Of this is another political trap, I'm not bitting
Mel Rest
Mel Rest 28 days ago
Saori M
Saori M 29 days ago
This one video is better than Jimmy Fallon`s show all combined, or is that too harsh.
foulpotato 29 days ago
Conan is funnier. Colbert was a good fake republican, that's it.
José Polanco
José Polanco Month ago
“My children haven’t seen me since 2005” 😂😂😂
dmfuerte Month ago
Late night talk ought to be Conan O'Brien, Craig Ferguson, and Jon Stewart.
Nour Imam
Nour Imam Month ago
The Late Show with Conan O'Brien
Goble Month ago
I like both, so i clicked the like button twice
Noah Ferrari
Noah Ferrari Month ago
The show Conan should have gotten
Ruth Masters
Ruth Masters Month ago
Weird seeing his other ear this much
عبدالكريم القريو
Best Late Night Host CONAN
D V Month ago
Networks easy
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 1:48 🔥💃🔥 👇🔥💃
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