Conan & Nick Kroll Teach A Sex Ed Class

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CONAN Highlight: Who better to educate young people about puberty and safe sex than Conan O’Brien and Nick Kroll?
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Feb 8, 2019




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Comments 2 057
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 5 hours ago
And you mail this to your Congressman, I died
Mr. Lettuce
Mr. Lettuce 15 hours ago
Eye contact is consent though
geo8658333 Day ago
If this skit would ever be re-done with Jordan Schlansky, my life would be complete and I could die happy tomorrow.
Johnny OnTheSpot
Johnny OnTheSpot 2 days ago
Only when your married and that cartoon is gross.
Alex Kabat
Alex Kabat 2 days ago
I keep warming my noodles up and they won’t get hot enough
N Lin
N Lin 3 days ago
I don't think that is an actual class of actual classmates
PMA DOOD 3 days ago
The girl in the green made sure she sat up front ;)
Waseem 3 days ago
Was waiting for a demonstration
Waseem 3 days ago
Nick looks alot like big mouth
topspinaurelius 5 days ago
For most of those kids, this would be the most exciting moment of their lives lol, little did they know
GAming GUru
GAming GUru 5 days ago
I was 11
WestCoast FiRe
WestCoast FiRe 6 days ago
Even my fake son doesnt want to see it lol they should go to every high school in america and do this, it woulda made those sex ed classes so much better than the videos and the awkward look on your teachers face when she said penis.
Zaidan Albensya
Zaidan Albensya 6 days ago
2:17 tho, that face😂
Animating Alex
Animating Alex 7 days ago
Why can't this happen to me?
HHTV3 7 days ago
Do you really learn these things in school???????? No wonder that half of the country have been appeared on Maury.
Ashley Sutherland
I was under the impression conan wasn't allowed near parks and school, good for him
Tsu 8 days ago
The asian girl is so hot
OffTopic 8 days ago
Big Mouth is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire 23 years of existence.. but this was fun
Oussama Khamlichi
That girl in green is soooooo freaking cute
Svenja Maschke
Svenja Maschke 11 days ago
My man Nick bringing up consent first thing in class when you thought he could not get any more attractive...
Yoovie 17 days ago
It’s the douche
Victoria Petrov
Victoria Petrov 18 days ago
Conorr r
N'abali Iddris
N'abali Iddris 19 days ago
Krypton 114
Krypton 114 19 days ago
Omg this dude made big mouth!
ffttpp 21 day ago
they have rookies pretending to be undercover pigs in 55444
Julie 23 days ago
i know these guys aren't perverts, but i just got kinda nervous watching in them in the scenario and was grateful for every moment they didn't cross the line. i knew there was nothing to fear, but maybe i watched too much chris hansen lol
Emmanuel Quina
Emmanuel Quina 24 days ago
I like that girl in the front that wears green sweatshirt. She seems fun to be around with and she's cute too
火忽那 汐里
火忽那 汐里 24 days ago
Omni king Zeno
Omni king Zeno 27 days ago
Highshool huh my school won’t go well
Valentin Anghelescu
It's The Douche!
Courageous Bubbles
To parents who hate on their son (or daughter) for watching porn: Be glad they're not out getting pregnant or someone else pregnant, or masterbating in your house. Thank you. Goodnight
Very Nice
Very Nice Month ago
Conan's jokes won't fly in 10 years
Bruno Lagana
Bruno Lagana Month ago
My uncle showed me sex ed😭
Phil Berens
Phil Berens Month ago
I mean, it's funny, but way below Conan's usual "out and about" humor level, but only because they both had to be so careful with 15 year olds in the class.
ShadeRunner Month ago
Nick Kroll is a sex offender.
alone alone
alone alone Month ago
Sex ed for me was at 6
Arthur Soto
Arthur Soto Month ago
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Month ago
You know Nick is nervous when he says "I'm doing good Conan what about you?" but Conan never asked how he was doing so he's just planning answers for questions in the future and he skipped ahead just a little too much.
Conqueror Month ago
Connor. Lol!
rep toob
rep toob Month ago
Love these vids except this one. Conan having this conversation with 15 year old girls is entirely inappropriate and down right creepy. How can a man possibly feel comfortable doing that?
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Month ago
This is so fake, or the kids are just the most dry human beings to exist. This was so funny and all they gave was a chuckle. You're not paying them enough.
Lil Skittlez
Lil Skittlez Month ago
When they asked about masterbation, I sunk in my chair XD
DeogratiusJR vlogs
The Truth
The Truth Month ago
Id love Conan to come to the UK but not sure everyone knows him here or will get him
Playing the Field Productions Tina Thompson
I feel like the girl in the green jacket probably got offered a comedy special right after this. We'll all look back and say "Hey, do you know she was in a Conan sex ed piece back in the day? For reals, man."
Screw The Net
Screw The Net Month ago
THE POINT WAS TO BE RELAXED! LIfes too SHORT AND YOUTH IS EVEN SHORTER< SO LAUGH! I would have killed to have conan talking instead of "learning" the bullshite they taught in schools in my day. Kids suck.
Frankie Johnson
Frankie Johnson Month ago
Funny, but I'm highly against sex education outside of the home.
sam fisher
sam fisher Month ago
The girl with a green shirt looks sleepy, her eyes can tell 😂
Austin George
Austin George Month ago
2:17 this face was gold 🤣🤣
Rosh Lepz
Rosh Lepz Month ago
Is his show sTill going on?
shimshon ben chaim
This is horrible I am really disappointed in you conan💔
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