Conan Hunts Down His Assistant's Stolen "Gigolos" Mug

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Conan investigates a possible office thief and finds that all his staffers are super-dysfunctional.
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Jun 28, 2013




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Comments 7 146
mooseguy547 Day ago
Did anyone else go on Amazon looking for the astronaut boombox water bottle?
Patrick Day ago
Sona.... my god you are beautiful
Spede526 3 days ago
I don’t remember this episode of the office
Aadya Bhardwaj
Aadya Bhardwaj 4 days ago
She has a Harry Styles doll on her desk😂
Muhib Rehman
Muhib Rehman 4 days ago
It's "Coffice."
quirky mermaid28
quirky mermaid28 5 days ago
I aspire to be as cool as Sona
Demon 5 days ago
Thats how i make my day fun to by drinking
Neil Brideau
Neil Brideau 7 days ago
Phish destroys America. Just sayin.
Gerrit Lange
Gerrit Lange 8 days ago
4:18 This reminds me so much of House of Cards 😂
vikas shukla
vikas shukla 8 days ago
1:46 Anyone noticed a creepy Conan doll in the background.
lil Mayne
lil Mayne 10 days ago
damn i love Sona!
vampire2615 10 days ago
53000 audience seems cool now as compared to your 185 staff.. Huh... ;-)
Mod EfyeR
Mod EfyeR 11 days ago
1:21 was that porn on the background?
Sangeeth K S
Sangeeth K S 11 days ago
06:43 should be the thumbnail for this video 😉
Alex Beachbum
Alex Beachbum 11 days ago
"Drinky-Winky" enters my vernacular.🍺
Ron Lambert
Ron Lambert 14 days ago
mmmmm she looks good here...
B. S.
B. S. 14 days ago
Lindsay Varquez ... Marry me 😆😆😆😆
Ron C
Ron C 14 days ago
I don't understand why would people dislike Conan's videos?
Ironclad Nomad
Ironclad Nomad 14 days ago
I love how the first thing Sona says when Conan walks into her office space, while laughing, is, "What is wrong with you?"
Vic 989
Vic 989 14 days ago
why would u bring alcohol out in front of the boss
Eric Antao
Eric Antao 15 days ago
Why not hire Michael Scarn
Cid Austriaco
Cid Austriaco 16 days ago
0:06 - 3,000 staff members 5:06 - 10,000 staff members, what??
Shi Diss
Shi Diss 16 days ago
If this was The Office: Conan- Michael Scott Sona- Pam Lindsay- Meredith Sarah- Phyllis Keri- Kelly John- Jim Kramer- Dwight RJ- Ryan And ofc Jordan- Toby
T SMACKS 17 days ago
She cute
Thulsa Doom
Thulsa Doom 17 days ago
Like a penis is stiff
Mr. Giraffe
Mr. Giraffe 20 days ago
R.J.: My eyes are closed, and I don't know why?
Greg Mitchell
Greg Mitchell 21 day ago
“Excuse me, Kramer? How dare you? I’m trying to conduct an investigation here. Hang up the-HANG UP THE PHONE!!!” Lmfao
Phatpipes 22 days ago
She so loud, brutal, honest and hilarious.
Juan Tjuk
Juan Tjuk 24 days ago
What kind of a work place is this?
Pravakar Patra
Pravakar Patra 24 days ago
The drunk one!
Adolf Gustav III
Adolf Gustav III 25 days ago
I wish Conan never age..
Pravakar Patra
Pravakar Patra 24 days ago
Well, your wish is coming true!
Zipho 26 days ago
😂 Conan saying he doesn't have that kind of money
R W 26 days ago
She’s gorgeous
Andy Edwards
Andy Edwards 28 days ago
5:14 girl in the background's like...oh no don't get me involved in this
Enr1218 Rrm
Enr1218 Rrm 29 days ago
Whats up with Kramer's eyes wth
Nitheesbalaji M
Nitheesbalaji M Month ago
it's not a healthy number of times that I've watched this video
TheZygomaticus1 Month ago
Should have a disclaimer at the beginning "do not eat anything while watching".
Tobias Grimaux
Tobias Grimaux Month ago
Who would name their daughter Keri O' Keeffe, it sounds more like Karaoke fe
I identify as a sexy man
Random buckets of chicken laying around, you can drink, how do I work here? 😄
Joe Robins
Joe Robins Month ago
Conan, pay your interns.
marisa tamayo
marisa tamayo Month ago
"colonel's dead." "what the hell is that?" conan is so iconic
marisa tamayo
marisa tamayo 17 days ago
@Hand me a Dozen Beers thanks for letting me know!
Hand me a Dozen Beers
*Colonel's as in Colonel Sanders founder of KFC
Flumpty Month ago
Dylan Farewell
Dylan Farewell Month ago
I love how she can't lie to him lol
Angela Xu
Angela Xu Month ago
This happened to me, too! I left my expensive sunglasses in my bedroom, and when I turned around and looked for them and they're gone. There're another two male flatmates I was flatting with but nobody admitted. I mean why would two guys wanted to steal a female's sunglasses anyway? 😒
Mithila Parekh
Mithila Parekh Month ago
Conan's cheekbones in this are beautiful
Philip Aton
Philip Aton Month ago
Why are there 3000 staffs on ConanCo?
Wow, 185! I thought your staff would be like 30 people.
Joe Sheppard
Joe Sheppard Month ago
Watching this for the thousandth time.
Wolfs Rain
Wolfs Rain Month ago
So who has the bottle of booze now?
pakalu papito
pakalu papito Month ago
4:44 I really like this Kramer guy! He seems fun!!! Would like to see him more
paige vanzant
paige vanzant Month ago
lindsey is so cute.. i like her
Coffeejingler Month ago
Kramer looks like Imaqtpie's brother
Dai Baden
Dai Baden Month ago
How many of his staff are cross-eyed!
XIXgeordie Month ago
Newcastle brown ale in America
Roy Long
Roy Long Month ago
nahh Jordan schlansky stole the mug to drink his italian coffee
Steffany Santos
Steffany Santos Month ago
3:50 HANG OUT THE PHONE!!! Always gets me 😂😂😂.
KHA LID SANI Month ago
i like how conan abuses kramer
T-Wrecks Month ago
Sona and Kerri are smokin' hot.
hector diaz
hector diaz Month ago
"It's an astronaut with a BOOM BOX"
Towsif Ony
Towsif Ony Month ago
3:32 i don't think she bought that headphone for $500. Just lying.
US Maj Shyttokkre retard
anyone else think Kerri O'Keffe is hott
Weeb Man
Weeb Man Month ago
Detective Conan
Blah Blah
Blah Blah Month ago
@07:05 You see the women always do that. They don't say sorry to their own mistakes, instead twist it and blame the guy.
Ryan MC
Ryan MC Month ago
sona is so hot
Ciscoguy30 Month ago
Conan: I love Kentucky fried chicken, finest chicken made, nobody does it better than the Colonial. John: Colonial is Dead 😂
ajino moto
ajino moto Month ago
I don’t care what anyone says.. I love Conan... he is just natural comic. I love him
C Marq
C Marq Month ago
Second time I see Lindsay in these type of sketches ... she is so funny!
John Russ
John Russ Month ago
Keri is hot!
Yan Zhang
Yan Zhang Month ago
Damn Conan, you should have been Detective Conan (from the anime) :/
Travis Battles
Travis Battles Month ago
Riley Galvin Productions
1:21 what is she watching?!?!?!
Victor Jones
Victor Jones Month ago
Jordan has the mug.
Joseph Gut
Joseph Gut Month ago
Conan is getting us through 2020
Reality Challenged
What an ugly assistant. Can tell Conan has tons of integrity for taking that little golem in, who else would want her around?
DarthSinistris Month ago
You're so cool, though. how do you do it?
wait, so does that mean he’s Detective Conan?
Michael Scott irl
Zero Commentary Gameplays
the guy in the blue striped shirt is also hilarious XD dryness over 9000
GK PRIVATE Month ago
Man I work in the aerospace defense industry. no booze or anything. Not a square place but a cubicle place. I will not miss retiring
GK PRIVATE Month ago
Sona is beautiful
Atharva Purohit
Atharva Purohit Month ago
the intro sounds like the pb intro
Paul Glotzer
Paul Glotzer Month ago
I have the exact same Munsingwear polo shirt that Conan is wearing. The first time she saw me wearing it, my mother (not a big fan of the shirt) said “did you BUY that?”
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