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Conan's assistant Sona is in dire need of a new car but thankfully Conan has offered to help her #ShopAllTheCars on Autotrader.
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Comments 100
mac mittens
mac mittens 52 minutes ago
He probably fked her face n feels bad
MunchFPV 7 hours ago
Not totally sure why, but I find Sona extremely annoying.
αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3
Anyone else a gearhead?
Arthur S
Arthur S 10 hours ago
-I question your judgement. -I hired you. -Yeah, that's why I question your judgement xD
I LUV MONIKA 12 hours ago
Rem loves subaru
Daniel Doyle
Daniel Doyle 20 hours ago
She went inside.
AYAYA Clap 23 hours ago
0:57 Women in general.
You Clown
You Clown Day ago
My 99 Ford Escort had almost 300k miles on it. 160k isn't that much really.
Boy L.
Boy L. Day ago
The hug was so cringy
Neven Pesić
Neven Pesić Day ago
Cher Jordan's on the wall? :-D
Chip Harris
Chip Harris Day ago
Really 160k miles is like nothing I have a 2004 f-150 with 347k miles
the PaulTurf
the PaulTurf 2 days ago
Ellen could've bought her a Chiron i believe.
Pedro Hernandez
Pedro Hernandez 2 days ago
Hell yeah that car was awesome!!
thatOneG7 dude
thatOneG7 dude 2 days ago
I wish I had that honda
Barrington Harrison
“Look at all the stains!” Only Conan could hype up a dirty car as a ‘giveaway’ on his show 😂
Singleplytech 2 days ago
Sona is gorgeous and Conan is the king over all others he always makes me laugh.
Nafis Ishraq
Nafis Ishraq 2 days ago
Sona is low key a babe
Shaniqua Noble
Shaniqua Noble 2 days ago
These two are gold together
Fallon Ocean
Fallon Ocean 2 days ago
160k. Smh. Thats the average for me. Do they remember who is watching? We all aren’t rich.
Wes 2 days ago
Shes hot.
Tibb91 2 days ago
Started watching Sona videos this afternoon, managed to develop a massive crush on her by the evening.
Humanity Is Shit
Humanity Is Shit 3 days ago
Why don't you call it sickle cell anaemia. Only conan. 😂🤣😂🤣😂
liquid arrogance lmao Conan kills me
Tau Rian
Tau Rian 3 days ago
Lol....y was I expecting a brand new car in the end.....
Lisandro Navarro
Lisandro Navarro 3 days ago
Conan give her a pay increase!
Ankit Girdhar
Ankit Girdhar 3 days ago
what he meant - "Men wanna be me, women wanna be with me"
Gorilla Gorilla
Gorilla Gorilla 3 days ago
Conan. The kind of guy that is willing to spend $500(originally 1,000) from his pocket for a gag.
Conservative Musket
Thought he was going to surprise her at the end with brand new car. Oh well 😂🤣
Wade 3 days ago
Wanna know the sad part? That car is actually good where I live
Zzero00 Zzero00
Zzero00 Zzero00 3 days ago
we need more sona and conan segments pleeeeeeaaaaase!!!!!
Terry Wds
Terry Wds 3 days ago
They are so good together,she is so cute.
dayofthedog 3 days ago
I love Sona's laugh
Wayne Beaver
Wayne Beaver 3 days ago
Sad part is I test drove a used Accord that exact color with 120k miles. It was only about 7 years old at the time and I couldn’t afford the $4000 and my parents fussed about the mileage. They said anything over 100k miles was junk. I was looking at it imagining an H22 swap, Greddy turbo and a blow off valve going pssssshhhhhhhhh. I might have been able to hit 15 seconds in the 1/4 mile. I miss my blissful ignorance. That was 20+ years ago. 😢
tommo91 3 days ago
depression era burger stand
g cantstansya
g cantstansya 3 days ago
I love Sona
Ann Ash
Ann Ash 3 days ago
That hug at 8:34 screams “WE ARE NOT SLEEPING TOGETHER!”
Aryan Upadhyaya
Aryan Upadhyaya 2 days ago
Sona is a babe.
Alex Laura
Alex Laura 4 days ago
Sam Genthner
Sam Genthner 5 days ago
Damn conan wear a bra
crazy10bears 5 days ago
Nice t*ts, Conan.
Michael nunya
Michael nunya 5 days ago
What a prick boss.
yellooh 5 days ago
Watch out for spoilers on the comments
Bijendra Singha
Bijendra Singha 6 days ago
Sona - its 2 million dollars Conan - No its 1,999,99 dollars Savage
Bijendra Singha
Bijendra Singha 6 days ago
Best part he got the car only in 500$
Johnn Vedder
Johnn Vedder 6 days ago
ah its totally a commercial...welcome to 2019...but still love ya conan....grew up and remeber laughing so much with the old 1230 show
Maleco 6 days ago
still the accord cb7 is one of the best cars ever made
Peanut Buzzard
Peanut Buzzard 6 days ago
Embarrassing. Conan makes $25M a year. His trusted assistant makes like $25K a year and Conan makes fun of her impoverished lifestyle. Conan be putting evil CEOs to shame.
The Revolution Will Not Be Youtubed
I can't help but think of Broad City with that thumbnail.
Zac Ozman
Zac Ozman 6 days ago
Really Conan that’s Your assistant she supposed ride in a good car smh
#anonymous 7 days ago
Conan is Opposite of Ellen in giving away stuff
G Toyadha Tagya B
Lololol liquid arrogance. X'D
Sebastian Brox
Sebastian Brox 7 days ago
I really thought he was goong to buy her a Porsche or a ferrari or tesla or something like that 😂
tractorback76 7 days ago
Lemons racer right there
Vanessa Baldicanas
One of the funniest Conan vid ever!
slayer 1
slayer 1 7 days ago
I would take that car and run with it but then I am a mechanic 2 but what I can see it is very minor things everything will cost about a hundred forty bucks in labor I don't know about the engine in the transmission that's a different story when buying a used car I would get a full Diagnostics on the engine and the transmission and go from there that should be about eighty to a hundred and forty bucks worst case scenario come around before you go and compare prices if someone charges more ask why and what is the difference if someone charges less do the same
slayer 1
slayer 1 7 days ago
The defining moment of a total loss of Hope with Madness eminently setting in she's smiling but she is not showing her teeth because she's happy LOL
Vasudev Dehariya
Vasudev Dehariya 7 days ago
do you know what it runs on.. liquid arrogance..😂😂
Rafael Sandoval
Rafael Sandoval 8 days ago
4:34, the joke and Sona's laugh. All of it always get me xD
DennisBlaine79 8 days ago
She is great
Amela K
Amela K 8 days ago
Who does this? Middle class Conan, thats who!!!!
Jesse Pruett
Jesse Pruett 8 days ago
Can I have it
Jesse Pruett
Jesse Pruett 8 days ago
I would love that car
Irfan Summers
Irfan Summers 8 days ago
Omg..he literally bought that piece of junk..Conan literally mess her real car and bought worst
Parvez Ahmed
Parvez Ahmed 8 days ago
For a thousand dollars thats a plane!
niare doyom
niare doyom 8 days ago
2:23 that was the nicest insult I have ever heard.
HRISHABH 8 days ago
I thought he would surprise her with a brand new car. But he actually presented the same car😂😂😂
yellooh 5 days ago
Spoiler Alert! Too late if you are reading this.
linkinqueens97 8 days ago
3:24 Conan dishing out Doug reference. Damn
tutubeos 8 days ago
She’s cute, funny and sweet
刘宇龙 8 days ago
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rafael ramos
rafael ramos 8 days ago
Vic Coni
Vic Coni 8 days ago
2:33 Stripper singles
RazMar 8 days ago
i love her laugh
abhishek rathod
abhishek rathod 8 days ago
She's cute as button..:P
Miguel Lee
Miguel Lee 9 days ago
"I don't trust your judgement" that sounds about right!!
Augden Fischer
Augden Fischer 10 days ago
Hundred thousand and it starts shaking randomly and a stop sign have you tried changing the spark plug and spark plug wires if you can't change spark plugs and spark plug wires you don't deserve to drive. How long have you owned it. The engine could be wallered which means it's about to blow up which means it's about to die which means you might need a new engine. To change a spark plug its put a socket on the spark plug Lefty Loosey the spark plug put a new spark plug in tighten it down don't over tighten it you can strip the head. Google is your best friend it can teach you how to change the oil l,spark ,plugs wires ,distributor, spark Park ,Tire, and engine. It's not that hard you just have to try your best and make sure you succeed. With the internet it's pretty hard not to know how to put something back together. You'll probably be a little intimidated that's natural doing something you've never done before.
Ricardo Lamas
Ricardo Lamas 10 days ago
Is it me or she has a Dwight shrute bubble head. Check minute 6.25
Ricardo Lamas
Ricardo Lamas 7 days ago
Yu Jin lol
jesus ruano
jesus ruano 7 days ago
She does ! Yass 😂😂
Yu Jin
Yu Jin 8 days ago
You're watching a Conan video and notice a bobblehead other than him?
Ricardo Lamas
Ricardo Lamas 10 days ago
She’s cute af
Frank Drebbin
Frank Drebbin 10 days ago
*How is Sona not the Star in her own show yet???*
ziad taimor
ziad taimor 10 days ago
2:33 youre rolling deep
El monte
El monte 11 days ago
Conan is funny...😂
Antonio Silveira
Antonio Silveira 11 days ago
Car’s in the witness protection program
Thom 11 days ago
It's a nice Honda, you just need to wash it down.
s_lx 7 days ago
Thom what about the stained seats? 😂
CodeforFoo 11 days ago
It has a nice lic plate though.
Brian Estrada
Brian Estrada 11 days ago
Conan you can tell he tries too hard to be funny.
AttilatheThrilla 12 days ago
I don’t have any money.... How the rich stay rich 😂😂
Dayvee Pee
Dayvee Pee 12 days ago
"I can fix this if you want." *RIPS IT OFF* Well played, Conan. You sir are a gentleman, and a scholar.
anoop gec
anoop gec 12 days ago
I love you Sona
rodel o
rodel o 12 days ago
that hug is amazingly awk
Mitch Mccarthy
Mitch Mccarthy 12 days ago
He doesent pay his workers very well hahah
Christopher Ryan Madera
Wait...so..this ended without her getting a good vehicle..
Kenneth Carvalho
Kenneth Carvalho 13 days ago
I question your judgement.... I hired you....LOL
cory oshode
cory oshode 13 days ago
160 for almost 10 years that good I bought my car brand new 2014 avenger now i have 140 k smh white people problems
seamorgh21 12 days ago
*rich people problems.
Arup Chowdhury
Arup Chowdhury 13 days ago
Am I the only one who thought he was just lying and will actually give a nice car 😂
Shawn Mowers
Shawn Mowers 14 days ago
Wow rich people thing 160,000 is a lot. In upstate new York that's common
ghostkilla931 14 days ago
I put 20k on my malibu in 7 months
Ga rry
Ga rry 14 days ago
5:01 she said it not me
Einriði Harðhugaðr
Conan, from the bottom of my heart I want you to know that "you are cheap as hell" and you sir have no butt!
WAKOKAINE 14 days ago
I’m so excited I grew up on a stupid farm 😂😂😂😂
Ryan.p :D
Ryan.p :D 14 days ago
Conan is so fuking funny, god damn...
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