Conan Becomes A Security Guard

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(Original Air Date: 08/19/05) Conan patrols 30 Rock and attempts to break into the women's bathroom.


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Aug 19, 2019




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Comments 1 984
BZHub 10 hours ago
0:01-7:02 = So funny. 7:03-7:05 = So sad.
Joseph G
Joseph G Day ago
Woahh wtf??? Conon looks great 😹
Louise Lynnerup
Louise Lynnerup 2 days ago
abraham manaoat
abraham manaoat 3 days ago
Does conan read the comments?
Kova maps
Kova maps 3 days ago
Nobody: Security studio from 2000:
Saskia Fabrik
Saskia Fabrik 4 days ago
6:57 He does have a long stride
4K Beautiful Tours
He looks like the bad guy from Terminator 2
Karter Hufnagel
Karter Hufnagel 4 days ago
He can make anything he does entertaining
Unic Pro
Unic Pro 5 days ago
New job ah ...
VideoGameStupid LC
Why does the thumbnail remind me of that episode of Rocko where Heffer is doing security at some creepy building and the whole episode was a spoof of The Shining?
Tristan Smith
Tristan Smith 7 days ago
*An Elite Squad Known As The Special Conan's Unit*
Pure Blood
Pure Blood 8 days ago
The running out of content days
Disciple 2018
Disciple 2018 8 days ago
Wow outdated security monitors.. and they have money
RonBear 8 days ago
Wow a video where Conan praises NBC! Glad they never screwed him.
Coco Puffies
Coco Puffies 9 days ago
Is it just me that Conan looks much older without a beard but once he grows it out, he looks so much younger????
Roee B
Roee B 6 days ago
Yes just you
Ali Bakir
Ali Bakir 9 days ago
1:09 That's a face of a man who takes his job seriously!
carol 9 days ago
Madihah Zulkifli
Madihah Zulkifli 10 days ago
he's 42 in this and yet he's very cute
GhostDaddy 10 days ago
Charles Lumia
Charles Lumia 11 days ago
Hilarious lol. Conan bits are the best.
Cute Oppa
Cute Oppa 11 days ago
How tall is this guy?
toasteh 12 days ago
I love Conan, but man that audience will laugh hysterically at literally anything he does, even if just riding a bike...
ABG Z NSR TV 12 days ago
Conan is so humble i lub u
Liquidmetal702 12 days ago
Yes children, this is an adult
yash surve
yash surve 12 days ago
The only security Conan needed at that time was JOB SECURITY
Katie McDonald’s
Katie McDonald’s 13 days ago
2:53 i thought jordan was gonna pop out
Karim Pardayev
Karim Pardayev 13 days ago
2005 and it is 1080 ... wow
CEDA 14 days ago
you see its funny because
Dallis McClintok
Dallis McClintok 14 days ago
We need more American Christian men patrolling these filthy streets, I’m afraid everyday that if ever needed the help of police they would send a minority women and they wouldn’t be able to help, my pastor says that most police officers now are not even Americans. I’m shaking I’m so afriad
WARH3AD17 14 days ago
You know Conan is about to make fun of a department when he first says how good of a job their doing at the beginning... "What a great job they do...", then BOOM, roast session begins
John Doe
John Doe 15 days ago
Damn, Conan must have started a new skin care routine, he looks so young here.
ριηк тσωεl
ριηк тσωεl 12 days ago
It's from 2005.
Nothing BurgerKing
Nothing BurgerKing 15 days ago
This guy is pretty funny. When did this show start? I hope they keep it on for a while idk though, kind of a wierd name
JRS One 15 days ago
Carlos C
Carlos C 15 days ago
Was that a Blackberry or Trio phone?
[DJ]Idriss 16 days ago
The two black guys are as tall as Conan who is at 6'4. No wonder why NBC hired them for sec.
Hey MsUnknown
Hey MsUnknown 16 days ago
I love conan
ilovehorses 17 days ago
O.m.G, Conan's too much!! Lol, appreciate the robot tip!
Spectacular Spider-man
*Heath Ledger on the end :)*
Minimum Effort
Minimum Effort 17 days ago
At the end he said heith ledger is here :(
Rani Mouf
Rani Mouf 18 days ago
He looks like the terminator from the movie.
Steven Vercetti
Steven Vercetti 16 days ago
JuJu Yee
JuJu Yee 16 days ago
Krudemon 18 days ago
I work Security for a hand full of years and He is acting not too far off from some of the guys/girls i worked with.
Bobby Shek
Bobby Shek 18 days ago
Heath Ledger is here? How long ago was this
G-piste Etana
G-piste Etana 17 days ago
05 :'(
ShadowHwkX7 19 days ago
I love how only Conan would do something like this and the others won't at all.
andrew t
andrew t 15 days ago
They just complain about Trump nonstop.
X S 16 days ago
Letterman started these kinda bits. Conan and Leno are copycats. At least Craig had his own style.
Maria 19 days ago
He looks so cute in the cop uniform
cfcreative 19 days ago
Conan is a comedian vampire he sucked all the talent out of SNL for himself.
SoJ1RoTV 20 days ago
6:35 a guy is using a flip phone. thats when i realize the video is old
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 20 days ago
One moment you laughing like a mad man..... And all of a sudden you are sad....
Gravydog316 20 days ago
if anyone can help me find an episode from Late Night where Conan was really angry the whole show, lemme know.
Reconsider your position
Keshav Rao
Keshav Rao 21 day ago
he did impractical jokers before impractical jokers
T.J. Sylvia
T.J. Sylvia 21 day ago
What is this NBC you speak of?
Sajith Channadathu
Not funny
MA MA 23 days ago
Jordan Schlansky
Trond Becker
Trond Becker 23 days ago
4:21 okay that transition was smooth. They synced the knocking with “la la la la la”
Zo 24 days ago
I still can't believe they went with Fallon over Conan. Conan runs rings around Fallon. I hope a wrench falls on top of Jay leno's Head.
Jordan Utley
Jordan Utley 24 days ago
Haha Conan doing the Impractical Jokers thing before it was funny
Maurice Langley
Maurice Langley 24 days ago
Conan is a Nut!! Thank God for actual funny comics!
jay_615 24 days ago
next episode conan becomes a life guard
Sterling 25 days ago
wait nbc?
Wizeck 25 days ago
Conan wants the people to respect his authoritah.
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