Conan Becomes A Civil War Reenactor - CONAN on TBS

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Finally something that both Southern rebels and the Union can agree on: Conan would be a TERRIBLE soldier.More CONAN @ teamcoco.com/video
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Apr 3, 2013




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Comments 80
THE HUSTLER 13 hours ago
imagine any other late night show host tryin to do this.
Apoc 15 hours ago
today i wanted to change my life become productive and adventurous. But then i found a Conan Video and now 5 hours later i decided this is the pinnacle of life anyway
ThunderClap Clap Trap
Conan sounds like the man from New Orleans in the 1800's.
jnikz jessy
jnikz jessy 2 days ago
He sounds like and looks like (FORTNINE)
Nithin Gigi
Nithin Gigi 2 days ago
I lost it when he started applying the skin cream on the dead soldier xD
Audrey A
Audrey A 2 days ago
Pirate about to go clubbing ☺️
Ssette V
Ssette V 2 days ago
This was HILARIOUS! I love you, Conan.
Centurion Colossal
Centurion Colossal
M16 I died
Meep 3 days ago
7:14 I thought his name was Jedediah Longtree 😂
alastair brauns
alastair brauns 4 days ago
I think conan went cowboy....
pablo garcia
pablo garcia 4 days ago
*pulls out a whole AR* 💀💀💀
Prisca . A
Prisca . A 4 days ago
That's Andy he's writing a letter to!!! Omg!
Juan Manuel Lattes
Conan, please do a second part!
Mr. Simpson
Mr. Simpson 7 days ago
Conan you should visit and tour Morehead,Kentucky in Eastern Kentucky
KendoProdigy2111 8 days ago
8:06 lol
ariel russak
ariel russak 8 days ago
What was the company of the m16 at the end
JAN KRIVEC 9 days ago
Bruce Dutton
Bruce Dutton 10 days ago
Why does it sound like they’re talking inside
youngster Michael
youngster Michael 12 days ago
You nosey son of a BISHHH I lost it
Judo Chop Master
Judo Chop Master 13 days ago
I feel like the Captain was pissed off all the time
IliadNetFear 14 days ago
7:54 "Only the dead have seen the end of moisturizer." -Plato
DifferentMan 16 days ago
Im so glad these guys could laugh despite being so committed to their roles.
Stephen Tv
Stephen Tv 16 days ago
pulls out M16 + the laugh of joker.. ahahahahahha
aochoa 16 days ago
He's the Irish volunteer.
Rick Hoffman
Rick Hoffman 19 days ago
conan is the coolest person on earth
/ Aludamin \
/ Aludamin \ 20 days ago
Matthew McCallister
6:58 just realized they photoshopped Andy Richter’s face onto some old photo and called him “Annie”
Greg Mitchell
Greg Mitchell 21 day ago
“Just ask me questions and we’ll develop my character so I’ll who I am, okay? So just ask my name, where I’m from, stuff like that.” “What is your name and where are you from?” “...you’re a nosey son of a bitch.”
Manuar 22 days ago
Isn't this outfit the one he used for his twitter profile?
Alex Beachbum
Alex Beachbum 22 days ago
I wonder which one of those soldiers is the cowardly husband of the cutie, who Conan was hitting-on, during the (Old Timey Baseball) comedy sketch. 😁
forcingfate 25 days ago
You know sometimes Conan isn't funny, but goddamn when he is it's gold.
forcingfate 20 days ago
@Audrey A having a stroke?
Audrey A
Audrey A 20 days ago
Ahmed Samhadan
Ahmed Samhadan 25 days ago
I love this man one of the few who can make me laugh 😆
dankay10 26 days ago
"You're a nosey son of a bitch" hahahaha
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson Month ago
Nice to see that they're having a Civil discussion
jamie stone
jamie stone Month ago
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time 😂😂😂 thanks conan !
Blecaker Month ago
This has gotta be the best remote without Jordan thats out there
anthony Grzybko
anthony Grzybko Month ago
why is his mic so echoey?
Not Me
Not Me Month ago
7:54 You can see the guy laughing when Conan puts hand cream on him while he’s acting dead.
Biscuits The Anteater
Conan’s the type of guy to bring a fully automatic to a musket fight
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores Month ago
Come to the rgv! We can support trump in real life!
the man
the man Month ago
Wow, is this even allowed anymore?
plug edit
plug edit Month ago
It’s Captain Price
Clas David
Clas David Month ago
If I was one of those reenactors I would be so annoyed by him
Brad Smith
Brad Smith Month ago
I'm sure they know that part of the day is going to be just for fun.
zach roberts
zach roberts Month ago
Your dressed like a pirate that’s about to go clubbing
Cookie's House Cannabis Co
4:55 me talking about heriloom plants
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt Month ago
Captain Price 2.0
Spencer plays games Lee
Wait is the M16 a real gun with live ammo. Cause if it was I’m concerned wat he does at night
Danish Malik
Danish Malik Month ago
7:53 Conan can even make a dead guy laugh
Leopard 3402
Leopard 3402 Month ago
5:30 kiras theme plays*
BigMacBraaap Month ago
nino yting
nino yting Month ago
Damn Love Conan 🥰
Irrapture x
Irrapture x Month ago
Wesley Schlachter
Everyone else there is trying their hardest to stay in character and not laugh. It is pretty funny
Alex Alcaraz
Alex Alcaraz Month ago
Conan the type of soldier to add gunpowder last
gageisloadedup Month ago
who else is here during the 2020 civil war?
_ Zxykan
_ Zxykan Month ago
Advanced GMod Trolling right here .
CommandoSFire mando
Why conan should be on the war 8:05
Edwin Lugo
Edwin Lugo Month ago
Cruz Anderson
Cruz Anderson Month ago
seeing conan in a civil war outfit with an M16 is the funniest and scariest thing i have ever seen.
TQ Excile
TQ Excile Month ago
Other team: what you got there? Conan: *TRIES TO HIDE M16 BEHIND BACK* a smoothie
II-Farquaad-II Month ago
I want Conan at Fort Benning during Red Phase at the Infantry's OSUT!
35th Ave
35th Ave Month ago
Is it bad that I didn’t think that there was nothing wrong and thought he was training to be soldier not reacting
Ray Murtadho
Ray Murtadho Month ago
Civil war reenactments are just LARPing for history nerds
Lance 2 days ago
What's not to love?
Fernie Sanchez Arts and Animations
It appears Jedediah LongTree was a time traveler in the Civil War
Adam Murphy Ryan
Every conan comment section "This guy went to Harvard"
Ashton Roulston
Ashton Roulston Month ago
Genidia LongTree ??? 😂
jck gmz
jck gmz Month ago
Conan peach pie monologue>The Lighthouse cooking monologue
Johnson Month ago
Fun fact : Jedidiah longtree has relations to the o’brien family
SHHH HH Month ago
7:52 IM DYING FR 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Jay Surratt
Jay Surratt Month ago
He looked the wwe star sheamus's thinly cousin
Maria Walley
Maria Walley Month ago
So this is what quarantine has me watching
Audrey A
Audrey A 20 days ago
Then, you missed out seven years ago
Alejandro C
Alejandro C Month ago
Same here lol
Jose Romero
Jose Romero Month ago
Did anyone notice the bug on top of the campfire in 4:41
Renzo Amos
Renzo Amos Month ago
I love how conan just brings out an m16 and scared everyone
Hima Hmm
Hima Hmm Month ago
Help me! I’m trapped in Conan videos
Audrey A
Audrey A Month ago
Are you new to the party grasshopper
Hima Hmm
Hima Hmm Month ago
This man is mr bean of generation
TheFoolinthe rainn
generation stupid
generation stupid 2 months ago
“The lotions in my tent, come back anytime”
Bahand Gamer
Bahand Gamer 2 months ago
8:08 Joker laughing
Tenzin Nordon
Tenzin Nordon 2 months ago
4:43 I just noticed like a rat on the screen
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