Comparing Pitstops Across Motorsports 2017

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Comparing Pitstops Across Motorsports, F1, Formula E, Nascar, IndyCar, Moto GP, Moto 24 of le Mans, World endurance championship, LMP1, LMP2, GTE Pro. See the diferences between crew and time. One of the best pit stops. Pit lane work. Onboard footage. F1 pit stop is faster than 2 seconds. On it work more than 25 people. :)
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Apr 29, 2017




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Comments 80
27 OCTANE Year ago
Watch 2018 pit stop video: ruvid.net/video/video-RA86fPcVKVc.html 🎧 Now we have Music Channel: goo.gl/Ue8WFC
Master plan
Master plan Month ago
Carlos Braga
Carlos Braga 2 months ago
Meli Tavodi
Meli Tavodi 6 months ago
UraniummasterX76 L
UraniummasterX76 L 7 months ago
27 OCTANE I like how u added the nascar super trucks as well
Cipís Peace
Cipís Peace 9 months ago
2 people Crew ?? :O WOW
Bruno Murari
Bruno Murari 4 hours ago
It takes more time tô change your car than your tires
Mangentong 5 hours ago
I wonder why LMP car change tires after refuel , Why not change tires and refuel at same time
Grande Candika Putra
who's the most speed?
. Day ago
??? :
??? : Day ago
Izac Workman
Izac Workman 2 days ago
Where the v8 supercars at
Jonathan marvel saptrasto saptrasto
FE is just car swapping, others does the real pitstop
Jonathan marvel saptrasto saptrasto
Izac Workman oops sorry, autowrite
Izac Workman
Izac Workman 2 days ago
Formula E you mean
THEPUFFERFISH 99 3 days ago
Love or hate it nascar has the most skill doing all of that with 6 people
Cody Barton
Cody Barton 20 hours ago
Especially doing 5 or 6 lugs on each tire opposed to just 1
Connor Barth
Connor Barth Day ago
Or indy
Yassin ELshayat
Yassin ELshayat 4 days ago
0:44 worlds fastest pit stop
Naufal Rizky
Naufal Rizky Day ago
how they fill the fuel?
Adin Vidinlic
Red Bull beat that record last year in Brazil by a tenth. it’s now at 1.82
Brian Anshen
Brian Anshen 2 days ago
Yassin ELshayat not anymore
4:02 早
TRICKSTAR_XD 6 days ago
World endurance is abit stupid why didn't they change the tyres while refueling instead of waiting would have been much quicker F1 and NASCAR are the only really good pits
SSTWELVE 5 days ago
There are rules against that.
宮本隆史 LIPS 04
THE_0sku 6 days ago
Wow formula e is sooo exciting!!
Syahmula 7 days ago
@ 8:31 i thought my video stopped
singo shoji
singo shoji 7 days ago
like a COD
RayBee JR
RayBee JR 8 days ago
My fav F1 pit
Jameson Jolley
Jameson Jolley 8 days ago
NASCAR is shit F1 is much better
Swagking Gameing
Swagking Gameing 4 days ago
That’s because f1 has like 21 mechanics and nascar has 6 mechanics plus nascar has to have 5 bolts to hold the tire in place while formula 1 has 1 bolt
SSTWELVE 5 days ago
Great, well articulated comment!
Eric Monaco
Eric Monaco 11 days ago
3:41 XD That one Lug nut got the guy in the head
Eric Monaco
Eric Monaco 11 days ago
So Formula E dont have Pitstops they just get out and go to a backup?
Breezy Interwebs
Breezy Interwebs 9 days ago
At the time of this video, yes. But now Formula E doesn’t even do pit stops anymore unless absolutely mandatory since their batteries can last the full 45 minutes as long as you manage it correctly.
tomas mastronardi
tomas mastronardi 10 days ago
yes sir
NomeDelCanale 12 days ago
Wtf is indycar... F1 on meth? Ahaha they are throwing stuff around ahahah
SSTWELVE 5 days ago
Well with only 6 crew, you have to do whatever you can to be fast.
Arélomat 13 days ago
Guido : hold my pitstop
Arnaud AND
Arnaud AND 14 days ago
Guido is still faster alone
Bader Da
Bader Da 14 days ago
Alguien sabe por qué no cambian las ruedas al tiempo que llenan combustible?
Jorge Emilio
Jorge Emilio 13 days ago
Por qué si cae al suelo el auto sin llantas estaría golpeando el motor directamente y podría causar una explosión
Danila 16 days ago
Мовсар Адамов
Cas van Heesewijk
Cas van Heesewijk 18 days ago
3:41 that bolt must have hurt like hell
Myles 17 days ago
Yeah that would hurt a lot damn
yahir rodriguz
yahir rodriguz 18 days ago
How fuck do they do that so fast godam
Some rando
Some rando 7 days ago
All of the above
Kseshshtern 8 days ago
TrapStation Again
TrapStation Again 11 days ago
Muscle memory
Cesar Martinez
Cesar Martinez 16 days ago
Practice. Months
ThouSaucyVassal 18 days ago
Man that formula e one was fuckin high octane
ROWDY FAN2015 18 days ago
#1 guido from cars
alvin mauli
alvin mauli 19 days ago
Formula e it's not pitstop It's just switch car 😂
Alex Alex
Alex Alex 20 days ago
Irfan Šenderović
Irfan Šenderović 22 days ago
Lewis hamilton
Lewis hamilton 22 days ago
=oh my god
Lewis hamilton
Lewis hamilton 16 days ago
Lewis hamilton
Lewis hamilton 16 days ago
Ac1dRe1n 22 days ago
Where tf is V8 Supercars? Are we not considered a part of motorsport?
Borna 22 days ago
Ac1dRe1n lmao
Kahleeq Bass
Kahleeq Bass 22 days ago
9:12 Lol that Ducati team was more uncoordinated than a drunk 95 lb college freshman woman
Mini Memeulous
Mini Memeulous 23 days ago
"hey what motorsport do you race?" "nascar" "thats awesome" "you?" "formula e" "get a life"
Max dcard
Max dcard 23 days ago
9:12 bad ducati team all messed up, messy... Jesus
Avgamer 88
Avgamer 88 24 days ago
3:42 if you watch closely the guy that is leaning over the wall to grab the tires gets hit in the head by a flying bolt. The sacrifices these hero’s make.
S O 25 days ago
Very Interesting thanks.
Aaron Tena
Aaron Tena 26 days ago
Why are all these comments so recent 😂😂. This video is 3 years old 🤦‍♂️😂😂
Christopher Borromeo
its made by quarantine haha
Mini Memeulous
Mini Memeulous 23 days ago
they are set to newest first
Fore_YT 26 days ago
4:03 Cars xd
The Destroyed One
The Destroyed One 25 days ago
M. Ilham Kurnia
M. Ilham Kurnia 27 days ago
Nascar the best
audry lopez
audry lopez 2 days ago
By far..
Simon Fogdal
Simon Fogdal 5 days ago
M. Ilham Kurnia do u know how much skill it takes in f1 every milisecond counts. If they just mess up one thing it could ruin the race. Everything has to be perfectly coordinated and done in just 2 seconds. That sh1t takes practice
M. Ilham Kurnia
M. Ilham Kurnia 12 days ago
@Vaibhav Kumar no men, f1 also good but f1 1 wheel 1 people Nascar pit stop need high skill
Vaibhav Kumar
Vaibhav Kumar 14 days ago
tell me its a joke
txnycbeats 18 days ago
absolutely xD
Remot Yt
Remot Yt 27 days ago
Formula E why you so old??
Gerken’s Rallye Vidéo
Formula E is very very bad
Сергей Афанасьев
Gwido (from Cars) is faster anyway
Michael Hunter
Michael Hunter 28 days ago
Formula E what a joke
Captain Hellhound
Ridzuan Astakona they don’t change batteries because the battery is the literal frame of the chassis. Even if they could it weighs a lot and could cause an electric shock which can blow up a pit stop
Captain Hellhound
Eric Monaco it’s electric.... how would they burn fuel?
Eric Monaco
Eric Monaco 11 days ago
@Efrain Hernández Martín But dont the Fuel Burn or Tires wear at all?
Vaporeon LPD
Vaporeon LPD 16 days ago
@Ridzuan Astakona I'm guessing that they charge the car in the pits while the other one's out racing
Ridzuan Astakona
Ridzuan Astakona 16 days ago
@Efrain Hernández Martín why dont change the battery? Wht the purpose of race if cant even test the durability of the cars or batteries
Kimbo Slice
Kimbo Slice Month ago
Jajajajajajaja formula e mierdas
Michael Hunter
Michael Hunter 28 days ago
Fernando Solis pinche pendejos raza formula e
Dimas Stren
Dimas Stren Month ago
guido laughed seeing this
SouthOAnglers 29 days ago
Peet stop
Thailand Train Travel
Night Fury
Night Fury Month ago
Formula E where they don't do no stinking tire changes.
工地Nucleushope631 - ace
captain PRICE2
captain PRICE2 Month ago
How is this recommended??
albert online
albert online Month ago
Здесь это не прокатит
SebTv Month ago
David if a freaking legend
Tauron Legend
Tauron Legend Month ago
Jax T
Jax T 25 days ago
Fabrice Derussy
Fabrice Derussy Month ago
WoW Nice cars🏎🏎🏎 The pit stop is super fast!
I’m One Funny Guy
You know when you have 25 people on a pit stop and it only takes 1.92 seconds that it’s the real deal
FYN 25
FYN 25 Month ago
0:40 the Crew looks like Stig from Top Gear
Muhammad Hanif
Muhammad Hanif Month ago
too many stig..
RaptoR Month ago
1:24 now that was a close call!
FairNut Month ago
Formula E has the best pitstop
thanos_boi _
thanos_boi _ 9 days ago
Rustic Gaming
Rustic Gaming 23 days ago
They slow tho
Halal Bacon Lord
Halal Bacon Lord 29 days ago
Ye because it actually stops inside the pit
Kinsonxdd Month ago
FairNut not anymore 😭
Jake Imperial
Jake Imperial Month ago
Where’s rally, and off-road
-AstriX -
-AstriX - Month ago
Bruh wtf u on about u get 30 minutes to repair in rally after every second stage
Mr. Hashbrownhank70
Look at him go to work on that windshield
ThatGuy Ollie
ThatGuy Ollie Month ago
F1 pit stop is impressive, but so is the guy with the air gun on the NASCAR circuit.
The guy filling fuel in the hole Will have the happiest wife Loll.......
Jared Jewell
Jared Jewell Month ago
F1 is cool because of the speed, NASCAR because of the sound and chaos and Moto24H seem unique. Moto GP is dumb and formula E is dumb (Jusr run shorter races for both)
Rustic Gaming
Rustic Gaming 23 days ago
Ya Moto GP you gota have respect for them, they are tough dudes and that’s way more dangerous
Niggle woolley
Niggle woolley 27 days ago
Moto GP is the most dangours tho by far
He Andrew
He Andrew Month ago
FE is a joke
Stalker 22 days ago
Night Fury especially the v6s -.-
Night Fury
Night Fury Month ago
With no sound, makes it much more attractive for cities who have large populations. Not everyone wants to hear an F1 engine for hours on end.
Davi Guilherme
Davi Guilherme Month ago
4:03 Guido And Luigi
Jax T
Jax T 25 days ago
Peet stop
Snipess 27 days ago
Not even close 🤣
Stormpaolo 07
Stormpaolo 07 Month ago
Mamma mia
오구락찌 Month ago
I know that🤣🤣
Justin Humphrey
Justin Humphrey Month ago
Most Racing Series: Change Tires & Refuel Formula E: Change the Entire Fucking Car!!!
-_-#囸囲囚团 26 days ago
Night Fury Formular E cars uses wet tires all the time. That’s why FE cars have tires that has threads and F1 doesn’t. (F1 will change into threaded wet tires when there is rain as well)
Night Fury
Night Fury Month ago
@RaptoR wait so they can't change tires? What happens if it rains?
Jr. SCA MAS Month ago
Or if there’s a red flag
RaptoR Month ago
They don't do it anymore. Gen 2 cars have a battery that lasts the whole race and they don't do pitstops unless there's a puncture simply because they can't do anything else to the car
Ade yoga Aditama putra
yeah they need to charge the battery and its take a long time to charge
davide Month ago
Formula e shit
ِ Month ago
@Thebobsmccoll it can come from fossil fuels in which case yes it can pollute as much as an f1 car, but what most likely is the case as it is meant to be electric and because of that environmentally friendly. it probably comes from such sources as solar power, wind power or water power in which case they do not pollue at all.
Thebobsmccoll Month ago
Where do you think the electricity comes from?
RaptoR Month ago
They don't change cars anymore. Gen 2 car has a battery that can last the whole race distance.
ِ Month ago
@Nicholas Lee f1 cars pollute infinitely more than eformula cars because they dont pollute at all
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee Month ago
@ِ at least not to change during the races and events...
Player 758
Player 758 Month ago
Formula E crew: 0 people
Maullana AryaTM
Maullana AryaTM Month ago
Guido the best pit stop 😅
albert online
albert online Month ago
The slow motion part is still faster than Williams
YoMomma Month ago
Lightning did it better
The420Secrets Month ago
You need tires you idiot!
a nice croissant
I hope im not the only one who saw the lug nut hit the guys head at 3:42
zandro 1234
zandro 1234 Month ago
Me tooo
Akash Shrestha
Akash Shrestha Month ago
0:43 It looks like STAR WARS! lol
Yuki Moriyama
Yuki Moriyama Month ago
Lil Windex bottle boi I miss the good ol williams
Rifty Fishie
Rifty Fishie Month ago
I mean Williams takes as long to change 1 tire as it takes for a snow trooper to patrol once that clip was their fastest ever pit
Edgar Phillips
Edgar Phillips Month ago
If only my oil changes wer so fast
SG Month ago
Super stops👍🔥
Nick Lesser
Nick Lesser Month ago
F1 ❤❤
Pangnal Mote
Pangnal Mote Month ago
NASCARのタイヤがセンター1個になる噂はどうなったんだろ NASCARのピットと言えばこの甲高く響くインパクトだと思う
Moksha Five
Moksha Five Month ago
In short nothing compares to F1.
C_V _
C_V _ Month ago
@Diego doesnt matter, his point is still valid
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee Month ago
And also no re fuel...
Diego Month ago
Moksha Five only because the amount of people that work in there
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