Coming Soon: The Demonic Curse of Annabelle the Doll

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Will Ryan and Shane’s face to face with Annabelle be the Unsolved series finale? Watch them investigate the doll that inspired the film, #AnnabelleComesHome, and be sure to catch the movie, in theaters Wednesday, June 26th!

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Jun 21, 2019




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BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
Lookout for the episode from the Ghoul Boys next week 👀
Gamerz Rioting
The lies it's been two months
teaRiczy Year ago
This is a story about me and my family so one day we where sitting in the living room and I was leaning on the side of the couch and we have a self that is really high up and kinda bye the door but the doors where locked and then all the sudden it’s flys down and hits my ankle and the wood floor hard and this angle was made out of glass but at the time my grandma was passing away so I don’t know if it was a Spirit telling us to bust her because she gave that angle to us so I don’t know if it tried to hurt us or anything and something I would hear my name being called but when I walked through out the house nobody was their and footsteps in the kitchen at night that sounded like someone was wearing boots and then when I went to look nobody was their and one time my power went out from only my room no storm so nothing lights flickered then where out and I could not turn them back on but I could turn on the bathroom lights which is right bye my room
HayHayASMR Year ago
BuzzFeed Unsolved Network it has been a month buzzfeed a mon t h
Valentin Anghelescu
Are you guys okay? It's been 2 weeks!
scft x
scft x Year ago
If Shane survived by this lmao
Karla P Santos
Karla P Santos Month ago
Why I happen to see this video two days after she “disappeared”?
Anime Rev
Anime Rev 4 months ago
Ryan sounds a little wavy in the voice at the beginning 😂
Gaming Bros
Gaming Bros 7 months ago
Is this real like I saw guava juice did this before in the forest and Annabel just creeping in the trees
The Adrian Show
The Adrian Show 11 months ago
Wait this is the same thing where ryan and shane went to the museum and saw a Annabelle doll idk what.
Guillermo Lopez
Guillermo Lopez 11 months ago
There is a other movie of Annabelle so yea your talking about another movie
Kathlyn Gonzalez
Ryan: is possesed and being choked by annabelle Shane: damn it that wind is really strong
I watched the movie in theater's it was scary but I liked the movie
Ashlinn Blevins
You should investigate Robert the doll!
Hěłłbøy 666
Please do Beast of Bray road werewolf
Johnathan Phillips
-_- arson
-_- arson Year ago
Keep there to please if not just shane than aha soz
patrick M
patrick M Year ago
Pls do 2 days in Amityville 😭🥺👌
Scott Wang
Scott Wang Year ago
Hell yes
Laisa hh
Laisa hh Year ago
ooooh the new movie looks cool
Machaela Russell
Ghosts aren’t real, demons are real
Obama Prism
Obama Prism Year ago
You should do the s.s Ourang Medan
I like Dank Memes
If there is ever a postmortem or whatever...... I have really wanted to ask this question for a long time.... Shane, how does it feel to be a meme with you and you're famous/iconic quotes? #Postmortem
Guilible worm123
this is litterally the annabelle doll episode copy and pasted lol love you guys see you next week
Please do skinwalker ranch
Abigail Melton
hello. my name is abigail. i started watching your show when i was a cancer patient and there’s this old time show called Hogan’s Heroes and it’s a really funny show but the main actor later got murdered and the case has remained unsolved to this date. y’all should look into it. his name is Robert Crane :)
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo Year ago
i like your videos but please turn done the joking and laughing just do some professional gathering of evidence without going over the time and keep doing in depth history research that really does add content and unique to every location and the spooky music and sound effects is okay but again dont go over the top or over do it because it gets annoying and silly which then cant really take any episodes seriously because paranormal is a serious subject matter and not to be taken lightly or jokingly also you guys really should wear masks or respirators because those old builds have lead MOLD and other airborne pollutants that will case issues down the road you been warned
Anna H.
Anna H. Year ago
My name is Annabelle:3 yay
Unko Chan
Unko Chan Year ago
Why do you made it scary I didn't hide in comment section I just hide in reccomend section
Something Went Wrong
just wondering how are you guys 4 weeks after anna?
joker belac
joker belac Year ago
Hello guys!!! Are you alive?
Kate Harder
Kate Harder Year ago
Hi can you do ss ourang medan? Thank you.
This video did not make my irrational fear of dolls better.
jasmine arauz
jasmine arauz Year ago
The movie was trash
Dakota Hogan
Dakota Hogan Year ago
You guys should investigate the suicide Forrest in Japan👀
Shama Ben Alaya
I just watched that movie yesterday
flap jack snap back mat nat
*Shane really just says “it’s just the wind”*
Why does ryan's hair look green-screened?
Celina Dolonen
Annabelle: *Turns on lights* Ryan: Oh my God! Did you see that?! Shane: It's just technical difficulties Ryan: No it's not, and you know it, Shane! Shane: Look, F#@k you Annabelle! Ryan: What the hell are you doing?! Jesus Christ Shane: You may kill us on the way home Ryan: Don't bring me into this! I'm taking my own car Shane: No you're not (In the car) Shane: Ryan, that little rag doll can't hurt us- (Car crashes) *On the news* News reporter: Today we have met a tragic death of Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej...
Hana Sahrani
Hana Sahrani Year ago
get that coin boys
Angela Narfason
This is how much Shane nods his head on every video | | \/
Gdorvelus Gdorvelus
Who else is sad to see this show go
Cherry ßløssøm
I saw it today in the cinema it’s so scary!
Homie Juiwc
Homie Juiwc Year ago
"And taunted it begging the doll to prove it was haunted by scratching him" Shane vibes
Joseph Ison
Joseph Ison Year ago
Aka CCU Conjuring cinematic universe
ChaoticEvil but as person /
Mocha Muñeca
Mocha Muñeca Year ago
Yall the views are at 666k byeee
Ashley Roy
Ashley Roy Year ago
PulseTer Year ago
Aidan Walker
Aidan Walker Year ago
Series finale? As in, the last unsolved ever?
glizzy gobbler
666k views im scared
Dingus Year ago
The amount of views... 666k
Titan Pilot
Titan Pilot Year ago
Lmao the views is 666
Kiarra Torregrosa
666k 😂😂🍵
The more I watch all the unskipable Annabel trailers and now this. It really makes me question all the China dolls I’ve bought from thrift stores. 😕
Bread Master
Bread Master Year ago
Wait Season Finale???
rashed suliman
Why am I watching this at night...
Deanne Dsilva
Deanne Dsilva Year ago
Naomi Bello
Naomi Bello Year ago
Both of the Annabelle dolls are the same
Iesu Year ago
Let's hope Shane doesn't tick off Annabelle.
Alexis Kitchmire
Please do an investigation on Robert the doll aka the doll that inspired Chuckie, spooky vibes
sn latifah
sn latifah Year ago
It's hard to be the cameraman i guess
Are they gonna visit the museum?
CH Fenrir
CH Fenrir Year ago
Am excited
jocelyn Year ago
istg the movie was so boring and not scary at all 🙄
Iftikhar Baig
Iftikhar Baig Year ago
I cant explain that how much I love your videos
•Angel Playz•
0:34 0:40 im sure you notice slender man in the background right?😏😏😏
brody dunford
brody dunford Year ago
*Ryan shits himself*
selene martinez
Ah yes the perfect video to watch before I go to sleep
moreaisha Year ago
Donut Galaxy
Donut Galaxy Year ago
YES I can't wait😱❤❤❤❤❤ I love your series! I'm a Shaniac😁
•smøl child•
*Ryan starts dying in front of him* Shane: "oh The Watcher has paid us a visit on this lovely day."
Junk_ Bear
Junk_ Bear Year ago
Scribblemeeps Year ago
I’m wondering which Annabelle they gunna see, because it doesn’t look creepy like the one in the movie
lemonboy • 9 years ago
I dont know why i torture myself
bea Year ago
lets all stop pretending Annabelle is some creepy looking doll when shes just a ragdoll
Kimberly Cortez
“Yeah, same!!”😂😂
1:25 shane:"this sounds like a job for me"
KoriDianne Year ago
you guys should visit the myrtles plantation!!!
Emily Shadick
Emily Shadick Year ago
🎵she’s comin’ home! She’s comin’ home! Annabelle’s comin’ home!!🎵
Aaliyah Oviedo
rosie pizano
rosie pizano Year ago
swagilicious 123
in 3 minutes! yess its coming!!!
swagilicious 123
@mango ? on their channel. they release a new Buzzfeed unsolved video every Friday at around 3 pm PST. It out already too!
mango ?
mango ? Year ago
where lol
Mackenzie Hartley
They’re backkkkkkk!!!!
cmbd xxi
cmbd xxi Year ago
Minhoe Year ago
Ryan: gets yeeted across the room Shane: Man these Spiders are strong
neematoad Year ago
I think, for Unsolved, we should change the “They protecc” to “They connecc” They connecc They attacc But most importantly They bois are bacc
Rhea Minerva
Rhea Minerva Year ago
D-Di-Did you just say SERIES finale in the description or am I losing my mind. Please dear God do not do this so me
Saucyboynemo Year ago
pocketdenizen Year ago
I have a traditional raggedy anne like the original annabelle but I also have salt in my room so yeehaw
Smile Blogs
Smile Blogs Year ago
For a future buzzfeed usolved you guys should investigate the haunted houses of Albion in Idaho
JustCasually Year ago
Yo it’s the 28th Where’s the video
Zero v
Zero v Year ago
Is this going to be the last episode of this ever?!
Aiyanna Richard
Thus is why I don't like dolls
Zoe Mykel
Zoe Mykel Year ago
Come to WV and investigate the mothman!!
James Barrow
James Barrow Year ago
Hurrrryyyy up guys!
Draka Dragon
Draka Dragon Year ago
I've missed my boies
peachcamphor Year ago
The Annabelle movies are really not that good. I also hate that they used the doll from the movie for their video. The actual doll looks nothing like it but is rather a cute Raggedy Anne doll.
Rayna Crook
Rayna Crook Year ago
I've missed the Ghoul Boys so much!!! We need more !!!!!
Asmaa Ed-dahri
Shane, Ryan we've been waiting for a week now.. Did she follow you guys or something? CMOOOON !!!!
Matt Harris
Matt Harris Year ago
Ugh they need to finally release this
EV Bowden
EV Bowden Year ago
I think it’s been a week now so maybe you should idk UPLOAD the video
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith Year ago
That story with the motorcycle accident was Robert the doll. Robert the doll is ten times scarier. Annabelle was just a raggedy Anne doll. (Creepy too but too much hype)
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith Year ago
DeadlyLaughter Productions Must have watched a video with misinformation then. Thanks for clarifying. Robert the doll still is far more creepier.
DeadlyLaughter Productions
In fact, the motorcycle accident was not Robert the doll. Ed Warren would always tell the story of a man coming in and tapping on Annabelle’s glass saying, “This is just a doll. If it can do something then do something to me,” something like that. Later that day, his motorcycle went crazy and he crashed into a tree. He died from the impact whereas his girlfriend was in the hospital for more than a year. The girlfriend said that right before they crashed they were laughing about Annabelle.
kira ward
kira ward Year ago
Ryan: *gets thrown to the floor* Shane: damn gravity sure is acting weird today
Louise S.P
Louise S.P Year ago
Ryan: I want you to get murked by a doll Shane: Yeah, me too Iconic 10/10 friendship
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