Coming out with a song tik tok compilation #LGBTQ

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Coming Out with songs to someone important to them (tiktok compilation)
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I do not own any of the songs or videos in this compilation video
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coming out with a song tik tok compilation #LGBTQ
coming out with a song tik tok compilation #LGBTQ
coming out with a song tik tok compilation #LGBTQ
coming out with a song tik tok compilation #LGBTQ




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Comments 80
Natalie Gentz
Natalie Gentz 4 months ago
Omg that me!!!! That my video at 4:40 . I’m famous mom. Every make sure to follow me at its.just.nat.bish
Booper Dooper
Natalie Gentz That was bomb asf sooooo good job!!
rusted bxtterflies
Natalie Gentz “I’m famous mom”.. 😂❤️
Spideyboy350 Month ago
That was a great video
My Bookish Addiction
Natalie Gentz it’s an amazing clip, I’m very happy you came out
Cassie Z
Cassie Z 2 months ago
Natalie Gentz that’s my favorite clip!
Jinnie Sehi-Hao
Jinnie Sehi-Hao 16 hours ago
4:39 what I’m scared of.
Booper Dooper
That last one!!!
ritz Day ago
When girls find out their bsf is gay Them: I HAVE A FREAKING GAY BSF
Spike Day ago
Half of those Guys im like (who needs a TikTok for that, its like hes wearing it on hisforehead9 xD
Noah Lamb
Noah Lamb Day ago
You people disgust me
Phyllis Shauntell Smith
I love it when he came outta that closet . I come outta mine after 11pm lol when everyone is alseep shhh.
The person at 2:07 is sooo pretty wtf?!! (Idk their preferred pronouns sorry)
Anonymous Stranger
2:24 that’s my math teacher
Jay W
Jay W 6 days ago
5:23 yes!! 😍
Francesco Cadau
Francesco Cadau 6 days ago
2:07 you are fucking beautifull
valentine V
valentine V 7 days ago
0:08 damn yoooo..that's guy so attractive me😍 #✖⭕✖⭕
Luky 10 days ago
5:18 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
yanurixdddd 10 days ago
0:54 Omg i Love her face
Natalie Jones
Natalie Jones 10 days ago
My bisexual ankles are so cold
JM 11 days ago
Sinem Girit
Sinem Girit 15 days ago
As a bi, i am happy for girl at 1.38 is gay and i am sorry for boy at 3.38 is gay lol
Invisibilly 17 days ago
I'm straight I just really enjoy the happiness within these videos
Climbing Motion
Climbing Motion 17 days ago
I love John Lennon 0:01
Eliott Lally
Eliott Lally 23 days ago
I’m not a boy or a girl.. I’m a *boi.*
Felix Felicis
Felix Felicis 26 days ago
I don’t have a gay cousin, but me and my 2 cousins are bi
clown energy
clown energy 26 days ago
1:02 la tia siempre es la q sabe whgweg
Sienna Haig
Sienna Haig 29 days ago
3:34 *nervous cough* SAM WINCHESTER??
Luchi Torres
Luchi Torres 29 days ago
Ame la que decía “Mi tía: ‘yo sabía` “ JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAAJ MORÍ
Sister Stina
Sister Stina Month ago
Why are most of these gay guys so fine 😭😭
Drarry_Addict Month ago
My coming out story: just make a load of obvious hints until they just know and I don’t even have to go into that awkward conversation explaining it
Karim Al zanee
Karim Al zanee Month ago
3:37 Who is he???
Tony Parks
Tony Parks Month ago
aukeboy1 Month ago
5:09 love that one, the reaction of both
Moon Druggy
Moon Druggy Month ago
Is it only me? Or does the guy on the thumbnail look like the young Jared Padalecki?
Joy Boi
Joy Boi Month ago
I wish i was gay
Miriam Zahed
Miriam Zahed Month ago
Legit these reactions are so cringey and staged
Asena Öz
Asena Öz Month ago
Do you know the this guy name? 3:34 Please answer. TH.
Pentaholic Kid
Pentaholic Kid Month ago
At 2:22 I cant tell if his mom was mad or okay with it
A dash of life
A dash of life Month ago
i love these
jennifer .xts15
jennifer .xts15 Month ago
Min 2:10 this hair 😍😍😍
Waleed Dhaen
Waleed Dhaen Month ago
At school we r going on a trip imma do this to my best friend 😐
Citizen of The World
3:34 Fuck!!!!!
Glitter_Pixie Month ago
You don't know your straight till you've tried it 😉
Gonzalo BQ
Gonzalo BQ Month ago
Does anyone know this song name??? - - > 2:27
Gnunha Eniek
Gnunha Eniek Month ago
The last one tho 😂😂
RebelDevilAngel Month ago
3:54 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭he’s too cute to be gay😂
Chipotle_ Spoon
Chipotle_ Spoon Month ago
2:07 I love the way they look 😅❤ 3:34 NGL they look like a younger version of Neil Patrick Harris
pg tips is the best tea. change my mind
4:43 This is like my coming out I told my family I was bisexual but I like girls more. I introduced them to my gf, they were shocked but my dad were like “you can’t get pregnant so I see no issue with her sleeping over whenever she wants” I was like cool. thanks father. My bro is jealous bc he can’t have his gf sleeping over. My dads excuse was “YOUR SISTER AND HER GIRLFRIEND HAVE THE SAME BODY PARTS, YOU AND YOUR GIRLFRIEND DO NOT- so if u get her pregnant what the hell would we do” I love my bby ❤️❤️❤️ And my dad too ❤️❤️
Luka Jeff
Luka Jeff Month ago
2:13 song please
cielo alegandra Marcial
Hope Flower
Hope Flower Month ago
3:55 I'm crying 😂
What the song at 0.56
What the song at 0.56?
Lee xx
Lee xx Month ago
Do you have a gay or lesbian cousin? I do
Sunny Shark
Sunny Shark Month ago
2:46 ermm what is his @
LoKx_Cyclone Month ago
4:35 me
ᲦAnya The HufflepuffᲦ
okay i need help pleaseeeee with 2 things 1.so i was eating dinner and my aunt goes “my sister is getting married to a tomboy” my mom goes “then why not just marry a man for gods sake? ugh” and my gay ass is eating my noodles with chopsticks like “oh goddddd i was gonna come out soon but NOPEE” 2.so call me a bad person i feel like it and agree that Iam. So i have a girlfriend and cheated on her (with another female) and now i feel bad. And every time iam near my girlfriend i start stuttering and get anxious. My girlfriend was very suicidal in the past and is very emotional so i’m scared to break up with her cause i don’t want her to kill herself. And the ‘side chick’ we’ll call her she is very close to telling my girlfriend what happened (we texted each other and flirted not hooked up or anything) and i don’t wanna be the “player” everywhere. Give me some advice. And sorry for my grammar i wasn’t in school til 4 years ago (and still suck lol) because i lived with my poor mom and brother.
Mary Jane Hansen
Mary Jane Hansen 26 days ago
日日 Insanny Wow. My parents found out about me 2 years ago. It was hard, and REALLY scary, but it'll be ok. Or just tell them you're straight. That's what I did. Stay strong my friend
ᲦAnya The HufflepuffᲦ
Mary Jane Hansen I will I just need to figure out how to and I’m waiting til her brother comes back in a few days and my mom hates it I haven’t talked to her for about a week and my father (my parents are divorced) wants me to live with him because he accepts it and is also gay- I’ll live with him whenever I tell my girlfriend.
Mary Jane Hansen
Mary Jane Hansen 26 days ago
日日 Insanny How's your mom taking it so far? And TELL YOUR GIRLFRIEND!!
ᲦAnya The HufflepuffᲦ
Mary Jane Hansen she almost found out because I started mumbling nervously and she goes “I didn’t catch that” and my idiotic self goes “Oh I- *insert the girls name I cheated on her with* oh- we played Uno.” xD and I haven’t read the book yet- I forgot and yes my mom is homophobic
Mary Jane Hansen
Mary Jane Hansen 27 days ago
日日 Insanny Shoot that sounds scary.. When did she almost find out? is your mom homophobic? And did you like the book?
Lily Frankpitt
Lily Frankpitt Month ago
Random people: Everyone has a gay cousin Me: I don't have a gay cousin..... WAIT IM THE GAY COUSIN 💖💖
JM Month ago
0:33 song name?
Daniel Del Castillo
Daniel Del Castillo 2 months ago
CRINGE my dude :(
Ayden Ideal
Ayden Ideal 2 months ago
Name of song in : 0.58
Ash Morgue
Ash Morgue 2 months ago
I thought the dude on the thumbnail sorta looks like young Jared Padalecki
TheGame2224 2 months ago
JM Month ago
LGBT is an initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender
ItsOscar_Ok? 2 months ago
3:49 that guy at the end tho
Shelly Rudd
Shelly Rudd 2 months ago
Omg lil boffin
scftsangie 2 months ago
if i was a mother of a LGBTQ+ child, id probably be so happy that he/she came out. if my future husband doesn't agree, well then. expect a divorce paper :)
TikTok Lovers
TikTok Lovers 2 months ago
😍You're amazing
ThatTomboyAsexual 09
I’ m asexual and I came out to my sis,my friends, and my grandma. But my dad is homophobic and transphobic and I don’t know how to come out.
min babyy
min babyy 2 months ago
3:37 name music ?
Luka Jeff
Luka Jeff Month ago
Girls & Boys
Ariel M
Ariel M 2 months ago
Does anybody know what the name of the sound is to this one 0:20
LeTRaSh 2 months ago
mom: y'all are like this just bec of the damn internet/ you have a mental issue
·Kira_ Yume·
·Kira_ Yume· 2 months ago
Glowy xx Bug
Glowy xx Bug 2 months ago
Everyone has a gay cousin! Oh-- Wait.. I am that cousin.
BioSky 2 months ago
Wow I was about a decade too early to come out, when I was a teen I had to do it the boring way and actually just talk to my friends and family lol a song and a video would’ve been cuter 🙄😆
Philinda my SwanQueen
I am the gay cousin... But I also have a gay cousin XD
johnny joestar
johnny joestar 2 months ago
2:38 there goes my heterosexuality.
neels m
neels m 2 months ago
3:40 his tiktok id is Bryceis.life.your welcome.
WandA 2 months ago
Pansexuals where y'all att
xXTrixie TheClown23Xx
The first one made me happy
Cote 2 months ago
MattySpace Bre
MattySpace Bre 2 months ago
Wait with do pans sing to the one song?! All of it?!
Ochako Uraraka
Ochako Uraraka 2 months ago
I'm gray
Savage Queen
Savage Queen 2 months ago
So Cute
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