Coming Out to Parents and Friends through Tik Tok

Love is Love
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Coming Out to Parents and Friends through Tik Tok
I'm posting this video to help all those having a hard time being in the closet. I know it is hard to come out, but there is this feeling which I can't explain when you do it.
DISCLAIMER: All the credits for this video goes to its original content creators.
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Comments 80
Love is Love
Love is Love Month ago
1M Views...this is so surreal Thank you,everyone :)
Bob Duffey
Bob Duffey 11 days ago
Why is this all girls
Alexandra Faustini
Ehm, 00:01 is SOO fake, is obviously actued
Robert Spencer
Robert Spencer 4 hours ago
To all the gals who came out, I can only say... FEARLESS. NEVER. DIES! I admire your bravery. ✌
S̤̈ΨժN̤̈єY 4 hours ago
I came out to my sister using the this girl straight and this girl not audio too 😂
Madie Bestul
Madie Bestul 4 hours ago
3:04 that girl got disgusted
Who else is here for some 🏳️‍🌈 lgbt+ motivation? (I’m les)
those 3 siblings !
those 3 siblings ! 7 hours ago
the girl with crutches was so sweet!!
Zeke & ElliTube
Zeke & ElliTube 12 hours ago
Okay so, I am bisexual and haven't come out to my parents yet, and I don't know why I am scared, because I don't think they're homophobic, Im just scared. I just feel like it's easier for girls to come out but guys? In other people's eyes, the stigma is for guys to play sports, and grow up and have a family, but just I don't know. Help give me advice plz.
GoldfiSk Smith
GoldfiSk Smith 16 hours ago
I came out to one of my 2 best friends by saying “I think I like a girl...” and she was so supportive and I love her to death and I really needed her at that point in my life, especially for what was about to happen. So since that went over smoothly, I decided to tell my other best friend. Well, she ended up totally rejecting me, ignoring my texts, phone calls, everything. I didn’t hear from her for 3 days. (Keep in mind we usually talked for at least 2 hours a day so not talking to her for 3 days might not seem like much to Y’all but it was torture for me.) meanwhile for three days I talked to my other best friend and we ended up getting a lot closer and she told me she was also bi and we were just supporting each other so much and we still do, everyday. Well three days goes by and my other friend finally replies to one of my many texts. I still remember what it said and the feeling I got when I read it. It read “I told my mom and she just got off the phone with your mom. I’m just giving you a heads up.” .......let me just say that I trembled while reading that because my family is very southern baptist and against all things gay and all that and also I wasn’t at all ready for my parents to know. Honestly I didn’t think I would tell them for a lonngggg time. I needed time to process coming out to just 2 people. So I text my other friend that supports me, and I’m like “hey (blank) just sent me this text and I’m having a lot of anxiety right now I need someone to talk to” so 20 minutes goes by and I’m just sitting there, shaking, because I know my parents know and I’ve just been sitting in my room this entire time with a million things going through my head. So I don’t remember how, like if one of my parents came in and told me, or they texted me or what, but I was called into my parents bedroom. And long and behold, they greeted my at the door with a big hug from both of them and them telling me they love me no matter what and all that. So then they ask if I know what’s going on and I’m like “yep..” and they tell me to sit down on the bed and I have the awkwardness conversation I have ever had in my entire life. It was basically my parents telling me that they love me but they think I’m confused and just assuring me that I’m not bi and all that and I didn’t want to talk. I sat there stone faced for 15 minutes that felt like 45. Anyways then my dad had to leave for something (I don’t remember why) so then it was just my mom and I and she was trying to get me to open up more, now that my dad was gone. And sadly it worked. I told her about it and stuff and we had a very deep conversation and she told me her testimony and all this stuff I never knew about her (it had nothing to do with homosexuality btw) and we basically had a super deep 2 and a half hour talk. Well when I had first got the news that my parents told me to come to their room, I texted my supportive friend and I was like “I’ll text u when I’m back” but I had no idea I would be gone for so long so she was worrying abt me so much and she thought I had basically “died”. Soooo that’s basically my coming out story. I ended up kinda lying to my parents and told them I actually was just confused and I’m not bi but secretly I’m still on the fence because I had a crush on a girl but I don’t like her anymore so I don’t know if I’m straight because I don’t currently like a girl, or I’m bi and just haven’t found a girl that I like yet. Idk. Soooo yeah. Oh and I came out to my older sister a few weeks later but I basically came out as in telling her “I thought I was bi” instead of “I’m bi” ya know? So I’m sorry this comment has been so long and if your still reading, thank you so much and I’m just here to share and support so I love all you LGBTQs out there and I hope you have a wonderfully magical day!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🌈🌈🌈
maebvon 18 hours ago
me watching this to try to get confidence to tell my dad that I'm lesbian at 2 am: ....YES
Persephone 20 hours ago
6:20 And here we have....the gay panic
Sydney Luck
Sydney Luck 22 hours ago
Imagine the conversations they had after this
Plese, I don't know English very well, so I can't understand wat is saying in the song "oh my oh my oh my god.....". Please, someone can tell me the lyrics? Thank
Juan Mateo
Juan Mateo 23 hours ago
most of them look fake
Uma Armién
Uma Armién Day ago
Lmaooo 4:10
Cool Stuff 721
Why is it always the CUTE ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????
V. K
V. K Day ago
6:18 this was like PANIC PANIC PANIC
Mia Sterricks
I like girls but I've not told anyone
Mia Sterricks
Mia Sterricks 3 hours ago
Its true
Haven and Nomi
0:52 is priceless!!! 😍Update 0:40 beat it LMAOO
Edith Asd
Edith Asd Day ago
I like borls
They need to make a Pansexual coming out song
im a fUckIng CoW
4:05 omg i love it
Dovey Ray
Dovey Ray 2 days ago
What's wrong woth green shirt girl
slytherin shadow
slytherin shadow 2 days ago
CRISPY FINGAS 2 days ago
Nobody talking about the first how they started making out
Sasha Baldwin
Sasha Baldwin 2 days ago
MMS 2 days ago
Horso The fourth
Horso The fourth 2 days ago
AT 0:44 i like how they keep vibing
henderika persson
The second oneee
Celestial Maze
Celestial Maze 2 days ago
3:04 top right didn’t pass the vibe checkkkk...
AylahMarie 2 days ago
Elise Fannes
Elise Fannes 2 days ago
still waiting for that moment when somebody's like :" i KnEw It !
AylahMarie 2 days ago
2:35 was so cute too omg
AylahMarie 2 days ago
3:17 that was so cute why is no one talking about that
Evelyn Brown
Evelyn Brown 2 days ago
I really want a gay bsf
Marlayna Jean-baptiste
Omfg I feel so happy watching theses
Holly Carter
Holly Carter 2 days ago
3:04 The girl on the left is so chill. while the girl on the right is just disgusted. That's the difference between a good friend and a toxic friend.
Panos Evo
Panos Evo 3 days ago
Cringe stupid people
Glitch Gacha
Glitch Gacha 3 days ago
3: 05 why was she disgusted? It doesn’t matter who you love ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Austin Gold999
Austin Gold999 3 days ago
This video is the most cute I have see😍
maddiey cross
maddiey cross 3 days ago
@ 3:09 the girl in the green looks like she doesn’t support the girl because she said “wtf” and walked away that’s sad:(
the tea has spilled sis
the girl on the right at 3:04 was honestly rude abt it ..
Alexandra Goldfinch
I hate those people that looked disgusted
Mary theCreator
Mary theCreator 4 days ago
everyone talking bout 3:04 the girl on the right, but the girl on the left was the cutest
M. k
M. k 4 days ago
3:08 girl on the right wasn’t so happy 😂 > get over it
lillight Bolen
lillight Bolen 4 days ago
I remember that day I txt my mom and was like "mom I think I'm bi." She txt back and said" it's ok I am too baby"... That was the best relief and wtf since when moment I have ever had
ok the first one got me feeling some type of way (lonely. lonely is that type of way.)
Gisele Michaels
Gisele Michaels 4 days ago
I wanna know which ones were actually real and what the after Conversations were 😂
Wallace Spear
Wallace Spear 4 days ago
Ummm is there a thing... to not sing the actual song . Because I don't get why there grossed out like immediately. And also who the fuck cares if they are gay.
Joslynn Purviance
I am unimaginably angry with how disgusted the girl at 3:04 was. Your friend isn't going to act any different than she does now you imbecile😠🙄
Ruby Carmel
Ruby Carmel 5 days ago
I’m asexual and all the kids at my school think I’m dead inside. I mean they’re not wrong... 😂
Water Unicorn
Water Unicorn 5 days ago
3:10 the girl in green is cancelled
Lucas Nanda
Lucas Nanda 5 days ago
3:07 girl disapproves of her friend 😭😢
Animefangirl Ouran
0:53 I love how shocked the blondie looks just 😂😂😂
Coyote 5 days ago
I love it when one person comes out and then the other person does 😂 😊 🥰
3:05 - 3:12 Is it just me or is that blonde chic on the right looking a little disgusted?
Peachy Gaming
Peachy Gaming 5 days ago
1:36 she looks like Laurenzside
Bxbygirl Taira
Bxbygirl Taira 5 days ago
Thank you Tik Tok for helping us come out 😂
Nasko Np
Nasko Np 5 days ago
Opa. Stosyse. Male. Zalybile.jedna.udrygy
LpsEast 6 days ago
3:37 lmao he just keeps dancing xD
Audrey 6 days ago
Me: has a bf ..is bi.. Female friends: your gay. I Will change your mind.
LilaAnh 6 days ago
These videos literally make me so happy for no reason. like when i saw them on my fyp a huge smile would come across my face.
lenro 6 days ago
why are they all girls, bruh..
1:32 it looks like her mom is disgusted and at 3:04 her face just disgusts me the way she looked at her when she told her
Laela Inthanongsak
3:37 on the right, though.
YeetBoi_Gacha 7 days ago
me a couple years ago seeing how Harry Potter felting the closet(necessary) DRARRY
Jenn 7 days ago
lmao this made me cry. i told my mom i'm bi and she wouldn't accept it. i might just fucking d i e :)
Isabel G
Isabel G 7 days ago
I feel bad for the girl who came out at 3:02
felipe deserves an oscar
3:05 the girl literally says "wtf" with such a disgusted look on her face. like, whats ur problem girlllll?
Mila Blch
Mila Blch 3 days ago
I just want to say one thing : I love your pseudo
Fiona Braylan
Fiona Braylan 7 days ago
3:10 that girl is disgusted by them and I’m disgusted by her
編集可愛いCute Edits
5:35 rip girl... 7:03 what face is that?!
be gay do crime
be gay do crime 8 days ago
2:12 no ones talking about this one?
Keely 8 days ago
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Bill_nye_the Ruski_spy
She do be kinda thicc doe
Cece's House
Cece's House 9 days ago
3:09 blonde girl bitchy homophobe check
SHE WOLF 9 days ago
It's weird they're so shocked. When my best friend and I got to know eachother I said "If you're homophobic we can't be friends." And she said "I'm gay." I was like "Oh ok." And we kept talking. I only have a few straight friends lol
SHE WOLF 9 days ago
3:04 one is like "nice cool (:" and the other is like "ew disgustang 0:"
CommonLife _
CommonLife _ 9 days ago
3:10 We all know what she said
《çhįłłbėřrýçøcő》;3 Oof
3:05 i feel bad
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