Coming Out - 1 Year Later

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It’s been a year since I came out publicly on RUvid! Here’s what really happened. Also some awkward closeted stories!
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Jun 30, 2020




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jonah price
jonah price 3 hours ago
can u ask dan to come back??? Oh and my coming out story was i told my sister da 1st person and then my mum and dad they didn't really care
Josina H.
Josina H. 2 days ago
Love this video and that you feel like you can be more yourself now BUT WHERE IS THE BOB ROSS PAINTING? I got so used to it and often saw it as true art 🧐😄
Kaeley Perkins
Kaeley Perkins 7 days ago
Shortly after I came out as some sort of non-straight, I went and saw the movie Love Simon with my mom and little sister. There's this scene when *spoiler* Simon comes out and his mom said that it looks like he's finally able to breathe. My mom squeezes my shoulder, I look over and she's crying and she told me that's how it's been watching me...like, holy crap??? I was crying and she was crying and my sister was making fun of us because she had no clue, I hadn't come out to her yet! I came out to her as we were driving home from the movie though and was like "okay? what now?"
Zukoloid 10 days ago
he’s become more stereotypically gay since he came out and i’m living for it, the videos feel less held back
_mediocre _music_
_mediocre _music_ 11 days ago
Me at 7:40 repeatedly saying "Oh Phil!! :("
Geen Stagni
Geen Stagni 12 days ago
Imagine all the gay comments Phil wanted to heart but couldn't coz he hadn't come out yet >~< So happy for Phil!!!!
Bammy Plays
Bammy Plays 16 days ago
Lmao same bro I couldn't do my first pride month this year :(
a ;
a ; 21 day ago
( 10:22 - 10:26 ) watching this on repeat wby
avocado girl
avocado girl Month ago
2:33 i love how phil can laugh about this online and feel so comfortable about it now
throwaway account
hey everyone! if you read this, you are one of the few who know I'm nonbinary!
throwaway account
@_pml.supremacy_ thank you!!!
_pml.supremacy_ 10 days ago
im so proud of you!!!! your so valid!!
Ellen Gomm
Ellen Gomm Month ago
Hi there, well done on taking your first step in coming out! you are so valid🏳️‍🌈
Amanda Lori
Amanda Lori Month ago
*e l o n g a t e d h o n k*
Sabrina Freeman
Sabrina Freeman Month ago
Ronin Fredricson
It felt a bit odd when you guys came out because I started watching you around 2012 ish? And that was when everyone were nonstop guessing your sexualities and it felt like half the comments were about it sometimes. All the creepy tumblr shit. And intially I was just as curious as everyone else but it was clear that you didn't want to talk about it and I respected that so eventually I just completely wired my brain to " It's none of your business. It doesn't matter. Let it go" until I just thought of you as an entirey asexual being (which would have been fine if you were). Didn't think we'd ever find out, made peace with it, didn't even wonder anymore And then suddenly out of nowhere you and Dan both come out in RAPID succession and I almost thought it was a joke or clickbait at first because I REALLY didn't think you'd ever tell us. And now there's a whole new chapter of Phil Lore unlocked.
Lena Bean
Lena Bean Month ago
Wait wtf? You've been on RUvid for almost as long as I've been alive (I'm 20 btw) and I've been watching since 2013 time really flies 😳 how did I not realize it's been so long?
Claude Lister
Claude Lister Month ago
Happy Gay Birthday! Happy... Girthday? No.
Sarah Faulkner
Sarah Faulkner Month ago
I want your dinosaur
electra eric
electra eric Month ago
Leah Hill
Leah Hill Month ago
i already knew phil is gay bc i knew i was bi when i was very very young so my gaydar come on to me pretty strong and a young age 😂
namjoons wife
namjoons wife Month ago
Phil is the cutest human being
namjoons wife
namjoons wife Month ago
YALL DID PHIL JUST- no.. No way he didn't..... Y'all saw the finger-
Rebecca Harrison
its been so long since ive watched a phil video. it feels like coming home after a long trip
Rosa Merchant
Rosa Merchant Month ago
kyle: hello how are u phil: yes hfhbvcsn
Michelle F
Michelle F Month ago
7:30 and then he said, "be a sheep"
Ashi The Artist
Ashi The Artist Month ago
Bernadette roberts
I came out on the last day of pride month this year
Campbell C.
Campbell C. Month ago
That's amazing, good for you! I wish I had the courage you did to come out, but I will eventually lol.
Sarah Luke
Sarah Luke 2 months ago
Love you Phil your great
That dumb Bitch
That dumb Bitch 2 months ago
We all should’ve know he was gae just by how much he moves his head while talking
Bela R
Bela R 2 months ago
Tatum Metzger
Tatum Metzger 2 months ago
wait coming out can be a good experience?? *WHEN WAS SOMEONE GONNA TELL ME THAT??*
Chloe Walker
Chloe Walker 2 months ago
*SORRY FOR THE SAP* Phil thank you for this update. You have made me feel not so alone for my first pride as bi. Obviously the world had its focus greatly redirected this past june (rightly so), but knowing that during my first pride, I shared a similar experience with someone I have looked up to for years just makes my little rainbow heart shed a little tear. Although sad we couldn't join our first parades, I'm happy to come out the same year :) Dan and Phil also inspired my career goals. And years after binging your videos as a teenager, I'm now pursuing my dreams as a filmmaker and starting my own media company all thanks to you goofballs. Seriously, thank you. Also come to St. Augustine again. I worked at the venue you toured at but had to miss the show *cries*
Liana Nuckolls
Liana Nuckolls 2 months ago
I'm closeted and I always have to stop myself from saying some weird gay thing
Campbell C.
Campbell C. Month ago
Karin H
Karin H 2 months ago
I really love this
MacKenzie Gibson
MacKenzie Gibson 2 months ago
Is anyone else extremely concerned about Dan. I love Phil a lot and I always love when he uploads but I’m so scared about Dan I want to check on him and hear him say he is ok or even that he isn’t idk I miss him
MacKenzie Gibson
MacKenzie Gibson 2 months ago
U think so
Taylor Catherine
Taylor Catherine 2 months ago
he’s okay
Orla Brady
Orla Brady 2 months ago
5:34 your boss is shipping you 😂
Sweepout - Games & Mukbangs
I can FEEL the rapid fire questions where you accidentally said gay in the big brother thing. I can only imagine what you felt!
christopher acheampong
I’m so proud of you. I think I might be too and I’ve been watching you forever! You do you sis and I think you’re amazing. Don’t let anyone stop you and I won’t let anyone stop me! 🥳🏳️‍🌈
Lisa Berry
Lisa Berry 3 months ago
Kristin Furda
Kristin Furda 3 months ago
it felt appropriate to use this emoji for the first time here
Winter F
Winter F 3 months ago
did it ever get confirmed if him and Dan are together bc i remember the phandom freaking out after their concurrent coming out videos
Winter F
Winter F 3 months ago
@Taylor Levy then scroll on? it's not like it was a personal question just toward you. it's a youtube comment, chill.
Taylor Levy
Taylor Levy 3 months ago
@Winter F okay, but it’s not really anyone’s business but theirs
Winter F
Winter F 3 months ago
@Taylor Levy mostly because I was curious lmao, I'm just asking
Taylor Levy
Taylor Levy 3 months ago
why does it matter?
Clara Blunsdon
Clara Blunsdon 3 months ago
i totally get the whole feeling like you can final exist as a human thing. i have just started coming out properly. some of my friends knew but coming out to people who are just acquaintances really does help you come out to your self.
Taram1987 3 months ago
you are a wonderful human phil xoxo
Thedarkestsecret 3 months ago
So, Dan is your bf?
moonlight salvatore
moonlight salvatore 3 months ago
I mean I doubt it but even if they do have something going on then it’s really non of our business
Taylor Levy
Taylor Levy 3 months ago
So, mind your business
Lillian McEvoy
Lillian McEvoy 3 months ago
I don’t know about you guys but I can SO see his added happiness and openness on RUvid. I’ve been watching for about 6 years and I figured I’d like “grow out” of watching Phil or be “too mature” but I love him even more now! His videos make me sooo freaking happy. Much love!! (Maybe I’m just immature... hope I stay like this)
Seren Leslie
Seren Leslie 3 months ago
Dear Phil How do you sit on the chair normally for so long?? From a confused gay
Marcela Reves
Marcela Reves 3 months ago
Phil just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your videos they never fail to brighten up my day. Thank you for everything you do ❤️
Rae Cooper
Rae Cooper 3 months ago
god damnit i take a break from 90% of the internet for 2 years and Dan and Phil come out??? Not to mention Phil came out of my birthday? Blasphemy i missed it
pinklova101 3 months ago
am i tripping or is this the first time ive seen phil flipping off the camera😭😂
Atalinay 3 months ago
Okay but that happened to me with a psychologist. They just ask you questions and I didnt know sexuality was one of them so I literally said "Both". If I had a choice I would've lied but Im too honest! Jokes on them I dont even know my sexuality OR gender at this very moment ha ha...
Stina Larsson
Stina Larsson 3 months ago
Me: Mom I’m *pansexual* Mom: what’s that? Me: *explains* Mom: oh, cool
Leo The King
Leo The King 3 months ago
I came out a few months ago as a trans male and I came out as panromantic asexual last year
DEE 4 months ago
phil: “people were even coming out in the comments of my video” me: Okay, i get it, let me think... i guess it’s my turn!🏳️‍🌈
DEE 4 months ago
Phil: “some people were even coming out in the comments of my video” me: okay, i get it let me think...i guess it’s my turn🏳️‍🌈
Melanie Horowitz
Melanie Horowitz 4 months ago
Evans.mp4 4 months ago
where dfid he geyt the dinorsonr
Emily M
Emily M 4 months ago
imagine the chaos/toxicity of this fandom if there was tons of footage of baby closeted phil on big brother. probably best he pulled out
Jeremy Stevens
Jeremy Stevens 4 months ago
These coming out stories are sh!t
dexa 4 months ago
Ugh, it's so nice to see him happy and comfortable!
Brittany Wolfie
Brittany Wolfie 4 months ago
im bi and had a secret girlfriend in high school that i think my mom knew about then she asked if i was bi and i said idk maybe... its been 4-5 years now... i dont think she remembers as she spews out so much homophobia... and was angry bout pride month... yeah... im never telling her XD
ThatGirlFeels 4 months ago
phils talking about crushes is such a mood no matter of your sexuality xDD
MachewPichu 4 months ago
Bro living for that b99 reference
df_is_polish 4 months ago
what happened to dan
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
he wrote a book
jacob 4 months ago
Sydney Tay
Sydney Tay 4 months ago
The print is no longer in the shop?? Where can I find it? :'(
tаянг 4 months ago
dagnem 4 months ago
hows dan
Gabby B
Gabby B 4 months ago
I've never actually taken the time to watch anything Dan + Phil or Dan/Phil because I knew this incredibly manipulative person in middle school and she was OBSESSED with Dan and Phil and so I just always associated the negative feelings I had against her with Dan and Phil because it was all she ever talked about. I'm glad that I finally watched this!! They seem like really cool people. Congrats on being yourself, it can be super scary!!
Aya Jbs
Aya Jbs 4 months ago
How could anyone not love him? Ugh💓
_skorby _
_skorby _ 4 months ago
Okkkk but i wonder what happened to DANNNN
Cristina Salazar
Cristina Salazar 4 months ago
Is it just me that's sad that Dan hasn't updated absolutely anything and I miss him.... Specially seeing both of them being happy and cute 😭
anxiously_zaylia_ 4 months ago
hello random stranger on the internet who may or may not be watching this for the 100th time!! just checking in on you- have you eaten today? have you drank any water? if not go get something! and if you have good job!! make sure you're taking care of yourself ok?? we may not know each other but im so so proud of you and you are valid- i hope you have a lovely day/night- ilu mwah!!
Dakota Gissler
Dakota Gissler 4 months ago
this is actually making me go drink water, I have been sitting here for hours. Thank you stranger
Ivelisse 4 months ago
wait i dont want to invade anyone’s privacy,? but are him and dan together?
Daisy 2 months ago
Lautaro Roldan Pizzorno
Cosmic Slacker
Cosmic Slacker 4 months ago
The Dan and Phil ship could happen, jk Unless...
Taylor Levy
Taylor Levy 4 months ago
• ioanna d •
• ioanna d • 4 months ago
this is all 100% funnier remembering phil had emo hair
Human Person
Human Person 4 months ago
Laura Vlad
Laura Vlad 4 months ago
Wait, so Dan and Phil were/are a thing? YEeeeeeeS
Taylor Levy
Taylor Levy 4 months ago
KillerCreator 5 months ago
Dan and phill?
Amber Shaw
Amber Shaw 5 months ago
I know this is unrelated but the persons picture makes me so happy. Its rem and emerson from palaye royale. How many of us are also royale concil members.
Oskar winters
Oskar winters 5 months ago
i think if this happened in 2007/08 it wouldn't have gone down so well, so think it's a good thing u waited.
Log Log
Log Log 5 months ago
Phil’s videos make me feel so happy and safe
Molly DeRemer
Molly DeRemer 5 months ago
Phil: the edge of a man's nipple Dan in the other room: 👁️👄👁️
_Unimportant_Musical_Trash __
i just came out lmao. this makes me happy
Madelynn Carpenter
Madelynn Carpenter 5 months ago
I guess phil is still a sausage in the evening kinda guy 😂
gay tendencies
gay tendencies 5 months ago
i love him 😩
Maisy Playsted
Maisy Playsted 5 months ago
i came out while hi 😀,my girlfriend had just broken up with me and told me she was straight and i was obviously distraught so i went home and came out to my mum on the phone 😼
Shigarakis.player_2 5 months ago
Phil: is talking about the gay Me: LAVA LAMP
Liam Monticelli
Liam Monticelli 5 months ago
4 minutes in: "wait did a Simply Nailogical video just start playing in another tab"
primarily blu
primarily blu 5 months ago
Been watching since i was 12 and im 19 now! I LOVE you and dan! 💛
Fur Boii
Fur Boii 5 months ago
Ngl you’ve helped me accept myself so thnxs 😊
Amelia Blahblah
Amelia Blahblah 5 months ago
Almost crying at how sweet it is that he put links for people questioning their sexuality omg my heart
Luke Kerr
Luke Kerr 5 months ago
Nobody Me: still thinking about where the hell dan is
Hajime Hinata
Hajime Hinata 5 months ago
My mother has a few times tried to get me to come out when I know she isnt accepting so I gotta dodge the questions
Nerderiffic 5 months ago
Oh come on. Kyle HAD to know you were into him
harri 5 months ago
my take from this is that phil auditioned for big brother
priscilla 5 months ago
he’s so genuinely nice :(( ty for this phil
A L H 5 months ago
I wonder if phil thinks Charlie’s Pepe Sylvia rant is a screenshot of a true crime show…
Aurora 5 months ago
I love him he’s just so wholesome 😭😭🥰
Natalie Tait
Natalie Tait 5 months ago
This would have been my first pride out too. As it is I still have never attended any gay related events whatsoever. Looking forward to the city opening up again!
Dude Bro
Dude Bro 5 months ago
Thank you Philly 🙏
Lexa Drws
Lexa Drws 5 months ago
Has it already been A WHOLE YEAR???
Jaz O'Conner
Jaz O'Conner 5 months ago
me: so remember when I thought I was pan and you thought that I should think about it a little more? my dad: mhm me: I turns out I'm not pan. for some weird reason I thought I was my dad: oh. okay me: dad I'm lesbian my dad: *ok*
aliyah 5 months ago
"the edge of a man's nipple" WHY DID I ACTUALLY WHEEZE AT THAT I-
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