Comethazine - Walk (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lyrical Lemonade
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Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
Comethazine - Walk
Song Produced by Bhunna
Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
Director of Photography Cole Schwartz
Steadicam by Austin Vinas
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Comments 80
ILOVEMWAD HESGODD 59 minutes ago
I bet yall are here from ticktock
Serek 822
Serek 822 Hour ago
Producer - give beat eg to the shootout Comethezine- Not better six-year-old children and 40 year old lady a music video will be a good 😀😀
chill_gamer 4 hours ago
If u look hard enough that kids and wife dont actually know what they are doing..
GhostySweep 5 hours ago
Why does the old woman look like she has dimentia
UgandanKnuckles 9 hours ago
Everyone gangster rill theres niggas in the trees.
laing boy
laing boy 10 hours ago
Comethazine wears black airforces
NoLimitColyn 10 hours ago
Everybody on the block appreciated them after this
L.V 11 hours ago
Everyone thought he said I walk around like gay n-
Francisco Arevalo
Francisco Arevalo 13 hours ago
Why he lookin at camera lens as if we did sum to him😂
TheGumshoe_plays 13 hours ago
The fish eye lense tho
Micah Lee
Micah Lee 13 hours ago
This dude is straight bootyhole
super. cool. Jadniel787 Ortiz
Nice beats
Julius Hoon
Julius Hoon 15 hours ago
wait is that the vice guy that met wocka flocka in Amsterdam
Ghost Mosuko
Ghost Mosuko 15 hours ago
🔥 🔥 🔥
malcolm a
malcolm a 15 hours ago
Sarick Politz
Sarick Politz 16 hours ago
Fuck Is this shit
Xick Beats
Xick Beats 17 hours ago
Gerda c Josil
Gerda c Josil 18 hours ago
Kider Don’t play
Kider Don’t play 19 hours ago
This was the most influential music videos. Bhad bhabie and others copied it’s ideas and scenery
faze. Ghosty
faze. Ghosty 22 hours ago
Nobody: Me after I get my jordans
autistic raisin
autistic raisin 19 hours ago
nobody:fucking asked
Jacob Sosa
Jacob Sosa 22 hours ago
hol up is dat my teacher ms prymid
Min Khant
Min Khant Day ago
0:43 Who else is waiting for the noise
real CamJack360
Noah 2007XD
Noah 2007XD Day ago
Nobody: That kid in class that got airpods
Genu1ne Monsta
Hmmm this video gave me the vibe of ruckus from boondocks. 😬😬. Sad to say the only lyric I remember in this whole song was the N word which is sad
Сергйе Папиев
То чувство когда ремикс действительно лучше
Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose Day ago
Anybody remember when this was a meme
Kkhaled hasanov
Comeathezine is the type of dude that would be the best boxer in the world and lose on purpose to prove everybody wrong
Herson Hernandez
These kids were probably told they were filiming a waffles commercial
Those subliminal white messages are fire 😂🤣
شادن Day ago
Cringe level max
королева фики
When I came to my grandmother's village
Carl Eizen
Carl Eizen Day ago
Kyle kuzma low budget
dark memes TV
Hi everybody I just started a meme channel, go and have a look I hope u like it😁
HarterAlex Day ago
derekbaall 2 days ago
Anyone realize he didn’t walk once in the video 🤔
Dequanje Williams
No one: No one at all: Comethazine:BOOM!!!
Littlebig 2 days ago
this song is basically just him vibing
Oskar 2 days ago
Why all his kids are white?
Genesis Osuna
Genesis Osuna 2 days ago
Rare footage of when racism ended circa 2018 (colorized)
Jmoney manja
Jmoney manja 2 days ago
When the music video doesn’t match the song
Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes 2 days ago
Comethazines like I got morales ima go chill with da wife and kids n teach em crazy shit 😜 str8 flexin
It’s so weird hearing this without the hella bass
acercs 2 days ago
if someone bullies the kids in the video comethazine pulls up.
Anthony Sherman
Anthony Sherman 2 days ago
Psyco-_- Y_u_madd
I like the part when he nods his head
kio 2 days ago
Last day I dreamed that the kids said the n word
EBJKS 2 days ago
Thought the thumbnail was NLE and why did this randomly appear in my recommended
KaylaPlazRoblox 2 days ago
Those kids be watching this now like:👁👄👁 💀 “I thought we were filming this for a cartoon commercial 🤡
fruitjuice 2 days ago
Commercial: The side affects are depression, suicidal thoughts, and death The people in the commercial:
william w
william w 2 days ago
Dylan Bridgewater
Comethazine looks kinda like Jaden Smith
Chrome in a Nutshell
Sonasuke 2 days ago
Comethazine the kind of rapper to rob a house and start a convo with the owners with robbing it.
Team Shwayz
Team Shwayz 2 days ago
Man like cometh
your fbi agent
your fbi agent 2 days ago
Those men were actually more awkward than the kids
Harry Just Harry
Harry Just Harry 3 days ago
To anyone that has used this song on tic tok, fuck you
Danie Requenez
Danie Requenez 3 days ago
He looks like a person that will go to a party and not get drunk
rosè beats
rosè beats 3 days ago
reading comments....comedy.
Zack Lorme
Zack Lorme 3 days ago
Comethazine was on fire in 2019 come back nigga
Kevin._.Zoldyck 3 days ago
This rap wanna make me knock out the teacher and say recess time mf’s
Vitra Aaron
Vitra Aaron 3 days ago
What kind of shit is this
Olerato Mosadi
Olerato Mosadi 3 days ago
This video does not Mach with the song
Brooke boller
Brooke boller 3 days ago
There caters dude
The Heel
The Heel 3 days ago
He told deez kids he Makin a song fo musical lemonade
jay Laus
jay Laus 3 days ago
To this song made me mad as fuck for no damn reason.
Herson Hernandez
Herson Hernandez 3 days ago
Comethazine is the type to send his parents to bed
MikeShotta 3 days ago
Rappers: I got bitches Comethazine: I have a functional family
kikro kikro
kikro kikro 3 days ago
So 3 days ago
Expected dude to walk around the streets with his gang
Tyre Strong
Tyre Strong 3 days ago
This is what they mean when the song doesn’t correlate with the video🤣
Them Boys
Them Boys 4 days ago
This has to be the weirdest music video ever
isaiah_bruh 3 days ago
Never seen ski mask
Xosus 3 days ago
Thats on jah
ELITE GAMING 4 days ago
lmao ik the kid that was in this video he made like 6,000
SEMK_85 4 days ago
1:28 when the white supremacist sees you minding your own business on your property
WHyNOt Jonathan
WHyNOt Jonathan 4 days ago
Red mega ikr
OG_ Rhyann.
OG_ Rhyann. 4 days ago
Caceres 29
Caceres 29 4 days ago
Im dissapointed i was waiting for the bass bosted
NSF_ DarkYT 4 days ago
Every kid gangsta till adopted kids pull up
Pit, the alien
Pit, the alien 4 days ago
Like my dad :l
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