Comedy Actors Roundtable: Sacha Baron Cohen, Jim Carrey, Don Cheadle & More | Close Up

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Timothy Simons ('Veep'), Sacha Baron Cohen ('Who Is America?), Henry Winkler ('Barry'), Don Cheadle ('Black Monday'), Jim Carrey ('Kidding'), and Ted Danson ('The Good Place') join Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for this season's FULL, uncensored Comedy Actors Roundtable.
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Jul 1, 2019

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Comments 6 091
albert bensink
albert bensink 2 hours ago
This is hollywood giving itself a reach around
LatigidGolana 3 hours ago
I think Winkler may be jumping the shark.
Hamzah Hussain
Hamzah Hussain 4 hours ago
WOW fantastic actors and great discussion 👍
Ben Brennan
Ben Brennan 8 hours ago
Great coincidenceto have Jim and Sascha facing each other and ultimately finding out that they deeply respect each other without before knowing it.
Adam Schlinker
Adam Schlinker 10 hours ago
Don Cheadle is the truest "actors actor". Jim Carrey is the realest person. Sacha Baron Cohen is the most biting and perceptive.
Zdenko Pecirep
Zdenko Pecirep 11 hours ago
It is not ordered that every every realy eveery sentence MUST be hilarios . This is desaise .Profesional desaise. Sadly...
Be Nice80
Be Nice80 11 hours ago
Don Cheadle is not a comedian, he's not funny and has ZERO right to be mentioned among Cohen and Carrey. It's offensive to me..
Sean Davis
Sean Davis 21 hour ago
I see Jim for what he is.
C Taylor
C Taylor Day ago
Thank you for not flooding/ruining this fantastic upload with loads of unwanted unneeded ads 👍🏻
Brett Gleason
that was awesome dawg, EVERY actor there has had my fat ass rolling on the floor laughing so hard i got a side ache.
H S 2 days ago
I love Don Cheadle so much.
gmmg 2 days ago
Is it good or bad that I only recognize Sacha and Jim?
David Haycocks
David Haycocks 2 days ago
Jim's smile when Sacha is praising his comedy, as an Englishman I grew up with Ali G "init" and the Mask was the first I saw of Jim. They're both legends!
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson 2 days ago
wow, Jim Carey is pretty full of himself, even for an actor. He thinks he should be the centre of attention.
Bfme Fan
Bfme Fan 2 days ago
and i get the feeling youtube will vanish my comments
Bfme Fan
Bfme Fan 2 days ago
i would look up to these guys, if it werent for the fact that they are unjustly rich and do nothing to help, even sacha baron cohen got intimidated into seize his activism. so... even listening to them now saying they have a worthwhile profession, its just like listening to a politician talk shit, id like to see them be as happy without fame and fortune. particularly jim carrey given the reason he acted was for fame.
Bfme Fan
Bfme Fan 2 days ago
there is nothing equal about these 3 actors, sacha baron cohen is a monster activist, jim carrey used to be good at acting, and the black guys is a nobody in comparison to other black actors
Gemmz Obrien
Gemmz Obrien 2 days ago
Yer deepstate Hollywood really dont like trump do they n now we know why don't we cause of how many of them are connected to Epstein n the are sexual perverts n kiddy fiddlers which is just starting to come out they also help the deepstate left like the Clinton's n the squad to insight hate n terror the very thing they acuse trump of !
Stitch I'Lalu
Stitch I'Lalu 2 days ago
Okay Jim's just an asshole now I guess
Gemmz Obrien
Gemmz Obrien 2 days ago
That's how u know if a member of Hollywood or government or bankers are illuminati members when they throw the word illuminate in there n they say their broken !
Jenny Rudoff
Jenny Rudoff 2 days ago
This is by far my favorite of all these episodes, for many many reasons. Their chemistry and camaraderie is beautiful to watch.
tailtaptailtap 2 days ago
I subscribed because of this!
Shane Cormier
Shane Cormier 2 days ago
It's brilliant to see Sacha and all he has become because of Jim's influence.
John Lennon
John Lennon 2 days ago
so much ego in one room. unbearable
Dave Day ago
John Lennon in what way?
Benjamin Vestergaard
Jim, has given me my heaviest laughs in my early youth. Ted has given me endless smiles, while I was doing highschool homework late at night, there were re-runs of Sam's bar running in the background. Don, I best remember from the Iron Man series. Timothy... I'm afraid I'm too old for this shit... only recognize The Interview. I clearly recognize Henry, mostly because Arrested Development series, one of my favs... And then there's Sacha... never heard of him much, apart from that he was the main character in 3-4 of my top 10 most favourite comedy movies of all time. Thank you all for a lot of good times... Don't be afraid to meet me on the street, I'd want a fistbump over a selfie, and just thank you and wish you good time and happiness... You all deserve it.
Brendan Leonidas
Brendan Leonidas 3 days ago
Growing up in Australia in the 90's, Ted Danson will always be Becker to me
The Random Guy and Co
The host is fantastic. The ability to control that table with apparent effortlessness is amazing. I wouldn't be able to do it. 10/10
chupakabra Day ago
It's not hard. Just wait until a story is over and ask a question really loudy.
Alexander Scott
Alexander Scott 3 days ago
My thoughts in conclusion - Jim has lost his mind I love Sacha Parts of this became a dick measuring contest. Case in point, Jim’s response to the danger Sacha spoke of while dealing with the Mosque joke. Don should’ve gotten more time. Henry has A LOT to say.
Michelle Howard
Michelle Howard 3 days ago
Comedians, Actors, and Wrestlers have the best "talk shop" table disscussions.
rezavoirdawg 3 days ago
Don Cheadle is so underrated.
Ryu Ken
Ryu Ken 3 days ago
Jim and Sascha co-op comming soon!!!
BroToPro 3 days ago
damn this was too good
Awaken Artist
Awaken Artist 3 days ago
Acapulco baby 😎
samuel kungfu
samuel kungfu 3 days ago
Since when was Don Cheadle a ‘comedy actor’ ?
Bill Kates
Bill Kates 3 days ago
Dazzlingly good. Thank you for an insight-filled, beautifully assembled program. It's refreshing to get a real dive into the working minds of all of these excellent performers. Bravo to them and to the Hollywood Reporter.
David Becket
David Becket 4 days ago
Talented but empty people.
lacelailaful 4 days ago
The interviewer looks liks Mayim Bialik ...
Dave Day ago
lacelailaful thank you. That’s Amy from Big Bang right? I thought that’s who it was at first until she spoke. After hearing her talk in interviews I realised it wasn’t. I’m not good with celebrity faces lol
solid072 4 days ago
It's so good to watch how honest and simple they are
95laston 4 days ago
Host: "this is a bit of a left turn" Timothy Simons: *1:01:14*
K Cuse
K Cuse 2 days ago
What a bitch
Maha J
Maha J 4 days ago
Why when you're interviewing man the video is longer than when you interview women.
Ian Dmitriyevitch
Male privilege
Regular Sinc
Regular Sinc 4 days ago
Jim hinting elite cabal in Hollywood several times...
Rocket Power
Rocket Power 4 days ago
Jim is way ahead of his time.
J 4 days ago
WTF Cheadle doing there?
martin graham
martin graham 4 days ago
Ted Danson looks like the 70yo Johnny Knoxville
In the thumbnail Jim is flirting with Sacha, Sacha is trying to play hard to get but is into it and Don is looking on from a distance trying to not be disgusted.
zak dumaroc
zak dumaroc 4 days ago
WTF Don Cheadle is a comedy actor ?????
zep909 4 days ago
One of my favorite movies is Ocean's 11. If Don Cheadle's character from that could get a spin-off movie with all of these guys as his crew, that would be a dream.
Terra Europa
Terra Europa 4 days ago
When it comes about comedy greatness, this is like Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Einstein, Aristotle and Da Vinci sat togethar and decided to talk about life. lol. I wish Seinfeld was here.
gugl acownt
gugl acownt 4 days ago
nobody wants to see sacha we want ali g
Rick Jordon
Rick Jordon 4 days ago
I've just recently discovered these roundtable discussions and i think its a really cool thing watching these icons of entertainment answer questions and the discussions that ensue....very interesting stuff, great job.
DudeBod 5 days ago
The more I watch things like this the more I find myself taken back by the number of ways people coddle one another in Hollywood. It's like no one disagrees with one another and they support the random ideas and philosophy one another spout in some sort of self-preserving and self-important way. Subscribing to the opinions of any of these people on a political or emotional level is madness. Get to know them in their personal lives before you let them shape your minds into some sort of Zealot of Hollywood madness. Don't let them use the platform they have as the thing that shapes you on the spinning weal. Reality is always more interesting than the story. These are actors and make no mistake they are acting even when you think they aren't. I suppose we all do to some level. But that's why it's so important to really get to know a person and why they think the way they do before subscribing to them and giving them any control. Preserve your freedoms on every level including the intellectual level and don't be enslaved by the opinions of those in power. Even if it sounds good at the time.
shmuel aharoni
shmuel aharoni 5 days ago
I have respect for all of you guys Please don’t stop doing what you guys do
Tess Goodman
Tess Goodman 5 days ago
Henry Winkler is one of the kindest, most humble celebrities on the planet. Such a sweet soul and he gave me so much joy as a child... watching Happy Days every Tuesday night. 😊
Jabber The Hull
Jabber The Hull 5 days ago
zzzzzzzzzz........bored me shhttless
Blazin Skull
Blazin Skull 5 days ago
ted danson looks scarily like an old edward richtofen
Corey Wells
Corey Wells 5 days ago
Way too many people.
The Boxer
The Boxer 5 days ago
"You don't enter this business for awards"... Couldn't agree more.
TheJooberjones 5 days ago
Jim is another level so quick witted but sweet and compassionate. Lovely man!
Logan Owens
Logan Owens Day ago
He bullied his ex wife to suicide.
Adamantiis 5 days ago
Millionaire/billionaire twats share their struggles with the common folks. OH the tragedy. In the end this shit got political real fast lol. They can fuck with emotional listeners but they can't fool a hard working person who puts blood and sweat into making a living. The only honest person in there is Henry Winkler and Ted Danson.
DerSpielfuehrer 5 days ago
the Fonz grants his less cool colleagues some airtime
Sam Louix
Sam Louix 5 days ago
Oh fuck... Don Cheadle looks like Social Repose. I have been thinking about this for months trying to work it out but there you go.
EchoPlexHead 5 days ago
I dare you to find a more insufferable group of egomaniacs than this. They are so great, just ask them. lol
The Boxer
The Boxer 5 days ago
" I picture Steve Jobs in hell running from demons who want a selfie"....LOL!!....Carrey still got it!
The Boxer
The Boxer 5 days ago
And now you know don't ever ask them to take a selfie w/ you.
David Laird
David Laird 5 days ago
This is a real bunch of Right utter pish
rentalife 5 days ago
Can't believe that there are pople who can't stand Jim Carrey. He's an absolute genius to me!
GVZ 5 days ago
Jim Carrey answer to why he act is everything.
DarkHorse_2018 5 days ago
Robin Williams is one of the most amazing with tragic comedy. How many of his movies make you laugh and cry? Also Chris Farley as well. Love you both. Rest in Peace!
ben marks
ben marks 5 days ago
3:36 😬that was really cringey
Kasper 5 days ago
Jim's equal parts brilliant and pretentious
Taron 6 days ago
Why do they keep talking over Don Cheadle?
vincentcrest88 6 days ago
kudos to Lacey Rose for being a great interviewer and a professional when in this group of insanely famous people. Great questions, letting the guests answer freely, but at the same time, keeping the great moderating of the direction, in which this conversation would go. A wholesome video, time well spent. Thank you.
Verge Cryptocurrency
I dont care who you are, sitting at a table talking about comedy and carey is there. I would be like a child. He is a natural comedic genius. Ted danson etc should be in awe
It's a testament to Don Cheadle's skills that he plays a character who is the exact opposite of who he is and he becomes that character.
Jeremy Parker
Jeremy Parker 6 days ago
Sacha...Robin Williams did such a thing from role to role.
phat 6 days ago
I just sat at a table with all these funny dudes, thanks for the empty seat you left me
Utkan Aktaş
Utkan Aktaş 6 days ago
When Sasha Baron said "You're unique ı never this much of energy in comedy" ı just though ; "Yeah Jim is great but did you know the name of Robin Williams ?"
Spartacus Makedonius
Utkan Aktaş Jim Carey is greater ! Robin Williams is no Match to him ! Robin Williams 😅😂🤣
Elizabeth Anne Hill
I love this. All of you! Jim Carrey, you are epic. I love you being you 100%. Such a role model. Great interview. Everyone was so authentic. Thank you. 😁
TF4D 150
TF4D 150 6 days ago
We all know those two empty spot belong to Robin Williams and Rowan Atkinson
Sizzle Wrap
Sizzle Wrap 6 days ago
Why are people so into what celebrities say? You find everything about them is manufactured.
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