Comedy Actors Roundtable: Sacha Baron Cohen, Jim Carrey, Don Cheadle & More | Close Up

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Timothy Simons ('Veep'), Sacha Baron Cohen ('Who Is America?), Henry Winkler ('Barry'), Don Cheadle ('Black Monday'), Jim Carrey ('Kidding'), and Ted Danson ('The Good Place') join Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for this season's FULL, uncensored Comedy Actors Roundtable.
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Jul 1, 2019




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Comments 7 495
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 37 minutes ago
So glad that dipshit will ferrell isn't on here.
Mattia Baldi
Mattia Baldi 2 hours ago
This table would have be a nice StarTrek bridge crew
Seren Novah
Seren Novah 3 hours ago
This was a great roundtable, host and all, but the best part for me was all the info from Sasha about his operations.
Yukubele 4 hours ago
I never knew Superman grew a beard and did comedy
mmmbilly 10 hours ago
18:00....Cambridge is not in London.....thick as shit American Editor. Look at a map for once....
Santa Claus
Santa Claus 13 hours ago
Why the duck is con dheadle here?!
Reecv 22 hours ago
Where’s Dave chapelle
nawaaz Will
nawaaz Will 22 hours ago
This really made my day. The people you hang with shows that you have made it. It really motivated me. Thank you for such a wonderful video. This goes in my favorite rewatch list of all times.
S 22 hours ago
Holy fuck Jim Carrey sure knows how to derail a simple convo into one-sided chatter about a pseudo-philosophical mess of irrelevant thoughts. Dude doesn't like selfies because it briefly stops people from moving...What? Then fantasises about a dead man being chased by demons in hell because dead man may be responsible for people taking photos of themselves more often? You can argue that he's only joking but I'd only believe you if it were ANYONE else at that table saying that shit, not the one fruit-loop who is known for saying bizarre non-sequitur shit.
Zakkary Keith
Jim is such a legend
Mauro Day ago
We need more like this, it probably was like theraphy for them aswell.
Ícaro Day ago
Man, the connection Jim and Sacha have. Just pure geniuses.
Comment Guy
Comment Guy Day ago
It just feels good to hear them talk and reflect themselves, this is the most humanely interview for me
Latajacy Bieznik
1,6 th thumbs down??????? wtf?????? I know, they did it for the joke...
Alexandra Sinclair
They are all legends in their own way... but Sacha Cohen is a dangerous genius, he's the closest thing to a real DC Joker, and he gets away with it too! If Jim Carrey played the riddler, Sacha is definitely a Joker character...
Steph Dumais
Steph Dumais Day ago
Jim is unbearable since he went full Deepak
T Day ago
A bit pretentious about the Why do you act question. As if the lifestyle that comes with being a multimillionaire doesnt have anything to do with it?
Meyaka Brown
Meyaka Brown Day ago
Sacha is by far the best here. Both in true acting potential and bringing serious situations to light. He deserves A LOT more credit.
Jed De Guia
Jed De Guia Day ago
jim carrey looks like he's made peace with himself.
lucariololol 2 days ago
a never knew how much of a real one Don Cheadle is
twitches MO
twitches MO 2 days ago
man when i start watching i really cannot stop until i finished the broadcast that was amazing to see all this wonderfull ppl together lov it
lukatore123 2 days ago
17:43 Freddie Mercury!
lukatore123 2 days ago
Ted Danson totally gets Jim.
Alex K
Alex K 2 days ago
Feelis like Sacha Baron Cohen want to prove Jim Carry he has bigger
TheBluePanda 2 days ago
I've never even seen Timothy before. It seems a little weird to include someone that isn't a household name, but I guess it adds diversity in terms of experience.
David V
David V 3 days ago
Love u Henry and ted
Swastik Swarup Das
This is a deepfake right ?
flim flam
flim flam 3 days ago
1 min in Jim carrey talks and i'm like oh boy don't think i can do 1 hour of this. i'm out.
Aruesx 3 days ago
In Kazakhstan bush mean.....
Durrpadil 3 days ago
Knowing these actors as they are, down to earth... what an absolutely awesome experience. It gives me great perspective if I ever met one... don't draw attention, just say hello. It's incredible how honest Jim is. I respect that.
moodi a
moodi a 3 days ago
Jim Carrey simply the best .
Rhyon 3 days ago
The best comedy is drama witha punchline, is what I've learned today.
Richard Scales
Richard Scales 3 days ago
Sacha Baron Cohen, absolute hypocrite and untrustworthy weasel.
pabloesco2007 3 days ago
Damm i just discover this show ! Damm Amazing choice of guests !
travis360ish 4 days ago
Went in thinking a serious debate with famous comedians. 23 second later...im already laughing. Jim Carrey is just awesome
Annie -
Annie - 4 days ago
Wish Robin would've sat with them at this table... ❤️
ajay choudhary
ajay choudhary 4 days ago
THIS (and i can't stress this enough) IS FUCKIN GOLD
OnlyBanda 4 days ago
i just posted the funniest video on youtube
Vermillion Three
Vermillion Three 4 days ago
To me this is just as good as watching a movie in theaters. This is gold!
norXmal 4 days ago
Wow, seeing Sacha give credit of inspiration to Jim as he shows admiration for Sacha's work.
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